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Acquaint yourself with the amazing aspects of Albany Alpha in GTA 5.

GTA 5 Albany alpha spawn location

Rockstar Games introduced tones of various vehicles in GTA 5 throughout the years. This addition of vehicles proved to be quite attention-grabbing and moved the audience more into the game. Although, some of them do not come with quite ease. They either have a significant event to appear or spawn exclusively in certain places of the game. Such a factor also applies to the Albany Alpha, as it has a specific location to spawn in GTA 5. Moreover, this car will also appear in some events for GTA Online.

Key Takeaways

  • Albany Alpha has various locations to spawn in GTA 5, depending on whether you play it offline or online.
  • As for the GTA 5 story walkthrough, it spawns on the city side of the map. There are certain places where the Albany Alpha is spawned. In comparison, some places require a specified time for the vehicle to spawn.
  • GTA 5 Online has other methods and locations to spawn the Albany Alpha. It can either be bought from Legendary Motorsport, or its spawning takes place in the source mission for the Vehicle Cargo business.
  • The upgrades for this car improve its stats immensely. Resulting in better and exceptionally overpowered performance for a sports car.

The Albany Alpha was added to the GTA 5 with Business Update. This update included various items and vehicles to be bought in GTA 5 and Online. Albany Alpha is a two-seater that falls under the sports car vehicle class.

The car’s performance is fairly decent, making it one of the best civilian cars in GTA 5. Due to its high top speed and smooth handling, the car is best suited for straight roads and streets. Also, the Albany Alpha is eligible for selection as the race car.

Albany Alpha Location In GTA 5 Offline

Albany Alpha location in GTA 5
Offline Mode Locations for Alban Alpha

Alpha is typically a higher-class vehicle that tends to spawn on the wealthy areas of the map. In brief, the car will spawn in Los Santos city for the offline mode. Despite the peculiar spawn locations, some sites will also require precise timing for the vehicle to spawn.

  • Burton: You can find the car parked outside the Los Santos Customs.
  • Los Santos International Airport: In the Los Santos Customs Parking lot.
  • La Mesa: Can appear out on Popular Street.
  • Cassidy Creek Bridge: Might be found driving across the south of this location.
  • Playa Vista: Once you have entered Bay City Avenue, you might find this car on the road with a time limit of 6:00 to 18:00.
  • Union Depository: In the opposite direction of the Maze Bank Tower in Little Seoul. In addition to a specific time limit of 6:00 to 20:00.
  • Mission Row Police Station: On the north of Sinner Street, there will be an impound garage. The time is between 10:00 and 16:00.
  • Eclipse Boulevard: East of the path, two cars might come into sight that will be heading towards Vinewood Boulevard. It may appear between 12:00 AM and 12:00 PM.
  • Up-n-Atom Burger: The fast food restaurant on Vinewood Boulevard has a time gap of 6:00 to 18:00.
  • Boulevard Del Perro: Most vital location for the Albany Alpha to spawn in GTA 5. The Rockford Hills is commonly known to spawn the Alpha, past the Rockford Hills Sign. It may appear between 10:00 and 18:00.
  • Banner Hotel & Spa: In Boulevard Del Perro, the car can be located outside the hotel in the parking area between 7:00 and 15:00.

Albany Alpha Location In GTA Online

Albany Alpha in GTA Online
Buy the Car in GTA Online

For GTA Online, the Albany Alpha can be acquired most simply. It is because Legendary Motorsport hosts the sale of this car. It requires a fair sum to purchase the car, about $150,000 cash.

Uniquely, the car also spawns in the Vehicle Cargo source mission. It is declared as the Standard Range vehicle. It also comes in 3 variants for this source mission that are namely V1S1ONRY, L0NG80Y, and R31GN. This vehicle will have a chance to spawn for the source mission, where players intend to deliver the car to the garage.

Upgrades For The Albany Alpha

Upgrades for the Alpha
Wide Range for Customization

Alpha supports a wide range of upgrades and customization. Countless accessories are available to apply to the car. Moreover, almost every upgrade applies to the vehicle, which improves the car’s rating rather drastically.

Also, these upgrades cost a moderate amount of money, making the car’s modification quite approachable for even an average player.

Every upgrade mentioned below displays the upgrade cost for GTA Online. If you wish to upgrade the car offline, the price will be half of what is set for the online mode.


The engine upgrade plays a vital role in sustaining the car’s speed, which tends to its performance on high roads and straight paths.

  • Level 1 of the EMS upgrade costs $9000.
  • Level 2 of the EMS upgrade costs $12,500.
  • Level 3 of the EMS upgrade costs $18,000.
  • Level 4 of the EMS upgrade costs $33,500.


Brakes are equally important as any other upgrade for your car. It is because if you want to focus on improving the handling of the car then this upgrade is crucial.

  • Stock Brakes upgrade costs $1000.
  • Street Brakes upgrade costs $20,000.
  • Sport Brakes upgrade costs $27,000.
  • Race Brakes upgrade costs $35,000.


Yet another upgrade that increases the control over the vehicle. Due to the suspension upgrade, the car’s turn rate is improved, resulting in better handling overall.

  • Stock Suspension upgrade costs $200.
  • Lowered Suspension upgrade costs $1000.
  • Street Suspension upgrade costs $2000.
  • Sport Suspension upgrade costs $3400.
  • Competition Suspension upgrade costs $4400.


This upgrade focuses on improving the gear system of the car, which, as a result, enhances the car’s acceleration.

  • Stock Transmission upgrade costs $1000.
  • Street Transmission upgrade costs $29,500.
  • Sports Transmission upgrade costs $32,500.
  • Race Transmission upgrade costs $40,000.


If you aim to drastically increase your car’s top speed, installing the Turbo upgrade will satisfy your need. Firstly, you can apply the Turbo Tuning for $50,000. Lastly, you can reverse the change by removing the turbo upgrade for $5000. If you play GTA 5 offline, the Turbo Tuning will cost $12,500.

Stats Of Albany Alpha

Due to the Albany Alpha being under the sports car category, it is quite unbeatable in terms of top speed. However, its bulky engine weight and rear-wheel drive cause its acceleration to be below the average score. This factor makes the car much more endurable for long-term driving.

But it is still considered to choose the car for most races. Due to its ideal top speed, the car is pretty much unrivaled in its category. The heavy weight on the car’s rear side also makes it capable of turning around sharp corners with much extent over the control given to the player.

Stats of the Albany Alpha
Stats of Albany Alpha by Rockstar Games
  • Speed: 83 ( Top speed of 150 km/h by default. Top speed of 252 km/h with the upgrades ).
  • Acceleration: 85 ( Reaches 96.5 km/h in under 6 seconds ).
  • Braking: 33
  • Traction: 77

Moreover, an interesting fact to know about the car is its resale price. Players can also sell Albany Alpha for $90,000.


To conclude, the Albany Alpha consists of stats superior to most of the other cars of its class. This car can be a great addition to your sports car garage, provided that its performance is astounding when put to the test. Overall, this civilian car is a good choice to have when it comes to attaining high speed for a long track.

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