GTA 5: Altruist Camp [Locations & Missions]

Everything in detail about the location Altruist camp in GTA 5.

Guide for Altruist Camp location
Guide for Altruist Camp location
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GTA 5 has a massive open-world map with various locations that offer fun activities to the players. You can explore every site marked on the map without any restrictions. GTA 5 implements the statement: “Only the sky is the limit.” Even if the location is not usable in the main storyline, it will still hold some significant use of itself. Such is the example of the Altruist camp in GTA 5. Despite being cut off from the storyline, this location has a lot to offer in the game.


  • Altruist Camp is disconnected from the story, but some side missions involve this location in the progress.
  • You will find some wood-style structures somewhere in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. That will be the camp.
  • The camp is home to a group of gangsters or religious people that refers to themselves as the Altruist Cult. Their behavior is neutral in GTA 5 and hostile in GTA Online.
  • Some random events can occur in GTA 5 that require the player to give a ride to random people to their location. If you are playing as Trevor, you can kidnap them and take them to Altruist Camp.
  • If you are playing GTA Online, several missions will include going through the Altruist camp to progress the mission. For example, the place is used as a prep mission for The Diamond Casino Heist.

Altruist Camp Location

Chiliad mountain in San Andreas
Altruist Camp Location – Chiliad Mountain

The Altruist camp is a quarantined place situated in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness that is in the state of San Andreas. This location has nothing specific to appear in any of the story missions. However, there are lots of random events that take place here. The place is home to wildlife. But it also is home to a group whose thoughts do not comply with the current world and the new generation.

Altruist Cult

These people wish to remain disconnected from the world and its problems. The people residing in the Altruist Camp are the Altruist Cult members. The Altruist Cult have different behavior depending on what mode you are playing the game.

  • GTA 5 ( offline ): The cult will not attack the player on sight. They appear to be less in population.
  • GTA Online: The cult will attack the player on sight. The place might be less populated with them or slightly more populated than usual.

The Altruist camp acts as the main headquarter of the Altruist Cult. Although these boomers prefer to live a primitive lifestyle, they still own weapons of the modern time to fend off the enemy who approaches them. Instead, their headquarters is a less fortified place as they use the woods to construct their buildings.

Some of them may appear without any clothing in the story walkthrough. However, the Online mode has put censorship by equipping the old race warriors with some piece of cloth.


Few of the best items can be looted in the Altruist Camp.

  • Body Armor: There is 2 location for the body armor in the Altruist Camp. The first one is located inside the west side building of the camp. The second one is beside the main entrance through the large wooden gate. You can find the body armor on the left side of the main veranda.
  • Guns: You will find the Assault Shotgun and RPG inside the building on the west near the Altar Rock. This is the same as one of the body armor.
  • Baseball Bat: Situated on the south side of the Altar Rock.
  • Health Pack: You will simply find this item in front of the Guard Tower.

Events For Altruist Camp

Occurrence of random events
Some Random Events can be Linked With Altruist Camp

There are many missions and some random events that occur in the Altruist Camp. GTA 5 story walkthrough will host some random events that give out little rewards upon completion. As for GTA Online, some missions take place in the Altruist Camp.

Random Events In GTA 5 (Offline)

In the offline GTA 5 mode, players will encounter some side activities that will include a little hardship. These wacky and entertaining exercises keep the players’ experience quite cherished. Moreover, the Altruist Camp is much more noticeable or appears more prominent due to these missions.


The plot of this mission is designed as two people will try to bury a woman in her conscious state. The player must rescue the woman and be her savior by killing those two persons. Finally, she will need a ride back to her home.

As for the reward in this mission, you will receive about $600 for every person you ravaged in your path. Furthermore, the woman’s family will also reward you with $60,000 after some time has passed.


A ridiculous and rather pointless mission, but enough to keep you amused for a limited time. Somewhere in the Vinewood Hills or Didion Drive, you will encounter a man being eradicated from his home by his wife. The man will simply ask you to drop him at the destination that he desires to be at. Once that man has grabbed his gold club, you must drop him at the Lost Santos Golf Club.

This mission will reward you with $80. What’s more is that the person will become your new opponent in Golf ( Difficulty: Hard ).

Drunk Driver 1

In Aguja Street or La Puerta, you will have the chance to encounter this side mission. A drunk guy will be struggling to stand his ground. Just take the man to his home, and he will be more grateful.

Once you have completed the mission, you will receive $80 immediately. The drunken guy can also be looted as he will lie on the ground due to drinking. Moreover, you will get to keep his Baller.

Drunk Driver 2

Same mechanics as the previously mentioned one. However, there will be a difference in location and the NPCs. You will give the couple a ride, who will be drunk. Here, you are required to drop them at The Motor Motel.

You will earn $40 as a reward. Also, you are free to keep the Emperor.

Escape Paparazzi

You will find Lindsay Lohan in quite a pickle in this random event. She will be in need as the paparazzi are chasing her down. In this scenario, you must get her into some vehicle, lose sight of annoying people, and drop her home.

