Armored Core 6: Best Parts [Extensive Guide]

An Extensive guide on Armored Core 6 Best Parts that provide players with Armor Points, Firearm Specialization and Armor Load Limits.

Armored Core 6: Best Parts.
Armored Core 6 Best Parts (Image Credits: Gamesual).

One of my favorite features of this game is the freedom to customize your Mech, which allowed me to build mechs best suited to my playstyle. Therefore, with this flexibility, players can tailor their Mech to any situation while ensuring it functions correctly. 

Key Takeaways

Here is a complete list of what we consider some of the best parts for your Mech in Armored Core 6:

  1. Handgun-HG-003 Coquillet:
    • Lightweight, effective left-arm handgun.
    • Ideal for long-range combat with limited ammo.
  2. Pulse Shield-S1-24:
    • Automatic shield for defense.
    • Monitor health; repair with Repairing Kit.
    • Breach enemy shields to drain HP.
  3. Head Parts:
    • Impact accuracy, speed, and shock absorption.
    • EL-TH-10 Firmeza: Lightweight, reliable defense.
    • VP-44S: Balanced second-gen AC Part.
    • AH-J-124 Basho: Unique scan capabilities.
  4. Leg Parts:
    • Crucial for weight and ground speed.
    • LG-022T BORNEMISSZA: Tank-shaped, anti-kinetic defense.
    • LG-033M VERRILL: Tetrapod for stability, and mobility.
    • NACHTREIHER 42E: Lightweight, highly agile.
  5. Arm Parts:
    • Hold weapons, essential for combat.
    • DF-AR-09 TIAN-LAO: Defensive, firearm specialization.
    • VE-46A: Heavyweight, curved armor for defense.
    • VP-46S: Second-gen AC part, armor, and firearm specialization.
    • AC-2000 TOOL ARM: Default heavy tool.
    • 04-101 MIND ALPHA: Enhances sensory capabilities.

Author’s Trust

One of my favorite parts of the campaign was building and modifying my very own mech. However, the choices can often overwhelm, which is why I have listed some of my best picks for different parts in Armored Core 6.

– Muhammad Burhan

Handgun-HG-003 Coquillet

Best Lightweight Gun in Armored Core 6.

You may install this part from the Left Arm unit, providing players with a significant advantage in combat. I had this Handgun for the starting mission, as it is lightweight and can also consistently hit the enemy Mech. 

Handgun Coquillett.
Left Arm Unit’s Handgun Coquillett(Image Credits:

Moreover, when players progress in the game and rank up, they get to deal with more enemies. This tool can allow them to deal damage long-range and multiple enemies simultaneously.

Note: I should warn players that, like most handguns, there is minimal ammo. But those bullets are highly effective and can kill opponents in two to three shots. 

  • Lightweight and effective for long-range combat.
  • Important in starting missions.

  • Limited ammo capacity.

Pulse Sheild-S1-24

Best Defensive Part in Armored Core 6.

Pulse Sheild, also known as S1-24, will already be equipped when players enter the game. There is no need to buy Pulse Sheild, but there are some other Sheilds that players have to buy with in-game cash COAM. While fighting with enemies, this Shield will automatically come before the Armor and protect players from the opponent’s attacks. 

L-Back Units
Pulse Shield to protect players from damage(Image Credits: Gamesual).

However, players can observe the health of their Shield from the bar in the Aims section. If Sheild’s health dropped, their survival wouldn’t be easy, so to regain the health of their Sheild, players have to use the Repairing Kit.

Enemies also have their shields to protect themselves from your attacks, so players must breach through their shields to drain their HP.

  • Automatic defense shield.
  • Protects against opponent attacks.

  • Health monitoring crucial

Head Parts

Head Parts play a crucial role by increasing the character’s performance. Weapon accuracy, scan mode effectiveness, movement speed, and even shock absorption are directly influenced by Head parts.

Head Parts Units.
List of Best Head Parts in Armored Core 6(Image Credits: Gamesual).
List of Some of the Best Head Parts of Armored Core 6.
Head Parts PriceDescriptionSpecifications
EL-TH-10 FirmezaThis Head part will be unlocked by sending 177,000x COAM points at the parts shop.Players can find Firmeza when they Clear Mission 11 by attacking the Watchpoint. However, it is a Lightweight Part developed by Elcano that can provide a reliable defense system.480x Armor Protection Points
398x of Attitude Stability Points
88x System Recovery Points
134 EN-Load Points
VP-44SFor 138,000 COAM players can purchase this Head Part from the Parts Shop.VP-44S will be available by destroying Artillery Installations and completing Mission 2. Also, Arquebusit developed VP-44S, and it is a second-generation AC Part. 148x EN Load Points
850x Armor Protection Points
112 System Recovery Points
HD-011 MelanderPlayers can purchase it for 75,000x COAM at the Parts Shop.Clear Mission 2 and destroy the Artillery Installation to gain this Part. It is a Medium-weight Head Part that Balam develops and reflects Balam's strategy of overwhelming its enemies.910x Armor Points
400x Attitude Stability Points
135x EN Load points.
AH-J-124 BashoBasho is the most important Head Part in Armored Core 6, which players can purchase for 61,000 COAM from the Parts Shop.Players need to clear mission 14 by crossing the ocean to get this Part. However, it is an MT-class machine developed by BAWS.191x Anti-Kinetic Defense points
169x Anti-Explosive Defense Points
Scan Battlefields up to 340m in radius

  • Impact accuracy, speed, and shock absorption.
  • Various options for diverse capabilities.

