Baldur’s Gate 3: 5 Best Githyanki Classes

Your thorough guide to finding best synergies for Baldur's Gate 3 Best Githyanki Classes to get an optimal experience!

Baldur's Gate 3 Best Githyanki Classes
Baldur's Gate 3 Best Githyanki Classes

The unique Race Githyanki in Baldur’s Gate 3 adds an intriguing layer to the game’s wide variety of possible races. I believe character development is made more complex and nuanced by choosing 11 distinct races, each with its own traits, before players begin their quest. Githyanki are distinguished by their connection to the Astral Plane, which is known for its warriors’ unparalleled skill.

Key Points

  • Githyanki Classes rely on personal playstyle and intended game role. Players can technically and conceptually design characters who excel in this universe by considering the synergy between Githyanki’s racial traits and class qualities.
  • Githyanki’s intrinsic abilities and racial characteristics fit the Paladin class well. They are skilled in close-quarters combat, upholding the law with their physical prowess and divine skills.
  • The Githyanki are more successful as attackers and defenders thanks to their +2 Strength bonus, proficiency with greatswords, and mastery of medium armor
  • Githyanki is well-suited for the Fighter class due to their racial advantages in Strength and competence with medium and heavy armor. 

Author’s Trust

After weeks into the campaign, I can present top choices for the best Githyanki classes. You can always reach out if you have questions about Baldurs Gate 3.

– Shahzar Khalique

My Picks For Best Githyanki Classes

ClassMain AdvantagesSecondary AdvantagesSubclass
WizardConstituion, IntelligenceDexterity, WisdomEvocation School, Abjuration Wizard
PaladinCharisma, StrenghtDexterity, ConstitutionAstral Plane Fighter, Oath of Devotion
FighterIntelligence, StrengthDexterity, ConstitutionEldritch Knight, Battlemaster, Samurai
RogueIntelligence, DexterityWisdom, ConstitutionArcane Trickster
BarbarianConsitution, StrengthWisdom, DexterityBerserker, Totem Warrior, Outlander

Githyanki Classes Comparison Table. 


<strong>Best Spellcaster Class</strong>

Gale the Wizard
Gale the Wizard Credits: Gamesual

Why did I Choose Wizard?

Wizard characters can benefit from the Psionics racial characteristic, which expands the usefulness and adaptability of spellcasting.

Githyanki can become a well-rounded spellcaster that can be used for both offense and defense because of her enhanced Intelligence and skill with light and medium Armor.

  • Thanks to their free medium armor and greatsword expertise, they perform admirably as tanky magic casters, fusing melee prowess with spellcasting versatility.
  • Githyanki’s +2 Strength, mastery of both greatswords and armor, and ability to improve your melee qualities while wearing medium armor make them dangerous front-runners.
Spells being casted
Spells being cast Credits: Gamesual
  • Githyanki Wizards can succeed in offensive and defense by emphasizing Intelligence and Constitution as core talents and Dexterity and Wisdom as secondary.
  • With origins as Sages increasing their intellectual Inclination, Strength, and Charisma can be overlooked.
  • In my opinion, the racial abilities of the Githyanki mesh incredibly well with the Wizard class. They are highly effective spellcasters thanks to their innate Intelligence. While Mage Hand offers inventive value in various situations, spells like “Misty Step” benefit tactical positioning. S
  • electing the Evocation School as a subclass grants control and potent damage-dealing skills.

By bridging the gap between combat and spellcasting, this build creates a robust and adaptable character that can tank and cast potent spells on the battlefield.

  • Well-rounded class.
  • Effective Spellcasting.

  • Specific Equipment Dependency. 
  • Highly Dependent on Subclass Choice.


<strong>Best Close-Range Combat Class.</strong>

Minthara the Paladin
Minthara the Paladin Credits: Gamesual

Why did I Choose Paladin?

The divine powers of paladins are used to slay adversaries and defend allies as they promote the principles of honor and justice.

I was quite surprised by the tools and abilities available to Paladins. In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Astral Plane Fighter species Githyanki pairs very well with the Paladin class.

  • They thrive in close combat, excellently complementing the paladin’s combat abilities thanks to their +2 Strength boost, command of greatswords, and ability to wear medium armor.
  • The Githyanki’s +1 Intelligence bonus gives them character depth, expanding the possibilities for roleplaying and improving their understanding of the complexities of divine power.
  • This complements the paladin’s Charisma-based spellcasting. For the best melee and the most effective spellcasting, emphasize Strength and Charisma.
  • By selecting the Oath of Devotion subclass, the Githyanki Paladin strengthens their position as a tenacious upholder of morality. Skills like “Sacred Weapon” and “Aura of Devotion” improve combat skills and give the party crucial support.
Oath of Devotion Paladin Subclass
Oath of Devotion Paladin Subclass Credits: Gamesual
  • Their intrinsic skills mesh perfectly with the paladin class, creating a powerful character who excels at divine magic and combat. 

  • Intelligence Bonus.
  • Emphasis on Attributes.
  • Greatsword Proficiency.

  • Dependency on Melee Combat.
  • Demands Practice. 


