Top 25 Best Baddie GTA 5 Female Outfits

Here are some of the coolest and badass baddie female outfits for you to play around in GTA Online and GTA 5.

baddie gta 5 female outfits
baddie gta 5 female outfits

Grand Theft Auto allows the players to customize their appearance to create unique and diverse looks. Moreover, if you prefer playing GTA 5 with a female character, you will look for some sizzling baddie outfits. I will discuss step-by-step procedures to get the most badass female costumes in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Female baddie outfits are a way to express yourself creatively and showcase your individuality within the game’s online community.
  • You can purchase and mix and match cool outfits from in-game stores like Binco, Suburban, and Ponsonbys.
  • You can also use accessories and props to enhance the player’s costume, such as adding a hat, sunglasses, or a weapon to create a specific look.

Here are the clothing stores featured in Grand Theft Auto 5 from where you can get the best outfits:

  • Binco
  • Suburban
  • Ponsonby
Some Cool GTA 5 Female Costumes
Some Cool GTA 5 Female Costumes

Here are some of the most fabulous baddie female outfits that you can get in the game:

All Black Outfit

All Black is the first entry in the best baddie outfits. This all-black outfit has a fashionable black jacket with a threatening skeleton pattern on the front. Follow these simple steps to get it in the game: baddie gta 5 outfitsAll Black Outfit.

  • Buy the “Black Turtleneck” from Suburban clothing store’s Sweaters section.
  • From the Interaction Menu, navigate to Styles > Parachutes, and equip the Black combat Chute Bag.
  • Next, visit the “Pants” section in the store. Choose “Suit Pants” > “Black-Fitted Shiny Pants.”
  • While in the store, proceed to the “Accessories” section. Purchase and equip the “Pearl Bead Necklace.”
  • In the “Accessories” menu, go to Gloves and select “White Cotton Gloves.”
  • Then, head to the shoe section. Buy “White Plain Hi Tops” from the “Sneakers” category.
  • Go to “SecuroServ Caps” in the Hats section and pick the SecuroServ Backwards Cap.
  • Go to the nearest mask store. In the “Diamond Casino Heist” category, choose the “Black Skull Neck Gaiter” mask.
  • In the Hats section, scroll to “Biker Helmets” and select “Black Spiked.”

SWAT Outfit

If you want to go complete “Commando,” I think this badass costume will surely be your top pick. With all the boxes checked regarding drip and Style, this cool outfit will surely make you the most badass member of your crew.

swat baddie outfit
SWAT Outfit
  • Start by going to the “Tops” section and choose the “Tucked Service Shirt.”
  • Purchase the “Dark Green Uniform Closed” and wear it.
  • Open the interaction menu, go to the “Style” section, and select “Parachute.” Equip the “Black Combat Chute Bag.”
  • Go to the “Pants” section and pick “Leather Pants.” Choose “Black Leather Zippers” from this category and wear them.
  • Head to the “Accessories” section in the clothing store. Buy the “Black Fingerless Gloves” from the Gloves category.
  • Visit the shoe section and buy the “All Black Backside” shoes from the “Skate Shoes” category.
  • Select the “Black Quad Lens” helmet from the “Combat Helmets” category in the Hats section.
  • After sorting out your clothing, head to the mask store. In the “Ski Masks” category, pick the “Black Tight Ski” mask.

Cool Casual Outfit

This cool casual check shirt with tattered jeans is undoubtedly a badass pick if you go for a simple walk around the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County.

baddie gta 5 oufit casual
Cool Casual Outfit
  • In the clothing store, go to the “Tops” section. In the “Designer T-Shirts” category, choose the “VDG Skeleton T-Shirt.”
  • Now, navigate to the “Work Shirts.” Pick the “Black Bold Open Check” shirt.
  • From the Interaction menu, go to the “Style” section and equip the “Black Combat Chute Bag” from the “Parachute” option.
  • Go to the “Pants” section and choose “Leather Pants.” In this category, select “Black Leather Zippers.”
  • Head to the “Accessories” section of the clothing store and select “Black Driving Gloves” from the “Gloves” category.
  • Proceed to the shoe section, and in the “Sneakers” category, choose “Black Plain Hi Tops.”
  • In the Hats section of the clothing store, pick the “Black Quad Lens” from the “Combat Helmets” category.
  • Lastly, visit the mask store near the beach and select the “Black T-shirt” mask in the “Crime” section.

