Armored Core 6: Best Heavy Weapon [Top 10]

Here is a comprehensive guide on the best heavy weapons in Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6 Best Heavy Weapon
Armored Core 6 Best Heavy Weapon

The best heavy weapon in Armored Core 6 stands out as one of the most formidable tools in the game’s arsenal. Furthermore, these heavy hitters possess immense power, yet their slower operational speed requires players to time their deployment for optimal effectiveness. However, once mastered, these heavy weapons have the potential to annihilate enemies, showcasing their truly devastating potential swiftly. 

Key Takeaways

  • The best heavy weapons in Armored Core 6 are some of the most devastating weapons in the game.
  • These weapons deal the most damage compared to most weapons in the game.
  • Using them requires skill to unleash the potential.
  • Depending on their AC build, Players can only equip one or two of these weapons simultaneously.
  • Players need to consider the enemy types before equipping these weapons to be more effective against some enemies.

There are a variety of heavy weapons to choose from in the game. But we’ve compiled a list of the best heavy weapons in Armored Core 6:

WeaponTypeCostAttack PowerImpact WeightEN Load
PB-033M ASHMEADL-ARM UNIT185,00016881150 4180 225
VE-67LLAL-ARM UNIT270,0001151800 4520460
DF-GA-08 HU-BENR-ARM / L-ARM UNIT 170,0002525 5800425
SG-027 ZIMMERMANR-ARM / L-ARM UNIT 115,000900840 4400242
R-ARM / L-ARM UNIT 210,00010751390 7420299
DF-BA-06 XUAN-GER-ARM / L-ARM UNIT 70,000895980 5480 240
SB-033M MORLEYR-BACK / L BACK UNIT255,00013601450 8480 465
SONGBIRDR-BACK / L BACK UNIT182,000754x2745x2 5500 285
VE-60SNAR-BACK / L BACK UNIT283,0001088907 6150 825
EARSHOTR-BACK / L BACK UNIT303,00020981455 7230 386

L-ARM UNIT Weapons

Some weapons can only be equipped in a specific arm or shoulder, and L-ARM weapons comprise only close-range melee weapons.


Armored Core 6 Best Heavy Weapon
PB-033M ASHMEAD (Image Credit: Gamesual)

Pile bunker, a weapon developed by Balam, is exceptionally effective against highly armored mechs. Moreover, its regular attack delivers a massive blow that can annihilate most normal enemies, and a charged attack that can wipe out an enormous chunk of health from even a boss enemy. Furthermore, this weapon is most effective in the SEA SPIDER Boss Fight.


VE-67LLA Weapon Image
VE-67LLA (Image Credit: Gamesual)

Laser Lance, a weapon developed by Arquebus, might be similar to the Pile Bunker, but it has one significant advantage in range. Furthermore, this weapon has built-in thrusters, allowing its user to charge at the enemy, usually out of melee range. This weapon is highly effective against Steel Haze Boss Fight.


These are the primary damage-dealing weapons in the game, and most weapons aside from the melee can be equipped in any arm, granted you have bought the weapon for the arm you want to equip it in.


Armored Core 6 Best Heavy Weapon
DF-GA-08 HU-BEN (Image Credit: Gamesual)

A Gatling gun developed by Defeng Core Industries. Additionally, this weapon can carry you through the entire game. Though it deals less damage, the high rate of fire makes up for it. With this weapon, you can constantly put the enemy under fire, but be warned the ammo will run out fast if not kept in check.


SG-027 ZIMMERMAN Weapon Image
SG-027 ZIMMERMAN (Image Credit: Gamesual)

A long-range shotgun developed by Balam. Furthermore, this is one of the best shotguns in the game and an effective weapon against any boss, but the significant damage comes at the cost of fire rate, so players need to make every shot count.


44-141 JVLN ALPHA Weapon Image
44-141 JVLN ALPHA (Image Credit: Gamesual)

A special bazooka developed by ALLMIND. This weapon’s specialty is impact damage. Furthermore, if the player is skilled enough to land a direct hit, they can effectively take down any regular enemy and take out a massive chunk of health from a boss enemy.


DF-BA-06 XUAN-GE Weapon Image
DF-BA-06 XUAN-GE (Image Credit: Gamesual)

A basic bazooka developed by Defeng Core Industries. Furthermore, this weapon makes impact and splash damage, and players can use it in starting missions. Plus, it’s cheap.


These are secondary weapons mounted on both the shoulders of an AC. In addition, these weapons mainly consist of lock-on missiles and high-damage cannons.


Armored Core 6 Best Heavy Weapon
SB-033M MORLEY (Image Credit: Gamesual)

A shoulder-mounted bazooka developed by Balam. Moreover, the bazooka launches multiple explosives that deliver high impact and splash damage. This weapon is deadly against almost all regular enemies, but using it will hinder the player’s movement.


SONGBIRD Weapon Image
SONGBIRD (Image Credit: Gamesual)

A double-barreled grenade cannon developed by Melinite. This weapon is equipable for a lighter AC build, though a single shot from this weapon is not that damaging. In addition, two direct hits from it can easily stagger a high-armored mech. Additionally, this weapon is only effective in one-on-one confrontations.


VE-60SNA Weapon Image
VE-60SNA (Image Credit: Gamesual)

Stun Needle Launcher developed by Arquebus for taking down the Ice Worm. Moreover, this is a very effective weapon for taking down an enemy’s energy shield or simply doing great damage to non-shielded enemies. Furthermore, this weapon is a must-have for the final boss fight, regardless of which ending you get.


EARSHOT Weapon Image
EARSHOT (Image Credit: Gamesual)

A heavy grenade cannon developed by Melinite. This weapon will hinder the player’s movements, but this disadvantage is negated by its high damage and the blast radius. Furthermore, we recommend using this weapon on a group of enemies to use its blast radius fully.

My Thoughts

I recommended these heavy weapons based on my experience while using them. But you can experiment with your own playthrough choice, varied by the stats and aesthetics. 

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