Armored Core 6: Complete Mission List

A detailed guide on the Mission list including their summaries and rewards.

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Armored Core 6: Mission List [Complete]

Armored Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon Mission List comes filled with challenging gameplay and exhilarating missions categorized under 5 Chapters and training missions. This is a detailed guide on the Mission List and its summaries. 

Key Takeaways

  • Missions are divided into five chapters.
  • After the game’s completion, alternative endings and exclusive missions are added.
  • There are seven training missions to provide basic game mechanics knowledge. 
  • Each mission has its own COAM rewards.

All the missions are sub-divided into five chapters and training missions. The starting missions help you understand the basics and game mechanics, playing a major part in the main storyline. After completing the game, you also unlock New Game+ and New Game++, which contain alternate endings of specific missions and many new exclusive missions. 

Here is the complete list of missions in Armored Core 6:

First Chapter

Mission NameSummary
Illegal EntryFind & Reach the Catapult
Acquire mercenary license
Destory SG Sentry Helicopter
Destroy Artillery InstallationsDestroy all installed artilleries
Grid 135 CleanupEliminate the Dafeng MG squad
Destroy the Transport HelicoptersDestroy all Transport Helicopters in the area
Destroy the Tester ACEliminate the boss Tester AC
Attack the Dam ComplexDestroy the facility structures
Eliminate MT squad
Destroy the Weaponized Mining ShipReach the mining ship
Destroy the sub-generators
Finish off the laser beam
Operation WallclimberDestroy the guarding turrets on the gate
Enter the wall
Defeat the boss Juggernaut
Retrieve Combat LogsFind and collect 5 combat logs within 5 minutes
Investigate BAWS Arsenal No.2Explore the area and destroy the invisible mechs
Enter the hole and eliminate ambush targets
Attack the WatchpointEliminate all enemies in Sector 1, 2 & 3
Fight Sulla boss
Enter the Control Centre facility
Eliminate Balteus Boss

Second Chapter

Mission NameSummary
Infiltrate Grid 086Enter the Grid 086
Destroy all MT sqauds
Face off Boss Smart Cleaner
Eliminate the Doser FactionEliminate Coyotes MT squad
Ocean CrossingReach the upper level of Grid 086
Defeat Boss C Weapon Sea Spider

Third Chapter

Mission NameSummary
Steal the Survey DataCollect data from the drones
Prevent Data delivery
Eliminate Heavy Warship and other enemies
Attack the Refueling BaseReach and destroy the Refinery Plant
Eliminate PCA SP Craft Ekdromoi
Eliminate V.VIIEliminate V.VII Swinburne
Tunnel SabotageFight off mechs in the tunnel
Destroy the device
Survey the Uninhabitated Floating cityShut down Fog ECMs
Explore survey drones
Fight PCA reinforcement
Heavy Missile Launch SupportDestroy Cotoyes MT Squad
Defend the RaD missiles
Attack the Old SpacreportDestroy all heavy warships
Intervene all enemy reinforcements
Fight the HC and High-mobility LC
Survive till the end
Eliminate Honest BruteReach to the center of Grid 012
Defeat Honest Brute
Defend the Old SpaceportEliminate the boss Raven
Historic Data Recovery Retrieve data from wrecks
Destroy the Ice WormDefeat the Ice Worm

Fourth Chapter

Mission NameSummary
Underground Exploration Depth 1Interact with the elevator and make your way to the bottom
Destroy the NEPENTHES artillery platform
Underground Exploration Depth 2Reach to the bottom
Defeat G5 Iguazu
Eliminate Enforcer
Underground Exploration Depth 3Find and destroy the pressure chamber
Ambush The VespersTake down V.V Hawkins and V.VIII Pater
Unknown Territory SurveyEliminate V.IV Ruby
Reach The Coral ConvergenceV.VI Maeterlinck/G3 Wu Huahai
Reach the Coral Convergence
Eliminate Series CEL 240

Fifth Chapter

Mission NameSummary
EscapeMake your way to the waypoint
Defeat Arquebas MT Squad
Take The Uninhabitated Floating CityDefend the tower
Eliminate all enemies
Intercept The Corporate ForcesEliminate Corporate Craft
Rescue "Chatty" Stick's
Eliminate V.I. Frued
Breach The Karman LineDestroy the sky fleets
Eliminate Rusty
Shut Down The Closure SatellitesFight Ayre

Chapter 1

The following are Chapter 1 missions from Armored Core 6: Mission List.

