Armored Core 6: Best Factions [Expert Picks]

Learn all there is to know about the factions that exist within the newly released Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6: Best Factions
Armored Core 6: Best Factions

Various corporations exist within the lore, competing against one another to get the best supply of Coral possible. I have listed the four major factions that exist within Armored Core 6:

  • Balam
  • Arquebus Corporation
  • Rubiconian Liberation Front (RLF)
  • Coral Tweakers

Key Takeaways

These factions, each with unique characteristics, motivations, and internal dynamics, contribute to the intricate narrative and immersive gameplay of Armored Core 6. Here are some of our choices for the best factions:

  1. Arquebus Corporation:
    • Tech Powerhouse: Arquebus Corp excels in technology, focusing on energy weapons and advanced augmentation.
    • Vespers Team: The Vespers, Arquebus’ military unit, boasts skilled members like V-I Freud and V-VI Maeterlinck.
  2. Balam Industries:
    • Arquebus Rival: Balam competes fiercely with Arquebus, managing mercenaries to hinder their Coral acquisition.
    • Red Guns Team: Balam’s in-house team, Red Guns, features unique members like G1 Michigan and G5 Iguazu.
  3. Rubicon Liberation Front (RLF):
    • Religious Resistance: RLF, led by Thumb Dolmayan and Middle Flatwell, defends Rubicon zealously as Coral Warriors.
  4. Coral Tweakers:
    • Drug-Addicted Invaders: The Coral Tweakers invade for Coral-based drugs, led by figures like Invincible Rummy and Cinder Clara.

Author’s Trust

Having played through the entire campaign and collaborated with all the factions, here are my insights on which ones stand out best.

– Danial Ahmad

Arquebus Corporation

The Best Faction in Armored Core 6

Why did I Choose Arquebus Corporation?

The rival corporation to Balam Industries is stronger regarding human evolution, and I think the Arquebus Corporation is the first and most prominent Faction in Armored Core 6. Arquebus Corporation manufactures Armored Core parts, specializing in energy weapons, generators, lasers, and beams.

During your adventure, you will discover that Schnieder is hiring clients for various jobs. Also, the Arbeques Corp is the most technologically advanced Faction, with one of its army members receiving 10th Generation Augmentation. They are also extremely greedy. 

  • Strong Faction Presence
  • Technological Advancement
  • Dependence on Mercenaries 
  • Corporate Espionage

The Vespers

Much like the Balam Industries’ Redguns, Arquebus Corps’ in-house team is called the Vespers. Their members are named according to their ranks and squads. 

V.VI Maeterlinck, member of Vespers, Armored Core 6
V.VI Maeterlinck, member of Vespers, Armored Core 6 (Credits: Rubhen925 via Youtube)

Balam Industries

Best Story Faction

Why did I Choose Balam Industries?

If you have to be part of this Faction, and your primary goal, like any other Faction, would be to secure Coral from Rubicon. However, Balam Industries has one major rival, Arquebus Corp, with whom we fiercely compete for Coral. That is why they brought you in, to slow down the enemy’s plan of acquiring Coral.

I also learned that they have an affiliate corporation called Daefung Core Industries, specializing in manufacturing. Balam manages the hiring procedure for the mercenaries.

  • Strategic Positioning
  • Expertise in Mercenary Hiring
  • Rivalry with Arquebus Corp
  • Limited Combat Role

Red Guns

Red Guns is Balam Industries, personalized in-house armored core team. When commissioned by the Redguns, you were given the number G13 (Gun 13), as no one else wanted to take the unlucky number. The following are the team members:

G5 Iguazu, member of Redguns Armored Core 6
G5 Iguazu, member of Redguns Armored Core 6 (Credits: Rubhen925 via Youtube)

Rubicon Liberation Front (RLF)

Best Rubicon Faction

Why did I Choose Rubicon Liberation Front?

RLF is a resistance that the inhabitants of the Rubicon created to protect its sanctity and to fight against all invaders. This is a militarized resistance that has been formed to destroy invading forces.

They are extremely zealous and absolute religious fanatics. They call themselves the Coral Warriors. The following are the team members.

Middle Flatwell, member of the Rubicon Liberation Front (RLF)
Middle Flatwell, member of the Rubicon Liberation Front (RLF) (Credits: Rubhen925 via Youtube)
  • Protection of Sanctity
  • Defence against Invaders
  • Lack of Flexibility
  • Weak Defensive Skills

What Would I Recommend?

I consider Arquebus Corp the best in Armored Core 6.

Aquebus has the best team of mechs and is technologically superior to every other faction. Therefore, if we were to consider the strongest among them all, I would have to go with the Arquebus Corp.

armored core 6 gameplay time
Armored Core 6 – Gameplay Time: Image by Gamesual

This is all I have found about the factions from my 20+ hours in the game. I find that playing against different mercenaries of each Faction keeps the game interesting. Even though these factions are strictly plot devices, I would pick Arquebus as my favorite if there were a choice. For more guides on Armored Core 6, visit the following links:

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