Armored Core 6: Infiltrate Grid 086 [Walkthrough & Boss Fight]

Infiltrate Grid is a sealed off facility containing some data that must be retrieved. Here is a mission walk through and strategy to defeat Smart Cleaner.

Infiltrate Grid Mission
Armored Core 6 Infiltrate Grid 086 Mission (Credits - Gamesual)

One of the missions in Chapter 2 is called “Infiltrate Grid 086”, which requires players to sneak into a sealed-off facility. This is also where you will face the formidable boss called the Smart Cleaner.

Key Takeaways

  • The mission occurs in Grid 086, a large, abandoned industrial complex.
  • The player must make their way to the center of the complex and defeat the “Invincible” Rummy, a powerful AC.
  • Along the way, the player encounters various enemies, including MTs.
  • The player will face Smart Cleaner, a malfunctioned autonomous heavy unit, as the final boss.
  • The mission is challenging, but it is also rewarding, as it offers a variety of combat logs and other items.


Here, I would urge players to take a good build before they fight the Smart Cleaner, the main boss in Infiltrate Grid. Craft a mech build that prioritizes energy capacity, thrust, impactful weaponry, and optimal range. The build given below is what I used to defeat this boss:

  • Right Arm Weapon: Laser shotgun
  • Left Arm Weapon: Bazooka or plasma blade
  • Back Weapons: Vertical missile launchers (at least one)
  • Legs: Tetrapod
  • Booster: Focus on thrust
  • Generator: Maximize EN capacity
  • FCS: Medium-range assist prioritization
Build for infiltrate grid mission
AC Build for Infiltrate Grid Mission (Credits – Gamesual)

Capitalizing on this build, seize aerial dominance to evade ground-based assaults. The Smart Cleaner has a weak point on top of it. During my fight, I directed the firepower to exploit this weak point, mainly with the Bazooka and Laser Canon.

I mostly followed up on these attacks with Missles. However, I found it tricky to target the missiles to the weak point.

Also, the plasma blade helped me land potent attacks whenever the boss was staggered. Tetrapod legs empower airborne control via jump maneuvers, while the booster and generator furnish the thrust and energy necessary for evasive maneuvers. The FCS enhances aiming precision and target locking.


  • Reach the center of grid 086’s lower level.
  • Destroy the autonomous heavy Smart Cleaner.
  • Access the Data Terminals that contain the required information.


The first part of the mission is relatively straightforward. I had to Infiltrate the Grid complex, destroying any security mechs in my way.

Once you have reached the center of the grid, you will face off against the Mad Stomp / “Invincible” Rummy. This is a mid-boss, so it is not as powerful as the Smart Cleaner, but it can still be dangerous. Although Rummy did not pose much of a threat during my playthrough, he did make me use the Repair Kits.

To defeat the Mad Stomp / “Invincible” Rummy, focus your fire on its weak points: its head and the opening in its front. Once you have defeated the Mad Stomp / “Invincible” Rummy, you can proceed to the lower level of the grid.

Invincible Rummy in Infiltrate Grid
“Invincible” Rummy (Credits – Gamesual)
  • The lower level of the grid is where you will find the Smart Cleaner. This is the main boss of the mission, and it is a mighty mech.
  • To defeat the Smart Cleaner, you must use a combination of firepower and mobility. 
  • This fight will force you to stay in the air for quite some time, as the Smart Cleaner wanted to run into me whenever I was on the ground. However, staying in the air allowed me to target the weak point easily.
EnemyHealthArmorWeak points
Mad Stomp / "Invincible" Rummy50,000100Head, front opening
Smart Cleaner100,000200Head, front opening, chimney opening


  • The Smart Cleaner is a powerful boss, so it is essential to be prepared.
  • Use a build that focuses on firepower and mobility.
  • Stay in the air as much as possible to avoid the Smart Cleaner’s attacks.
  • Focus your fire on the Smart Cleaner’s weak points: its head, the opening in its front, and the opening at the top of its chimney on its back.

My Recommendations

From my perspective, there are two viable approaches to this mission. First, you can opt for a high-speed strategy, bypassing the MTs and heading directly to the final boss, the “Smart Cleaner.” Alternatively, you may prioritize stealth before encountering, defeating Rummy, and eliminating the combat log MTs before facing the boss.

However, when facing the boss, you must create a lightweight build that can move around quickly. Moreover, I recommend you pack a powerful weapon like a bazooka to blast the weak point and stagger the boss soon. Also, remember that the Cleaner has a health that would last for days, so make sure you are prepared.

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