Illegal Entry

1st mission of armored core 6 mission list
Mission 01: Illegal Entry | Credits: Gamesual

This first mission is fairly simple and introduces the basic mechanics, such as controls, movements, and attacking. It also guides you on the use of EN. The first object will be finding the catapult, where you must encounter several enemies.

After using the catapult, there will be a cut scene, after which you will land in a new area. The second objective is to find a Mercenary license. You must also use Assault Boost to explore the area. Once you find the license, the third and last objective is destroying the SG SENTRY Chopper to complete the mission.

You are rewarded with 170,000 COAM.

Destroy Artillery Installations

2nd mission from the armored core 6 mission list
Mission 02: Destroy Artillery Installations | Credits: Gamesual

This mission requires you to destroy Artilleries installed as the primary objective. To achieve this, you must destroy the weaker enemies in your way. The artilleries are marked red on your HUD, which takes damage when attacked from behind. Melee attacking them kills the turret more effectively.

Destroying a turret awards 2,000 COAM, whereas Light MTs awards 1,200. Your mission is completed when all the objective artillery is destroyed. The base reward is 100,000 COAM.

Grid 135 Cleanup

3rd mission from the armored core 6 mission list
Mission 03: Grid 135 Cleanup | Credits: Gamesual

This is another short mission that will require you to destroy a squad of Dafeng MT. Some squad members have shields, so fighting with movement is the key to completing this mission. The reward for completion is 68,000 COAM.

Destroy The Transport Helicopters

4th mission
Mission 04: Destroy the Transport Helicopters | Credits: Gamesual

Once spawned, you must fly down to the factory containing transport helicopters. The main objective is to destroy all these choppers. There are also Generic weaponry units and Light MTs, which you will encounter. The reward for mission completion is 80,000 COAM

Destroy The Tester AC

5th mission from the armored core 6 mission list
Mission 05: Destroy the Tester AC | Credits: Gamesual

This is a short mission where you must eliminate a boss mech called Tester AC. We recommend using boost and melee attacks since they deal more damage. The mission is completed once the boss is defeated and awards 95,000 COAM.

Attack The Dam Complex

6th mission
Mission 06: Attack the Dam Complex | Credits: Gamesual

A new feature in this mission is that you will have two allied mechs beside you. The main objectives are to destroy the facility structures and MT squads. Once destroyed, the mission is completed and rewards you 190,000 COAM.

Destroy The Weaponized Mining Ship

7th mission
Mission 06: Destroy the Weaponized Mining Ship | Credits: Gamesual

You are spawned in a desert area where you must approach the weaponized ship called Strider. This can be located far away once you travel in a straight direction. Upon reaching the mining ship, a laser beam will target you; dodge this using your Assualt Boost.

Once you reach the ship, destroy its leg to make it stationary. Next, destroy sub-generators installed on the ship that are marked with a TGT symbol on your HUD and are four in number. It is important to keep dodging the laser beam since it deals with incredible damage. 

After destroying all four generators, you must beat Strider to finish off the laser beam. Attack right after it shoots the laser until the health depletes. Escape the ship to safety, and the mission will be completed. You get 270,000 COAM

Operation Wallclimber

8th mission from the armored core 6 mission list
Mission 08: Operation Wallclimber | Credits: Gamesual

This is a long mission with a few objectives; on top of that, there are no checkpoints in this mission. You will land in an area where your first target is turrets installed on top of the gate ahead. We recommend flying from either the right or left side and on top of them, destroying the turrets using melee attack. 

