Armored Core 6: Best Armor Parts [Top 3]

Learn about the best armor parts that Armored Core 6 has to offer.

Armored Core 6 Best Armor
Armored Core 6 Best Armor | Credits: Gamesual

Armors are individual pieces, including the head, core, arms, and legs. These are vital parts of your Mech and count as defensive support. At the same time, players must consider various aspects of these armors, such as the AP, Defence, and Weight. 

Key Takeaways

You are allowed to customize every part of your build in Armored Core 6. This is why we think it is important to list some of our favorites and break down what puts them ahead.

  1. HD-033M Verrill (Head Part):
    1. Best head part with high AP, defenses, and attitude stability.
    2. Lightweight compared to other head parts.
    3. Menacing spider eyes design for added aesthetic appeal.
  2. AH-J-124 BASHO (Head Part):
    1. High AP head part with lower altitude stability.
    2. Unlockable after Chapter 2 completion.
    3. Sleek and minimal-looking design.
  3. DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG (Core Part):
    1. Best core for balanced weight, high AP, and defenses.
    2. Good altitude stability support.
    3. Unlocks early in the game (after the second mission).
  4. VE-46A (Arm Part):
    1. Best arm part with decent AP, defenses, and lighter weight.
    2. High recoil control for accurate shooting.
    3. High arms load limit for heavier weapons.
  5. DF-AR-09 TIAN-LAO (Arm Part):
    1. Higher AP than VE-46A but heavier.
    2. Lower arms load limit and recoil control.
    3. Unlocks early in the game (after the second mission).
  6. LG-033M VERRILL (Leg Part):
    1. Offers high AP, defenses, and altitude stability.
    2. Lower weight than LG-022T BORNEMISSZA.
    3. Quad design similar to VP-424 for a balanced approach.

Author’s Trust

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Armored Core 6 for me was the process of constructing and experimenting with different configurations for my Mech. To streamline this process, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top-notch armor parts in Armored Core 6.

– Shahzar Khalique

All Parts Stats Overview Table:

NameTypeAPAnti Kinetic DefenseAnti Energy DefenseAnti Explosive DefenseWeightEN Load
HD-033M VerrillHead10801881851853830240
AH-J-124 BASHOHead1250191169192460095
DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANGCore410047343847820650388
07-061 Mind AlphaCore352044045544516510364
DF-AR-09 TIAN-LAOArm307030525127726740266
DF-AR-08 TIAN-QIANGArm248026025025120020295
LG-022T BORNEMISSZALeg1004044033639949800455
LG-033M VERRILLLeg685040235737236200675
Best Head Parts
Best Head Parts | Credits: Gamesual

HD-033M Verrill

Best Overall Head Armor in Armored Core 6
Anti Kinetic Defense188
Anti Energy Defense185
Anti Explosive Defense185
Attitude Stability469
System Recovery107
Scan Distance510
Scan Effect Duration7.8
EN Load240

The HD-033M Verrill is arguably the best head armor part that you can obtain. Not only does this part have a high AP and Defenses, but it is also pretty lightweight compared to other head parts. 

Moreover, the HD-033M Verrill has high Attitude Stability, so it will be more difficult for the enemy to stagger you. However, let’s be honest: the main reason you will use this head is for the menacing-looking spider eyes, which cast terror in your enemies’ hearts.

  • High AP, defenses, and attitude stability.
  • Lightweight.
  • Menacing spider eyes design.

  • Can not acquire in early-game.


Best Lightweight Head Armor in Armored Core 6
Anti Kinetic Defense179
Anti Energy Defense188
Anti Explosive Defense178
Attitude Stability393
System Recovery104
Scan Distance490
Scan Effect Duration12.6
EN Load182

The VE-44A is also a competent head armor part, similar to the HD-033M Verrill stats-wise. It is worth noting that it has less weight and lower defenses than the former. 

