Baldurs Gate 3: Best Eldritch Invocations [Warlock Guide]

Here is everything you need to know about the best Eldritch Invocations for the Warlock class.

Best Eldritch Invocations Baldurs Gate 3
Best Eldritch Invocations - Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual

Baldurs Gate 3 contains a handful of classes for players to choose from. The classes range from experts in magic, such as Wizards, and stealthy Rogues. Moreover, most of these classes come with their own unique set of abilities. Therefore, this guide will help you understand the Warlock class and what are some of the best Eldritch Invocations in Baldurs Gate 3.

Key Takeaways

  • The Eldritch Invocations are exclusive features only present in the Warlock Class.
  • Warlocks are a particular class of magic users with an outer entity as their power source.
  • Players can unlock these Invocations at level 2 of the Warlock. Moreover, players can unlock newer Invocation at different levels of the Warlock.
  • These Eldritch Invocations can buff your existing abilities or help Warlock use newer spells.
  • Players can equip only 2 Invocations on earlier levels. Therefore, knowing which Eldritch Invocations work with your playstyle and building in Baldurs Gate 3 is best.

Eldritch Invocations is a unique Class feature of Warlocks. This means that only Warlocks can exclusively use the Eldritch Invocations. However, players must wait to upgrade their Warlock to level 2, which finally unlocks Eldritch Invocations. At first, players can only pick 2 Eldritch Invocations and get other slots at later levels.

Eldritch Invocation’s Name Eldritch Invocation’s Description Invocation’s Level
Agonizing Blast Upgrades Eldritch Blast Cantrip to cause more damage 2
Armour of Shadows Use Mage Armour Spell without using Spell Slot 2
Beast Speech Use the Talk to Animals Spell without using Spell Slot 2
Beguiling Influence Increases your Deception and Persuasion skill points 2
Devil’s Sight Players will be able to see in the dark for upto 18m 2
Fiendish Vigor Use False Life Spell without using Spell Slot 2
Mask of Many Faces Use Disguise Self Spell without using Spell Slot 2
Repelling Blast Upgrades Eldritch Blast Cantrip to cause push enemies back 2
Thief of Five Fates Use Bane Spell while using Warlock’s Spell Slot 2
One with Shadows Players can use this Invocation to vanish in obscure areas 2
Mire the Mind Use Slow Spell while using Warlock’s Spell Slot 5
Sign of Ill Omen Use Bestow Curse Spell while using Warlock’s Spell Slot 5
Book of Ancient Secrets Learn three spells using the Book of Shadows 7
Dreadful Word Use Confusion Spell while using Warlock’s Spell Slot 7
Sculptor of Flesh Use Polymorph Spell while using Warlock’s Spell Slot 7
Minions of Chaos Players can use Conjure Elemental Spell while using Warlock’s Spell Slot 9
Otherworldly Leap Use Enhance Leap Spell while using Warlock’s Spell Slot 9
Whispers of the Grave Use Speak with Dead Spell without using Spell Slot 9
Lifedrinker Players can now give out necrotic damage with their melee attacks. 12

What Are Warlocks?

Warlocks are the male equivalent of Witches. However, in Baldurs Gate 3, the Warlocks are given more character descriptions. The Warlocks are a spell-casting class that can use Magic like Sorcerers or Wizards. What makes these Warlocks different is that their magic was granted to them by a higher entity. 

The difference in the source of magic is also why Warlocks have a few spells exclusive to their class. This class is also highly Charisma-based, making them incredibly effective at dialogue. However, players must remember that, unlike other magic user classes, the Warlocks have fewer spell slots.

This may seem like a vast disadvantage next to other classes. However, it should also be noted that the Warlock can restore all their slots after a short rest. As you are allowed two short rests daily, players can quickly replenish their spaces without returning to Camp.

Players must integrate the Eldtich Invocations in the build when playing as a Warlock. These exclusive abilities can be very effective and change your playstyle. However, remember that these class features unlock at level 2, which is very easy to achieve. Once at level 2, players will be asked to select two Eldritch Invocations.