After getting a cool baddie outfit, the next thing you will look for in Grand Theft Auto V is a badass supercar to stand out. We have compiled a list of the Hottest Supercars and Sports cars in GTA V. Here is a list of some of the best supercars for stunt races in GTA V.

Hot White Outfit

In my opinion, all white is the way with GTA Online’s toxic community. It sets you apart from the tryhards and represents professionalism. This fantastic white outfit with white stockings will make you the center of attention when playing with your crew.

Hot White Outfit baddie female gta 5
Hot White Outfit

Following these simple steps, you will be able to get this fabulous outfit:

  • From the Interaction Menu, access “Style” and equip the “South Korea Chute Bag” in the “Parachute” section.
  • In the clothing store’s “Pants” section, get “White Stockings” from the “Stockings” category.
  • Choose “White Cotton Gloves” from the “Gloves” category for accessories.
  • In the “Boots” section, select “White Knee High” boots.
  • Go to the “Hats” section and pick “Tan Bulletproof” from the “Bulletproof Helmets” category.
  • Head to the mask store near the beach and choose “White Tight Ski” from the “Ski Masks” category.

Sizzling Red Outfit

If you are a lover and like to go with red, then this sizzling hot red attire should be the costume of your choice. It will surely leave everybody struck with awe with just a single glance.

baddie female outfits gta 5
Sizzling Red Outfit
  • Start at the Suburban clothing store. In the “Tops” section, pick the “Red Lovers T-Shirt” from the “Off Shoulder Tops” category.
  • Access the game’s Interaction Menu, go to “Inventory,” then select “Body Armors.” Choose “Standard Armor” from the “Show Armor” category.
  • Next, head to the store’s “Pants” section and select “Red Stockings” in the “Stockings” category.
  • In the Style section of the Interaction Menu, equip the “Austria Chute Bag” in the “Parachute” category.
  • In the “Accessories” section, pick “Black Woolen Gloves” from the “Gloves” category and “Spiked Gauntlet” from the “Cuffs” section.
  • Select “Licorice Knee High” shoes in the “Boots” section.
  • Go to the “Bulletproof Helmets” category in the Hats section and choose the “Black Bulletproof” helmet.
  • Now, head to the mask store near the beach. In the “Crime” category, select the “Red Bigness T-Shirt.”

Cute Yellow Outfit

This cool, casual, cute yellow outfit will turn heads once they see you. This all-yellow attire, with a white top, is undoubtedly a badass fashion statement.

Cute Yellow Outfit gta 5
Cute Yellow Outfit
  • At the SUBURBAN clothing store, go to the Tops section, and in the Bomber Jackets section, select the “Yellow Trickster Bomber Zipped.”
  • Pull up your interaction menu, and set the Jacket to be Open in the Style section.
  • Now, select the “Black Fingerless” Gloves in the Gloves section.
  • After this, head over to the Pants section, and in the Leggings category, select “Mustard Heat Sports Track Pants.”
  • Go to the “Skate Shoes” category in the shoe section and select the “All Black Backside” shoes.

Cool Street Wear

Simple streetwear is the best approach to hide among NPCs. I had fun nailing griefers while hiding in a plain NPC costume. Simple loose trousers, a cool bomber, and fingerless gloves give cool vibes, making it among the best baddie female outfits.

Cool Street Wear gta 5
Cool Street Wear
  • Choose the “Jump In” suit from PONSONBY’s store’s “Heist Street” category.
  • In the “Tops” section, pick the “Crimson Prolaps Sports Track” top from the “Sports Tops” category.
  • For gloves, select the “Black Fingerless” gloves.
  • Access the Interaction Menu, go to the “Style” section, and set the gear to Rebreather in the “Accessories” menu.
  • In the “Helmets” section, choose the “Black and Red Dual Lens” helmet from the “Combat Helmets” category.

Dark Hipster Outfit

There are several key pieces to consider regarding casual dark outfits in GTA V. The first is a pair of dark jeans or pants. These can be paired with a simple t-shirt or sweater for a relaxed, laid-back look. For a slightly more formal option, a button-down shirt in a dark color can also work well.

