Armored Core 6: Tips [Top 7]

Here are top 7 Armored Core 6: Tips to assist you in understanding fundamentals of early game phase.

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Armored Core 6 Tips

Struggling with winning more fights and surviving in missions? We will provide you with Tips for Armored Core 6 to help you better understand game fundamentals and increase your sustainability. 

Key Takeaways

  • Trying out different AC builds can help you assemble the best Mech.
  • Training missions influence your skills and abilities in fights.
  • Audio queues play a vital role in combats.
  • Proper Consumable usage can give you the upper hand in battles.
  • Learning the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent increases your survival. 

Understanding basic mechanics and hidden tricks in the early game stage can improve your experience greatly. Here are the top 7 best tips while playing Armored Core 6.

Understanding Builds

AC Assembly toggle display
Assembly Stats | Credits: Gamesual

Understanding how every build works, including weapon types and armor, and implementing them in upgrading your Mech is important. A broad range of builds is available, so we recommend trying out different parts. You can “Toggle Display” in Assembly to expand stats for further understanding.

Similarly, your mech parts, such as your head, core, arm, and legs, influence your offensive power, including attributes like scan range, recovery, energy booster efficiency, and weapon specialization. This can set you up for different configurations that work best for you. 

Moreover, there is an expansion slot that you can unlock after investing in OS Tuning, where you can add further armory. These include Pulse armor, Pulse protection, and Assualt Armor. To summarize, keep experimenting with your AC customization to push your limits into building the best Mech for your play style. 

Training Missions

Armored core 6: tips about training missions
Training Missions | Credits: Gamesual

Tutorials are something often ignored when it comes to a gamer mindset. However, it is important to realize how valuable these can be in understanding your basics. A set of training missions is integrated into your main missions list, which introduces you to certain skills and guides. These missions are:

Training LevelMission NameDescriptionRewards
Beginner Training 1Basic ControlsLocking on targets
Reloading weapon
Scanning the area
MG-14 Ludlow (Machine gun)
Beginner Training 2Combat FundamentalsDifferent Attack types
ACS Strain & Stagger
LR-36 Curtis (Rifle)
Intermediate Support 1Assembling ACMovement guide
Double Trigger skill
Basic AC assembly
Alula/21E (Booster)
Intermediate Support 2Reverse-Jointed ACsIntroduction to Reverse-jointed partsVP-66LH (laser handgun)
Intermediate Support 3Tetrapod ACsUnderstand the type "Tetrapod"DF-GR-07 (Grenade Launcher)
Intermediate Support 4Tank ACsUnderstand the type "Tank"BML-G/P01VTC-04 (Missile Launcher)
Advanced Mercenary CertificationLearn Adaptive Assemblies

Apart from learning new techniques and skills, you also get mech parts and weapons for free. This will help you a lot in the early game phase. 

Audio Queues

Operating many things simultaneously makes tracking what is happening in the scene difficult. It is very likely to forget certain basic things since you are constantly using skills, assault boosting, and reloading weapons. This is where audio queues play a major role in improving the gaming experience. 

Sometimes, while in fights, you forget to watch your ammunition or how much Assault boost is left; that is why there are specific audios to help you stay in touch with everything. Similarly, when being attacked, specific markers with sounds will help you quickly identify where you are being shot at and how to avoid it. 

Among the various tips of Armored Core 6, one is the audio for Assault Boost, which is very beneficial. It gives you the time to reload and helps your movement in general and fights. Pay extra attention to these details to improve your fighting and survival. 

Consumable Usage 

Another key factor to survival is your tool kit, such as repair kits, boosters, energy cells, and shields. Before going into a fight with a boss, you must ensure your inventory is fully loaded so the fight is more favorable for you to win.  

Before jumping into the next mission, always have stacked up on consumables. Usually, in certain fights, you also get additional supplies to help you win battles. Make sure to collect these before you enter the fight. 

A neat little trick to refill on these consumables is to self-destruct on the previous checkpoint before entering into a major combat. Once you respawn again, your inventory will be at the maximum storage, giving you the upper edge. 

Adapt To Your Opponents

Armored core 6: tips on boss fights
Battle with Ice Worm boss | Credits: Gamesual

There are multiple types of opponents you must face in every mission. While the easier MT Light mechs are no trouble, the tougher bosses will give you a hard time. Figuring out the attacking pattern and their attributes surely wins you the fight. 

For example, some bosses have extra regeneration; you must approach aggressively to defeat them. Similarly, you can equip certain weaponry to tackle different bosses, like using VE-60SNA to counter the Ice Worm.  

Furthermore, every enemy has a weak spot that you can target. Turrets can be destroyed using melee attacks from behind them. Heavy warships can be tackled by targeting their bridges to finish them off. These are crucial to make every mission easier for you. 

Selling Parts & Weapons

A small tip that many players do not realize is that you can sell back any bought part or weapon item for the original price. This means there is no deduction to your COAM, and you get the full refund.

You can use this to your advantage by exploring different builds since various items are on the list. Explore new and different builds, and push your Mech to the fullest and best according to your play style.

Replay Missions

Replaying missions
Replay Missions for extra COAM | Credits: Gamesual

Once you complete a mission, you can replay it again. You can earn extra COAM and explore hidden things you might have missed the first time. Higher-ranked missions are complex; however, they are more rewarding when earning COAM. You can also find hidden collectibles and combat logs that give you generous rewards. 

Combat Logs only spawn once, so you cannot collect them whenever you replay a mission. Lastly, replaying the mission will improve your skills and refine your mech control. This can be beneficial in future battles.  

This summarises the best tips for Armored Core 6. 

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