Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Cleric Subclasses [Top 6]

In Baldur's Gate 3 Clerics are powerful divine Spellcasters and they possess several Subclasses that offers unique features and abilities.

Cleric Subclasses
Best Cleric Subclasses(Image Credits: Gamesual).

Here is a comprehensive guide on Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Cleric Subclasses. However, players who have played Dragon and Dungeon would know that Cleric is a very Versatile Class. Moreover, they are formidable Spellcasters and draw their powers from divine sources. Further, all other Classes in Baldur’s Gate 3 have three Subclasses, but it is an exception that Cleric comes with Seven Subclasses.

Key Takeaways

  • All Cleric Subclasses are known as Domains and are dominated by Divine Powers, which provide players with unique abilities and playstyles.
  • There are Seven Subclasses with which players can gain Proficiency in Heavy Armour and Martial Weapons to increase the value of damage to enemies. 
  • Also, players must choose the suitable Cleric Subclass from the beginning of their adventure in the game.
  • However, by choosing the right Subclass, players can customize their Cleric Characters to overcome the challenges in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Divine powers dominate all Cleric Subclasses. Those Subclasses provide opportunities for customizing their characters to get unique abilities and playstyles. In Baldur’s Gate 3, Cleric Subclasses are known as Domains, so it is essential for the players they should choose them from the beginning of their adventure in the game.

Cleric SubclassesFeaturesSpells and Casting AbilityEquipment for Each Subclasses
War SubclassWith this Subclass, players can get Proficiency in Heavy Armor and Martial Weapons. Also, they get the War Priest Passive feature.Players can learn Divine Favor and Shield of Faith Spells. However, players will also get a spellcasting ability called Wisdom.In the War Domain, players can get Equipment like Boots of Genial Striding and Grymskull Helm.
Life SubclassLife Domain is the best Healing Subclass in Baldur's Gate 3. Also, it can grant proficiency in Heavy Armour and provide players with Feature Discipline of Life.Players will get Bless and Cure Wounds Spells.In Life Domain, Players will get Hellride's Pride and Boots of Aid and Comfort as Equipment.
Tempest SubclassWith Tempest Domain, players can provide extra damage to their opponents. Also, players can get Features like Wrath of Storm and Thunderbolt Strike.With this Domain, Players will learn Spells like Burning Hands and Faerie Fire. Also, players will get Wisdom, a spellcasting ability.In Tempest Domain, players will get The Life Bringer as an Equipment.
Light SubclassPlayers will get Low Proficiency in Heavy Armour and Martial Weapons. However, they also get Warding Flare Reaction in the combat.With this Domain Players will learn Spells like Burning Hands and Faerie Fire. Also, players will get Wisdom a spellcasting ability.No Equipment
Nature SubclassWith this Domain, players can Channel a Divinity to charm plants and animals. However, players will also get the Acolyte of Nature ability.Players can learn Druid class Cantrips like Speak with Animals and Animals Friendship.In the Nature Subclass, players will get an Equipment Boots of Striding.
Knowledge SubclassPlayers can get proficiencies in various skills like Martial Weapons, Heavy Armour, and Knowledge of Ages.With this Subclass, Players can Access Spells like Command, Slow, and Speak with Dead. However, players can also get Wisdom as their Spellcasting ability.Players can get Equipment like Adamantine Shield and Featherlight Boots in the Knowledge Domain.

Furthermore, those Subclasses offer different Spells and abilities that cater to different playstyles. For instance, the Life Domain Cleric has abilities that are more focused on healing and protecting teammates. In Contrast, the Light Domain Cleric has abilities to deal damage to enemies. However, choosing the suitable Subclass will ensure your character best suits your playstyle.

Here is a list of the Baldur's Gate 3 Best Cleric Subclasses that provide players with unique Spells and abilities to customize their characters.
Cleric SubclassesDescription
War DomainThis Subclass can provide high Armour Proficiency. However, players can also gain Spells from this Class.
Life DomainThis Subclass offers Spells to protect and restore Mind, Body, and Soul.
Tempest DomainWith this Subclass, players will get Lightning Damage. However, this Class also forms Fog Clouds on the Battlefield to provide a disadvantage to the enemies.
Light DomainWith Light Domain, players will gain the ability Radiance of the Dawn to deal radiant damage to all enemies.
Nature DomainWith this Subclass, players will get temporary resistance of damage from nearby enemies.
Trickery DomainChanneling this Domain, players will get the Blessing of the Trickster. Also, it allows players to cast illusion Magic.
Knowledge DomainThis Subclass provides players with the knowledge of Ages, with which players will get proficiency in various Skills.

War Domain

War Domain is the most aggressive in the game of all the Subclasses. However, by equipping the War Subclass, players will get Proficiencies in their Heavy Armor and Martial Weapons. This will allow players to access more powerful weapons and armor and will give players additional bonuses regarding damage reduction and attack power. War Domain will allow players to deal 1d8 damage to their enemies by Attack rolls.

Cleric Subclasses in Baldur's Gate 3
The most aggressive Subclass in Balsur’s Gate 3(Image Credits: gamesual).

Heavy armor proficiency will reduce the damage from physical attacks, while Martial weapon proficiency will increase the damage dealt by a Martial Weapon. Moreover, with this Subclass, players will also gain Spells that will increase the range of the weapon attacks from 1x to 4x radiant damage. Also, players will be able to increase the shield of their Armour set by 2x points.

However, the Spells and Cantrips that Players will get by War Domain are Sheild of Faith and Divine Favor.