Dark Hipster Outfit in GTA 5
Dark Hipster Outfit in GTA 5
  • Visit the Binco outlet and go to the “Tank Tops” section. Choose the “Black Loose Tank.”
  • Go to the “Sports Pants” section for lower wear and pick the “Skull Muscle Pants.”
  • In the “Footwear” section, select the “All Black Backside” shoes from the “Skate Shoes” category.
  • To complete the look, go to the “Scarves” section and choose the “Black Desert Scarf.”
  • Grab the “Black Fingerless Gloves” from the “Gloves” section for additional accessories.
  • In the “Cuffs” section, equip the “Spiked Gauntlet” cuffs.
  • Proceed to the “Helmets” section and select the “Zebra Quad Lens” helmet from the “Combat Helmets” category.

Cool Black Outfit

Cool Black Outfit
Cool Black Outfit in GTA 5

To get this cool outfit, follow these simple steps:

  • Inside the PONSONBYS store, access the clothing menu, and under “Hoodies,” select “Skeleton Hoodie.”
  • In the gloves section of the store, choose “White Cotton Gloves.”
  • Navigate to the “Inventory” section within the interaction menu, find the body armor option, and select it. Choose “Standard Armor” from the menu that appears.
  • Go to the “Style” section from the interaction menu’s main section. Activate the “Parachute” option.
  • Go to the “Vespucci Movie Masks” store near Vespucci Beach. In the “Diamond Casino Heist” section, select the “Black Skull Neck Gaiter” mask.

Causal Urban Dark Outfit

To create a stylish Casual Urban Outfit in GTA V, I strongly advise consider mixing and matching different clothing items and accessories to create a unique look. But here is what I created for starters.

Causal Urban Dark Outfit
Causal Urban Dark Outfit in GTA 5
  • Go to the Suburban store and access the upper wear menu. Go to the “Work Shirts” section and select “Black Double Shirt Open.”
  • Moreover, go to the “Designer T-Shirts” menu and select the “Black Print T-Shirt.”
  • Go to the “Skate Shoes” section for footwear and select the All Black Backside from the list.
  • Now, select “Black Woolen Gloves” from the Gloves section of the store.
  • Go to the Binco clothing store, and in the “Bulletproof Helmets” section, select the “Black Bulletproof Helmet.”
  • Finally, equip the rebreather from the Interaction menu.

Dark Heist Outfit With Tattoos

If you are going for a heist or on a mission with your crew, believe me you want to look the best and the hottest among your gang, this outfit is probably made for you.

Dark Heist Outfit with Tatoos
Dark Heist Outfit with Tattoos in GTA 5
  • Visit the “Gloves” section and choose “Black Fingerless Gloves.”
  • In the “Labels” menu, pick “No Hat.”
  • Go to “Designer T-Shirts” for upper wear and select “VDG Skeleton T-Shirt.”
  • Visit your nearest “Ammu-nation” store, and choose “Spiked Gauntlet” from the “Cuffs” section.
  • From the “Heist Gear” menu, select “Rebreather.”
  • Go to “Suburban” store and select the “Black Bulletproof” helmet from the “Bulletproof Helmets” menu.
  • Get matching tattoos at any nearby tattoo parlor.

All Black Ninja Outfit

This all-black ninja outfit will make you feel like a powerful and formidable force to be reckoned with. The black ninja female outfit typically comprises a tight-fitting black jumpsuit, boots, gloves, and a black face mask.

All Black Ninja Outfit
All Black Ninja Outfit in GTA 5
  • Visit the nearest PONSONBYS store in GTA Online.
  • In the Boots section, select “Black Flight Boots.”
  • Go to the Pants section, I went with the “Black Fitted Shiny Pants,” but you can combine any other of your choice.
  • Choose the “Black Turtleneck” from the Sweaters section for upper wear.
  • Apply the “Peach Plate Carrier” from the utility vests menu in the upper wear section.
  • Choose “Black Woolen Gloves” from the gloves in the accessories section.
  • Open the interaction menu and navigate to the “Style” subsection.
  • Under “Accessories,” remove all head accessories.
  • Visit the “Vespucci Movie Masks” store on the beach and select the “Black Tight Ski Mask” from the “Ski Masks” section for headwear.

Female Tryhard Outfit

Female Tryhard Outfit in GTA 5
Female Tryhard Outfit in GTA 5

This outfit can be deceptive, being modestly formal on the upper part and sizzling hot below the belt. It is undoubtedly a great choice for all the rebels out there who are not accustomed to the rules of this world.