Next, you must face grounded strong mechs guarding the gate. Once all the mechs are destroyed, you must use the catapult to locate the interactable door. Behind this door are more grounded mechs you must fight through.

Keep progressing until you reach the last door, where you must grab extra supplies. Upon opening the door, face another tough boss called Juggernaut. After being victorious, the mission finishes by rewarding you with 330,000 COAM.

Retrieve Combat Logs

9th mission
Mission 09: Retrieve Combat Logs | Credits: Gamesual

In a time-limited mission, you must collect at least five combat logs within 5 minutes. These are wreckage with smoke coming out of them, with some guarded by mechs. Once you collect all logs, you must wait for the timer to end. The completion reward is  10,000 COAM.

Investigate BAWS Arsenal No.2

10th mission from the armored core 6 mission list
Mission 10: Investigate BAWS Arsenal No.2 | Credits: Gamesual

After spawning, fly through the area and explore it until you are sniped with a laser. Locate the enemy and eliminate it. Keep moving forward where you must face similar invisible enemies and keep picking them off one by one,

You must find an interactable door at the end, open it, and enter inside. Jump down in the hole where you must face an ambush of similar mechs. Eliminate all the enemies to complete the mission and get 180,000 COAM

Attack The Watchpoint

Last mission from the armored core 6 mission list
Mission 11: Attack the Watchpoint | Credits: Gamesual

This is the last mission of Chapter 1 in Armored Core 6: Mission List. Once you enter the Sector 1 area, eliminate the targets atop the buildings. We recommend destroying the turrets on buildings, followed by the ones found on the ground. After this, you must enter Sectors 2 and 3 and fight off enemies similarly.

Ultimately, you must reach a platform revealing a bridge below you. Cross the bridge to enter a cutscene, where you must face Sulla boss. After defeating it, cross the area and interact with a door of the control center facility.

Collect the supplies, head down the hole, destroy the mech, and trigger another cutscene. After the cutscene finishes, you must face off against another boss, Balteus. A long and tiring fight with victory completes the mission and grants you 380,000 COAM

Chapter 2

These are Chapter 2 missions from Armored Core 6: Mission List.

Infiltrate Grid 086

12th mission from the mission list
Mission 12: Infiltrate Grid 086 | Credits: Gamesual

After being spawned, move your way to the end, where you must face a mini-boss called Rummy. Once you defeat them, fly to a higher level where you will find a door that opens, marked as “01“. After entering the area, fly towards the waypoint and open the next gate.

Fly up to the vents, where you encounter a further squad of enemies. Interact with the door at the end of the vents and move your way to the next waypoint using the catapult. Eliminate the last MT squad and enter the next door.

Stack up on supplies since you must face another boss, Smart Cleaner. After beating it, the mission ends, rewarding you 160,000 COAM.

Eliminate The Doser Faction

13th Mission from armored core 6 mission list
Mission 13: Eliminate the Doser Faction | Credits: Gamesual

Another brief mission where you must eliminate several enemies, including four Coyotes MT squads, to complete the mission. The completion reward is 65,000 COAM.

Ocean Crossing

14th mission
Mission 14: Ocean Crossing | Credits: Gamesual

The mission starts from a platform where you must open a door. Move your way forward and reach the upper level of Grid 086. Keep proceeding toward the waypoint, and we recommend dodging the lasers by going under bridges and buildings as a cover.

Eliminate all the enemies in the area and claim Stack supplies found nearby. Interact with a container to spawn another Boss C weapon, Sea Spider. Defeat the boss making your way to the end of the area and interact with the container to end the mission. You will receive 330,000 COAM.

Chapter 3

The following are Chapter 3 missions from Armored Core 6: Mission List.

