Armored Core 6: Decisions [Missions & Endings]

Check out the guide on all decisions in Armored Core 6 and endings you can get with them.

Armored Core 6 Decisions
Armored Core 6 Decisions

The Decision missions reward each time they are played. You must decide which is better to select and play in the Armored Core 6.

Key Highlights 

  • Players can choose different missions available on the “Sortie Menu.” 
  • You can choose decision missions and get different rewards and experiences each time. 
  • The best missions you can play are Reach the Coral Convergence, Ambush the Vespers, and Tunnel Sabotage. 
  • Weaponized Mining Ship is one of the most challenging missions, and after completing it, you will get the true ending known as Alea Lacta Els. 

Endings – Image Capture Credits: Gamesual
Endings  Type
The Fire of Raven Bad Ending
The Liberator of Rubicon Good Ending
The Alea Lacta Els True Ending

Unlocking The Fire Of Raven 

The Fire of Raven ending is one of the endings you will experience in the first playthrough. It will unlock when the player can finish the mission of chapter 5, which is called the “Escape.”

Two Decision missions await you at the end: Eliminate the Cinder Carla and Take the Uninhabited Floating City.

I suggest you pick the Take the Uninhabited Floating City mission right after completing the Escape. It will lead you to the four-mission run and the proper ending.  

Chapters Missions 
Chapter no 3 Tunnel Sabotage
Chapter no 3 Eliminate the Enforcement Squad
Chapter no 4 Intercept the Red gun

Unlocking The Liberator Of The Rubicon 

The Liberator of the Rubicon ending will come after you choose the other mission, “The Eliminate Cinder Carla,” in your journey.

Note: Whenever you select a different trip, you must complete the whole mission to get the ending correctly.

Missions – Image Capture Credits: Gamesual

You can change your decision by choosing different missions while playing a second or third time by getting different experiences.

Chapters Missions 
Chapter no 3 Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech
Chapter no 3 Destroy the Special Force Craft
Chapter no 4 Ambush the Vespers

Unlocking The Alea Lacta Els 

The meaning of the Alea Lacta Els is “Roll the Dice,” you will get this ending after you unlock the first two endings. Players can unlock this ending when they get to their third playthrough. Also, the mission you will get in the middle is known as Escort of the Weaponized Mining Ship.

For this, you must destroy the Weaponized Mining Ship with the Decision icon to complete the mission. This is one of the most challenging missions I have played, including my first run with Balteus. After completing it, you will get the true ending, the Alea Lacta Els. 

Chapters Missions
Chapter no 4 Eliminate V. III
Chapter no 4 Reach the Coral Convergence

My Thoughts On Decision Missions

During my 20-plus hours, I was glad to see that the game was not just about one Mech shooting another Mech. I mean, that’s what the game is pretty much about, but the game has so much more to offer. 

armored core 6 gameplay time
Armored Core 6 – Gameplay Time: Image by Gamesual

Decisions is one such gameplay mode offered to the players. After completing Armored Core 6, I concluded that you should go to Decisions, which leads to a Good Ending in your first playthrough. After that, you can choose alternative Decisions to get other endings.

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