Armored Core 6: 4 Best Factions

Learn all there is to know about the factions that exist within the newly released Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6: Best Factions
Armored Core 6: Best Factions

FromSoftware has finally released the long-awaited game Armored Core 6, and it has been worth every second of the wait. The story is based on various factions and corporations competing against one another to acquire a powerful substance. Each Faction has its specialty; therefore, I have provided you with an extensive guide on the Best Factions in Armored Core 6.

Key Takeaways

  • In my experience, the major factions are Arquebus Corp, Balam Industries, Rubicon Liberation Front, and Coral Tweakers.
  • Arquebus Corp is the biggest and most technologically advanced of all the factions. Their on-ground military team is called The Vespers. 
  • Balam Industries is another faction, and I think they are less advanced than the Arquebus Corp but serve as a rival. Their on-ground team is called the Redguns.
  • Rubicon Liberation Front (RLF) is a resistance led by the inhabitants of Rubicon against the invasion of their planet for Coral reserves. They are like religious fanatics protecting the sanctity of Coral.
  • The Coral Tweakers are junkies addicted to coral-based drugs, which serves as their only motive for invading Rubicon.



The story is based on Coral, a revolutionary substance and data conduit responsible for transforming the human race. Coral allowed human civilization to progress to the next level of humanity, causing drastic improvement in the quality of life.

Fires of Ibis

However, shortly after I used it, I discovered it to be an unstable substance, wreaking havoc on the Rubicon causing an immense explosion called the Fires of Ibis. However, this explosion will allow you to wipe out all the resources of Coral that existed.


A century later, Coral was discovered on a distant planet called the Rubicon. Shortly after that, you will discover that various corporations are rushing to the Rubicon to find the denser quantities. However, you have to acquire them before the others by any means required. 


Two major classes exist within the game:


  • According to my experience, various corporations hire mercenaries to acquire Coral from the Rubicon to progress human civilization. However, I have listed a few facts about the mercenaries:
  • They are humans that have gone through different generations of augmentation, causing them to have additional powers. 
  • I found that Mercenaries do not have a moral obligation; they only work for the highest bidder.
  • The same mercenary can often have worked for two corporations to acquire or even stop other corporations from getting the same substance.
  • Handlers hire and control mercenaries, connecting them to various corporations.
  • The protagonist for Armored Core 6 is also a mercenary, an augmented human called C4-62, sent to Rubicon illegally to get Coral before any other invaders. 


  • The Handlers are like agents that take on the job of hiring mercenaries for various corporations.
  • They acted like they had your best interests at heart but were just as greedy and wanted the best cut they could get.
  • However, you can also have a handler called Walter, who seems like a nice guy, but he is also in for the money. 


Various corporations exist within the lore, competing against one another to get the best supply of Coral possible. I have listed the four major factions that exist within Armored Core 6:

  • Balam
  • Arquebus Corporation
  • Rubiconian Liberation Front (RLF)
  • Coral Tweakers

Various factions have their army of mercenaries, each a different generation of Augmented Humans. I have put together a comprehensive guide on all the factions in Armored Core 6, including their armies, mercenaries, and crucial details about them.

Arquebus Corporation

The rival corporation to Balam Industries is stronger in terms of human evolution, and I think the first and most prominent Faction in Armored Core 6 is the Arquebus Corporation. Arquebus Corporation manufactures Armored Core parts, specializing in energy weapons, generators, lasers, and beams.

During your adventure, you will discover that Schnieder is hiring clients for various jobs. Also, the Arbeques Corp is the most technologically advanced Faction, with one of its army members receiving 10th Generation Augmentation. They are also extremely greedy. 

The Vespers

Much like the Balam Industries’ Redguns, Arquebus Corps’ in-house team is called the Vespers. Their members are named according to their ranks and squads. 

V.VI Maeterlinck, member of Vespers, Armored Core 6
V.VI Maeterlinck, member of Vespers, Armored Core 6 (Credits: Rubhen925 via Youtube)
NameRankAC NameDescription
V-I Freud01/SLocksmithThe leader of the squad, the pilot. He is seated at the top of the arena.
V-II Snail06/AOpen FaithIn charge of operations and usually issues all the missions.
V-III O'Keeffe12/BBarren FlowerFrom one of the older generational augmentations, and worked as an agent during the Island Four Disturbance
V-IV Rusty09/BSteel HazaHonest and distinguished. One of the first few people to get to the upper echelons in half a year of joining.
V-V Hawkins20/DReconfigGeneration 7 augmented, and has seen alot of his colleagues not make it out of the surgeries.
V-VI Maeterlinck25/EInfectionGeneration 8 augemented, which witnessed a major evolution rendering all generations before it obsolete. Very loyal to her squad, and proved to be a problem solver.
V-VII Swinburne23/EGuidanceGeneration 7 augemnted, the first generation to receive the Coral substituion. A pilot with enhanced capabilites and no side-effects. However, his fear has been transformed into paranoia.
V-VIII Peter18/CDual Nature Generation 10 augmented, one of the first few people to receive the surgery. He works as both a mercenary and for liason.