Steal The Survey Data

Mission 15 of the armored core 6 mission list
Mission 15: Steal the Survey Data | Credits: Gamesual

After being spawned in the snow area, move your way forward. Your initial objective is to collect data from four drones marked on your HUD while fighting off the enemies. After completing this task, move towards the next waypoint. 

Your next task is to prevent data delivery in the area where you must destroy helicopters simultaneously, fighting off enemy mechs. Heavier and Tougher enemies will arrive as reinforcements as time goes on. In the end, destroy the Heavy Wasrship to complete the mission. The completion reward is 100,000 COAM.

Attack The Refueling Base

Mission 16 of the armored core 6 mission list
Mission 16: Attack the Refueling Base | Credits: Gamesual

Proceed forward after spawning, fighting your way through the enemies. You must eventually find the Refinery Plant marked by the waypoint and destroy it. After some time, PCA SP craft Ekdromoi will be spawned, whom you must fight to finish the mission. The reward for completion is 240,000 COAM. You can also get extra COAMs by destroying nearby fuel tanks. 

Eliminate V.VII

Mission 17
Mission 17: Eliminate V.VII | Credits: Gamesual

In this mission, we recommend you stay hidden because if detected, you will be shot at within a 10-second timer. You can lurk from one side and cross or destroy these enemies before the 10-second mark.

Keep dodging the enemies towards the marker, where you will eventually find a way on top of the wall. Drop down to face off V.VII Swinburne. When the mission finishes, you receive 200,000 COAM

Tunnel Sabotage

Mission 18
Mission 18: Tunnel Sabotage | Credits: Gamesual

In this mission, you must destroy the device in the facility. Fight your way through the mechs crossing the Chasm. You must find the target protected by a shield, breach it, and destroy the device. Once the task is complete, escape the tunnels using Assualt Boost, completing the mission. The reward is 130,000 COAM

Survey The Uninhabited Floating City

Mission 19 of armored core 6 mission list
Mission 19: Survey The Uninhabited Floating City | Credits: Gamesual

Once spawned, turn left and proceed forward. You must eliminate enemies and shut down Fog ECMs installed in the area, which will be marked on your HUD. After you complete this task, you must also access the drones by surveying.

Eventually, there will be PCA reinforcements, including the AH12 HC Helicopter. Eliminate all enemies to complete the mission. The completion reward is 380,000 COAM

Heavy Missile Launch Support

Mission 20
Mission 20: Heavy Missile Launch Support | Credits: Gamesual

Eliminate the Coyotes MT Squad to start the launch sequence. For the next 5 minutes, defend the bridge from getting destroyed. You will also have the support of two RaD sub-missiles and the main missile.

You won’t fail the mission if the sub-missiles get destroyed, but make sure the main missiles don’t. At the last minute, a Heavy Warship will arrive, which must be destroyed to complete the mission. The reward is 160,000 COAM

Attack The Old Spaceport

Mission 21 of armored core 6 mission list
Mission 21: Attack The Old Spaceport | Credits: Gamesual

At the start of this mission, you must destroy all heavy warships marked on your HUD. You can also fight smaller mechs for extra COAMs. Heavy warships can be destroyed by attacking their bridges. Then, be prepared to fight off incoming reinforcements.

In the end, you must fight HC and High-mobility LC. After some time, another underground mech will appear, stay alive to initiate a cut scene, and the mission ends. The reward is 320,000 COAM.

Eliminate Honest Brute

Mission 22
Mission 22: Eliminate Honest Brute | Credits: Gamesual

Reach towards the center of Grid 012’s area, fighting off the mechs in your way. Breach the shield and keep moving down and forward until you find Honest Brute. Fight off this boss aggressively since it has regeneration ability. Eliminate it to end the mission, getting the reward of 50,000 COAM.