As for the aesthetics, the VE-44A also loses out against the HD-033M Verrill. While the former is an excellent spider eye head, the latter looks a bit bland and uninteresting.

  • Competent stats with balanced weight.
  • Lighter weight.

  • Slightly lower defenses than HD-033M Verrill.


Best Early-Game Head Armor in Armored Core 6
Anti Kinetic Defense191
Anti Energy Defense169
Anti Explosive Defense192
Attitude Stability370
System Recovery68
Scan Distance340
Scan Effect Duration14.4
EN Load95

This head has comparable defenses to the other two heads. Moreover, it has way higher AP than the other two heads.

As for the stats, it features lower Attitude Stability and System Recovery than the other two. Although this head reminds me of Droids in Star Wars, I would still consider it the third-best choice for your Mech.

It is still a significant head part, and you will probably find yourself using this as this head unlocks after the completion of Chapter 2, while the other two unlock at the end of Chapter 3. As for the aesthetics, it is a pretty sleek and minimal-looking head.

  • High AP.
  • Sleek and minimal design.

  • Lower attitude stability.
  • Unlocked later in the game.

Best Core Parts
Best Core Parts | Credits: Gamesual


Best Overall Core in Armored Core 6
Anti Kinetic Defense473
Anti Energy Defense438
Anti Explosive Defense478
Attitude Stability629
Booster Efficiency Adj.76
Generator Output Adj.114
Generator Supply Adj.90
EN Load388

The DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG is the best core because of the high defenses and AP, making your mech tanky. Although this might not be the most tanky core, I did find it to be the most well-balanced in terms of weight and AP. It has a good amount of Attitude Stability, giving you the support you need while the enemy tries staggering you.

This is also an excellent early-game core, as it unlocks after the second mission. 

  • Best core for balanced weight, high AP, and defenses.
  • Good altitude stability.
  • Unlocks early in the game.

  • Low AP compared to other cores.


Best Tank Core in Armored Core 6
Anti Kinetic Defense447
Anti Energy Defense495
Anti Explosive Defense458
Attitude Stability521
Booster Efficiency Adj.81
Generator Output Adj.122
Generator Supply Adj.95
EN Load432

The VE-40A is an excellent core as well. In short, it has more AP than the DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG, and it is way heavier. The defenses are decent, rivaling that of the first one. Furthermore, it also has a good amount of Attitude Stability. All this makes the VE-40A a perfect choice, only tainted by the high weight and lower Attitude Ability.

Aesthetically, the VE-40A is a decent-looking core, which will be perfect for any mech build.

  • Excellent core with high AP.
  • Good altitude stability.

  • Heavier than DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG.

07-061 Mind Alpha

Best Lightweight Core in Armored Core 6
Anti Kinetic Defense440
Anti Energy Defense455
Anti Explosive Defense445
Attitude Stability455
Booster Efficiency Adj.95
Generator Output Adj.112
Generator Supply Adj.104
EN Load364

The 07-061 Mind Alpha is one of the best cores you can obtain. This core has decent AP and defenses, although it is way lower than DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG and VE-40A.

A significant redeeming factor for this core will be its incredibly lightweight. This makes it perfect if you are going for a lighter build.

  • Lightweight core.
  • Suitable for lighter builds.

  • Lower AP and defenses than other cores.

Best Arm Parts
Best Arm Parts | Credits: Gamesual


Best Overall Arm Parts in Armored Core 6
Anti Kinetic Defense262
Anti Energy Defense270
Anti Explosive Defense257
Arms Load Limit21300
Recoil Control160
Firearm Specialization80
Melee Specialization76
EN Load380

The VE-46A is the best arm part you should get for your playthrough. This arm has decent AP and defenses while being relatively lighter than the other comparable arms.

It has a high recoil control, ensuring you don’t miss your bullets. Furthermore, it also has a high Arms Load Limit, meaning you can equip heavier weapons without worrying about your efficiency hurting in combat. 