Players can then add newer Invocations or effects to older ones at higher levels. At levels 5, 7, 9, and 12, players are allowed to add one more Eldritch Invocations. Therefore, knowing a little about these unique spells is best before making an important decision.

Agonizing Blast – Level 2

Agonising Blast Baldurs Gate 3
Agonising Blast – Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual

The Agonizing Blast is a direct buff to the Eldritch Blast Cantrip. The Eldritch Blast is a very powerful Cantrip, and adding this buff further upgrades the power of the ability. Therefore, your Charisma points will be added to the damage you deal when players cast Eldritch Blast. This makes it one of the best Eldritch Invocations in Baldurs Gate 3.

Moreover, this class feature will ignore Charisma points if they are negative. This makes it highly effective at lower levels and a must-have if you use the Eldritch Blast Cantrip.

Armour Of Shadows – Level 2

Armour of Shadows Baldurs Gate 3
Armour of Shadows Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual

The Armour of Shadows is another great Eldritch Invocation to have. This Invocation is a direct buff to your Mage Armour Spell. Therefore, if your build uses Mage Armour frequently, it is best to have this Eldritch Invocation. The Invocation will allow players to cast the Mage Armour on themselves without spending the spell slot.

This transforms this powerful Spell into a Cantrip, as you do not require a spell slot. Moreover, as Warlock already has a limited number of Spell Slots, having this additional feature makes it very useful. Therefore, this is an excellent Invocation if you have an armored-focused build at lower levels.

Beast Speech – Level 2

Beast Speech Baldurs Gate 3
Beast Speech – Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual

The Beast Speech is a very unique but valuable Eldritch Invocation. Baldurs Gate 3 allows players to talk to animals and other creatures. This makes it a fantastic experience and will enable players to take the aid of Animals in their quests. Only a few classes can have this ability without using spells, and Warlocks are one of them.

The Best Speech will allow Warlocks to cast the Speak with Animals spell without using the Spell Slot. This, again, makes this incredibly useful, as Warlocks have limited Spell Slots. Most new players would ignore this feature. However, having this single ability will unlock new exciting opportunities. 

Beguiling Influence – Level 2

Beguiling Influence Baldurs Gate 3
Beguiling Influence – Baldurs Gate 3 Image by Gamesual

The Beguiling Influence is an excellent Eldritch Invocation for dialogue options. Although the game features unique combat mechanics, most gameplay explores and talks to other inhabitants. The dialogue and exploration shape how your campaign will play out and can even allow you to avoid combat.

The dialogue can be used to get clues on your quest or get newer allies for your Camp. Therefore, the Beguiling Influence is a direct buff to your talking capabilities. The game describes it as invoking an alluring charm that increases your Deception and Persuasion Skill levels.

You must select this Eldritch Invocation if you want your character to have extra Persuasion and Deception points.

Devil’s Sight – Level 2

Devil's Sight Baldurs Gate 3
Devil’s Sight Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual

The Devil’s Sight is an excellent Eldritch Invocation for players that want to explore. This unique Invocation is available for Warlock at level 2 and is a unique skill. The Devil’s Sight will buff your vision capabilities in the dark, as most characters need special skills or features to see in the dark.

This will allow players to see generally up to 18m in the dark. Moreover, it will not matter if the Darkness is magical or ordinary. You will be able to see usually. However, many spells and Cantrips also allow players to do the same. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend giving up your Invocation slot to this feature.

Fiendish Vigor – Level 2

Fiendish Vigour Baldurs Gate 3
Fiendish Vigour -Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual

The Fiendish Vigor is a direct buff to the Warlock’s healing capabilities. It is unlocked at level 2 and allows players to heal themselves. Therefore, the Invocation will enable players to cast the False Life spell without spending a Spell Slot. 

This will allow Warlocks to gain 7 to 12 hp, depending on their skill level. Moreover, it is essential to remember that doing this Action will still consume your Action Resource for the turn. However, this is a great way to heal without using a Spell Slot.