Defend The Old Spaceport

Mission 23 of armored core 6 mission list
Mission 23: Defend The Old Spaceport | Credits: Gamesual

You arrive at an already-ended battle and must fight another boss, Raven. The mission completion reward is 200,000 COAM.

Historic Data Recovery 

Mission 24
Mission 24: Historic Data Recovery | Credits: Gamesual

It is a simple mission where you must go and explore the wrecks and retrieve data. There is no reward for the mission.

Destroy The Ice Worm

Mission 25
Mission 25: Destroy The Ice Worm | Credits: Gamesual

We recommend equipping the VE-60SNA weapon before starting the mission. You must fight off the Ice Worm to complete the mission, which rewards you with 420,000 COAM

Chapter 4

Below are Chapter 4 missions from Armored Core 6: Mission List.

Underground Exploration – Depth 1

Mission 26
Mission 26: Underground Exploration – Depth 1 | Credits: Gamesual

Interact with the elevator and make your way down. You can drop it down yourself. However, there is a laser beam being fired toward you. To dodge this, use the shaft nearby to take cover while dropping. Destroy the enemies once you reach the bottom. 

Like the first descent, once again, use the shaft as a cover to drop down. You can see the red pointers targeting you, so best to avoid them. Once at the bottom, destroy the NEPENTHES artillery platform; the mission is completed, rewarding you with 250,000 COAM.

Underground Exploration – Depth 2

Mission 27 of armored core 6 mission list
Mission 27: Underground Exploration – Depth 2 | Credits: Gamesual

Interact with the locked doors and make your way through the tunnels fighting your way through. Take the left on the way and enter the hole to reach further below. Here, it would be best if you interacted with the power supply button to turn it on. 

Interact with the following two doors to finally face off against G5 Iguazu. After defeating the mini-boss, open the lock door and move towards the open area. Reach to the bottom to find another tunnel, which leads to a catapult. Access the control room and interact with the panel.

Move towards the next room, where you must eliminate Enforcer. Beat it to finish the mission, getting 300,000 COAM as the reward. 

Underground Exploration – Depth 3

Mission 28
Mission 28: Underground Exploration – Depth 3 | Credits: Gamesual

This is the last depth. Head forward after opening the doors and reach towards the core. You must find and destroy the pressure chamber, fighting your way through the enemies. Escape the area before it explodes. You must fight off AC EPHEMERA within 2 minutes and escape. The mission rewards you with 270,000 COAM.

Ambush The Vespers

Mission 29 of armored core 6 mission list
Mission 29: Ambush The Vespers | Credits: Gamesual

With the help of your ally, you must take down V.V Hawkins and V.VIII Pater. Use your ally to distract one of either target to take them down easily. Once defeated, the mission rewards you with 180,000 COAM.

Unknown Territory Survey

Mission 30
Mission 30: Unknown Territory Survey | Credits: Gamesual

Head down after completing all the depths to explore what’s under there. Your Radar will go offline; be aware of small insects. Eventually, you will encounter the V.IV Ruby boss, who you must fight. After the cutscene, proceed to descend further until the mission ends. The reward is 260,000 COAM.

Reach The Coral Convergence

Mission 31
Mission 31: Reach The Coral Convergence | Credits: Gamesual

At the start of the mission, you must fight V.VI Maeterlinck/G3 Wu Huahai. Once defeated, secure the area by eliminating all the enemies. Move towards the waypoint and reach the Coral Convergence.  

Here, you must fight Series CEL 240, completing the mission, which rewards you with 520,000 COAM. This completes the chapter 4. 

Chapter 5

The following are Chapter 5 missions from Armored Core 6: Mission List.


Mission 32 of armored core 6 mission list
Mission 32: Escape | Credits: Gamesual

Immediately after the last mission, a new mission starts where you handle a new Mech with weaker armor and weapons. You must fight through/dodge and escape enemies to the checkpoint. At the end, you must face off against an Arquebas MT Squad. The mission ends when your ally arrives. There are no rewards for the mission. 

