Editorial Process

Gamesual focuses on video games and a healthy digital culture that brings everyone together to discuss what they love the most about their favorite video games. Here, we believe in relevant and accurate information to deliver the very best to the community. We aim to solve their problems with detailed guides, news to deliver the latest updates on the video game world, and reviews to provide first-hand experience of specific titles.

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Our approach is built to cater to all kinds of players. Whether you seek expert advice on an ideal game playthrough or need a step-by-step beginner guide on a specific video game, we always strive to maintain a high standard to assist our audience.

Not to mention, Gamesual strictly disproves plagiarism and copywriting. Since high-quality and accurate content is our priority, we want our audience to zone into the easy-to-consume information and learn anything related to a particular video game. Plus, all of our work is original and high quality to meet the standards and requirements of gaming culture. 

Here are all the rules we strictly follow for the Editorial Process to ensure our content never falls short of community expectations. 


  • We strictly prohibit copying and spinning content from ensuring all content published on Gamesual is original and high quality.
  • Our highly accurate plagiarism detection software can flag any foul content and limit the similarity index to as little as 1% per article.
  • We strictly abide by copyrights and consider stealing any already published content a severe offense.
  • We hire writers who know the plagiarism rules and write original content to avoid this dilemma. By giving the original content top importance, every writer is aware of the strict consequences for engaging in such activities of plagiarising any content.
  • We believe relying on the information from AI or automated content generation tools is impossible. That is why we are against tools like ChatGPT and only publish hands-on expert written information to bring you fresh and accurate information from gamers to gamers. 

Approach For Research

  • Our writers perform research with due diligence and involve many notable methods to ensure the information is accurate and relevant for the audience.
  • It starts with the writers playing the game extensively to familiarize themselves with the mechanics and all the necessary content to aid the community. Most writers are avid gamers and enthusiasts, so a significant portion of their content comes from their own experiences and playthroughs.
  • At the same time, our writing and editing team keeps in touch with major social media and news platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit to keep up with the latest discussions and issues.
  • The journalism team keeps tabs on all the news sources to bring the latest and exclusive news, taking the much-needed step to make Gamesual the first source of information for diverse players’ communities globally.
  • In the last and most crucial phase, our editors take over to refine the content not only with grammar mistakes but also to tackle and remove inaccuracies and misinformation. Even with most of our writers being video game enthusiasts, it is easy to slip misinformation in the fast-paced internet world. However, our Quality Management strives to maintain our Guides, News and Reviews are published with up-to-date information.

Unbiased Content

  • It is worth noting that we never encourage unbiased research. We understand the nature of personal bias content and how it impacts the audience.
  • For that instance, our writers carefully approach a topic to write down an unbiased to avoid a conflict of interest for the gaming audience.
  • We cover video game reviews by first a complete playthrough of the title. Bringing a holistic review to the audience is imperative, thus delivering a fair portrayal of what the audience can expect from a video game title.
  • Our approach never involves “Clickbaits” and “Overselling.” Our enthusiastic writers may deliver exaggerated content, but we never intend to oversell the content to build a writer’s and reader’s trust.

Fact Check

  • At Gamesual, we are committed to providing our readers with the most authentic and transparent information.
  • Gamesual strives to disseminate the information in the most engaging and accurate form.
  • After the writers submit the initial draft of the article, our team of Senior Editors, after a meticulous and rigorous verification procedure, verifies that the material is accurate and complete.
  • We never encourage the stealing and unauthorized usage of software or any publication from the internet. We always double-check the content, from plagiarism to Fact Check, and deliver original content.
  • Our approach uses top-of-line plagiarism detection to reject rewritten and plagiarized content, thus making sure the content is 100% original. This approach is vigorous and lengthy, but thanks to the professional team of writers and editors, it is a huge step towards strengthening our trust with the readers.
  • Moreover, we encourage reader participation in our dedication to truthfulness and fact-checking.

Please let us know if you think we have made a factual error in any of our information, and we’ll look into it and take the necessary steps for updating and correction. If you believe there to be a probable factual inaccuracy, do let us know on our Contact Us page.

Content Familiarity

  • Every guide, news, and video game review comes from a writer who is familiar with the content. We never allow writers to start covering a topic unless they are entirely familiar with a particular subject or video game.
  • Significant content originality comes from writers who have complete knowledge of topics and are experts in their respective fields. Some writers even have to play the game to explore all the details to include in their content, further pushing the originality of content.
  • If a writer is unaware of the topic, he/she will drop it so a senior writer or editor can reassign it to the most well-versed member in the writing team.
  • We assign topics to our proficient writers and give them complete freedom to pursue the topic of their choice. We allow original author to take their own approach to writing on a certain subject based on their experience and knowledge.


  • Among a plethora of websites and top resources available on the internet, building trust is crucial at Gamesual.
  • Meanwhile, we understand it is challenging to trust instantly on the web. But we must give our very best and deliver content that speaks for your needs and builds writer-reader confidence.
  • From advice to any exclusive character build of your favorite video game, our content will never disappoint our audience.
  • One of the top aspects of trust in Gamesual is the original valuable content. By writing detailed content with concise language, we at Gamesual never want the audience to feel disappointed with any published piece.
  • The key to good content at Gamesual is the added value that aims to help the gaming community make informed decisions in their particular game playthrough. With this value, we receive trust from our readers to continually return to Gamesual as the go-to video games information platform.
  • Any kind of plagiarism and content stealing can significantly impact our trust with readers. For that instance, we strictly follow Editorial Process to avoid any peculiar content that may later reduce our valuable trust in the audience.

Up-to-Date Content

  • A significant portion of Gamesual’s content quality is up-to-date content.
  • In this fast-paced world, every video game receives the latest updates that revamp the in-game content while sticking to the meta.
  • These updates may change the stats values for in-game elements that can benefit players. We take the initiative to update our content concerning every update or re-release of the video game title to ensure all of the information on our website is current for our readers.
  • Each article also lists the “Date of Publishing” and “Last Updated” dates to help readers understand the accuracy and updated information. It is crucial to ensure good trust, as outdated content leads to misinforming the audience.

At Gamesual, we strive to uphold the utmost standards of editorial integrity. We have fostered an ecosystem where our Writers, Editors, and Content Leads work with great synergy to provide you with the most original and accurate high-quality content that is free of bias or ethical concerns. Our process guarantees that several people review all the information to be published and that readers receive the most accurate and unbiased news and reviews of the gaming world.