Armored Core 6: All Stats [Explained]

Confused about which stat does what? Don't look further because I will explain exactly which stat does what to your AC.

Armored Core with title cover of stats
Get to know exactly what each stat means in Armored Core 6

We will divide the stats into three main groups. One being the AC-related stats, the other being the stats related to the parts, such as Legs, Arms, Core, Generator, etc. And the third group is the weapon stats.

Key Takeaways

  • We have divided the Armored Core 6 Stats into AC stats, Weapon Stats, and Part Stats and have explained each in depth.
  • Each stat is dependent on multiple parts and not a single thing. It would be best to change your entire build to max out a single stat.
  • Some Stats are more important than others, while others are specific to certain situations.

AC Stats

AC attacking an enemy target in Armored Core 6
AC stats  ~Image Captured by Gamesual

 Defensive Stats

  • AP – It is your overall health. The amount of damage you can take before your AC gets destroyed.
  • Anti-Kinetic Defense – The amount of resistance your AC has against Kinetic attacks.
  • Anti-Energy Defense – The total resistance value of your AC against Energy attacks.
  • Anti-Explosive Defense – The amount of resistance your AC has against Explosive attacks.
  • Attitude Stability – This is essentially your stagger meter. Its value is the result of all the parts chosen for your build. The higher the value, the more resistance to stagger.
  • Attitude Recovery – This amounts to how quickly our AC will recover, making it difficult to stagger.
  • Target Tracking – Even though it isn’t a defensive stat, this is how much of your shots will land.

Booster Stats

  • Boost Speed – The highest speed you can reach with boost movement. The total weight of AC affects this stat as well.
  • QB – Also known as Quick Boost, it tells you how fast you will move when using Quick Boost.
  • QB EN Consumption – The value of Energy used when you strafe or dodge an attack.
  • QB Reload Time – The time in seconds of how fast you can use your Quick Boost to strafe off dodge attacks.

Energy Stats

  • EN Capacity – The total amount of Energy in your AC. It is similar to a stamina meter.
  • EN Supply Efficiency – The amount of efficiency in recharging your Energy. Energy is used for boosting and dodging.
  • EN Recharge Delay – This is the time it will take to start recharging after you run out of Energy.

Weight Stats

  • Total Weight – It is the accumulated weight of your AC parts. Moreover, this will influence speed.
  • Total Arms Load – The amount of load on both of your arms combined. This includes both weapons.
  • Arms Load Limit – This is the maximum weight both of your arms can carry before it gives an overweight prompt.
  • Total Load – The accumulated weight of the upper body of your AC.
  • Load Limit – The total amount of weight AC’s legs can support. This stat will limit you from installing heavier parts.
  • Total EN Load – This stat is the sum of all EN loads of all your parts. This stat cannot go more than the EN output.
  • EN Output – The limit of how much EN load you can have on your AC. Install better generators to improve this stat.

Parts Stats

AC fighting big ship boss
Your stats tell you how strong your AC is ~Image Captured By Gamesual

Now that we have explained the AC stats, each part of the AC will have separate stats relating to it, which will be discussed below.

Arms Stats

Arms options in Parts shop.
Arms stats ~Image Captured By Gamesual
  • Arms Load Limit – This self-explanatory stat is the maximum weight your arms can carry without going unstable.
  • Recoil Control – The amount of recoil reduced. Higher values of this stat will reduce the ‘accuracy reduction’ due to rapid-fire weapons.
  • Firearm Specialization tells you how well your weapons will track targets while locking on.
  • Melee Specialization – This is the percentage of damage your melee attacks will do. E.g., If your stat is 104, your melee attacks will do 104% damage.

Legs Stats

Legs stats in Armored Core 6 in Part shop
Legs Stats ~Image Captured By Gamesual
  • Jump Distance – This stat tells you how far your AC can jump. It is related to the horizontal distance.
  • Jump Height – It hints at how high your AC can jump. It is related to the vertical distance.

In addition to that, it is essential to note that your legs will affect several other stats, including total load, weight, speed, and overall AP.

Head Stats

Heads in part shop of armored core 6
Head Stats ~Image Captured By Gamesual
  • System Recovery – This is your resistance to anomalies. The higher the stat, the less likely the anomalies will stagger you instantly or damage you.
  • Scan Distance – This is the distance from which you can detect enemies and essential items.
  • Scan Effect Duration – The time your scanned information will be displayed after the initial scan.

Core Stats

buy core parts from parts shop
Core Stats ~Image Captured By Gamesual
  • Booster Efficiency Adj – This stat helps you preserve EN, which boost would consume. The higher the stat, the more held.
  • Generator Output Adj – This tells you the total EN output from the generator.
  • Generator Supply Adj – This will tell you how rapidly the generator resumes supply after it has consumed EN.

Moreover, your core choice will highly affect your overall weight and boost speeds, so make you know what you’re doing.

