Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Draconic Bloodline Ancestry [Top 10]

Here is a detailed ranking for Baldur’s Gate 3 best draconic bloodline ancestry.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Draconic Bloodline Ancestry
Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Draconic Bloodline Ancestry

As a Sorcery subclass, Draconic Bloodline is considered one of the best subclasses. The Draconic subclass specializes in fire powers and sustainability. 

Key Takeaways

  • Subclasses from each class can range from 3-9, but sorcerers have three subclasses.
  • Each ancestry gives you a different spell automatically.
  • Among the various recommendations, White is a prime choice, which adds a cold element with the Armour of Agathys spell and grants ten cold damage and temporary hit points.
  • Copper is another highly pursued ancestry with an acid element with Tasha’s Hideous Laughter spell.

Character ancestry selection
Character ancestry selection menu

Moreover, you can also pick further Draconic Ancestry when you pick Draconic Bloodline as your subclass. These ancestries include the following.


Author’s Trust

Shahzar loves playing in the creative freedom of RPG games and has invested countless hours in Diablo and Remnant 2. After spending over 50 hours with the game and trying out different bloodlines, below are what he considers some of the best Draconic Bloodlines. If you have any other queries, you can always contact him with your questions.

White (Cold)

The cold element of the ancestry gives resistance to cold damage while also scaling to the cold damage you do. 

Moreover, we will mainly focus on each ancestry and what it offers regarding spells you automatically learn when you select the origin. For White (cold), you will receive Armour of Agathys.

Armor of Agathys
Armor of Agathys

As the magic acts like a thorn-enchanted armor, it damages anyone who damages them and gets hit points. In our opinion, this is very non-flashy to get the dopamine rush while also providing little use. However, players pick this ancestry due to color, as it gives white scales to your character.

Copper (Acid)

Two acid ancestries can scale and resist Acid damage. This is also limited; however, this is better than White (cold) due to the spell you get with the ancestry, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter.

This spell is somewhat of a stim as it inflicts the victim with fits of laughter, which can be shaken off.

Tasha's hideous Laughter
Tasha’s Hideous Laughter

During my playthrough, I received excellent usability, especially when fighting more vigorous opponents. It has a range of 18 meters and requires the creature being dealt with this spell to have intelligence above 5. Moreover, the ancestry has unsightly colors, thus awful for aesthetics.

Bronze (Lightning)

Bronze ancestry has the lightning element, a sporadic attack to deal with and suffer; thus, it is not very useful. However, we will solely focus on the spells you learn from selecting Fog Cloud.

Fog Cloud
Fog Cloud

Like the previous spell, Fog Cloud blinds its opponents but overwhelms and obscures the spell’s victim.

Brass (Fire)

As the name suggests, the Brass has a fire as its element. It can help in scaling and resisting fire damage.

Fire resistance proved to be very effective during my campaign. It is the only redeeming quality of the ancestry with the spell, similar to the previously discussed magic.


It also has a range of 18 meters and lasts for two turns or if the opponent is shot during his slumber.

Silver (Cold)

The spell that Silver (Cold) has is Featherfalling. As the name suggests, it prevents any fall damage from happening to your character and allies.

This has to be one of the most critical aspects, as resistance to fall damage allowed me to explore many creative plans to deal with the current objective. Plus, it features a very cool color and a reasonable range of 9 meters. 

Feather Fall
Feather Fall

Gold (Fire)

Coupled with excellent color and versatile spells, the Gold (Fire) ancestry lands a respectable position in the ranking system.

Disguise Self
Disguise Self

The spell Disguise Self is handy in many situations as it changes your appearance into a separate race. I mostly used it to get out of challenging battle situations with enemies. I recommend the same for you because, in most cases, traditional attacks will never be enough. 

Green (Poison)

Gree ancestry will enable players to resist poison damage while scaling any poison damage their character does. Furthermore, the spell Ray of Sickness that comes with this ancestry is also potent. 

Baldur’s Gate 3 best draconic bloodline ancestry: Rays of Sickness
Rays of Sickness

The spell has a high range of 18 meters and has a chance of poisoning the enemy, which will give lingering damage to the opponent. 

Black (Acid)

The spell Black (Acid) features a spell known as Grease. While also slowing enemies within its range, the spell greases the ground, which is wildly ranged (18 meters). Moreover, my favorite feature of the spell is that it slows the enemies and makes them prone to falling.

Baldur’s Gate 3 best draconic bloodline ancestry:: Grease

The color of the scales makes this ancestry even more appealing, as many players just run into selecting the origin based on the color that looks good. 

Red (Fire)

The Red (Fire) ancestry is probably the most used ancestry among players in Baldurs Gate 3. It provides standard scalability and resistance to fire damage. However, the most exciting thing about this ancestry is the spell.

Baldur’s Gate 3 best draconic bloodline ancestry:: Burning Hands
Burning Hands

Burning Hands further damages flammable enemies by 3-18 Fire damage. 

Blue (Lightning)

Ultimately, we have Blue (Lightning), which grants access to Witch Bold.

Baldur’s Gate 3 best draconic bloodline ancestry: Witch Bolt
Witch Bolt

Coming as an Evocation spell, it allows players to deal lightning damage to enemies with a Blue Bolt.

Despite the damage being lower to the Burning Hands, this spell has no weakness. It does not require the enemy to fall into specific categories, like the enemies having to be flammable. Furthermore, the damage can also be scaled off the spell if the spell is 2nd level or higher; the damage increases by 1-12 for each slot.

My Thoughts

Most ancestries have their element and spells unlocked when picking the lineage. Moreover, it is to be noted that most people do not mind picking what color they like. Nonetheless, I recommend knowing what you want beforehand, as this choice is seemingly permanent and can not be changed in the late game.

Although your planning would make the most difference, I also found other aspects of your character, such as your Bloodline, to be instrumental in deciding how the rest of the campaign plays out.

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