Minecraft: How To Craft Auto Enchantment Table

The Auto Enchantment Table is a great feature in Minecraft. Here's a complete guide to craft and use it.

Auto Enchantment Table
Auto Enchantment Table

Minecraft has countless features to offer for its millions of regular players worldwide. The world of Minecraft isn’t just about building and running but also about combat and crafting various items or weapons. Players spend hours on end looking for specific items and crafting a masterpiece. One of the essential features of the game is Enchanting. This guide goes over the auto enchantment table in the game, available in the Open Blocks mod.

Key Takeaways

  • The Auto Enchantment Table is one of the rare enchantments in Minecraft 
  • The table allows you to enchant any tool or book with different enhancements in exchange for Liquid Experience
  • To craft the table, you require five iron ingots, a typical enchantment table, and three red stones for the crafting grid.
  • Minecraft has Auto Anvil and XP Bottler enchantments similar to the Auto Enchantment Table.

Enchantments In The World of Minecraft

Enchantment is any item in Minecraft that enhances an existing item, such as armor or a sword. These are the most sought by all Minecraft enthusiasts. Each requires a unique way to be crafted with a recipe. Moreover, the recipe requires different raw materials. The entire process makes the game even more enjoyable.

Some of the common enchantments in Minecraft are:

  • Aqua Affinity – enables digging underwater at normal speed
  • Mending – allows repairing any armor using experience automatically
  • Sharpness – increases the damage of any sword
  • Efficiency – enhances wood-cutting speed
  • Respiration – increases the max time you can breathe underwater

Another fascinating enchantment is the punch enchantment, which increases the push to the enemy on a crossbow attack. To learn more, you can check out the punch enchantment Minecraft guide.

Let us now focus on the Auto Enchantment table and see how we can use and get it.

The Auto Enchantment Table 

The Auto Enchantment Table is an enchantment and part of the Open Blocks Mod. It allows you to enchant a book or any tool with different features in exchange for a Liquid Experience. The table will enable you to choose the enchanting level.

The best thing about this table is that it allows you to perform various types of enchantments all in one place. Be it efficiency or sharpness; you can apply different ones to your desired tool or book. You may need to understand how to operate it once you have all the relevant materials. 

To operate the auto enchantment table, you require a few books at least. There are two chests, one on its left and the other on the right. Put a few books in the left one. Go to the table and right-click on it. A menu will open up.

Auto Enchantment Operation
Pop-Up Menu of Auto Enchantment Table

On the menu, there are several options. Select the first one from the three tabs on the left and extract a book from the left side of the chest. Then, drink from the back of the chest in the second tab. Then in the third tab, eject the enchanted books on the right side of the chest. Viola! Your work is done. 

How to Get The Auto Enchantment Table in Minecraft? 

To craft the auto enchantment table, you will need the following things:

  • Five iron ingots
  • An enchanting table
  • Three red stones

Once you have these necessary items, place them in a specific order. First, insert the enchanting table in the middle. Then, surround it from above and left-right with the iron ingots like a crown. Lastly, place the three red stones at the bottom.

The materials required for crafting the Auto Enchantment Table are easy to find and craft. It makes the table an even more attractive tool.

Firstly, you need iron ingots. For these, you will first dig up some iron. This can be done almost anywhere in some random terrain. Just start digging in the dirt and go deep. You will eventually strike some iron.

However, this is raw iron, not an ingot. To form an ingot, put iron into a furnace. You need five such ingots. You can also make iron nuggets for collecting materials for other types of crafting. Check out our detailed guide on how to make iron nuggets in Minecraft

Next, an enchantment table can be crafted using three ingredients: One book, two diamonds, and four obsidian ores. Place them in the crafting grid using the below order and Viola! Your table is crafted.

Grid Recipe for Enchantment Table
Enchantment Table crafting grid


Lastly, the red stones. These can be either found by digging a Redstone ore or through some loot. This will probably be the most rigid material to find. You will need three such stones.

Final Words

The Auto Enchantment Table is a rare tool in the game. Its versatility makes it attractive, and the requisite materials aren’t too advanced or rare. Simply, you need to have five iron ingots, an enchantment table, and three red stones; the way to find each is covered in the guide.

So, in this guide, we have covered all the relevant aspects of the Auto Enchantment Table. The materials you need, the features this enchantment provides, and the operation method, are all available in this thorough guide.

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