Armored Core 6: All Mech Parts [Explained]

Here are all of the available Mech parts in the all-new Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6 All Mech Parts
Armored Core 6 All Mech Parts - Image Credits: Gamesual

In Armored Core 6, Mech parts refer to all the components required to assemble your build. These include Head, Core, Arms, Arms Units, Legs, Back Units, Generator, Booster, FCS, and Expansions.

Key Takeaways

  • Armored Core 6 has ten different components for your Mech.
  • These components are the Head, Core, Arms, Arms Units, Legs, Back Units, Generator, Booster, FCS, and Expansions.
  • Components can be bought, found in chests, or automatically given to you.

Armored Core 6 offers numerous customizable parts for your Mech. All of them can be obtained through the in-game shop, chests, or automatically given to you. A wide variety of these parts is available, so finding them can be a tall task.

Each part has its different stats and is helpful in different situations. We have managed to collect and compile all the Mech parts divided into each of its categories in the list below.

Head Parts

AH-J-124 BASHO Stats
Head Part – Image Credits: Gamesual

The head unit is the main screen for pilots to watch the Armor Core and see the onboard camera. There are different types of head units, some with antennas to improve radar Armored Core 6; there are a variety of Heads to choose from for your Mech. Every head part has unique effects and abilities that affect your AC’s performance in combat.

Additionally, some Heads can improve tracking capabilities, making it easier to keep a lock on fast-moving targets. Other heads can enhance your scanning ability to find enemies and make your Armored Core more challenging against enemy attacks. Alternatively, it can improve your weapon accuracy, helping you land precise shots on your enemies.

They can also influence your movement speed, changing how easily you can move through the terrain and outplay opponents. A Head’s weight affects agility and stability, but its System Recovery capabilities impact repair time. Choosing the right Head is crucial for quick repairs.

You will need to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each Head type and then choose what is best for your playstyle. This choice will be necessary for your gameplay experience. All of the available Head parts are as follows;

Head PartArmor PointsAttitude StabilitySystem RecoveryWeightEN Load
AH-J-124 BASHO125037068460095
HD-011 MELANDER9104001103160135
HD-033M VERRILL10804691073830240
HD-012 MELANDER C3970416953300165
DF-HD-08 TIAN-QIANG3209750123088
HC-2000 FINDER EYE660346982670125
HC-2000/BC SHADE EYE7704481153090163
HC-3000 WRECKER1130322553800102
HS-5000 APPETIZER760326783000103
EL-TH-10 FIRMEZA480398882570134
EL-PH-00 ALBA6004141052800205
20-081 MIND ALPHA8203651033350142
20-082 MIND BETA5205361163460128
IA-C01H: EPHEMERA9904801324330233
IB-C03H: HAL 8269304361253760215


Every part of an Armored Core is essential, but the Core is the most important part that connects everything. The Core heavily decides the Armor Points and Health Points and plays a big part in deciding how well the AC can defend itself.

Each Core brings remarkable abilities, making them unique and suitable for various playstyles or specific needs. This diversity provides players with a wide range of options to personalize their AC according to their preferred way of playing and specific requirements. All of the Core in the game are as follows;

COREArmor PointsAttitude StabilityGen Output Adj.WeightEN Load
AC-J-120 BASHO35804768316100300
AC-J-120/RC JAILBREAK24004038312350300
BD-011 MELANDER323045810515800304
BD-012 MELANDER C3283043310214050322
DF-D8-08 TIAN-QIANG410062911420650388
CC-2000 ORBITER278040710312650267
CC-3000 WRECKER39405329619000310
CS-5000 MAIN DISH38906419723600413
EL-TC-10 FIRMEZA250041010410890351
EL-PC-00 ALBA285036810112000315
07-061 MIND ALPHA352045511216510364
IA-CO1C: EPHEMERA311036312613200412
IB-C03C: HAL 826367038512018520366


The Arms parts in Armored Core 6 are used for holding weapons. You can either equip four weapons or use one slot for the utility part. You have many Arm types to choose from. Each Arm has different effects, abilities, and a load limit.

The load limit refers to the maximum load your arms can bear. An arm unit with a high load might not work with Arms with a low load limit. You should choose your Arm after deciding what Arm Unit you will go for.

You will also have to consider the weight of the Arms. Players can pick a light Arm to increase their movement speed but give up on Armor Points, making you fast but easy to damage.