She will pay you $750 as your reward. A selfie can also make a fine addition at this point.

If the player decides to choose violence, steal the cars near the paparazzi, or refuse to help the celebrity, then the mission will be abandoned in some amusing and entertaining ways.

Getaway Driver

This random event will require you to assist the two robbers with their robbery. You can either help them, but then you will have to lose the wanted stars. Or, you can kill them right on the spot.

If you decide to help them, you will receive $1000 as a reward. Also, there will be a new gunman option in your heist missions. Otherwise, killing the robbers will grant you $800 – $2000 for each of them.

Hitch Lift 1

You will find a woman asking for a ride home. Note that this mission is only capable if you play as Franklin or Trevor.

You will unlock a new Booty Call mission and add five skill points to your Driving Skills.

Hitch Lift 2

As usual as any other Hitch Lift mission. A girl will ask you to drop her home. Just an addition that on the point of destination, you will have to greet her boyfriend. That guy will attack you on sight. You can beat him to a pulp or escape the situation.

You will earn +5 Driving Skills.

Hitch Lift 3

Similar to the one mentioned above. A bride will be on the run, and you must take the bride to her home. But, you will have to face the groom somewhere along the way. You can either lose him out of sight or beat him to calm the situation, for you at least. However, it is required that you do not kill the groom as this may abandon the mission.

You will earn +5 Driving Skills.


In this random event, you are required to play the role of the hero. Save the girl who the Lost Motorcycle Club members are kidnapping. Once you have killed all the gang members, you will have to take the girl back to her home. Many gang members will appear in the way; make sure you eliminate them too.

This mission contains no reward.

Use of Altruist Camp In Random Events

Altruist camp for Trevor
Kidnap players by playing as Trevor.

While playing as Trevor Philips, you can take the NPCs to Altruist Camp and make them your hostage ( kidnapping ). Although rewards will be given upon completing these random events, you kidnap these people to earn even more. Each player taken to the Altruist Camp will be worth $1000.

However, you will have to face one trouble while doing this task. Although the Altruist Cult has a neutral stance toward the player, they will attack you once you have brought four hostages inside the Altruist Camp.

Altruist Camp In GTA Online Missions

A few of the mission in GTA Online takes the player on a trip to Altruist Camp. Do remember that Altruist Cult is hostile toward the player in Online sessions of the game.

Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover in Altruist Camp
Hostile Takeover in Altruist Camp

CEO mission that takes place in four different locations depending on the choice of player. You can select the Altruist Camp as the starting location. Once you have selected the camp location, you must go there and find the Cult leader. He will be carrying a briefcase that you must bring to the designated location for the drop-off. This is a “race with time” mission.

Upon success, you can earn approximately $10,000.

Undisclosed Cargo

Delivering to Altruist camp
Take Tornado to Altruist Camp

The Casino Work event grants the player various missions. Among the list of those numerous missions, one is Undisclosed Cargo. This mission has variations to keep its content diverse and provide some entertainment.

Explicitly, you can drive a Baller to the Rogers Salvage & Scrap. Or you will need to drive a Tornado to the Altruist Camp. Once you have moved the car to Altruist Camp, which is carrying a dead body, you will have to leave the area to simply complete this mission.

The mission will provide $6500 cash, food supply ( chips ), and some RP points due to success.

Yung Ancestor: Dead Weight

Casino Heist in Altruist Camp
Deliver Rental Car to Altruist Camp

The mission in which Altruist Camp makes the most prominent appearance. Moreover, this is a prep mission for The Diamond Casino Heist. Although the mission is simple to take the rental car to the Altruist Camp, it will take some twisted turns in between the progress.

The player will keep on receiving calls that will guide him to destroy the car. Finally, the last ring will tell him to take the car to the Altruist Camp and let the Cult take over the situation. Despite being told to destroy the car, if the player does not follow the lead and cannot deliver it to the camp, he will simply fail the mission.

First Dose 5: Make War Not Love

Fist Dose 5 - Make war not love
First Dose 5 mission in Altruist Camp

This mission has lots of aspects in it. Among those aspects, the Altruist Camp plays a vital role in completing this mission. Firstly, you will need to destroy the lab equipment in Hippy Camp. Secondly, you will have to destroy the delivery vans that will appear throughout the map. Lastly, you must reach Altruist Camp and destroy a few of the delivery vans there.

Once the player has completed these mission objectives, a Valkyrie MOD.0 will appear somewhere near. It is necessary to destroy this military helicopter as it approaches the player with no intentions of being friendly. At last, the player can leave the camp area and secure the reward for completing the mission.

As a reward, you will get a trade price on Surfer Custom. Initially, the vehicle costs $590,000, but you can buy it for $442,500, a decent offer.


To sum up, the Altruist Camp is a valuable place for the players. Despite being cut off from the story of the game, it still holds its worth in many aspects of the game. The camp comprises exciting factors and backgrounds that make it worth exploring. Moreover, the developers have added tiny details in the location that create a pretty immersive environment while strolling through the area.

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