  • Choose a female character and visit the nearest Binco store.
  • Access the clothing menu in the store.
  • Select “Royal Check Fitted Vest” in the “Vests” section.
  • Choose “All Black Backside” shoes from the “Skate Shoes” section.
  • In the store’s Fitting Area, select “White Dress Shirt Closed” in the Vest Shirts menu.
  • Save this outfit.
  • In the pause menu, set clothing to player-owned under Online > Jobs > Rockstar Created > Versus > Crooked Cop.
  • Open the Interaction menu and turn on the Parachute option in Style> Accessories.
  • Visit the “Vespucci Movie Masks” store near Vespucci Beach and buy the “Black Mysterious” mask from the Valentine Masks category.
  • Put on your black bulletproof helmet.

Black Skull Outfit

Black Skull Outfit
Black Skull Outfit

Here is a complete step-by-step procedure to get this baddie GTA 5 female outfit:

  • Go to the nearest Suburban clothing store on the map.
  • Choose a Skeleton hoodie from the “Hoodies” category in the upper wear section.
  • Head to the lower wear section and get “Skeleton Leggings” from the “Leggings” category.
  • In the accessories section, select “Black Woolen Gloves” from the “Gloves” category.
  • Buy “White Combat Boots” from the “High Heel Boots” section for footwear.
  • Purchase “Black Outlaw Glasses” from the “Sports Glasses” section.
  • Head to Vespucci Beach and visit the “Vespucci Movie Masks” store.
  • Select “Black Skull” from the “Monsters” category in the masks menu.
  • Equip the Black Bulletproof Mask to complete your outfit.

Red And Black Glitch Outfit

Red and Black Glitched Outfit
Red and Black Glitched Outfit

Just follow this simple procedure to get this amazing outfit:

  • Go to the Suburban and select Black Turtleneck in the upper wear menu.
  • Go to “Utility Vests” and choose the “Peach Plate Carrier.”
  • Visit the Pants section and select “Black & Red Leather Stitch Pants.”
  • In Accessories, choose “Black Woolen Gloves.”
  • In the shoe section, pick “Black & Red Light Ups.”
  • Save this outfit and equip a face mask.
  • Head to Vespucci beach and perform the “Telescope Glitch.”
  • Save the outfit at an “Ammu-nation” store.
  • Start the “A Titan of a Job” mission, save the outfit, and quit.
  • In the Ammu-Nation Tops section, select “Blacked Rolled Jacket.”
  • In Business Shirts, choose “Red Blazer Shirt.”
  • Play “Flecca Job – Kuruma” from the Heist menu.
  • When the game starts, quit the job.
  • Enter a Public session, become a CEO, and change the CEO Style to “Recon Leader” and then back to “None.”
  • Enjoy your glitched outfit with a cool look.
  • Finally, equip a rebreather and a Black Bulletproof Helmet.

Glitched Tryhard Outfit

Glitched Tryhard Outfit
Glitched Tryhard Outfit
  • Visit the Suburban clothing store.
  • In Upper Wear, select “VDG Butterflies T-Shirt” from “Designer T-Shirts.”
  • Choose “Black Sweater” from “Sweaters.”
  • Head to the Pants section and pick “Black Leather Zippers” from “Leather Pants.”
  • In Accessories, choose “Spiked Gauntlet” in “Cuffs” for both hands.
  • Select “Black Fingerless Gloves” from “Gloves.”
  • In the “Shoes” section, pick “All Black Backside” shoes from “Skate Shoes.”
  • Approach the counter and select “Orange Tint Shooters” in “Gun Range Glasses.”
  • Go to your apartment’s wardrobe and equip the “VDG Butterflies T-Shirt” again.
  • Pause the game and join a Crew or Public Crew like IGN Crew.
  • When the game loads, your outfit will glitch with the T-shirt logo on the sweater.
  • Visit the “Vespucci Movie Masks” store and choose the “Black Tight Ski” mask in the “Ski Masks” section.
  • In the “Bulletproof Helmets” section, equip the “Black Bulletproof Helmet.”
  • Go to the Pier to perform the Telescope glitch. As your helmet falls off, re-equip the “Orange Tint Shooters” glasses in the Interaction menu.
  • Your glasses will combine with the mask and helmet for a unique look.

Red And White Casual Glitched Outfit

Red and White Casual Glitched Outfit
Red and White Casual Glitched Outfit

I always prefer keeping things real and cool wherever possible. A Red and White Casual outfit might be the perfect option if you also seek the same vibe. 