Take The Uninhabited Floating City

Mission 33
Mission 33: Take The Uninhabited Floating City | Credits Gamesual

You must defend the tower in this mission, with a timer of 5 minutes. You have the Xylem Control Tower and Xylem Shield to your advantage. Eliminate all waves of enemies, including snipers, which will be spawned halfway through the timer. 

After the snipers face off against drones, the rest of the enemy waves to complete the mission. Remember, this must be done in one go since there are no checkpoints. The mission reward is 385,000 COAM

Intercept The Corporate Forces

Mission 34
Mission 34: Intercept The Corporate Forces | Credits Gamesual

Head towards the waypoint when the mission commences, fighting off enemies as you make your way. Enter through the door and eliminate Corporate Craft. Proceed forward and rescue ally “Chatty” Stick’s. Ultimately, eliminate V.I. Frued to complete the mission, getting the reward of 440,000 COAM.

Breach The Karman Line

Mission 35 of armored core 6 mission list
Mission 35: Intercept The Corporate Forces | Credits Gamesual

In this mission, you will start with unlimited boost energy. Start picking off enemies in the skies one by one. After destroying the fleet, eliminate Rusty to complete the mission. The reward for completion is 470,000 COAM

Shut Down The Closure Satellites

Mission 36 of armored core 6 mission list
Mission 36: Shut Down The Closure Satellites | Credits Gamesual

The last mission of the game is where you must face the boss, Ayre. We recommend using shotgun weapons to make the fight easier, finishing him off. After defeating this mech, you get the completion reward of 550,000 COAM.

This concludes the main story missions.

Alternative Endings

After you complete the game, you will unlock New Game+, which will contain some missions with alternative endings from Armored Core 6: Mission List, depending on your decision. These missions are:

ChapterMission NameDescription
1Attack the Dam ComplexAlternative
3Prevent Corporate Salvage of New TechNew Exclusive
3Defend the Dam ComplexNew Exclusive

After you complete the game a second time, the third run will contain New Game++ missions, extensions delivering more alternative endings, and exclusive missions from Armored Core 6: Mission List. These include: 

ChapterMission NameDescription
1Escort the Weaponized Mining ShipNew Exclusive
1Prisoner RescueNew Exclusive
1Obstruct the Mandatory InspectionNew Exclusive
1Attack the WatchpointAlternate Ending
1Stop the Secret Data BreachNew Exclusive
3Survey the Uninhabited Floating CityAlternate Ending
3Coral Export DenialNew Exclusive
4Underground Exploration - Depth 2Alternate Ending
4Eliminate V.IIINew Exclusive
4Unknown Territory SurveyNew Exclusive
4Reach the Coral Convergence Alternate Ending
5MIANew Exclusive
5Regain Control of the XylemNew Exclusive
5Coral ReleaseNew Exclusive

Training Missions 

Training sessions
Training Missions | Credits Gamesual

Training missions throughout the first chapter also help you understand the basics of offense and defense. It also introduces you to new skills and strategies. These include: 

Training mission Mission NameSummary
Beginner Training 1Basic ControlsLock-on
Melee Weapons guide
Beginner Training 2Combat FundamentalsCharge Attack guide
ACS Strain & Stagger
Direct hits skill
Intermediate Support 1Assembling ACDouble Trigger Skill
Boosters and Mobility
AC strategy guide
Intermediate Support 2Reverse-Jointed ACsWeapon Types Introduction
Area Attacks Guide
Reverse-joint Parts
Intermediate Support 3Tetrapod ACsTetrapod Introduction
Hovering-Based strategies
Intermediate Support 4Tank ACsTank Introduction
Advanced Mercenary CertificationAdaptive Assemblies Introduction

This concludes the detailed guide on the complete Mission list. Training missions will help refine your skills and affect your main storyline missions. Each mission can be completed uniquely, so don’t be afraid to try out new strategies while completing them. 

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