Armored Core 6: Operation Wall Climber [Walkthrough]

Operation Wall Climber is one of the main missions in first chapter. Here's a comprehensive strategy on how to complete this mission.

Operation Wall Climber (Armored Core 6)
Operation Wall Climber in Armored Core 6 (Image Credits - Gamesual)

Operation Wall Climber is one of the main missions in Chapter 1. Here, you are required to penetrate the wall of the Rubicon Project, a mysterious facility that holds the key to humanity’s future, and face a powerful enemy mech called Juggernaut

Key Takeaways

  • Equip an appropriate AC Build before starting the operation.
  • Collect Battle logs and archive data along the way.
  • Destroy Gatling cannons, MT guardians, and artillery installations on the wall.
  • Fight the Juggernaut boss while dealing with its shield and dodging its attacks.

The mission consists of two main parts: getting to the wall and fighting Juggernaut.

Getting To The Wall

You start the mission in an open area with some buildings and enemies. Your objective is to reach the wall at the end of the site.

Along the way, you will encounter enemies and turrets that will try to stop you. My best was to use all of my active weapons to blast through the enemy line. It would be best to look for optional items to enhance your AC or give you more information about the story. These items include:

  • Archive data: These are blue holograms containing lore about the world and the factions. You can collect them by scanning them with your scanner.
  • Battle logs: These red holograms contain recordings of previous battles between mechs. You can collect them by scanning them with your scanner.
  • AC parts: These green crates contain details you can use to upgrade your AC. You can collect them by destroying them with your weapons.

It would be best to collect as many items as possible, as they will help you later in the game.

Destroying the Gatling cannons

The Gatling cannons are on either side of the main entrance to the wall. These cannons became a bit of a nuisance during my run, as these are far away and heavily armored from the front.

Here are some tips for destroying the Gatling cannons:

  • Use your ranged weapons to whittle down their health from a distance.
  • Once their health is low, you can move in for the kill with your melee weapons.
  • Be careful not to get caught in their line of fire.
  • Use your shield to protect yourself from their attacks.
City Gatling Cannons
City Gatling Cannons (Image Credits – Gamesual)

Destroying the heavy MT guarding the front entrance

The heavy MT is a powerful enemy, so be careful when engaging it. Use your ranged weapons to whittle down its health before moving in for the kill.

MT Guarding on the walls
MT Guarding (Image Credits – Gamesual)

Destroying the artillery installations on the wall

The artillery installations are located along the top of the wall. They are heavily armored, so you must use your most potent weapons to destroy them.

Once you reach the wall, you will see a vast gate that blocks your way. You will need to climb over it using your booster and assault boost. It would be best if you used your vertical missile launcher to fire at the wall and boost upwards simultaneously.

This will create holes in the wall that you can use as footholds. It would be best to avoid some turrets shooting at you from the wall.

Fighting Juggernaut Boss

When you reach the top of the wall, you will see Juggernaut waiting for you on the other side.

Juggernaut is a massive tank-like mech that has a cannon, a charge, and a barrage of missiles, which appears at the end of Operation Wall Climber.

Juggernaut boss in Operation wall climber
Juggernaut Boss (Credits – Gamesual)

At first, you will start fighting Juggernaut with your ally Rusty. In this phase, you will have a chance to deal massive damage as your ally will be distracting the Juggernaut for you.

I suggest you keep your mind awake during this fight, as Rusty may seem significant, but he can move around quickly. You must dodge its charges and keep dealing as much damage as possible.

Final Fight operation Wall Climber
Final Fight of Operation Wall Climber (Credits – Gamesual)

In this phase, Juggernaut will mainly use its cannon and missiles to attack you from a distance. Its shield protects it from most attacks, except for your pulse gun or linear rifle.

It would be best to use your pulse gun or linear rifle to chip away at its shield while avoiding its projectiles. You can also use your vertical missile launcher to make it move and create openings for your right-arm weapon.

In the next phase, your ally Rusty receives a message that enemies are approaching. He leaves your side to fight with incoming enemies. So, you must be more vigilant in this phase, as Juggernaut is focused on you only; no one else is there to distract him.

Keep moving and dodging its attacks, and deal damage immediately. Use your pulse blade to deal maximum damage as soon as possible.

Juggernaut Boss Destroyed
Juggernaut Destroyed (Credits – Gamesual)

Juggernaut will also deploy explosive mines that detonate if you get near them.

As a result, my best bet was to just float around them and keep as much air time as possible. Juggernaut will also charge you at high speed if you get too far from it. It would be best to dodge it using your quick or assault boost to the side or above it.

My Thoughts

During my 20 hours with the game, I was always excited for the next battle with a Mech. The earlier parts of this mission were relatively easy, which misdirected me that this would be another easy mission. The Juggernaut was a pleasant surprise after facing so many opponents that fly around.

armored core 6 gameplay time
Armored Core 6 – Gameplay Time: Image by Gamesual

Here are some guides to assist you on your journey.

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