  • Start the game at the Checkout Discount Store near the Strip Club.
  • In the Heist Street Outfits section, select the “Jump-in” outfit.
  • Head to the Tops section and choose the “Crimson Prolaps Sports Track Top” from “Sports Tops.”
  • Now, equip the rebreather.
  • In the store’s Combat Helmets section, pick the “Black and Red Quad Lens.”
  • Equip “Black Wool Gloves” from the Gloves section in the “Accessories” menu.
  • Save the outfit in one of the save slots.
  • Equip the “Black Flight Suit” from the “Flight Suits” menu.
  • Go to the Strip Club across the road to perform the outfit glitch.
  • Enter the club and stop halfway through the door, then pull up the Interaction Menu and equip the Red outfit you saved at the clothing store.
  • The glitch will make the flight tube from the Flight Suit appear on your Red outfit, giving your character a cool look.

Military Baddie Glitch Outfit

Military Baddie Glitch Outfit baddie gta 5 female
Military Baddie Glitch Outfit
  • Visit the “Checkout Discount Store.”
  • In the Tops section, choose “LC Penetrators Racerback” from “Sports Tops” with no jacket.
  • Go to “Utility Vests” and select the “Peach Plate Carrier.”
  • In the “Dresses” section, choose the Black Flapper Dress.
  • For gloves, pick “Black Long Gloves” from the Gloves section.
  • Select “Black Ugglies” in the shoe section from “Ugglies.”
  • Go for “Green Fitted Shiny Pants” in the Pants section from “Suit Pants.”
  • Save this outfit.
  • Equip the Quarantine coverall from the “Outfits: Heist Coveralls.”
  • Perform the telescope glitch at the Pier, where your mask comes off.
  • Equip the saved outfit in the Interaction menu, and the mask from the Coverall will appear on your outfit.
  • Go to the nearest “Ammu-nation” store and save your outfit again.
  • Pause the game and join the A Titan of a Job Rockstar Created Job mission in GTA Online.
  • When the mission starts, your vest will automatically come off. Save the outfit and leave the job.
  • Return to the store and equip the outfit from the Paramedic Belt Job.
  • Start the mission. It’s a G thing with the saved outfit.
  • Get into any car, set the “CEO Style” to Founder, and then back to “None” in the Interaction menu.
  • Your outfit will glitch.
  • Go to the closest clothing store and equip the “Forest Bulletproof” helmet and “Light Armor.”
  • In the “Accessories” section, select the Khakhi Desert Scarf.
  • Select Light Armor and Spiked Gauntlets in the Interaction menu for both arms.

Ice Skating Female Glitched Outfit

Ice Skating Female Glitched Outfit baddie gta 5 female
Ice Skating Female Glitched Outfit

This cool baddie outfit can be acquired by following these simple steps:

  • Go to “Checkout Discount Store.”
  • In Tops, choose “MISBHV x KM Orange Hoodie.”
  • Get the “Peach Plate Carrier” from Utility Vests.
  • Save the outfit at the counter.
  • Pick “The Quarantine” from “Outfits: Heist Coveralls.”
  • Perform the telescope glitch at the beach.
  • Save the outfit with the mask at “Ammu-Nation.”
  • Start “A Titan of a Job” and save the altered outfit.
  • Quit the job and re-enter “Ammu-Nation” to save the outfit again.
  • Begin the Juggernaut Job, and the armor will appear.
  • Spam the D-Pad on “Illuminated Clothing” in the Style menu for 30 seconds.
  • Exit the job, and start “It’s a G Thing” with the “Player Saved Outfits” clothing option.
  • Select the saved outfit with armor, then quickly switch back to it. The armor will glitch onto the hoodie.
  • Start the game with the glitched outfit and save it.
  • Perform the “SecuroServ CEO” glitch.
  • Do the telescope glitch and select your saved outfit.
  • Go to the “PONSONBYS” store and choose “White Two-tone Backside” in Skate Shoes.
  • Select “Black Driving Gloves” in the Gloves section.

Winter Cutie Outfit

Winter Cutie Outfit baddie gta 5 female
Winter Cutie Outfit

Everyone loves winter in GTA Online. While you might have to wait for winter festivities to start in December every year, you can still bookmark this outfit to try this year. 

