Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Builds [50+ Hours Progressed Builds]

Here are my top picks for best builds I have progressed in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur's Gate 3 Best Builds.
List of Best Builds in Baldur's Gate 3 (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Every Build comes with various Races, Backgrounds, Skills, Subclasses, Spells, and Abilities. With those Skills, players can tailor their gameplay to their preferences and increase their chances of survival in the game.

While discussing the Best Builds, it is essential to note that players should focus on the synergy between their character’s Race, Spells, and Abilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Builds allow players to create characters according to their playstyles.
  • However, almost 12 Builds in the game have their Skills, Backgrounds, and Races, but it’s up to the players which Build they choose to match their playstyles. 
  • Some Builds deal damage with spells, while others focus on their unique weapons and equipment.

About The Author

Shahzar has invested over 50 hours in Baldur’s Gate 3 and countless hours in RPG titles like Diablo and Elder Scrolls. He is a proper geek who goes through every class and gear in the game. You can always reach out if you face any confusion during your campaign. 

List of Best Builds in Baldur's Gate 3
Best Builds for players to equip (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Here is a brief introduction to the best builds players will encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3.

CLERIC Fairie Fire
Burning Hands
Hold Person
Cure Wounds
Sleight of Hand
Light Domain
Life Domain
Knowledge Domain
Trickery Domain
Tempest Domain
War Domain
Chain Shirt
Leather Boots
Studded Shield
2x Health Potion
2x Scroll of Revivify
Poison Spray (Cantrip)
Protection from Evil and Good (Spells)
Color Spray (Spells)
Darkness (Spells)
Eldritch Knight
Battle Master
Scale Mail
Blooded Greataxe
WIZARD Dancing Lights (Cantrips)
Bone Chill(Cantrips)
Chromatic Orb (Spells)
Charm Person (Spells)
Cloud of Daggers (Spells)
School of EvocationStaff of Crones
Ebonlake Grotto
The Sapphire Spark
Poisoner's Robe
Fast Movement
Additional Rage attack
Danger Sense
Animal Handling
Wild Magic Barbarian
Animal Channeling Wildheart
Barbarian Clothes
2x Handaxe
2x Health Potion
ROGUE Acid Splash (Cantrip)
Blade Ward (Cantrip)
Shield (Spell)
Disguise Self (Spell)
Crown of Madness (Spell)
Arcane Trickster
Thieves Tools
2x Grease Bottle
Leather Armor
Magic Weapon
Blinding Smite
Warden of Vitality
The Oath of Vengeance
Oath of Devotion
The Oath of Ancients
Wooden Shield
2x Javelin
Scale Mial
MONKFist of Unbroken Air
Fist of Four Thunders
Shaping of the Ice
Touch of the Storm
Way of Shadow
Way of the Four Elements
Way of the Open Hand
Monastic Robes
Monastic Boots
2x Health Potion
DRUID Resistance (Cantrip)
Guidance (Cantrip)
Animal Friendship (Spells)
Misty Step (Spells)
Plant Growth (Spells)
Circle of the Land
The Circle of the Moon
Circle of the Spores
Druid Leather Armor
WIZARDAcid Splash (Cantrip)
Blade Ward (Cantrip)
False Life (Spells)
Fog Cloud (Spells)
Witch Bolt (Spells)
Ring of Color Spray
The Sapphire Spark
Simple Boots
Simple Robe
SORCERERTrue Strike (Cantrips)
Ray of Frost (Cantrips)
Charm Person (Spells)
Ice Knife (Spells)
Enhance Leap (Spells)
Draconic Bloodline
Storm Sorcery
Wild Magic
Sorcerer Boots
2x Health potion
Sorcerer Robe
Light Crossbow

Cleric Build

Best spellcasting in Baldurs Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Clerics are the divine spellcasters and have a sacred connection to the higher power. However, due to their relationship with the higher power, Clerics possess a unique set of spells and abilities with which they channel divine Magic for healing purposes.

Clerics can turn their dead teammates alive, a potent tool against the creatures of darkness. If I haven’t said this enough, let me repeat it. The Cleric is the best support class in the game and a must-have for your party.