Mask Of Many Faces – Level 2

Mask of Many Faces Baldurs Gate 3
Mask of Many Faces – Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual

As the name suggests, the Mask of Many Faces is the buff to your Disguise Spell. Disguise Spell is a Level 1 spell that most Warlocks can equip.

This Spell will allow players to change their Race or Gender completely. This can be useful if you are trying to infiltrate enemy territory without trouble, and the effects lasSpelll the next Rest.

However, using the Spell without this Eldritch Invocation will consume a Spell Slot. Therefore, if you frequently use the Disguise Self spell, having this Eldritch Invocation with it will prove very effective. This Invocation also unlocks Level 2 of your character.

Repelling Blast – Level 2

The Repelling Blast is another upgrade to the Eldritch Blast Cantrip. This Eldritch Invocation can be unlocked at level 2 and provides a direct buff to your blasting capabilities. The Eldritch Blast is already a powerful, damaging spell, and this Invocation grants it an extra feature.

The Repelling Blast will allow players to use Eldritch Blast to push back enemies. Therefore, not only will you give out severe damage, but you can also push enemies 4.5m away from you. This can prove incredibly effective in combat and give you and your allies the upper hand. 

Thief Of Five Fates – Level 2

Thief of Five Fates Baldurs Gate 3
Thief of Five Fates – Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual

The Thief of Five Fates is another early Eldritch Invocation. This class feature can prove incredibly effective in certain situations. However, the direct advantage of this feature is during combat. The Thief of Five Fates will allow players to cast the Bane Spell using the Warlock Spell slot.

The Spell can only be cast once before a Long Rest, after which you must return to Camp. This Spell will give out a penalty to the enemy’s Attack or Saving dice rolls. Moreover, the Spell can affect up to 3 targets and greatly benefit you and your allies. The effect of this will last for ten turns.

One With Shadows – Level 2

One With Shadows Baldurs Gate 3
One With Shadows -Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual

The One with Shadows is a stealth-based Eldritch Invocation. This Action is unlocked at Level 2 of a Warlock and can allow the player to vanish. This unique ability will enable Warlocks to disappear into somewhat dark areas. Therefore, a player must be in an obscure place to be effective.

Once you vanish, it will be difficult for your allies or enemies to detect you. Players can then use this opportunity to help their allies or launch a surprise attack on the enemies. This can also be used to avoid combat and solve problems creatively.

Mire The Mind – Level 5

This Eldritch Invocation can be unlocked once your Warlock reaches Level 5. Mire the Mind Invocation allows players to cast the Slow Spell using one of the Warlock Spell Slots. This is a level 3 spell that can slow down up to 3 Targets at a time. Moreover, it will make the time around those three targets different.

Therefore, the targets will have a hard time moving or attacking. This will give a significant advantage to your allies during combat and provide you with opportunities to land more damage. Moreover, this Invocation can cast the Spell to up to 18m.

Sign Of Ill Omen – Level 5

The Sign of Ill Omen is another Level 5 Warlock Eldritch Invocation. This Invocation will allow level 5 Warlocks to cast the Bestow Curse using one of their spell slots. The Bestow Curse is a very innovative and diverse spell that can significantly change the course of battle. 

You can touch any target to Bestow Curse on them. This will put the targets at a significant disadvantage, meaning they would miss their attacks and be easier to hit. However, this Spell will prohibit the enemy from performing any action in certain conditions. Moreover, the effects of this Spell will last for ten turns.

Book Of Ancient Secrets – Level 7

The Book of Ancient Secrets is an Eldritch Invocation unlocked at Level 7 of your Warlock. The Invocation will allow your Warlock to learn more spells that can prove very effective to your build. Therefore, you can inscribe new magical techniques in your Book of Shadows.

You will gain three new spells: Silence, Ray of Sickness, and the Chromatic Orb. Although what makes this special is your ability not to use any Spell Slots when casting either of these spells. However, you can only release these spells once after every Long Rest.

