Armored Core 6: Best Build [Complete Guide]

A detailed guide on how to get the best build in Armored Core 6 depending on the weight of the build.

Armored Core 6 Best Build
Armored Core 6 Best Build

The diversity of builds isn’t easy to lock down an objective best figure in Armored Core 6. We will categorize each armored Core according to its weight.

Key Takeaways

The following builds are what we consider some of the best in Armored Core 6:

  1. Lightweight Champion:
    • Excellent maneuverability, sacrifices health for speed.
    • Notable Components: KASUAR/42Z (Frame), VVC-70VPM (Back Units), SG-026 HALDEMAN (Arm Units).
  2. Middleweight Champion:
    • Balanced between health and speed.
    • Notable Components: VE-60SNA (Back Unit), WS-1200 THERAPIST (Arm Unit).
  3. Heavyweight Champion:
    • Powerful, slower, high damage, and health.
    • Notable Components: KASUAR 44Z (Frame), VVC-70VPM (Back Units), SG-026 HALDEMAN (Arm Units), SONGBIRDS (Back Unit).
  4. Stagger Bar Destroyer:
    • Focuses on exploiting the stagger bar mechanic for high damage.
    • Notable Components: SONGBIRDS (Back Unit), VP-60LCS (Back Unit), DF-GA-08 HU-BEN (Arm Units).

Author’s Trust

In this guide, I’ve curated a selection of my preferred builds, categorized by weight class, to cater to diverse playstyles. Whether you favor nimble maneuverability, a balanced approach, or the raw power of heavyweights, these builds aim to enhance your experience in Armored Core 6.

– Shahzar Khalique

Builds Overview Table:

Lightweight ChampionMiddleweight ChampionHeavyweight Champion
Boost Speed299296244
Defensive Performance105712341320
GimmickKASUAR/42Z which greatly increases the speedVE-60SNA which helps destroy Coral ShieldSONGBIRD is very important for the build as it gives grenades.

Weight Class Divisions

It is safe to say that weight has a significant role in maneuverability and damage as you try to compensate speed for damage/health in heavyweights and vice versa for the other way around. I was surprised to see how much of a role the weight of each Mech will have in its play style.

“Lightweight Champion”

The Lightweight Champion is a build with excellent maneuverability and good damage. However, the weakness is the relatively low health nerf due to the sacrificial weight.

Lightweight Champion
Lightweight Champion

These double-jointed legs have saved my life in some of the most dangerous encounters. These bunny legs are not only lightweight, but they provide excellent maneuverability.

Coupled with decent damage, as some heavy damage weapons need great weight, we will also try to reduce drame health for the low weight.

AssemblyBody PartName
UnitR-Arm UnitSG-026 HALDEMAN
R-Back UnitVVC-70VPM
L-Back UnitVVC-70VPM
FrameHeadKASUAR 44Z
InnerBoosterBST-G2 P06SPD
ExpansionsExpansionsASSAULT ARMOR

Here are the items essential in making this build have its strength. 

  • KASUAR/42Z (Frame):-  This is the most helpful component of the build as they help make huge jumps without using boosts.
  • Vcc-70VPM (Back Units):- The back units bring AOE damage to the build, which helps deplete the stagger bar.
  • SG-026 HALDEMAN (Arm Units):- These shotguns are very useful as they damage significantly and don’t take much time to do sufficient damage to the stagger bar.

  • Exceptional maneuverability.
  • Good damage output.
  • KASUAR/42Z enables efficient jumping.

  • Lower health due to the sacrifice of weight.

“Middleweight Champion”

This is one of the builds where I tried to achieve a middle ground between high health and speed.

armored core 6 best build Middleweight Champion
Middleweight Champion

It came in clutch whenever I needed to wipe out waves of slightly weaker enemies. You might also notice its tankiness build, which is excellent for absorbing softer hits.

Conversely, it lacks movability regarding the same caliber of bunny legs. It does compensate for that with moderate damage, which is better than the lightweight build. 

AssemblyBody PartName
UnitR-Arm UnitWS-1200 THERAPIST
L-Arm UnitVP-67EB
R-Back UnitVE-60SNA
L-Back UnitVP-60LCS
FrameHeadHD-012 MELANDER C3
InnerBoosterBST-G2 P06SPD
ExpansionsExpansionsASSAULT ARMOR

The components that revolve around the build’s strengths are as shown.