Cleric Build in Baldur's Gate 3
Clerics are divine spellcasters with exceptional Skills (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Best Cleric Cantrips & Spells

In Baldur’s Gate, 3 Cantrips are those Spells that can be cast without using a Spell Slot. However, Cantrips are level-zero Spells that players can acquire from the start of the game. Spells are divided into different levels, from level 1 to level 7. 


In Baldur's Gate 3, players can equip up to three Cantrips from the following.
Cantrips Description
Sacred FlamePlayers can launch a flame-like radiance towards enemies.
GuidancePlayers get a bonus for every ability checks
Blade WardPlayers will take only half of the damage from Slashing Attacks and Piercing.
LightPlayers can infuse their enemies with an aura of light.


Here is a list of Cleric Spells players can use to gain extra skills and abilities.
CommandPlayers can use this Spell to Command enemies to freeze and drop their weapons.
Cure WoundsPlayers can Heal their teammates by touching them.
Healing WordWith this Spell players can Heal their teammates by looking at them.
BlessPlayers can give +1d4 bonus to Attack Rolls and Saving Throws.

Proficiencies Of Cleric Class

Proficiencies play a significant role in Baldur’s Gate 3, as they provide bonuses on attack rolls and also provide players with skills to cast different Spells.

Best Weapons

Clerics are proficient in the following weapons.

  • Hammers
  • Spears 
  • Simple Weapons
  • Morningstars 

Best Armors

Players must focus on three main Armor for Cleric Build.

  • Shields
  • Light Armor
  • Medium Armor

Best Abilities

For Cleric Build, players have to focus on the following two Abilities.

  • Wisdom (This ability can optimize the effectiveness of their offensive spells).
  • Dexterity (With Dexterity-based Weapons, players can land perfect Attack Rolls on their enemies).

Fighter Build

Best Combat build in Baldurs Gate 3

Fighters are defined by their extraordinary combat skills and have abilities to choose different fighting styles as they progress through the game. It also allows players to Build Tanks and can improve the survival of a Fighter.

Therefore, I recommend this class to players who prefer combat to escape every situation.

Best Fighter Build.
Fighters can have extraordinary combat skills (Image Credits: Gamesual).
Character CreationDescription
Spells & CantripsBurning Hands, Fire Bold, Ray of Frost
Abilities Survival, Athletics, Strength
BackgroundsHistory, Nature
EquipmentsLongsword and Blooded Greataxe
SubclassChampion and Eldritch Knight
SkillsArcana, Acrobatics

Best Spells and Cantrips Of Fighter Build

  • At level zero, players will gain Cantrips like Fire Bolt and Poison Spray that will provide enemies with significant damage.
  • At level 1, players will encounter Spells like Burning Hands that will provide creatures with fire damage.
  • Also, at level 4, players will gain Spells like Darkness that will create a cloud of darkness and can blind enemies for a short period.

Race and Subclass

  • The best Race that players can equip for Fighter Build is Gythanki. This Subclass allows players to gain the advantage in heavy and medium armor.
  • Champion and Eldritch Knight are the best subclasses for Fighter Build, as they give players the strength to overcome enemy resistance.

Best Equipment

While Building a Best Fighter Build, players should choose weapons according to their playstyle.

  • If players want to provide extra damage to their enemies, players should use double-handed weapons like Longsword.
  • However, players will also get 2x of Health Potions that can allow players to heal themselves during battles with powerful enemies.

Barbarian Build

Best Melee in Baldurs Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Barbarian Class is a powerful melee combatant who excels in dealing with heavy damage and soaking up enemy attacks. They are known for their strength and ferocity in battle.

Barbarians are the first line of defense and offense in any party, and having a well-built Barbarian is a must.

Best Race

To create a Best Barbarian Build, players must choose a Race that significantly impacts their gameplay because some Races have racial bonuses that are particularly beneficial for Barbarians. Some of the Best Races for Barbarian Build are,

  • Half-Orc (This Race grants bonuses to Strength and Constitution, which are primary attributes for Barbarian).
  • Githyanki (It provides bonuses to Strength and Intelligence, which can be helpful if players plan to multiclass into a spellcasting class.
Best Barbarian Build.
Players can deal extra damage with melee weapons (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Skills and Proficiencies 

Barbarians are proficient with simple and martial weapons and Light and Medium Armor. The weapon proficiency is what truly makes Barbarian unique to me. Players get proficiency in Strength and Constitution with Skills like Wisdom and Perception.

