Baldurs Gate 3: Best Feats [Expert Picks]

Here are some of my picks for the best feats ranked for your playthrough of Baldur's Gate 3.

Best Feats
Guide about Best Feats of BG3 (Image Credits: Gamesual).

One of the most prominent features of Baldur’s Gate 3 is that players can create one or more characters in the game. However, players can use Feats to improve the stability of their characters.

Key Takeaways

Here are our picks for some of the best Feats

  1. Dual Wielder:
    • Enables the use of two light weapons, enhancing combat versatility.
    • It grants a bonus point to Armor Class when wielding dual light weapons.
    • It improves survivability in combat by providing a defensive advantage.
  2. Athlete:
    • Facilitates standing up from a prone position with reduced movement.
    • Enhances jumping distance by 50%, aiding mobility in various situations.
  3. Ability Improvements:
    • Available to all classes, allowing players to tailor their characters to specific strengths.
    • Offers opportunities for spellcasters to enhance the power of their spells.
  4. Tough:
    • Significantly improves character durability and survival rate.
    • Valuable for long campaigns where resilience is crucial.
  5. Sharpshooter:
    • Allows for long-range shots without disadvantage.
    • It provides the ability to accrue shots indefinitely, increasing ranged attack accuracy.

Author’s Trust

I have spent several hours playing through the campaign of Baldur’s Gate. From my experience, these are my picks for your build’s best Feats.

– Muhammad Burhan

Feats in Baldur's Gate 3Effects
Dual WielderBy equipping Dual Wielder, players can use Two Weapons for fighting. However, players will get one bonus point to their Armor Class by providing two light weapons like Melee Weapons.
AthletePlayers will increase their Strength and Dexterity by a minimum of x1 points and a maximum of x20 points. Also, when players are prone, standing up will require less movement and strength. But the jumping distance will be increased by 50 percent.
Ability ImprovementsThis Feat can increase the level of one Ability by x2 points but cannot increase them up to 20 points. This Feat will be available to all Classes by reaching experience level 4.
ChargerThis Feat can provide players with Charger Weapon Attack and Charger Shove.
ToughPlayers can use this Feat to increase their Hit points to x2 points for every level in the game. Also, it will be available by reaching experience level 4.
Crossbow ExpertBy this Feat, players can ignore reloading on weapons while fighting. Also, it provides a Piercing Shot, which allows enemies to deal with Gaping Wounds.
SentinelWhen players hit enemies with an Opportunity Attack, their speed will drop to zero, and they will be stuck in the same position where they got hit.
Great Weapon MasterPlayers will get bonus points whenever they kill or hit some enemy. Also, it will increase damage toward enemies from 5 to 10 points.
Defensive DuelistWith this Feat, players can miss the enemy's attack by providing a bonus to Armor Class.
Lightly ArmouredLightly Armoured can provide players one boost point to Strength and Dexterity. Players can use this Feat to equip Light Weight Armor like Padded Armor and Studded Armor.
Heavy ArmouredPlayers require Proficiency to equip Heavy Armor. Also, this Feat can reduce incoming damage by x3 points. This Feat will be available for every Class by reaching Experience Level 4.
Dungeon DelverDungeon Delver can help players to detect hidden secrets and traps. Also, players gain Resistance when they deal damage by traps.
Martial AdeptThrough this Feat, players can learn two maneuvers from Battle Master and also get a superiority dice. However, Melee Weapons will provide specialized attacks and movements.
Medium Armor MasterDexterity and Armor Class bonus points will increase from x2 to x3 points.
Magic Initiate ClerikMagic Initiate Clerik will provide healing abilities to non-healer characters. Also, players will learn two Cantrips from the Clerik list.
Magic Initiate WarlockPlayers will learn x1 Spell and x2 Cantrips from the Warlock checklist. Players can get this Feat for every Class by reaching Experience Level 4.
MobileDue to this, Feat players will get a Speed boost. Also, the enemy cannot deliver an Opportunity attack when players use a melee weapon.
ResilientPlayers will gain Proficiency and increase their Ability by x1 point. However, it will be available by reaching experience level 4.
Shield MasterBy using Sheild Master's Feat, players will gain x2 bonus points and will get Dexterity saving throws. Also, players can use this Feat to protect themselves from in-game Spells.
Shell SniperThis Feat will provide players with spellcasting abilities and allow players to learn a Cantrip. This will be available by reaching experience level 4.
SharpshooterWith this, Feat players can attack enemies at very long range and will deal an extra x10 points of damage.
Save AttackerThis Feat allows the user to equip special weapons with increased attack power compared to regular weapons, allowing them to inflict more damage with every attack.
SkilledThis Feat allows Players to gain Proficiency in any combination of three skills. To equip this Feat, players need to reach experience level 4.
Ritual CasterThis Feat can allow players to learn Two Ritual Spells of their choice.
War CasterWar Caster can allow players to cast Shocking Grasp at an enemy moving out of a Melee weapon range. Also, players can cast a spell to gain an advantage on Saving Throws.