Booster Stats

buy booster parts from parts shop
Booster Stats ~Image Captured By Gamesual
  • Thrust – This stat determines how rapidly you can move in a straight line.
  • Upward Thrust – This stat will inform you about the vertical speed of the boost movement.
  • Upward EN Consumption – This stat explains the amount of EN it will take while boosting upwards.
  • QB Thrust – How fast your AC will move while Quick Boosting.
  • QB Jet Duration – The duration for which the quick boost jets.
  • QB EN Consumption – This is self-explanatory: the amount of EN used while using Quick Burst.
  • QB Reload Time – The delay after which you can consecutively start the QB.
  • AB Thrust – This is Assault boost thrust, which helps in rushed attacks.
  • AB EN Consumption – Indicates the EN used while performing AB thrusts.
  • Melee Attack Thrusts – This refers to the ‘lunging in’ speed when your AC attacks melee.
  • Melee Attack EN Consumption – Indicates the EN used while performing melee attacks.

Generator Stats

buy generator parts from parts shop
Generator Stats ~Image Captured By Gamesual
  • EN Recharge – The time it’ll wait before recharging your EN bar.
  • Supply Recovery – When your recharge is disturbed, a delay will occur before it starts recharging.

Fire Control System Stats

buy FCS parts from parts shop
FCS Stats ~Image Captured By Gamesual
  • Close-Range Assist – Better aim and lock on when enemies are closer than 130 meters.
  • Medium-Range Assist – Better aim and lock on when enemies are between 130-260 meters.
  • Long-Range Assist – Better aim and lock on when enemies exceed 260 meters.
  • Missile Lock Correction – The time for missiles to lock on the target.
  • Multi-Lock Correction – The time for missiles to lock on multiple targets.

Weapon Stats

Weapon stats in Armored Core 6 shown in Parts shop
Weapon Stats ~Image Captured By Gamesual

General Stats

  • Attack Power – The total damage your weapon will deal to enemies.
  • Impact – This stat tells us how much it will increase the enemy’s stagger meter when hit. This resets after a short period.
  • Accumulative Impact – This stat tells us how much it will increase enemies’ stagger meter when hit. However, this does not reset quickly.
  • Direct Hit Adjustment – This is the amount of extra damage that will be dealt when the enemy is staggered.
  • Recoil – The effect of recoil while shooting.
  • Ideal Range – The perfect distance from which the attack is 100% going to hit the target.
  • Effective Range – This is the distance from which your attacks will do damage. Anything further and your shots will not have any effect.
  • Rapid Fire – This is the number of bullets fired per second. The quicker, the better.
  • Magazine Rounds – The number of bullets you can fire before reloading.
  • Total Rounds – The number of magazines you’ll have in the mission.
  • Reload Time – The time taken to reload the weapon.
  • Ammunition Cost – The more ammo used, the less you will be paid at the end of the mission.

 Charged Weapon Stats

Plasma Rifle stats from Parts shop in AC6
Charged Weapon’s Stats ~Image Captured By Gamesual
  • Attack Power – The additional damage is done when you fully charge the weapon.
  • Impact ACS – This tells us how much additional increase in ACS will be done after firing a charged attack.
  • Blast Radius – The increased blast radius when firing a fully charged weapon.
  • Heat Buildup – The overheating of weapons after firing a fully charged weapon.
  • Time – This is the time it takes to charge an attack.
  • Cooling – This is how quickly your heat buildup is recovered.

Melee Weapon Stats

Melee attack on target in AC6
Melee Attack stats ~Image Captured By Gamesual
  • Consecutive Hits – The number of successive hits you can perform before requiring a cooldown.
  • PA Interference – The ease of breaking an enemy’s shield.

Back Weapons

Back weapons stats in Armored Core 6 from parts shop
Duel Missile Stats ~Image Captured By Gamesual
  • Max Lock Counts – This stat explains the maximum number of targets a missile launcher can lock on.
  • Homing Lock Time – The time it takes to lock onto multiple targets.
  • Blast Radius – The stat tells us the size of the explosion when your attack hits.

Back Shields

  • IG Damage Mitigation – The percentage of damage absorbed by the shield.
  • IG Impact Damping – The percentage of strain absorbed by the shield.
  • IG Duration – The time frame between which the initial guard will exist.
  • Heat Buildup – The amount of heat built when performing a guard. AC will overheat when the tolerance level is exceeded.

My Thoughts

I believe the reason this game is so exciting and unique is due to the fantastic options you have. Most of my 20-plus hours were spent building better and better Mechs. Changing a single part will change all the attributes of your Armored Core.

Personally, since I like bulky mech builds, I don’t mind compromising on the movement and speed of my AC. However, I believe everyone has their unique playstyle, and you could build any Mech you prefer.

armored core 6 gameplay time
Armored Core 6 – Gameplay Time: Image by Gamesual

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