Baldurs Gate 3: Best Greatswords [All Ranked]

Ranking from worst to best, here are the 8 Greatswords in Baldurs Gate 3.

Baldurs Gate 3 Best Greatswords
Baldurs Gate 3 Best Greatswords - Image Credits: Gamesual

Baldurs Gate 3 has eight Greatswords. Namely, Sword of Chaos, Blistering Greatsword, Sword of Justice, Greatsword, Greatsword +1, Sussur Greatsword, Githyanki Greatsword, Everburn Blade, Soulbreaker Greatsword, Reinforced Greatsword and Balduran’s Giantslayer.

Greatswords are heavy close combat weapons that inflict slashing damage. They can be found by exploring, rewards from quests, bought from merchants, or looted from defeated enemies.

Key Takeaways

  • In Baldurs Gate 3, there are a total of eight Greatswords.
  • Players can discover these Greatswords by exploring, receiving quest rewards, purchasing, or looting defeated enemies.
  • Additionally, all Greatswords have the same basic stats with an additional unique proficiency or feature.
  • Ranked as the best Greatsword in the game is Balduran’s Giantslayer.

GreatswordsDamageEnchantmentsSkillsSpellsPassive Abilities
Greatsword2d6NonePommel Strike, Cleave, Lacerate NoneNone
Everburn Blade2d6+ 1d4 fireNonePommel Strike, Cleave, Lacerate and Ever-BurninNoneNone
Greatsword+12d6+1Pommel Strike, Cleave, Lacerate NoneNone
Sussur2d6+1Pommel Strike, Cleave, Lacerate, and SilenceNoneNone
Sword of Justice2d6+1Pommel Strike, Cleave, Lacerate and Tyr's ProtectionNoneNone
Soulbreaker2d6+1d4 psyhcic+1Pommel Strike, Cleave, Lacerate and Psyhcic DamageNoneNone
Sword of Chaos2d6+1d4 necrotic +2Pommel Strike, Cleave, Lacerate, Chaos, Rush Attack and Necrotic DamageNoneRegain 1-6 hitpoints
Balduran's Giantslayer2d6+3Pommel Strike, Cleave, Lacerate and Topple the big folkGiant FormGiant Slayer

In Baldurs Gate 3, Weapons are classified into Martial or Simple Weapons. These are further classified into ranged, melee, Martial, or Simpler weapons. Additionally, they are categorized into One-Handed, Versatile, or Two-Handed weapons. Greatswords fall in the category of Martial, Meele Two-Handed weapons.

Proficiency is also a big factor when selecting your weapon. In Baldurs Gate 3, proficiency means a character is skilled and knows about certain weapons. Each class starts with proficiency in some weapons. When you’re proficient with a weapon, you get advantages that change how well you fight.

If you are proficient with a weapon, you can add a bonus to your attack roll. This makes you better at hitting your target and increases the likelihood of your attacks hitting successfully.

In Baldurs Gate 3, Greatswords are proficient with the Githyanki race. Further, they are proficient in the Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin, and Rangers classes. Combining both proficient race and class grants additional proficiencies.

In Baldurs Gate 3, Greatswords properties are Heavy and Two-Handed. Weapon properties are unique traits that each type of weapon has. Small creatures like Goblins and Halflings are disadvantaged when using heavy weapons. The Two-Handed property prevents you from equipping a shield or any other weapon in your hand.

When choosing your fighting style, select Great Weapon Fighting, as it will allow you to reroll once if you get a 1 or 2 on your damage die while using Two-Handed weapons(Greatswords) for an attack.

There are 8 Greatswords in Bladurs Gate 3, which can decide to select a weapon difficult. But this guide will make it easier to decide by listing the Greatswords from worst to best.


Greatsword is a common weapon in Baldurs Gate 3. It can be found in many places. For example, Underneath the toll house is a hidden room with shields and weapons, including great swords.

Additionally, it is found at the bottom of the well in Blighted Town. Moreover, it is also dropped upon defeating Anders at The Risen Road.

Greatsword StatsAttributes
Damage 2d6
ProficiencyPommel Strike, Cleave, and Lacerate

Description of Proficiencies are as follows;

  • Pommel Strike: Attack an enemy in a way that doesn’t cause serious harm to make them Daze potentially.
  • Lacerate: Slashing an enemy has a chance of causing Bleeding, which makes Enemies take 2 slashing damage at each turn.
  • Cleave: Swing your weapon in a big curve to hit up to 3 enemies together.