Moreover, Skill like Athletics is a crucial choice for Barbarians, as they enhance player’s ability to climb high walls and jump higher.

Best Barbarian Feats

Here is a list of some of the Best Feats of Barbarian Builds that can provide players with unique abilities. However, my Barbarian’s primary focus is on melee damage and speed, which they will get through these Feats.

Great Weapon MasterWith this Feat players, will get 10x of additional damage by using heavy melee weapons. Also, players can provide Attack Rolls as a bonus action to provide critical hits.
Savage AttackerThis Feat can increase damage given by weapons.

Barbarian Subclass

Barbarian Subclasses are also known as primal paths, offering players unique abilities and playstyles. However, some of the Best Barbarian Subclasses are.

  • Berserker (This Subclass focuses on pure damage output and increases resistance to certain types of damages).
  • Wild Magic (It releases all Magic that is inside players and causes random magical effects).


When it comes to equipment, Barbarians benefit from using heavy weapons and dealing severe damage, such as

  • Greataxes 
  • Greatswords 
  • Medium Armor

However, Medium Armor is a good choice for Barbarians because it provides players protection and mobility. The Greatswords can be very potent as they can cover a large radius during the fighting and are a doubled-handed weapon that will help players launch their shots with great strength.

Druid Build

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Druid Class offers versatility and a powerful play style that combines spellcasting with the ability to shape-shift into various forms. Players can transform into powerful animals during combat, call down the lightning, or summon powerful allies.

Due to their spellcasting ability, they can turn invisible and heal their allies.

Shapeshifting is one ability that came in clutch for me while I was stuck inside the Goblin Camp, and having this class made all the difference.

SkillsInsight, Medicine, Perception, Survival, Animal Handling
Spells and CantripsResistance, Animal Friendship, Thorn Whip, Guidance.
AbilitesDexterity, Insight, Constitution, Wisdom
Race Wood Elf, Gold Dwarf
EquipmentShield, Githyanki, Medium Armor, Javeline, Daggers
SubclassCircle of the Land, Circle of the Moon
Druid Build.
Best Druid Build in Baldur’s Gate 3 (Image Credits: Gamesual).


Druid is a class well-suited for an effective and efficient build with powerful perks and stats. Therefore, if players want to utilize their full strength, I recommend they choose Wisdom skills

  • Skills like Stealth, Animal Handling, and Survival can provide players with a significant advantage on the battlefield by maximizing their abilities and strength.
  • Other Skills like Insight, Medicine, and perception can allow players to gain Wisdom against their opponents.

Spells and Cantrips

The best Spells for Druid Build are

  • Animal Friendship (Players can convince Animals not to attack them).
  • Thorn Whip (This Spell can pull or push enemies from their location, with which players will get the tactile advantage).

Players can equip some of the Best Cantrips in the game.

  • Resistance (With this Cantrip, players receive a +1d4 bonus to saving throws and make enemies resistant to spell effects).
  • Guidance (Players will gain +1d4 bonus to Ability checks).


Wood Elf and Gold Dawrf are the best race options to create an effective Druid Build.

The Gold Dwarf is from the Race of Dawrfs, and they are known for their mobility and durability. Also, they can enhance Spell effectiveness to increase hit points.

The Wood Elf allows players to create a balanced build by offering a boost in Dexterity and Mobility.


Druid Class comes with three Subclasses

  • Circle of the Moon
  • Circle of the Land 
  • Circle of the Spores

But Circle of the Moon is the best subclass to equip. It represents a deep connection to Wild Nature, enabling them to harness shape-shifting power into various powerful animal forms. 

What Build Is The Best?

I consider Clerics one of the best Builds to progress in the campaign.

I might have a slight bias toward Clerics, but you can not deny their mastery in the campaign. Clerics are great at healing and can also hold their ground during battle. Their connection to a higher power also adds interesting elements to your campaign, enhancing my experience.

Our other build guides can help you fully experience the game.

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