<strong>Best Combat Proficient Class</strong>

Lae'zel the Fighter Githyanki
Lae’zel the Fighter Githyanki Credits: Gamesual

Githyanki are also ideal candidates for the Fighter class due to their racial advantages to Strength and Proficiency with Medium and Heavy Armor.

Fighters are skilled in close-quarters fighting and have a variety of styles to choose from, including Battlemaster for tactical maneuvers, Eldritch Knight for spellcasting, and Samurai for martial finesse.

The Eldritch Knight Fighter subtype concentrates on fusing magic with weapons.  They are adept with straightforward and complex martial tools, shields, and light, medium, and heavy armor.

  • Since the Warped Band of Intellect can raise Intelligence to 18, it can be disregarded. Gith half-plate is valuable since heavy armor is hard to come by. 
  • Perception is helpful but not essential, and 18 INTs from the headband can handle INT checks.
  • Magic Missile is a potent spell, especially when combined with an Underdark necklace for increased damage. 
Magic Missile
Magic Missile

Githyanki can move and cast spells thanks to her natural powers and the Eldritch Knight’s spellcasting. Moreover, Strength and Intelligence are Githyanki Eldritch Knight’s primary skills, while Constitution and Wisdom are their additional abilities.

  • Racial Advantage.
  • Access to Heavy Armor.
  • Intelligence Boost.

  • Limited Spellcasting Options.


<strong>Best All Rounder Githyanki Class</strong>

Astarion the Rogue
Astarion the Rogue Credits: Gamesual

I cannot emphasize the importance of having a Rogue in your party to pursue.

Why did I Choose Rogue?

Being the famous entry among the best Githyanki classes in Baldur’s Gate 3, mixing Rogue with Githyanki will improve the entire deal.

  • Githyanki excels in distant and close combat, making the Rogue class a good fit for swiftness and Light/Medium Armor. Instead of emphasizing Charisma, Wisdom, and Intelligence, emphasize Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity to the fullest.
  • I also recommend mastering Athletics, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth, while Shadowheart’s armor removes the drawback of stealth.
  • Choosing a greatsword will give you a continual advantage due to mobility and Thief subclass benefits while using Sneak Attack to deal 3d6+Str modifier damage.
  • Jump spell enables you to move around the map quite swiftly, and Mage Hand helps you push enemies away from you or toward you. By enhancing sneak attack drops with Feather Fall support, this character may take on fights by themselves.
Rogue doing a Sneak Attack
Rogue doing a Sneak Attack Credits: Gamesual
  • The Arcane Trickster Rogue subclass thrives thanks to the Githyanki’s increased competence as it is now an option to enhance Ability Score.

I wouldn’t recommend playing the Arcane Rogue any other way. Skills in Intelligence, such as the ability to deactivate traps using tools and spells, are greatly improved by a Sage background.

The combination of Githyanki and Arcane Trickster Rogue provides:

  • Arcane Trickster skills complement Intelligence nicely.
  • Proficiencies fill in the gaps left by Rogue attributes.
  • The character is customized for a variety of skills via Rogue’s Expertise.
  • A sage background complements Trap Handling.

  • Versatility in Combat.
  • Light-Medium Armor Proficiency.
  • Greatsword Benefits.

  • Dependency on Specific Attributes.


<strong>Best Tank Githyanki Class</strong>

Karlach the Barbarian
Karlach the Barbarian Credits: Gamesual

Why did I Choose Barbarian?

This is what I call loading a Tank on a Tank. Barbarians benefit from the Githyanki’s Strength boost and ability to use medium armor. 

  • Their physical prowess and anger abilities mesh well with Githyanki’s Strength boost and Medium Armor competence.
  • Barbarians experience a state of Rage while engaged in combat, enhancing their power, toughness, damage, and resistance. Githyanki is an appealing option for Barbarians due to its advantages.
  • The Barbarian’s primary attribute is complemented by their +2 Strength, which improves combat abilities.
  • Their mastery of greatswords and medium armor further enhances their knowledge in close combat. 
  • To maximize performance, I recommend choosing talents like Athletics, Survival, and Intimidation to maximize your barbarian characteristics.
  • For improved damage type resistance, consider the Totem Warrior subclass, especially the Bear Totem. Githyanki Barbarians are fierce fighters who use their natural abilities to inflict anger on enemies.
  • With an ideal background of Outlander or Soldier, they excel at quickly closing distances and utilizing their primal might.

  • Greatsword Mastery.
  • Rage Ability.
  • Strength Boost.

  • Limited Range Options.
  • Heavy Dependency on Melee Combat.

My Recommendation Of Githanki Combo

<strong>I consider the Wizard-Githyanki combo to be the best in Baldurs Gate 3.</strong>

My first interaction with a Githyanki was meeting La’zael during the campaign. The game does the intelligent thing by introducing this character early on, which allowed me to invest some real time with this character.

I also realized the potential of mixing this Race with other classes. Even though my favorite has to be the Wizard-Githyanki combo, you can pick anyone from the list above.

It’s just having the Spellcasting abilities mixed with Githyanki’s abilities does create a very well-rounded character. 

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