  • VE-60SNA (Back Unit):- This weapon is essential to the build in terms of attack power as it gives devastating blows to people with Coral Shielding.
  • WS-1200 THERAPIST (Arm Unit):- The arm unit of the game gives electrical discharge, which gives lingering damage.

  • Balanced between health and speed.
  • Tanky build, adept at absorbing hits.
  • Moderate damage output.

  • Less maneuverable compared to lightweight builds.

“Heavyweight Champion”

Most people usually use heavy build due to how powerful it feels. Not compromising in damage and not compromising on health as well. However, this absolute beast is not as fast as other lighter-weight mechs on this list, and I recommend this if you plan on staying on the ground.

armored core 6 best build Heavyweight Champion
Heavyweight Champion

Heavyweight Champion is also very OP in all the weights as they are in real-life fighting. I designed this Mech to absorb maximum damage while unleashing absolute hell on the opponent.

Furthermore, health is also a significant factor as it has helped sustain long fights without having to dodge as much, thus making Armored Core 6 the best build in terms of high weight.

AssemblyBody PartName
UnitR-Arm UnitSG-026 HALDEMAN
R-Back UnitVVC-70VPM
L-Back UnitVVC-70VPM
FrameHeadKASUAR 44Z
InnerBoosterBST-G2 P06SPD
ExpansionsExpansionsASSAULT ARMOR

SONGBIRDS (Back Unit):- This weapon is crucial for the damage of the build as it not only does massive damage but also deletes the stagger bar (this subreddit will further elaborate on how this weapon is OP).

Vvc-760PR (Arm Unit):- The arm unit utilizes the gun’s AOE damage and gives a tremendous explosion, which lasts for a brief moment after being shot.

If you need further information regarding how armor helps in health and what armor you need to get more health, please consider reading our article on the best armor parts in Armored Core 6.

  • Uncompromising damage and health.
  • Ideal for prolonged fights.
  • High survivability.

  • Slower movement compared to lighter builds.

Stagger Bar Destroyer

Best BuildStagger Bar Destroyer Build

Although this might seem very similar to the previous build we discussed, let me assure you that this build has an Ace up its sleeve. Armored Core features a gameplay mechanics known as the “stagger bar,” shown above the enemy’s health bar.

The stagger bar is filled when attacked consistently. Moreover, when the stagger bar is, the person becomes unmovable and takes 2x the damage to their health bar than usual.

It is a vital mechanic when trying to defeat enemies that are significantly more powerful than you. So, this build will try to use the stagger bar as much as possible.  

I have seen this build eat up an enemy’s stagger bar like it’s no one’s business, allowing you to do damage that matters.

AssemblyBody PartName
UnitR-Arm UnitDF-GA-08 HU-BEN
L-Arm UnitDF-GA-08 HU-BEN
L-Back UnitVP-60LCS
FrameHead AH-J-124 BASHO
ExpansionsExpansionsAssault Armor

Let’s go individually on the weapons side of Mech on how this will help you finish the stagger bar quickly.

  • SongBirds:- This is the main stagger bar destroyer, as it damages the stagger bar.
  • VP-60LCS:- This weapon is a laser canon, which also has the role of eating up the stagger bar.
  • DF-GA-08 HU-BEN:- Both arms have these guns installed, as they will be the primary damage after staggered.

This will instantly deplete the enemy, but it also has weaknesses. However, I would not suggest taking this build against a quick and agile opponent, as you will not have a great time following them around the map.

  • Specialized in depleting the stagger bar.
  • High damage output during the staggered state.
  • Effective against powerful enemies.

  • Vulnerable against quick and agile opponents.

My Experience With Best Builds

There are many ways in which you can categorize mechs in Armored Core 6. I decided to use weight as an essential factor to create this list, as I could use the weight of the Mech to balance out the speed with armor and damage output. As the Mech building mechanic is some of the best in recent gaming history, I urge players to dive into it independently.

Even though these are some great mechs, they still will not be everyone’s cup of tea. Moreover, I prefer using the Lightweight mech because I want to move around the field more. So, I suggest that you use this list as a template to create a mech that you consider to be the very best. 

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