Best Feats Comparison

Dual Wielder

Best feat for each class in Baldur's Gate 3.

Why did I Choose Dual Wielder?

By reaching experience level 4, players can equip Dual Wielder, allowing players to wield two weapons simultaneously.

Players cannot wield Heavy Weapons, so they must equip two light weapons. Players will get an x1 bonus point in their Armor Class by providing light weapons like Melee Weapons.

Feats in BG3
Players can equip two Weapons by this Feat (Image Credits).

Furthermore, the advantage of this bonus point will increase player survivability in combat. 

  • Versatile Combat
  • Armor Bonus

  • Restricted Weapons
  • Quest Dependency


Best beginner feat in Baldur's Gate 3

Why did I Choose Athlete?

Initially, Athlete don’t seem very useful and often overlooked, so I consider it essential to list it here. This Feat will increase the player’s Strength and Dexterity by a minimum of x1 points and a maximum of 20 points. The Athlete’s notable Feature Class is Standing up.

When players are prone in the game, standing up will require less movement and strength. Believe me, having free movement in being prone can help players escape certain situations.

Best Feat in BG3
Athletes can enhance a player’s Dexterity and Strength(Image Credits: Gamesual).

Also, the jumping distance of players will be increased by 50 percent.

  • Quick Standing
  • Improved Jumping

  • Minimal Impact
  • Overlooked

Ability Improvements

Best Spellcasters feat.

Why did I Choose Ability Improvement?

It will add two Ability points; I cannot emphasize enough how big of a difference this can make. Players can better use their Feats by giving their character extra ability points. That is why Ability Improvements Feat focuses on the character’s progress throughout the game. 

Feat in BG3
It can improve a player’s abilities(Image Credits: Gamesual).

Moreover, spellcasters can use this Feat to increase the power of their spell. It also bonuses their attack rolls, further increasing their spell’s effectiveness. 

  • Customization
  • Spellcaster Boost

  • Class Limitation
  • Level Requirement


Best feat for Hit Points.

Why did I Choose Tough?

Tough is among my top picks for essential and best feats in Baldurs Gate 3, giving players the equivalent of x2 Hit Points for each level their character completes.

At level 10, there might be a possibility that your Hit Points have been increased to x20 points. Also, this Feat can increase the survival rate of players. 

Feats in BG3
Feat to increase Hit-Point in the game(Image Credits: Gamesual).

Equipping Feats like this can help make characters more durable, giving them more hit points and a better chance of surviving challenging encounters. Trust me, you would want a few extra hit points as the campaign progresses.

  • Durability Boost
  • Fewer Camp Visits

  • Limited Utility
  • No Combat Bonus

Crossbow Expert

Best Ranged Builds feat in Baldur's Gate 3.

Why did I Choose Crossbow Expert?

You can also equip Crossbow Expert to bear zero disadvantage on attack rolls against close enemies. With this Feat, you can use their ranged weapons at a close range without any difficulty.

It also reduces the time for reloading weapons, allowing them to move faster to get an edge over their opponents. During my playthrough, this became quite useful for my long-range Rogue build.

Crossbow Feat in BG3
This Feat can reduce the reloading time for weapons(Image Credits: Gamesual).

Also, with Crossbow Expert, players can increase the duration of Piercing shots and provide enemies with Gaping Wounds. So if players want an edge in the game, this Feat will give a massive buff to their character.

  • Close Range Advantage
  • Reduced Reload

  • Limited Weapons
  • Class Dependency


Best feat for Long-Range builds.

Why did I Choose Sharpshooter?

