GTA 5: Altruist Camp [Locations & Missions]

Everything in detail about the location Altruist camp in GTA 5.

Guide for Altruist Camp location
Guide for Altruist Camp location

Altruist camp is an isolated location of Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness in GTA 5 that has some particular events occurring in it. You should remember that this location has different events depending on your game mode, which includes Story and Online mode options.


  • The Altruist Camp is located on Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
  • The Altruist Cult will attack you on sight only if you are playing the game in Online mode.
  • Playing as Trevor Philips, you can kidnap specific NPCs by taking them to Altruist Camp during side missions. You will earn $1000 for each NPC you kidnap.
  • The Online mode has no special events to offer in the camp. The location will appear in various missions as part of the main activity. 

Altruist Camp Location

Altruist Camp location GTA V
Far view of Altruist Camp main entrance | Image credits: Gamesual

The Altruist camp is a quarantined place situated in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness that is in the state of San Andreas. This location has nothing specific to appear in any of the story missions. However, there are lots of random events that take place here.

Altruist Cult

The people residing in the Altruist Camp are the “Altruist Cult” members. The Altruist Cult have different behavior depending on what mode you are playing the game.

  • GTA 5 ( offline ): In my experience, the cult will not attack the player on sight. They appear to be less in population.
  • GTA Online: The cult will attack the player on sight. The place might be less populated with them or slightly more populated than usual.


I do not recommend hustling for these items, as most are not worth it.

  • Body Armor: The first one is inside the west side building of the camp. The second one is beside the main entrance through the large wooden gate.
  • Guns: Inside the building on the West near the Altar Rock, you will find the Assault Shotgun and RPG.
  • Baseball Bat: Situated on the South side of the Altar Rock.
  • Health Pack: In front of the Guard Tower.

Random Events In GTA 5 (Offline)

Players will encounter side activities in the offline GTA 5 mode, including a little hardship. I believe these events are good for making a small wage while freely roaming the GTA V map. 

Playing As Trevor Philips 

While playing as Trevor Philips, you can take the NPCs to Altruist Camp and make them your hostage (kidnapping). Although rewards will be given upon completing these random events, you can still kidnap these people to earn even more. Each NPC taken to the Altruist Camp will be worth $1000.

However, you will have to face one trouble while doing this task. Although the Altruist Cult has a neutral stance toward the player, they will attack you once you bring the fourth hostage inside the Altruist Camp.

A list of random events will allow you to kidnap the NPCs. 

  • Domestic
  • Drunk Driver 1
  • Drunk Driver 2
  • Escape Paparazzi
  • Getaway Driver
  • Hitch Lift 1
  • Hitch Life 2
  • Hitch Lift 3
  • Snatched

While playing these side missions as Trevor Philips, you can take the NPCs to Altruist Camp. However, I do not recommend doing it with every NPC. It is because some of these missions will yield beneficial rewards. 

But if you are looking forward to earning money, I suggest doing the kidnapping trick. Moreover, some missions, such as Snatched or Escape Paparazzi, will not offer an exceptional reward. Therefore, I would prefer the kidnapping scenario in such situations.


It is a side mission I highly prefer due to its favorable reward and exciting plot.

  • Description: Save a woman from kidnappers and give her a ride back to her home.
  • Reward: $60,000 upon completion and $600 for each kidnapper killed.

Altruist Camp In GTA Online

Online mode Altruist camp
Entering the Altruist Camp in Online mode | Image credits: Gamesual

A few of the mission in GTA 5 Online takes the player on a trip to Altruist Camp. Do remember that Altruist Cult is hostile toward the player in Online sessions of the game. As of my observation, try to visit Altruist Camp only when necessary in online mode. 

Hostile Takeover

It’s a “race-with-time” mission, which I would suggest because it’s effortless and fairly rewarding.

  • Description: You can select Altruist Camp as the starting location. Snatch the Briefcase from Cult Leader and bring it to the specific drop-off location.
  • Reward: Approximately $10,000.

Undisclosed Cargo

Among the set of various Casino Work missions, one is Undisclosed Cargo. It is a free-mode mission, so I suggest playing it as it does not consume much time. 

  • Description: Drive Baller or Tornado to Altruist Camp carrying a dead body. Then, leave the area.
  • Reward: $6500 and food supply (Chips).

Yung Ancestor: Dead Weight

To play “The Diamond Casino Heist,” you must go through a prep mission first. This mission will include the involvement of Altruist Camp. 

  • Description: Enter the Rental Car and follow the instructions Yung Ancestor gave. Ultimately, he will ask you to deliver the car to Altruist Camp.
  • Reward: No reward other than RP points for this prep mission.

First Dose 5: Make War Not Love

Before playing this mission, I highly suggest being well-equipped. This mission will include a lot of hustling and will require serious destruction to be made.

  • Description: Destroy the Lab Equipment in Hippy Camp.
    • Destroy the Delivery Vans spread all across the map.
    • Destroy the Delivery Vans in Altruist Camp.
    • Destroy the Valkyrie MOD.0, which is a military helicopter.
  • Reward: you will unlock the trade price on Surfer Custom. As a result, you can buy it for $442,500 instead of $590,000.

My Thoughts

Comparing the Story and the Online mode outlines, I believe Altruist Camp is essential for the Story mode of GTA 5 regarding financial gains. The fact that we can make a decent amount of money by kidnapping people is rather thought-provoking.

From my perspective of the Online mode, the place’s appearance is quite passive. It is bound to appear while playing some crucial mission. Moreover, it offers no random events. Rather, it is set to be present in missions that will reward you upon completion in any way.

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