Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Adamantine Item & Locations

Lets have a look at the adamantine forge crafting and the top 2 Baldur's Gate 3 Best Adamantine Items.

Baldur's Gate 3 Best Adamantine Item
Baldur's Gate 3 Best Adamantine Item

Among various items looted or received as a reward in Baldur’s Gate 3, Adamantine is always a priority among players. Today we’ve sorted out one of the rarest and most powerful gear in the armor category of the game, so you could choose your desired Adamantine item from our list of Baldurs Gate 3 Best Adamantine Items and dominate your enemies and the powerful dragons of the game.

Key Takeaways

  • You must defeat Grym to enter the Grymforge region of the game, where you’ll be able to craft your desired Adamantine item from a total of 6 items.
  • You’ll be required to possess special molds and mithral ores to craft any adamantine item you want; you may find them while crossing the Grymforge area.
  • Adamantine Shield and Adamantine Splint armor should be your weapons of choice.

Adamantine Forge

Adamantine Forge is an optional side quest during the playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3. You’ll be able to acquire the optional item once you’ve reached the end of Act I in the Grymforge region. But you may have to defeat the Grym before entering Grymforge, which can be tricky, but it’ll be worth it once you acquire Baldurs Gate 3 Best Adamantine Item.

You can craft six adamantine items, but we’ve chosen two of the best Adamantine Item in Baldurs Gate 3 so you don’t have to waste your precious time and gain the best result too.

Adamantine Forge Location

Adamantine Forge Location
Adamantine Forge Location

A complete stats and abilities of all the items you can craft at the Adamantine Forge:

Item Mould OreWeightValueAttributesSpecial Ability
Adamantine ScimitarScimitar mouldMithical Ore1.35 Kg900 Gp1d6+1 Slashing damage / +1 Enchantment Diamondsbane
Adamantine Splint ArmorSplint mouldMithical Ore38 Kg3800 Gp18 ACMagical Plate
Adamantine LongswordLongsword mouldMithical Ore1.35 Kg1100 Gp1d8+1 Slashing damage / +1 Enchantment Lacerate
Adamantine MaceMace mouldMithical Ore1.8 Kg700 Gp1d6+1 Bludgeoning damage /
+1 Enchantment
Adamantine ShieldShield mouldMithical Ore2.7 Kg750 Gp+2 ACShield Bash
Adamantine Scale MailScale Mail mouldMithical Ore19 Kg900 Gp 16 AC Magical Plate

You should prefer the Adamantine Shield or the Splint Armor from these six. Both these were sorted out based on their in-game performance and overall stats.

Adamantine Shield

If you want to dodge incoming critical hits and increase your durability, choose the freshly forged Adamantine shield, which will leave your enemies questioning their powers. This very rare Adamantine item will send your enemy reeling for two turns if they miss their chance on you, and you may also get an advantage on certain attacks because of the Adamantine shield.

The shield comes with a unique Shield Bash ability and will also reduce all the incoming damage by 1; these stats make the Adamantine shield such a strong and special early-game weapon that it may end up with you through the end of the game if you decide to upgrade it. This rare shield is on our number 1 spot of best Baldurs Gate 3 Best Adamantine Item.

Adamantine Splint Armor

A very rare heavy armor with great strength that makes you nearly immune to all the damage coming toward you. The wearer gains huge durability, and all the incoming damage gets reduced by 2. Your attackers also get the reeling effect for three turns if they miss a shot on you due to Splint armor’s effect called Intense Adamantine Backlash.

Your enemies also won’t be able to land their critical hits on you, and if you combine it with the Adamantine shield, you’ll become a force to be reckoned with. Its huge resale price of 3,800 GP makes it a must-have item in your carry just in case you come across something expensive and stronger than the Splint armor later in the game.

But remember, like all great things, it comes with the disadvantage of stealth rolls and may also interfere with your spells sometimes due to its heavy weight of a whopping 38 Kg, which makes it significant enough to be in our 2nd spot.

You must own some special molds and mythical ores to forge any Adamantine item. You can find these on the way to Forge when crossing the game’s Grymforge area.

So if you want to craft any of the six items, we suggest you keep your eyes wide open after defeating the Grym and entering the Grymforge. Search for these molds and mithral ores listed below to craft your Adamantine shield and Splint armor:

Shield Mould

After reaching the specific point on the map, loot the skeleton on the stairs lying next to some debris, and you’ll be able to acquire the shield mould.

Specific Coordinates

(X -597 Y: 309)


Shied Mold Location
Shied Mold Location

Splint Mould

Once you’ve reached the point on the map, look for the Splint Mould over the edges because it will probably be next to a dead body with broken machinery around.

Specific Coordinates

(X: -559 Y: 410)


Splint Mold Location
Splint Mould Location

Mithral Ore

There should be more than one location for Mithral ore in the Grymforge, so you can pick up the one you come across first. Find one of the Mithral ores in the area mentioned below:


Mithral Ore Location
Mithral Ore Location

If you’ve reached this far in the guide, you may as well try the Adamantine Scale Mail too. It packs great stats, and you can select this item if it matches your party composition and your play style:

Adamantine Scale Mail

The Scale mail is your best choice in case you want to keep things on a lighter note. This medium armor packs excellent strength compared to its size. It also gives you a lot of AC, just two points lower than our top pick, which means your enemies will have an adamant time when they decide to attack you.

This armor can also be shared with your other party members and has a good resale price.

To craft this at the forge, you will need the scale mould and a mithral ore; the location is shared below:

Scale Mail Mould Location

This was our take on Baldurs Gate 3 Best Adamantine Item. I hope it proves to be helpful for you guys, and have a great time crushing down the demons and dragons of Baldur’s Gate 3.

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