About Us

Video Games are a sanctuary and unites everyone to agree on unique details. Being one of the top forms of entertainment, Video Games have proven to allow people to connect and engage with everyone any time globally, constantly reminding us of creativity and revolutionary experiences.

Why Trust Us?

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We understand it is hard to trust anything on the web because of misleading, outdated, and incomplete information. We being a team of video game players, totally understand the feeling of loss and frustration. Everyone wants to quickly consume information that solves their problems and gives professional recommendations, not from anonymous writers but from expert players in specific video game titles. 

This is where Gamesual stands out by providing accurate and accessible information to fellow players around the globe.  

Gamesual is a culmination of the Video Gaming world and dedicates all the content to gaming guides, news, reviews, and everything where gaming peaks. We at Gamesual take pride in our work. Thanks to the aspiring writers and editors who work tirelessly to write, test, and verify content to deliver it to the massive players’ global community. 

Our Mission is to traverse the global Video Gaming Phenomenon and produce vetted content for gamers to gamers. Since the video gaming world is fast and as it happens, we focus on enhancing the reporting quality by keeping things simple and helping the audience with their related queries.

Our Vision is to become an authoritative platform for video gamers as the first source of verified and high-quality information.

The Name

Gamesual – the name itself is self-explanatory, primarily focusing on Video Games and the latest trends globally. It is a wordplay of Games+Usual, thus regularly bringing you the gaming phenomenon. Meanwhile, as for the logo, the three colors of red, green, and blue represent a single pixel, our central focus on coverage of Video Gaming. We take this up a notch with prime content and deliver practical and valuable information to avid video game fans.

The Approach

Our hardworking team is always on the lookout for the latest news and guides to answer all the questions from video gamers. Once these are identified, our writers will write gameplay-tested content. Additionally, the editor team publishes double-checked and refined content providing our readers high quality and latest content. 

Additionally, we also update the existing content to ensure all the information on Gamesual is current and latest. Since the gaming world is constantly changing, we are also evolving with regular content updates to keep our audience well-informed with correct information. You will be able to discover and read a worthy news story, a well-detailed guide for video games, and also our honest opinions in reviews for video games at Gamesual.

The Rules

We strictly abide by the rules of copyrights and disprove plagiarised content. On top of that, we do not promote clickbait content to falsify our audience’s values and make them feel lacking in the fast information world. We consistently listen to the audience’s feedback and improve the content quality and delivery. Our best efforts to make sure our content is clean from:

  • Plagiarism
  • Grammatical Errors
  • Clickbait/Incorrect Information
  • Readability Problems

The platform has no limitations in covering gaming guides, news, and reviews. With the gamers being the focus, Gamesual covers content for Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and Mobile Platform players. 

Our Team

Our team is passionate about video games and works at Gamesual to share their thoughts with the global gaming community. It comprises industry experts and veterans experienced in finding factually correct information, breaking it down, and writing about it. Above all, everyone is welcome to join the healthy and growing work culture of Gamesual.

We are committed to producing a safe and engaging environment for everyone to consume healthy information and discuss Video Games at Gamesual. We would love to hear your thoughts and much-appreciated feedback. You can contact us through the email below if you have any questions.


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