Greatsword also comes in a different skin known as Reinforced Greatsword. Valued at 330gp and found to the north of Riverside Teahouse, in the water. Coordinates: X:-4 Y:277.

In conclusion, it is ranked the worst out of all the greatswords because it is the most basic, with no enchantment or additional proficiencies.

Everburn Blade

Everburn Blade stats
Everbun Blade – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Everburn blade has exactly the same stats as Greatsword, except it has an additional feature. This feature is Ever-Burning. Ever burning causes 1d4 fire element damage to the enemy. Everburn Blade is dropped upon defeating Commander Zhalk, found in Nautiloid.

Commander Zhalk can be an extremely hard enemy to defeat. Take the following tips into consideration to trounce him. Zhalk and the Mindflayer will be busy fighting each other; you should use this opportunity to stack Nautiloid tanks close to them. Move to a safe distance and use fire spells to blast the tanks and inflict damage.

In addition, you can utilize Shadowheart to cast Command and force Zhalk to drop his Everburn Blade. You can then pick up the greatsword and leave.

In summary, Everburn Blade gets a low rank because it’s just like a Greatsword, except for one feature. In addition, the Ever-Burning feature is not that powerful in Baldurs Gate 3 because many enemies have fire resistance.

Greatsword +1

This weapon is an upgrade on Greatsword. It has the same stats, except it is uncommon and has the Weapon Enchantment. Weapon enchantment adds +1 to your attack and damage roll making it 2d6+1 slashing. The weapon is also magical and so will overcome any resistance creatures have to non-magical attacks.


  • Brem found in Zhentarim Hideout.
  • Grat the Trader found in Goblin Camp.

In summary, it is ranked higher than Everburn Blade because it has more damage and fewer chances of missed attacks due to +1 Enchantment. In addition, you can dip this sword in a fire to have the same feature as Everburn Blade, except it is only temporary.

Sussur Greatsword

Sussur Greatsword
Sussur Greatsword – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Sussur Greatsword is precisely the same as Greatsword+1 but has an extra feature. This feature applies for Silenced status upon impact, preventing the target from casting verbal spells. You must complete the Finish The Masterwork Weapon quest found in Blighted Village to gain this weapon.

Finish The Masterwork Weapon quest, which is started by reading the Highcliff’s journal found in the Blacksmith’s house in Blighted village. The journal will tell you about the blueprint required to create the weapon. Further, to find this blueprint enter the next room and burn the web to reveal a hole in the floor.

Enter the hole, and there you will find the Highcliff’s Blueprint locked in a wooden chest. Lockpicking requires DC 10 Sleight Of Hand Check. You must pick up the Sussur Tree Bark(X:-18 Y:-144) in the Underdark. Lastly, use the Blueprint, Tree Bark, and a common greatsword at the furnace to craft Sussur Greatsword.

Sussur Greatsword, even though better than Greatsword+1, is still not worth the effort. This is because the silence effect is situational and useless on enemies who don’t cast spells.

Sword Of Justice

Sword of Justice Stats
Sword of Justice – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Sword of Justice has the same qualities as Greatsword+1 but has an extra feature known as Tyr’s Protection. As a bonus, this feature allows you to cast a level 1 abjuration spell once per battle. This spell increases a creature’s Armor Class by 2 using magic.

This weapon is given to you by Anders upon defeating Karlach, or you can use Disarming Attack on Anders to take his sword of justice forcefully. Sword of Justice is ranked higher than the above greatswords due to its extra feature despite having similar qualities. The Tyr’s Protection is extremely useful as you can use it during battle to protect allies.

Soulbreaker Greatsword

Soulbreaker – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Soulbreaker also known as the Githyanki greatsword is a rare weapon that does 2d6+1 slashing damage. Its proficiency skills are the same as the Greatsword. However, Soulbreaker has an additional feature that lets you inflict 1d4 psychic damage when playing as the Githyanki race.

It is obtainable from Kith’rak Therezzyn in the Captain’s Quarters of the Githyanki Creche. Moreover, Soulbreaker is ranked highly because its additional feature is pretty useful. Psychic damage further increases the already significant damage of greatswords, thus making it a highly desired weapon. However, all objects and mindless creatures are immune to psychic damage.