Another remarkable feat to pick is Sharpshooter, which players can equip to experience level 4 for all classes. Players often face difficulties taking long-range shots, but by equipping this Feat, they can accurately shoot as long as they want. This helped me land attacks on enemies even if they had higher ground.

Feast in BG3
It can enhance players’ long-range shots(Image Credits: Gamesual).

Players can use this Feat to deal an extra x10 damage to their enemies, but taking these ranged weapon attacks will cost them -5 penalty points. 

  • Long-Range Precision
  • Bonus Damage

  • Accuracy Penalty
  • Ranged Only

Great Weapon Master

Best Barbarian Feat in Baldur's Gate 3.

Weapon Masters Feat
Players can perform follow-up attacks with Melee Weapons(Image Credits: Gamesual).

Why did I Choose Great Weapon Master?

Great Weapon Master is the best yet, with the reason behind it: allowing players to use bonus points to deal two attacks with melee weapons in one turn, regardless of whether or not their initial attack was successful. It will increase the player’s survival chances by eliminating enemies quickly.

In addition, this Feat enables players to deal extra damage of x10 points by using Heavy Weapons against opponents. If you are building a melee combat-focused build, I recommend adding this Feat.

  • Dual Attacks
  • Bonus Damage

  • Risky Strikes
  • Melee Only

Lightly Armoured

Best Sorcerer feat.

Feats in BG3
Players can increase their bonus points(Image Credits: Gamesual).

Why did I Choose Lightly Armoured?

Players will get an increase of bonus points from a minimum of x1 points to a maximum of x20 points for their Dexterity, Light Armor Proficiency, and character Strength by equipping this Feat.

Important Note: I suggest you add this Feat to your Sorcerer or Wizard Class if you are tired of them dying from a few hits.

  • Dex Bonus
  • Sorcerer/Wizard Defense

  • Limited Utility
  • Class Specific


Best Rogue feat in Baldur's Gate 3.

Mobile Feat in Baldurs Gate 3.
It can boost a player’s speed twice(Image Credits: Gamesual).

Why did I Choose Mobile?

It can help players boost their speed to move around quickly without any difficulty. In my opinion, what makes this Feat a must-have is the Ability to dodge Opportunity Attacks from enemies.

This makes it especially useful for characters engaging in battle, who must move around the battlefield and quickly dodge attacks. But players do not need to provoke Opportunity Attacks from the target if they move after making a melee attack. 

  • Increased Speed
  • Dodge Attacks

  • Limited Impact
  • Melee Focused Advantage

Martial Adept

Best Monk Feat

Martial Adept Feat in BG3.
It can provide players with Battle Master Maneuvers(Image Credits: Gamesual).

Why did I Choose Martial Adept?

In Baldurs Gate 3, there are approximately 20 Battle Master’s Maneuvers that players can use. Using Martial Adept, players can access x2 Battle Master Maneuvers and one Superiority Dice. It can provide players with Melee Classes like Rogue, Monk, and Paladin for unique attacks and movements. 

  • Maneuver Variety
  • Superiority Dice

  • Limited Uses
  • Class Specific

Heavy Armored

Best feat for Barbarian Builds

Why did I Choose Heavy Armored?

Heavy Armored is a crucial Feat in the game because it can help players gain Proficiency and increment their Strength points from a minimum of x1 points to a maximum of x20 points. Requirements to equip this Feat: players should have Medium Armor Proficiency and must reach the experience level 4 for all Classes.

If that wasn’t enough, I should inform you that this Feat also grants +1 to your Strength Skill.

Heavy Armor Feat.
Players can gain Proficiency through this Feat(Image Credits: Gamesual).

Although this Feat has one drawback, players cannot equip it on their Armor Class if they have a negative Dexterity.

  • Strength Boost
  • Armor Proficiency

  • Dexterity Restriction
  • Level Requirement

What Would I Recommend?

I would consider Tough the best Feat overall in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Feats played an essential role during my campaign and one of the things I spent quite a bit of time deciding. They can also improve players’ combat skills and give them an edge over opponents. I recommend paying attention to these feats and upgrading them according to your Build needs. However, if I were to pick the best, I would consider Tough your first pick.

I mean, you get to pick other Feats as the campaign progresses. But having a few extra Hit Points early in the campaign would help you progress more smoothly.

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