ArmsArmor PointsArms Load LimitFirearm SpecializationWeightEN Load
AA-J-12 BASHO2430105205310480210
AA-J-123/RC JAILBREAK100010520458480210
AR-011 MELANDER22601510010013650265
AR-012 MELANDER C320101200012812300232
DR-AF-08 TIAN-QIANG2480195009220020295
DR-AF-09 TIAN-LAO3070172009526740266
AC-2000 TOOL ARM1990133009611300216
AC-3000 WRECKER2030158002614650220
AS-5000 SALAD2600187008820940356
EL-TA-10 FIRMEZA19001354012211220270
EL-PA-00 ALBA1750113501369810315
04-101 MIND ALPHA23001555010316960358
IA-C01A: EPHEMERA23801268010412700312
IB-C03A: HAL 82622101400012314180300

Arms Units

L-Arm Unit
L-Arm Unit – Image Credits: Gamesual

In Armored Core 6, you can equip Arm Units for your Mech. Arm units are mainly the offensive part of the Mech. These Arm Units are classified into kinetic, energy, and explosive. Additionally, you can choose to equip defensive parts instead of offensive to increase your Mech’s defense.

It is important to note that some units can be equipped on both arms, while others can only be on the Left or Right. Right-arm weapons serve as range weapons used to damage enemies far away. The L-Arm units are generally equipped with melee weapons. You can equip two ranged weapons for long to mid-range combat or one melee weapon for close-range combat. 

You can get different arm units by completing missions and earning rewards. Once you have them, you can find them in the parts shop and garage menu, where you can choose the ones that work best for your missions. Here are the arm units that can be used on both arms:

Arm UnitType
MA-J-201 Ransetsu-ARBurst Rifle
MA-J-200 Ransetsu-RFBurst Assault Rifle
MG-014 LudlowMachine Gun
DF-MG-02 Chang-Chen Machine Gun
MA-E-210 EtsujinBurst Machine Gun
LR-037 HarrisLinear Rifle
RF-024 TurnerAssault Rifle
RF-025 ScudderAssault Rifle
DF-GA-08 HU-BENGatling Gun
SG-026 HaldemanShotgun
SG-027 ZimmermanShotgun
WR-0777 Sweet SixteenShotgun
VP-66LRLaser Rifle
VE-66LRALaser Rifle
VE-66LRBLaser Rifle
Wuerger/66ELaser Shotgun
VP-66LSLaser Shotgun
VP-66LHLaser Handgun
VVC-760PRPlasma Rifle
HI-18 GU-A2Pulse Gun
DF-BA-06 Xuan-GeBazooka
44-141 JVLN ALPHADetonating Bazooka
DF-GR-07 GOU-CHENGrenade Launcher
DIZZYGrenade Launcher
IRIDIUMGrenade Launcher
HG-004 DUCKETTHandgun
MA-E-211 SAMPUBurst Handgun
EL-PW-00 VIENTONeedle Gun
WB-0000 BAD COOKFlamethrower
HI-16: GU-Q1Pulse Gun
LR-036 CURTISLinear Rifle
MA-T-222 KYORAINapalm Bomb Launcher
MA-T-223 KYORIKUJamming Bomb Launcher
WS-1200 TherapistStun Bomb Launcher
HML-G2/P19MLT-04Missile Launcher
HML-G3/P08SPL-06Split Missile Launcher
WS-5000 AperitifSiege Missile Launcher
VP-66EGStun Gun
IB-C03W1: WLT 011Coral Rifle
IA-C01W6: NB-REDSHIFTCoral Rifle

Arm units that can only be equipped on the Left arm are as follows:

Left Arm UnitsType
44-143 HMMRPlasma Thrower
Vvc-770LBLaser Blade
HI-32: BU- TT/A Pulse Blade
PB-033M AshmeadPile Bunker
VP-67EBStun Baton
VP-67LDLaser Dagger
VE-67LALaser Lance
DF-ET-09 Tai-Yang-ShouExplosive Thrower
MA-E-211 SampuBurst Handgun
IA-C01W7: ML-REDSHIFTCoral Oscillator


VE-42A Stats
Leg Part – Image Credits: Gamesual

Legs play a crucial role in your Armored Core’s defense and its ability to withstand damage. The most common leg type allows for land, water, and air movement, making it highly versatile. Different leg types, such as Tetrapod, Tank, or Reversed, offer unique qualities and functions. You can select the one that best fits your playstyle or specific requirements.

Tank legs come with heavy armor, making it challenging for enemies to damage your Mech, but they have high weight, resulting in slower movement. On the other hand, Tetrapod legs feature four legs for increased stability but add more weight to your Mech.

These leg types influence your Mech’s movement, capabilities, and approach to combat. They also have different weight limits, forcing you to choose between speed and defense. There are four leg types to choose from when customizing your Armored Core.

Reverse Joints

There are only three Reverse Joints in the game. Their weight is low, making it easier and faster for players to move. It provides a boost when launching off surfaces, making it smooth for players to transition from ground to air combat.

