Armored Core 6: Best Melee Weapons [Top 8]

Your optimal guide to finding best Melee Weapons for maximum durability and battle prowess!

Armored Core 6 Best Melee Weapons
Armored Core 6 Best Melee Weapons

While exploring the outstanding roster of melee weapons, I found that each provides a distinct combination of strength and style to improve your combat experience. The game offers various combat options to accommodate different playstyles and strategies, from enormous blades that cut through enemies to extremely quick energy-based weaponry.

Key Points

  • The Chapter 1 melee weapon ASHMEAD is easily accessible. It features excellent power and aesthetic appeal thanks to its Arms Unit Part, which improves its appearance and performance—knocking enemies back upon hit deals explosive harm through an energized metal pile, creating openings for ranged assaults.
  • Among AC mechs, the Laser Blade – Vvc-770LB is a popular option; this energy-based sword produces powerful, accurate slashing assaults. Charged attacks make it a good option for those who prefer close fighting because they enable sweeping combos that cover a large area.
  • IA-C01W2 Light Wave Blade: The moonlight laser blade is a renowned weapon that appears frequently in the series and combines laser and pulse techniques to produce deadly light waves when attacked. Its qualities are improved when used as a left-arm unit, making it a popular option among players.

NameLocationImpactConsecutive HitsDirect Hit AdjustmentCooling
Pile Bunker - PB-033M ASHMEADFor COAM 185,000 at Garage11501150284
Laser Blade - Vvc-770LBFor COAM 210,000 at Garage11001195317
Plasma Thrower – 44-143 HMMRFrom store after completing Mission 6 OF Chapter 13821N/A268
Light Wave Blade IA-C01W2: MOONLIGHTComplete "Reach the Coral Convergence" mission4952N/A280
Laser Lance - VE-67LLAFor COAM 270,000 at Garage8001195263
Chainsaw - WB-0010 Double TroubleHidden in the mission "Eliminate 'Honest' Brute"7502180N/A
Stun Baton - VP-67EBFor COAM 94,000 at Garage21532151156
Pulse Blade - HI-32 BU-TT/AAutomatically given at the very beginning7102215260

Pile Bunker – PB-033M ASHMEAD 

Unit TypeArms Unit
EN Load225
Pile Bunker - PB-033M ASHMEAD
Pile Bunker – PB-033M ASHMEAD

Pile Bunker, accessible from Chapter 1, challenges the early purchase of armor by possessing immense strength comparable to later melee weapons.

An excellent example of this is the Arms Unit Part PB-033M ASHMEAD. It is attached to the mech’s left arm, enhancing its visual appeal and attacking ability.

In my opinion, it is especially enticing to newbies and those looking to dominate conflicts that this easy entrance opportunity into melee combat.

Pile Bunker - PB-033M ASHMEAD Stats
Pile Bunker – PB-033M ASHMEAD Stats Credits: Gamesual

You can launch a tactical assault that wins battles by using explosive strikes to stun foes and dealing a crushing blow with the Pile Bunker.

Laser Blade – Vvc-770LB

Unit TypeL-Arm Units
EN Load365
Laser Blade - Vvc-770LB
Laser Blade – Vvc-770LB

This energy-based sword, created by VCPL, enables precise and effective slashing blows. Charged attacks enable sweeping combination assaults that cover a large area by amplifying their laser output.

You can get this powerful weapon from the Garage’s Parts Shop by paying 210,000 COAM for the Vvc-770LB. The Vvc-770LB, an arms package for one’s left arm, enhances the look and offensive potential. 

Although its limited combo capability may restrict your follow-up attacks, its broad arc enables hitting numerous opponents or damaging stronger foes. When fully energized, the Laser Blade unleashes a swooping slice with tremendous damage around its radius.

Plasma Thrower – 44-143 HMMR

Unit TypeLeft arm gun
EN Load311
Plasma Thrower – 44-143 HMMR
Plasma Thrower – 44-143 HMMR Credits: Gamesual

It is necessary to obtain rank 6 in the Log Hunt program to obtain the Plasma Thrower, a feat that is proudly credited to ALLMIND technology. This weapon resembles a whip and adds a thrilling aspect to close-quarters fighting.

Beyond simple damage output, the Plasma Thrower reveals several protective qualities, which increases its strategic relevance. During my experience, I found that it can redirect bullets, significantly reduce projectile damage, and even cause harmful missile bursts. These characteristics put the Plasma Thrower in the unique position of being a versatile shield that can be used offensively.

Light Wave Blade IA-C01W2: MOONLIGHT

Unit TypeArms unit
EN Load460
Light Wave Blade IA-C01W2: MOONLIGHT
Light Wave Blade IA-C01W2: MOONLIGHT Credits: Gamesual

A well-known and common weapon in the Armored Core series, the MOONLIGHT laser blade is frequently praised for its outstanding power-to-blade length ratio. 

This blade combines laser and pulse technology to add light waves to cutting motions. The weapon’s output is amplified by fueling it, producing more substantial and giant light waves. The Moonlight Sword can be equipped as a left-arm unit and provides various benefits, including improved attack power, impact, cumulative impact, consecutive hits, and more.

The blade’s skills, which include the ability to control energy waves to unleash lethal strikes, are a testament to the Rubicon Research Institute’s mastery. 