Balam Industries

In Armored Core 6, you have to be part of this Faction, and your primary goal, like any other Faction, would be to secure Coral from Rubicon. However, Balam Industries has one major rival, Arquebus Corp, who we are in fierce competition for Coral. That is why they brought you in, to slow down the enemy’s plan of acquiring Coral.

I also learned that they have an affiliate corporation called Daefung Core Industries, and they specialize in manufacturing. Balam manages the hiring procedure for the mercenaries. 

Red Guns

Red Guns is Balam Industries, personalized in-house armored core team. When commissioned by the Redguns, you were given the number G13 (Gun 13), as no one else wanted to take the unlucky number. The following are the team members:

G5 Iguazu, member of Redguns Armored Core 6
G5 Iguazu, member of Redguns Armored Core 6 (Credits: Rubhen925 via Youtube)
NameRankAC NameDescription
G1 Michigan02/SLiger TailThe Commander of the Redguns sqaud. He previously worked as a commander for the Furlong Armed Fleet, and is known to be merciless. He is also called "Hell on Four Legs'.
G2 Nile07/ADeep DownThe Deputy commander for the Redguns and also former commander of the Balam Security Force.
G3 Wu Huahai22/D Li LongKnown to be a bron corn artist, also the deputy commander for Redguns, who was leading the Pharmacy Operation.
G4 Volta17/DCannon HeadDefeated in a rebellion against Commander Michigan, he now serves as the fourth gun for Redguns and hates it.
G5 Iguazu19/DHead BringerHis backstory is taht he was a backstreet gambler who owed alot of people money. Thus he underwent surgery to pay back all the people. His nature is that he picks fight easily, with partners and enemies alike. 
G6 Red27/FHermitThe squad leader for Redguns, who idealized Commander Michigan to the point of blood, sweat and tears. Most influenced by the commander's performance in the Jupiter's War.

Rubicon Liberation Front (RLF):

In Armored Core 6, RLF is a resistance that the inhabitants of the Rubicon created to protect its sanctity and to fight against all invaders. This is a militarized resistance that has been formed to destroy invading forces. They are extremely zealous and absolute religious fanatics. They call themselves the Coral Warriors. The following are the team members.

Middle Flatwell, member of the Rubicon Liberation Front (RLF)
Middle Flatwell, member of the Rubicon Liberation Front (RLF) (Credits: Rubhen925 via Youtube)
NameRank AC NameDescription
Thumb Dolmayan04/AAstghikCrowned as the 'father' of the Rubicon Liberation Front. He is a veteran of the militant group, and developed belief in Coral symbiosis. He is also the founder of the school of coral mysticism.
Middle Flatwell13/CTsubasaHe is the de facto leader for RLF, and also titled as the 'Uncle' of the militant front. He also worked as a spy and has contacts in Schneider's HR department.

Coral Tweakers/Dozers

You will learn that the Inhabitants of the Rubicon are addicted to the drugs made from Coral and only seek it for this purpose. 

Invincible Rummy, member of the Coral Tweakers
Invincible Rummy, member of the Coral Tweakers
NameRankAC NameDescription
Invincible Rummy29/FMad StompAddicted to Coral-based drugs and has this notion that he is an invincle demigod.
Cinder Clara11/BFull CourseThe ring-leader for the RAD, and also very cunning and clever. They are one of the few people to become a ring leader within 6 months of joining.

Other Factions

Planetary Closure Administration (PCA)

Military: Cataphract

The government’s space fleet aimed to protect the planet. They have a firm hold on the planet Rubicon. They have massive spaceships and powerful lasers. 

Belius Applied Weapon Systems (BAWS)

This corporation is one of the major weapons manufacturers. They provide the armored core to almost all corporations without any bias. They operate with complete independence, and I think BAWS is the largest seller and manufacturer in the Belius region.

My Thoughts

This is all that I have found so far about the factions that exist within the Armored Core 6. I find that playing against different mercenaries of each Faction keeps the game interesting. My favorite has to be Arquebus Corp.

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