Armored Core 6: EN Shortfall [Solution]

Have you ever equipped the best weapons and the EN shortfall messages comes up? Read here to get the explanation and solution.

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Learn about EN Shortfall and how to remove the EN shortfall message

In Armored Core 6, EN shortfall happens when your generator cannot provide enough energy for your build. This is indicated by a red bar when you equip a new part that requires more energy than your generator can provide.

Key Takeaways

  • EN Shortfall happens when your parts require more energy than your generator can provide.
  • The first solution is adding a better generator that provides more EN. The two recommended generators are VP-20D and DF-GN-08 San-Tai.
  • Secondly, you could swap out parts that require high EN with lesser demanding parts.
  • This is done to balance your build and not make it too overpowered.

There are many parts in Armored Core 6. Every part has a different energy requirement. You must carefully choose your parts and generator to prevent EN shortfall. More potent weapons require higher energy; every player wants the best weapon in their Build.

Not picking the right generator will most definitely cause an EN shortfall. This is done to balance the game. Or else players will pick the best weapons without any drawbacks. You will need to understand what EN shortfall is. Without fixing the EN shortfall, you will not be able to start a new mission because your build will not be able to support itself.

What Is EN Shortfall?

EN shortfall message in Parts shop of Armored Core 6
EN Shortfall prompt ~Image Captured By Gamesual

EN shortfall is a restricting method in Armored Core 6, the same as weight load. Without restriction, players will pick the best possible weapons without any disadvantages. This system is put in play, so players must carefully think through and make their Build.

EN shortfall occurs when your AC exceeds its current EN Load. This is similar to the weight limit. All parts have weights, and your AC can only support a limited amount.

How To Fix EN Shortfall?


To avoid EN Shortfall in Armored Core 6, the easiest method is to equip a Generator with a high EN Capacity that meets your specific requirements. By doing so, you can utilize the most demanding AC parts without worrying about energy-related issues. You can check the EN output of a generator in its stats.


VP-20D generator to increase EN of AC
VP-20D Generator

The VP-20D generator has the highest EN output in the game of 4430. If you have a build requiring high EN and don’t care about other stats, this is the generator to pick. VP-20D will make sure to provide the required energy to each part.

However, it has a shallow supply recovery of 384. This means the generator will take a long time to restart its EN recharge when your EN is fully depleted or interrupted while recharging. The only drawback of this generator is that it has the highest weight in Armored Core 6.

DF-GN-08 San-Tai

DF-GN-08 San-Tai generator in Armored Core 6
DF-GN-08 San-Tai Generator

The second generator we recommend you use to end the EN shortfall in Armored Core 6 is the DF-GN-08 San-Tai. The EN output isn’t as excellent as VP-20D, but it is still 3210. Moreover, the recharge rate is much better on this generator.

Apart from that, the weight is an acceptable 10060. It is a fantastic generator for focusing on EN without giving away much weight.

Changing Parts

Legs stats in Armored Core 6 in Part shop
Changing Legs part ~Image Captured By Gamesual

In addition, another way to solve the EN shortfall issue in Armored Core 6 is to exchange the heavy EN-demanding parts with something else. However, doing this will most likely give up your best or favorite parts.

In most cases, the more influential the weapon or part, the higher EN it uses. So, to make a build focused on the strongest weapons, you might have to choose a weaker Core. Keep in mind that each build will support a separate playstyle.

On the other hand, the great thing about this game is that you can sell all the parts for the same price you bought them. This means you have no risk investing in a new gun you want to try.

My Thoughts

I think FromSoftware did an amazing job in keeping a check on how powerful your build can be by adding this feature. If it wasn’t for this, I think some people would have managed to make overpowered ACs which wouldn’t be much fun and competitive to play against.

We hope this will help you resolve the EN shortfall prompt; you can check out other articles on Armored Core 6 on our website:

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