Light Wave Blade IA-C01W2: MOONLIGHT gameplay
Light Wave Blade IA-C01W2: MOONLIGHT gameplay Credits: Gamesual

The “Reach the Coral Convergence” objective from Chapter 4 must be completed to obtain the Moonlight Sword in Armored Core 6. The sword is in a parts container after passing by Arquebus ACs and arriving at a viewpoint with an elevated walkway and a marsh. You can obtain it after killing the swamp soldiers and opening the container.

Laser Lance – VE-67LLA

Unit TypeL-Arm Units
EN Load460
Laser Lance - VE-67LLA
Laser Lance – VE-67LLA

The VE-67LLA, an Arms Unit Part in Armored Core 6, adds unique qualities to the game’s weaponry. This laser lance, created by Arquebus ADD, uses inbuilt boosters to carry out energy-based piercing strikes. Charged weapons have improved booster push, allowing swift and far-reaching rushes to engage foes efficiently.

The weapon’s 4520 unit weight makes lightweight Armored Core 6 mechs the best candidates for it, maximizing its impact. To get your hands on the melee weapon, you must complete Mission 27, “Underground Exploration – Depths 1,” which entails eliminating the NEPENTHES energy weapon at Watch Point Alpha. 

In my opinion, the VE-67LLA’s notable feature is its distant dash, which will enable you to quickly approach and paralyze adversaries despite its shortcomings in combo potential. Due to its adaptability in many combat situations, it appeals to even builds that focus exclusively on ranged combat. 

As you advance through Armored Core 6, the Laser Lance becomes a tactical option that deepens close-quarters combat encounters.

Chainsaw – WB-0010 Double Trouble

Unit TypeArm unit
EN Load180
Chainsaw - WB-0010 Double Trouble
Chainsaw – WB-0010 Double Trouble Credits: Gamesual

You can discover a hidden gem—the Melee Chainsaw weapon—in the “Eliminate ‘Honest’ Brute” task that allows you to launch a powerful attack and impact the biggest direct damage boost in the game when facing confused opponents. Its potential for harm against staggered enemies is comparable to a Pile Bunker.

The charged assaults differ from the loaded Pile Bunker because they have exceptional stagger and tracking skills. This adaptability increases its tactical range and makes it worthwhile against faster, lighter ACs. The Chainsaw is a special tool for melee aficionados in Chapter 3 of Armored Core 6’s Contained Zone – Grid 012.

It becomes available during the assignment to kill the brute known as “Honest.” Players must drop to the lowest level close to the mission’s beginning to find it. The Chainsaw is hidden inside a chest and is protected by laser sensors. The fact that defeating adversaries is optional makes this assignment unique. Instead, you can get around obstacles by using stealth and flying strategies.

I can assure you that its multi-hit potential offers a significant advantage, so it is essential to aim precisely because missing an assault could leave you open to opponent counterattacks.

Stun Baton – VP-67EB

Unit TypeArms unit
EN Load198
Stun Baton - VP-67EB
Stun Baton – VP-67EB

Players can get a distinct tactical edge in close-quarters battles using the VP-67EB, an Arms Unit Part included in Armored Core 6. This Arquebus stun baton, carried as a left-arm device, adds a unique gameplay feature with its induced electrically generated impact on the target enemies. 

This makes it particularly effective in battles against foes who move quickly and with agility, displaying its potential in close-quarters combat. The Stun Baton is a valuable addition to a player’s armory that is optional starting in Chapter 2 and doesn’t necessitate intensive money farming. It is a viable option if you are looking for a strategic edge in close quarters because it is affordable at 94,000 COAM.

The Ocean Crossing quest, located in Western Belius at the Outer Shell, requires you to have completed mission 14. Therefore, getting the Stun Baton is not without its difficulties. To complete this assignment, you must overcome obstacles while on the way to the interplanetary shipping launcher.

Pulse Blade – HI-32 BU-TT/A

Unit TypeArms unit
EN Load213
Pulse Blade - HI-32 BU-TT/A
Pulse Blade – HI-32 BU-TT/A

Pulse Blade is one of the best options available in the game. This group of melee weapons, distinguished by their high-frequency oscillation, excels at cutting through pulse defenses thanks to their special capacity to perform quick slashing assaults.

The blade’s output rises while it is charged, allowing for more powerful oscillation blows that considerably impact targets. The HI-32: BU-TT/A Pulse Blade begins its adventure as one of the main weapons available in the first chapter before emerging as a pivotal tool.

In my opinion, it is indispensable in various settings due to its unique ability to lock onto and successfully strike adversaries within its range.

Additionally, the mobility it provides through quick sword attacks helps you close the distance to confront foes in combat. The pulse blade can be used in various situations, making it a vital tool for tactical mobility and close-quarter combat. 

 The HI-32: BU-TT/A Pulse Blade is the best option to enjoy close-quarters combat because it combines dependable attack force and controllable weight.

My Recommendations For Melee Weapons

I recommend you invest in Pulse Blade and Laser Lance. Pulse Blade has a high-frequency oscillation and will allow you to cut through any defense system. On the other hand, the Laser Lance will allow you to perform a distant dash with which you can paralyze your enemies, making them more open to your attacks. At the same time, the choice purely depends on your offensive needs and the playthrough you pursue in the game.

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