Sword Of Chaos

Sword of Chaos Stats
Sword of Chaos – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Sword of Chaos is a very rare weapon that does 2d6 slashing +2 enchantment damage. Sword of Chaos has 4 proficiency skills. Out of which, are the same as the Greatsword. The fourth proficiency skill is the Rush Attack. This lets you dash ahead and hit the first enemy, causing damage and maybe knocking them off balance.

This greatsword also does additional necrotic damage of 1d4. Additionally, it has the Chaos Action, which regains health 1-6 on a hit. The Sword of Chaos is dropped upon defeating Sarevok Anchev. To get to Sarevok Anchev, you would be first required to take out a killer named Dolor. This will reward you with the hands of 4 innocent victims.

Take these hands and head towards Canduhallow Tombstones. Found in the narrow path between Elfsong Tavern and the Basilisk Gate. At Canduhallow Tombstone, go into the office and look in the small room at the end. You’ll find a painting that you can interact with. Push the button on the painting to show a secret door. Use it, and say “Sicarius” to be allowed through.

A Death Knight will confront you when you arrive at the temple’s entrance. Reply with: “I killed to be here – and took the victim’s hand as proof.” This will grant you access to the Bhaalist Crypt. At the Bhaalist Crypt, players are presented with two options. You can either sacrifice Inspector Valeria or reject Sarevok and fight him. Defeating Sarevok will reward with the Sword of Chaos, among other rewards.

The Sword of Chaos earns its rank as the second-best greatsword due to its greater enchantment damage, surpassing all other greatswords except Giantslayer. In addition, it offers additional proficiency compared to other greatswords in Baldurs Gate 3 and includes a bonus action for healing.

Balduran’s Giantslayer

Balduran's Giantslayer
Balduran’s Giantslayer – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Balduran’s Giantslayer is the only Legendary Greatsword in Baldurs Gate 3. Its stats are as follows;

Balduran's Giantslayer StatsAttributes
ProficienciesPommel Strike, Cleave, Lacerate and Topple The Big Folk
Passive AbilityGiant Slayer
Class ActionGiant's Form

Baldurans Giantslayer’s Topple, The Big Folk, lets you cause extra damage matching your proficiency bonus. When you hit larger creatures (Large, Huge, or Gargantuan), they take an added 2-12 slashing damage and must succeed in a Strength Saving Throw or Fall Prone.

The Giant Flayer passive ability doubles the damage from your Strength Modifier. In addition, it gives you an Advantage on Attack rolls against Large, Huge, or Gargantuan enemies. Balduran’s Giantslayer also allows you to cast the Giant’s Form spell. When you use this spell, you can transform into a humanoid more enormous creature.

To locate the Balduran’s Giantslayer, your first task will be to discover the hidden entrance to the Wyrm’s Rock Fortress. Inside Wyrm’s Rock Prison, go straight and take the first left. Walk to the end, where you’ll see Dragon Head Torches on the wall. Extinguish them by interacting.

Once the torches are out, use the Witch Bolt spell on one of the torches. This should create an electrical connection between you and the torch. Walk towards the other torch to connect it as well. When both are lit, the wall will reveal itself as a hidden passage.

Explore the passage until you find the Iron Door, the entrance to Wyrmway, where the trials of Balduran will start. The Chamber of Justice, Strategy, Courage, and Insight are these trials to solve. The door leading to Dragon’s Sanctum will unlock upon completing these trials.

Upon entering the last chamber, you’ll see Ansur’s remains on the floor. When you interact with Ansur, the last wave of enemies will appear. Once you defeat them, you can loot Ansur’s body, and the Giantslayer will be there to claim it.

Balduran’s Giantslayer is rated as the best for obvious reasons. It has the highest enchantment damage. Additionally, unique proficiency like Topple, the Big Folk, increases your damage immensely. Further, it is the only Greatsword that grants you a passive ability and a spell.

To sum up, players can try out many Greatswords in Baldurs Gate 3. You can choose the one that best compliments your playstyle, as all the greatswords have the same damage and proficiency; the additional features and proficiency make the difference.

Players might prefer a Greatsword with a defensive ability, such as Sword of Justice, or some will like Greatswords that increase their damage, such as Everburn Blade. The effort to find a Greatsword will also factor in when choosing your pick.

You can consult this guide to compare the greatsword’s unique abilities and measure the effort it will take to get a specific greatsword. Some more Baldurs Gate 3 guides are as follows:

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