The reverse joint type has a low weight load limit, defense, and impact resistance compared to the Bipedal type. Therefore, these limit players from equipping heavy gear and lower the Armor core defense points. Every reverse joint Leg that you can equip in an Armored Core 6 Mech is given below;

Armor PointsAttitude StabilityLoad LimitWeightEN Load
06-042 MIND BETA39203756160022000426
RC-2000 SPRING CHICKEN40805866836025890402


The default set of legs in the game is Bipedal. Unlike other leg types, these legs are equally balanced in all aspects and not specialized in one thing, such as Tank, which is specialized in defense. Bipedal has equal stats for each aspect.

The bipedal Leg type generally has a lower weight and load limit than the Tank or Tetrapod. Thus, this makes it impossible for players to equip heavy equipment that requires a high load limit. Additionally, they also have low armor points. All Bipedal Legs;

Armor PointsAttitude StabilityLoad LimitWeightEN Load
AL-J-121 BASHO41607746260020520300
AL-J-121/RC JAILBREAK20006086260018560300
LG-011 MELANDER41607436052018700365
LG-012 MELANDER C338807355544017210355
DG-LF-08 TIAN-QIANG42008258260023600400
2C-2000 CRAWLER36507495120016300280
2C-3000 WRECKER42209436890021680680
2S-5000 DESSERT44108977710025880420
EL-TL-10 FIRMEZA36007375210011200378
EL-PL-00 ALBA36507245010013150360
06-041 MIND ALPHA43607946361022110432
IA-CO1L: EPHEMERA38007555505015200398
IB-C03L: HAL 82640008066490020890385


The Tank leg type, as you can tell from the name, is a leg type that has high armor points and can take severe damage, but higher armor increases the tank leg type’s weight, which makes the Mech’s movement extremely slow.

The Tank also has a high load limit and more stability, reducing the recoil of heavy weapons. In addition, tank Legs are generally significant in size, making them an easier target for your enemies, similar to Tetrapod Legs. All Tank-type legs;

Armor PointsAttitude StabilityLoad LimitWeightEN Load
LG-022T BORNEMISSZA10040163010030049800455
EL-TL-11 FORTALEZA58608726930024650620


The tetrapod leg type is a good choice for players who enjoy aerial combat. It can hover in place, using energy slowly, which means you can stay in the air for a longer time, and it also helps absorb weapon recoil.

The tetrapod leg type also has a high load capacity, thus allowing you to equip heavier equipment. In addition, these Leg types have a higher defense. However, the tetrapod type is slower in the air and more easily hit due to its large structure. All Tetrapod-type legs are as follows;

Armor PointsAttitude StabilityLoad LimitWeightEN Load
LG-033M VERRILL685014137620036200675

Back Units

In Armored Core 6 Mech, back units are equipped on your AC’s shoulders. They give you extra firepower and help protect you from enemies. Back units can be equipped on both sides, while the R-Back Unites are typically used for offense. These include grenade launchers, laser cannons, and missile launchers.

L-Back units can also be equipped with weapons generally used for shields. You can equip both sides with weapons for an offensive playstyle, one with weapons and the other with a shield for a safer approach.

Back UnitsType
BML-G2/P03MLT-06Missile Launcher
BML-G2/P05MLT-10Missile Launcher
BML-G1/P20MLT-04Missile Launcher
BML-G2/P17SPL-16Split Missile Launcher
BML-G2/P19SPL-12Split Missile Launcher
BML-G2/P16SPL-08Split Missile Launcher
BML-G1/P31DUO-02Dual Missile Launcher
BML-G1/P32DUO-02Dual Missile Launcher
BML-G2/P08DUO-03Dual Missile Launcher
BML-G1/P01VTC-04Vertical Missile Launcher
BML-G1/P07VTC-12Vertical Missile Launcher
BML-G3/P04ACT-01Active HomingMissile Launcher
BML-G3/P05ACT-02Active HomingMissile Launcher
BML-G1/P29CNTContainer Missile Launcher
VVC-703PMPlasma Missile Launcher
VVC-706PMPlasma Missile Launcher
VVC-70PMPlasma Missile Launcher
IB-C03W3: NGI 006Coral Missile Launcher
EL-PW-01 TruenoNeedle Missile Launcher
WR-0999 Delivery BoyCluster Missile Launcher
WS-5001 SoupScatter Missile Launcher
45-091 JVLN BETADetonating Missile Launcher
VVC-700LDLaser Drone
VP-60LCSLaser Cannon
VE-60LCALaser Cannon
VP-60LTLaser Turret
45-091 ORBTLaser Orbit
B0-044 HuxleyBullet Orbit
VP-60LCDDiffuse Laser Cannon
VE-60SNAStun Needle Launcher
EULE/60DPulse Shield Launcher
SB-033M MorleySpread Bazooka
FASAN/60EPlasma Cannon
EarshotGrenade Cannon
SongbirdsGrenade Cannon