  • Go to the “PONSONBYS” clothing store.
  • Select “Gray Turtleneck” in Tops > Sweaters.
  • Pick “Gray Peacoat” in Overcoats.
  • In the Pants section, choose “Black Above Knee” in Skirts.
  • Head to the shoe section and select “Licorice Knee High.”
  • In the glasses section, choose “Purple Tint Squared” glasses.
  • Equip the “Black Plaid Woolen Scarf” from the Scarves section.
  • In the Gloves section, select “Black Woolen Gloves.”
  • Buy the “Dark Gray Wool Beanie” in the Beanies section.

Mercedes Winter Outfit

Mercedes Winter Outfit in GTA V baddie gta 5 female
Mercedes Winter Outfit in GTA V

This incredible outfit, having a perfect blend of purple and black, is surely something that you must have in your wardrobe. I think it perfectly fits the outlook of the glamour of Los Santos, while you can still hide a firearm to use whenever you want. 

  • Select “Black Turtleneck” in Tops > Sweaters inside the PONSONBY store.
  • Pick “Black Padded Leather Jacket” in Leather Jackets.
  • In the Pants section, choose “Burgundy Above Knee” in Skirts.
  • Choose “Licorice Knee High” in the Boots section for footwear.
  • Get “Purple Tint Squared” glasses from Hipster Glasses in the glasses section.
  • Equip the “Carnelian Pendant” from the Necklaces section in Accessories.
  • Select “Black Leather Gloves” in the Gloves section.
  • Get the “Burgundy Wool Beanie” from the Beanies section in Hats.

Winter Cub Outfit

Winter Cub Outfit in GTA V baddie gta 5 female
Winter Cub Outfit in GTA V

This beautiful Cub outfit is simple yet exquisite. 

  • In the Tops section inside the PONSONBYS store, choose “Tan Hooded Jacket” from Hoodies.
  • Head to the Bottom wear section and select “Indigo Skinny” jeans from Jeans.
  • For matching footwear, pick “Sheepskin Winter Boots” from the Boots section.
  • Inside the Accessories section, get “Purple Tint Squared” glasses from the Glasses menu.
  • Equip “Brown Leather Gloves” from the Gloves section.
  • In the Hats section, go to Beanies and select “Beige Wool Beanie.”

Female School Nerd Outfit

Female School Nerd Outfit baddie gta 5 female
Female School Nerd Outfit

If you are in the mood to dress up like a Korean or Japanese schoolgirl, then I have something in store for you:

  • In Tops in the PONSONBYS store, choose a White Dress Shirt Open from Vest Shirts.
  • Head to the Suit Jackets section and select “Slate Blazer.”
  • For pants, go to Skirts and pick “Black Above Knee.”
  • Select “Black Low Canvas” from Canvas Shoes in the Shoe section.
  • Near the checkout counter, grab “Black Square” glasses from Accessories.
  • Add a “Black Skinny Tie” from Ties.
  • Finish the look with the “Black Wool Beanie” from Beanies.

Female Cruise Captain Outfit

Female Cruise Captain Outfit baddie gta 5 female
Female Cruise Captain Outfit

Are you feeling like a boss lady today and want to look like one? Then I have got this perfect female cruise captain outfit for you:

  • Again, in the PONSONBYS store, in the Tops section, go to Office Shirts and choose the “Ivory Office” shirt.
  • Head to Suit Jackets and select “Slate Blazer.”
  • In the Skirts section, pick the “Ice Above Knee” skirt.
  • Choose “Charcoal Platforms” shoes from the High Heels category in the Shoe section.
  • Get the “Black & Brown Retro Round” glasses from Accessories.
  • Equip the “Khakhi Hatch Straight Tie” from Ties.
  • In the Hats section, select the “Captain Peaked Cap.”

Chucky Female Outfit

Chucky Female Outfit baddie gta 5 female
Chucky Female Outfit

It is one of the best outfits for a baddie female and a great costume idea for Halloween in GTA 5:

  • Go to the “Beachcombover Barber” salon on the map.
  • Get a “Short Tucked Bob” haircut.
  • Opt for “Cutout” eyebrows.
  • Choose “Light Blue” contacts.
  • Head to the nearest “SUBURBAN” store for clothing and accessories.
  • Pick Red R* Class of 98 in Tops from the “Unlocks” category.
  • Equip “Faded Indigo Denim Overalls” from the “Overalls” section.
  • For footwear, select “Scarlet Low Canvas” shoes from the “Canvas Shoes” category in the shoe section.

My Thoughts

These badass costumes will surely amaze everyone once they see your character in GTA Online and make you stand out. But in the end, it is your creativity and mixing and matching with different outfits to create a unique vibe around your character. 

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