  • Best arm part with decent AP and lighter weight.
  • High recoil control and arms load limit.

  • Lower AP compared to other Arm Parts.


Best Tank Arm Parts in Armored Core 6
Anti Kinetic Defense305
Anti Energy Defense251
Anti Explosive Defense277
Arms Load Limit17200
Recoil Control135
Firearm Specialization95
Melee Specialization68
EN Load266

The DF-AR-09 TIAN-LAO, compared to the VE-46A, has much higher AP and comparable defenses. However, the other stats of this arm result in it being placed lower than the VE-46A.

One of the major ones is the high weight and, simultaneously, the lower Arms Load Limit. This arm has less recoil control than the former, which is a thing that I did not know existed for a considerable chunk of my gameplay.

  • Higher AP than VE-46A.

  • Heavier with lower arms load limit.
  • Lower recoil control.


Best Early Game Arm Parts in Armored Core 6
Anti Kinetic Defense260
Anti Energy Defense250
Anti Explosive Defense251
Arms Load Limit19500
Recoil Control145
Firearm Specialization92
Melee Specialization84
EN Load295

This is one of the best arms you can get. Featuring a good balance of AP, defenses, weight, and recoil control, it may not be as good as the other two arms, but you can unlock it early after the second mission so that it will be your companion for at least half of the story.

  • Good balance of AP, defenses, and weight.
  • Unlocks early in the game.

  • Not a good choice for mid or late-game.

Best Leg Parts
Best Leg Parts | Credits: Gamesual


Best Overall Leg Parts in Armored Core 6
Anti Kinetic Defense366
Anti Energy Defense384
Anti Explosive Defense386
Attitude Stability1366
Load Limit69800
Jump Distance103
Jump Height18
EN Load760

Choosing a good leg part is essential as it affects not only your movement on the ground but also your Aerial maneuvers. That is where the VP-424 comes in. It is the perfect balance between AP and weight as you want low weight for mobility but do not want to have any AP. Moreover, this leg also has decent defenses. Not only that, but the quad-leg design will give your Mech a menacing look.

  • Balanced leg part with good AP and defenses.
  • Quad-leg design for appearance.

  • Design can feel gimmicky.


Best Tank Leg Parts in Armored Core 6
Anti Kinetic Defense440
Anti Energy Defense336
Anti Explosive Defense399
Attitude Stability1630
Load Limit100300
Travel Speed150
High-Speed Perf.376
EN Load455

The LG-022T BORNEMISSZA is an excellent leg part, but it only works for a specific build. This leg has extremely high AP but is also a high-weight part, so it is perfect for a very tanky, heavy-weight build.

Moreover, it has very high defenses and Attitude Stability, so there are fewer chances for you to get staggered by the enemy. Perhaps the best part about this leg part is that it is a tank base and is one of the most excellent parts you can obtain in Armored Core 6. 

  • Extremely high AP and defenses.
  • Ideal for a tanky, heavy-weight build.

  • Heavy and may limit mobility.


Best Quad Leg Parts in Armored Core 6
Anti Kinetic Defense402
Anti Energy Defense357
Anti Explosive Defense372
Attitude Stability1413
Load Limit76200
Jump Distance82
Jump Height15
EN Load675

If you want higher AP, defenses, Attitude Stability, and Load Limit than VP-424 but don’t want the insane weight that LG-022T BORNEMISSZA brings with it, then the LG-033M VERRILL is the perfect leg for you. It features the same quad design as the VP-424.

  • High AP, defenses, and attitude stability.
  • Lower weight than LG-022T BORNEMISSZA.

  • Quad Design may feel gimmicky.

My Thoughts

I was a little overwhelmed by the many parts available in the store. This is why, in this guide, I tried to list my top three choices for the Armor so players can make these choices without having to overthink. Still, I recommend reading the stats and finding parts that best support your play style.

armored core 6 gameplay time
Armored Core 6 – Gameplay Time: Image by Gamesual

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