Light Domain SpellsDescription
Shield of FaithThis Spell will provide players with a Shield to protect themselves and their teammates. Also, they will increase their Armour Proficiency by x2 Points.
Divine FavorWith this Spell, weapons will provide additional x1 to x4 radiant damage.

Life Domain

Life Subclass can also help players gain Proficiency in Heavy armor, providing access to weapons and increasing the value of damage to enemies. However, Clerics can choose from an array of offensive spells, such as those that cause necrotic damage and can create zones of magical powers to provide enemies with status effects that will reduce the speed of enemies.

Life Subclass
This Subclass can allow players to gain healing spells(Image Credits: Gamesual).
Life Domain FeaturesDescription
Discipline of LifeWhile casting Healing Spells by Cleric Subclass players will get additional x2 hit points.
Additional Proficiency With Cleric Subclass players will get additional proficiency in their High Armour.

Additionally, this Subclass has access to powerful healing Spells that can restore health and even revive their allies. Also, with the increase in Class level, their Healing Spell will improve continually.

However, this Subclass gives players the advantage of additional Domain Spells according to their level. Some of the Domain Spells players will get are Bless and Cure Wounds

Life SpellsDescription
BlessWith this Spell, players will gain a bonus of 1d4 on Attack Rolls and Saving throws.
Cure WoundsThis Spell can heal and revive teammates by touching them.

Tempest Domain

This Subclass can be compared with the War Domain because of its High Armor Proficiency and can deal 1d8 damage from Attack Rolls. But we believe that Tempest Domain is the best Subclass players can equip.

Because of this, players can deal 2d8 damage to their enemies. However, with this Domain, players will get another edge that they can choose types of damage.

Tempest Subclass.
Players can gain Lightning and Fog cloud Spells(Image Credits: Gamesual).

So, the best type of damage players can choose is Lightning, with which players can drain their opponents’ maximum health. Moreover, players can also gain a Spell to form Fog clouds around the battlefield, which will help them dodge their enemies and attack them from behind. Also, with this Domain, players will get healing spells with which they can easily survive in the world. 

Light Domain

Life Domain
This Subclass can channel divinity to maximize the damage of their radiant spells(Image Credits: Gamesual).

Clerics who choose Light Domain in Baldur’s Gate 3 are masters of Radiant Energy and Fire. However, Light Domain is the highly potent Subclass that plays a significant role in combat. This Subclass has low Proficiency with Heavy Armor and Martial Weapons. With this Domain, players will gain an array of Fire and Light Spells and can use their Channel Divinity to maximize the damage of their radiant spells.

With this, players can channel intense bursts of light to blind enemies and deal extra damage. Light Domain also has a Warding Flare ability, which allows them to impose a disadvantage on enemy Attack Rolls. Also, Warding Flare will provide players with divine light to shield them from opponents.

Light Domain SpellsDescription
Burning HandsWith this Spell, players will able to deal 3x to 18x points of Fire Damage to their enemies.
LightBasically, Light is a Cantrip, a level-zero Spell that provide players with an Aura of light to infuse their enemies.

Nature Domain

Clerics in Nature Domain deeply connect to the Natural world and its forces. However, the primary feature of the Nature Domain is that it allows players to learn spells from the Druid Class but focuses on the Cleric playstyle. Therefore, with this feature, players will have a wide range of nature-themed Spells, such as Barkskin, Entangle, and Call Lightning.

Nature Domain
Players can gain Proficiency in Heavy Armour and Weapons(Image Credits: Gamesual).

Moreover, Subclass players will gain Proficiency with Heavy armor, shields, and certain Martial Weapons. Therefore, with this Proficiency, players can become more versatile, withstand more damage, and engage in melee combat. Furthermore, players will gain the Dampen Elements feature at Six levels of Nature Domain, providing them resistance from acid, cold, and thunder damage.  

However, players can gain Divine Strike features at the eighth level of the Nature Domain. This feature will allow players to infuse their weapons with additional elemental damage. Also, with this, Subclass players can gain some extra Spells with which they can understand the emotions of Animals and Plants. 

Knowledge Domain

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Knowledge Domain will provide players with unique abilities and spells representing their scholarly and inquisitive nature. These abilities are designed to enhance their capabilities, allowing them to excel in various situations. However, the Knowledge Domain focuses on acquiring and utilizing knowledge, making it suitable for players who prefer a more cerebral approach to combat and problem-solving.

Knowledge Subclass
Players can gain Unique spells and abilities(Image Credits: Gamesual).

In addition, the critical feature of this Domain is the Blessing of Knowledge ability. With this ability, players can gain Proficiency in two skills of their choice. Moreover, at level two of this Domain, players will gain another ability, Knowledge of the Ages. Therefore, this ability can provide players with Proficiency in various skills for approximately ten minutes and gain insight and guidance about opponents on the battlefield.

Also, here are some Spells that players can gain by using this Domain.

Knowledge Domain SpellsDescription
SleepWith this Spell, players can make enemies unconscious to make them sleep and can attack them to provide 24x hit points.
Command With this Spell, players can command their enemies to stop or drop their weapons on the ground.

That is all from our side on the Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Cleric Subclasses. However, each Cleric Subclass offers a unique set of abilities and playstyles. Whether you prefer to be healing support or a powerful spellcaster, there is a Subclass that suits your desired playstyle. I hope you guys like this, and if we have missed anything in this guide, feel free to tell us in the comments section. 

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