Left Back Units only;

L-Back UnitsType
VP-61PSPulse Shield
SI-24: SU-Q5Pulse Shield
S1-27: SU-R8Pulse Shield
VP-61PBPulse Buckler
SI-29: SUTT/CPulse Buckler
VE-61PSAPulse Scutum
IB-C03W4: NGI 028Coral Shield


DF-GN-02 LING TAI Generator Specs
Generator – Image Credits: Gamesual

In Armored Core 6, the Radiators from previous games have been replaced with Generators. These provide power to the Armored Cores and cool themselves without using a Radiator. Generators determine the duration of the Energy Gauge, thus determining how long the AC can use its boost and remain airborne.

Selecting the right generator is essential for a successful build. Generators have different EN Capacity and EN Output values, which determine how much energy your Mech has and whether it can handle all the parts you’ve attached.

You should consider both the weight and size of the generators. A more powerful generator may weigh more, impacting your Mech’s movement speed. However, a balanced power and weight generator is important to ensure you don’t lose your speed for energy. All of the Generators in the game are as follows;

GeneratorsEN CapacityEN RechargeSupply RecoveryWeightEN Output
AG-J-098 JOSO220076940034202600
AG-E-013 YABA2550100050050803000
AG-T-005 Hokushi271095237070803810
DF-GN-02 Ling-Tai2000200083338602340
DF-GN-06 Ming-Tang2900125066663203160
DF-GN-08 San-Tai44201176625100603210
IA-C01G: AORTA300023833343303500
IB-C03G:NGI 000440025031289504340


In Armored Core 6, Boosters are your main way of getting around. They let you move on land, in the sea, and the air, allowing you to travel through different environments. When it comes to surviving battles, how well you do often depends on how good your AC’s Boosters are.

Boosters are used for both getting around and being effective in combat. There are various types of Boosters, each with its strengths and weaknesses. This means you can choose the one that suits your style of play best. Some Boosters focus on speed and acceleration, which is great if you charge quickly for close-range combat.

However, others are better for players who want to be fast and dodge enemy attacks while planning their next moves. The Armored Core’s ability to jump higher and evade attacks offers you new tactical options and advantages. Here’s a list of all the available Boosters for your Armored Core 6 Mech:

BoosterThrustUpward ThrustQB ThrustWeightEN Load
AB-J-137 Kikaku56674584191501820266
BC-0600 1234558014700189001360160
BC-0400 MULE5417443417500970200
BC-0200 GRIDWALKER64016334190002010244
IA-C01B: GILLS63175001188501590400
IB-C03B: NGI 00164675501222001930342

Fire Control System(FCS)

FCS-G2/P10SLT Stats
Fire Control System – Image Credits: Gamesual

In the Armored Core series, the Fire Control System (FCS) affects how quickly you can lock onto targets, which is a big deal in the game. If you have a basic FCS, it’s slow to target enemies. But upgrading to a top-notch FCS makes it much faster and lets you easily lock onto multiple enemies.

In battles, fast target locking is a must, especially when enemies are moving around unpredictably. You can also choose between different lock-on ranges, thus using different FCS options that determine how far away you can lock onto an enemy. Look into the FCS details for Close, Medium, and Long-Range Locking.

Armored Core 6 features various FCS types for your Mech, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Some prioritize lock-on range and accurate targeting, while others enhance tracking speed.

FCSClose-Range AssistMedium-Range AssistLong-Range AssistWeightEN Load
FC-006 ABBOT8332590266
FC-008 TALBOT675411140312
IA-C01F: OCELLUS90123130292
IB-C03F: WLT 001507248150486


In Armored Core 6, Expansions are like power-ups, but they’re mainly for defense, except for Assault Armor. They don’t make your AC heavier or use up energy, so it’s a good idea always to use them when you can. Here are all four of the available Expansions:

ExpansionsResilienceDurationAttack PowerImpactBlast Radius
ASSAULT ARMOR--1500200060
PULSE ARMOR330010---

Armored Core 6 provides its player base with a wide variety of parts. The Parts’ weird names and different classifications may sound confusing at first. But as the game progresses, it becomes understandable, and soon, you are juggling between spells and creating combos.

The combination of parts in your Mech will affect your game experience. A combination might make your combat easier and other aspects difficult. Another combination might improve your experience by giving you utility and easier moving around the free world.

A collection of diverse parts intends to meet different needs in different scenarios. Some areas or battles may demand high-defense parts, or some may find exploration difficult without lightweight parts. Through experimentation with parts selection comes the opportunity to uncover ideal combinations. You can consult this guide to pick the parts that fit you best.

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