  • The choice may impact Mech performance

Leg Parts

Legs are Part of the player’s leading Frame, and each Leg Part has its armor rating, stability rating, and load limit rating. I consider Legs one of the most essential parts of the Mech.

They not only decide most of your weight but also how quickly you will be on the ground. These ratings can increase or decrease the Armor’s overall strength depending on the type and number of Leg Parts equipped.

Best Parts in Armored Core 6.
Best Leg Parts for players to equip(Image Credits: Gamesual).
Here is a list of Best Leg Parts in Armored Core 6 that can be used to increase Armors Stability and load limit.
Leg PartsPriceDescriptionSpecifications
LG-022T BORNEMISSZAPlayers can purchase it for 195,000x COAM from the Garage.To unlock it, players must complete mission 8: Operation Wallclimber. However, it is like a Tank-shaped part developed by Balam. The reason behind its development is that it can make tanks capable of carrying heavy weapons.400x Anti-Kinetic Defense Points
10040x Armor Protection Points
150x Travel Speed points
LG-033M VERRILLPlayers can purchase it for 465,000 COAM at the parts shopIn Armored Core 6, players can unlock VERRILL by clearing mission 27. However, it is a tetrapod part that can provide stability and mobility to the Armor.402x Anti-Kinetic Defense Points
372x Anti-Explosive Defense Points
76200x Load Limit Points
NACHTREIHER 42EThis Part can be purchased for 243,000x COAM at the Parts Shop.NACHTREIHER is the Best Leg part in Armored Core 6. However, Schneider developed this model, making it very lightweight and highly agile.3500x Armor Protection Points
295x Anti-Kinetic Defense Points
228x Jump Distance
711x Attitude Stability Points

  • Crucial for weight and ground speed.
  • Different types offer various benefits.

  • The choice often comes with a trade-off.

Arm Parts

Armored Core 6 Best Parts
List of Best Arm Units in Armored Core 6(Image Credits: Gamesual).

These are a primary component for holding weapons in arms and shoulders. 

A list of Best Arm Parts of Armored Core 6
Arm PartsPriceDescriptionSpecifications
DF-AR-09 TIAN-LAOPlayers can buy this Part for 220,000x CAOM from the parts shop.To unlock this Part, players need to Clear Mission 11. However, its main focus is to provide players with defensive capabilities and firearm specializations.2800 Armor Protection Points
95 Firearm Specialization Points
266 EN Load Points
17200 Armors Load Limit
VE-46APlayers can buy this part 286,000 at the Parts shop.VE-46A is a Heavyweight Arm part with curved armor plating that provides a solid defense against any type of damage.2600 Armor Points
21,300 Armors Load Limit points
80 Firearm Specialization points
VP-46SPlayers can purchase this Arm Tool for 177,000 COAM from the Parts Shop in the Garage.In Armored Core 6, VP-46S is a second-generation AC part. However, this Part provides Armor with Firearm specialization.
2240x Armor points
14520x Arms Load Limit points
102x Firearm Specialization points
AC-2000 TOOL ARMIn Armored Core 6 Players don't have to buy this part. Instead, they will get it as a default part when they start the game.It is a Heavyweight Arm Tool that can increase combat performance and is very easy to use.
1990x Armor Points
96x Firearm Specialization points
216x EN Load points
04-101 MIND ALPHAPlayers can gain MIND ALPHA as a reward for completing the Operation Wall Climber mission in Chapter 1.ALLIND developed this model of the Arm Part. However, it can increase human sensory capabilities to provide players with mobility and strength.103 Firearm Specialization Points
155,500 Armors Load Limit Points
358 EN-Load Points
16960 Weight of this Arm Unit

  • Essential for holding weapons.
  • Varied options for different combat scenarios.

  • The weight varies greatly.

My Opinion On Best Parts

Much time from my 20 hours with this game was spent replacing and building my Mech. I enjoyed the customization element in the game, as I was allowed to make pretty much any Mech I wanted. All of these parts are crucial for maximizing the mech’s performance and paving the way for smooth progression.

armored core 6 gameplay time
Armored Core 6 – Gameplay Time: Image by Gamesual

However, if you are confused by the enormous amounts of parts in the Shop, I recommend following this guide to at least get some of the details for your early campaign. 

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