Dreadful Word – Level 7

The Dreadful Word is another Eldritch Invocation that unlocks at Level 7. This Eldritch Invocation will let players cast the Confusion Spell using one of the Warlock’s Spell Slots. The Confusion is a potent spell that can help players unlock new possibilities in combat.

As the name suggests, the Spell will cause enemies to wander around the combat zone in Confusion. This could often lead to missed turns and attacking the wrong targets. Moreover, the Spell can put multiple enemies under the Confusion effects.

Sculptor Of Flesh – Level 7

The Sculptor of Flesh is another unique and powerful Eldritch Invocation that players unlock at Level 7. This Invocation allows players to cast the Polymorph spell using the Warlock’s Spell Slot. Therefore, this Eldritch Invocation will enable players to learn another powerful attack.

The Polymorprh is a potent spell that can transform any target into a harmless Sheep. The effects of this will last for five turns and will make a target utterly useless in combat. Even though this Spell is not available to Warlock, having this Invocation will allow you to use it.

Minions Of Chaos – Level 9

The Minions of Chaos is another level 9 Eldritch Invocation allowing players to cast a new spell. This level 9 Invocation will let players cast the Conjure Elemental using one of Warlock’s Spell Slots. The Spell is not commonly available to the Warlock Class, but players can use it with the help of this Invocation.

The Conjure Elemental is a Conjuration spell allowing Warlocks to summon an elemental creature. Therefore, players can have an extra ally on the battlefield that can injure enemies and help partners. Moreover, the ally can be spawned anywhere within the 18m range.

Otherworldly Leap – Level 9

The Otherworldly Leap is a Level 9 Eldritch Invocation a Warlock can learn. This Invocation will let your Warlock finally cast the Enhance Leap Spell. Even though this Spell is a Level 1 spell and most other magic users will have it by now, this is the only way a Warlock can use this.

The Enhance Leap spell will allow your allies to jump three times their usual distance. This makes it an excellent spell for exploration or getting the higher ground during combat. However, this is not among the best Eldritch Invocations in Baldurs Gate 3, as players can utilize other magic users for this Spell.

Whispers Of The Grave – Level 9

The Whispers of the Grave is a compelling and valuable Eldritch Invocation players unlock at level 9. This Eldritch Invocation will prove incredibly effective for a late-game Warlock. The Invocation will allow players to use the Speak with Dead spell without using a spell slot.

Like most spells, this is a classic Dungeons and Dragons spell and will let the caster talk to the dead. However, the requirement is that the dead need to have a mouth and can answer up to five questions. Moreover, the dead must be dead and can not be zombies or walking skeletons. 

Lifedrinker – Level 12.

The Lifedrinker is a Level 12 Eldritch Invocation, meaning players will unlock this at the end. Therefore, the Lifedrinker is an excellent upgrade to your melee attacks. Warlocks need to be experts in both long and short-range combat. As a result, having this Invocation will significantly affect your build.

Your melee attacks will land extra necrotic damage. This means that you will have a negative status effect on whoever you hit. Moreover, the Necrotic damage will equal the Charisma points your character has. This makes it very useful, especially for Warlocks with suitable Charisma modifiers.

These are all the Eldritch Invocations in Baldurs Gate 3 that best work with your playstyle. Some of these invocations provide buffs to your other skills and abilities. At the same time, some of these Invocations are designed to help Warlock learn new skills and spells. Moreover, some of these Invocations also allow Warlock to use the Spells without needing a Slot.

Players will unlock these Eldritch Invocations at different levels of your Warlock. Therefore, when the player reaches Level 2, they can equip up to two Eldritch Invocations. Moreover, the player can unlock more Eldritch Invocations at levels 5, 7, 9, and 12.

There are many Eldritch Invocations a player can unlock. Therefore, I would also recommend trying them out to find which Eldritch Invocations work best with your build in Baldurs Gate 3.

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