Baldurs Gate 3: Best Items [Top 20]

Here are the top 20 best items in Baldurs Gate 3.

Baldur's Gate 3 Best items.
Baldur's Gate 3 Best items - Image Credit: Gamesual

Players can find nine categories of items in Baldurs Gate 3: Potions, Scroll, Quest items, Food and Drinks, Ammunition, Books and Lore, Ingredients, Misc, and Tools. You can get them by looting crates and chests, defeating enemies and bosses, buying from merchants, crafting through alchemy, or as rewards for completion quests.

Key Takeaways

  • There are nine categories of items in Baldurs Gate 3.
  • Players can find all these items by looting, dropping, buying, or crafter through alchemy.
  • Plus, you can use them in combat to inflict damage or learn new skills.
  • Players can also utilize different items to upgrade weaponry, armor and restore health.

The choice of items in Baldurs Gate 3 is critical because it directly impacts your gameplay. Since there are slots for items, you have to consider what you equip. In certain instances, the game may make this choice for you, requiring a specific item to advance.

Each playthrough in the game allows players to make their experience more engaging and unique by modifying their item repertoire to best suit their preferred playstyle. They can pursue a more combat-oriented strategy or concentrate on utility and puzzle-solving items.

Baldurs Gate 3 offers a selection of versatile items that can be used in various situations, allowing players to choose based on their personal preference and enjoyment. Upgradability and growth potential are also essential factors to consider when selecting items. To assist you in making your decision, here are the Top 20 Items.


Ammunition is the arrows, bolts, or other throwables used for ranged weapons, such as bows and crossbows. Ammo is used when you attack and needs to be reloaded regularly to maintain the weapon’s use in combat.

Baldurs Gate 3 has over 30 Potions that players can consume to restore health or receive temporary boosts. These potions are single-use and will provide instant effects. Using a potion during combat will require Additional Action. Additionally, Players also have the option to craft their potions through alchemy.

In Baldurs Gate 3, Scrolls can be used once without any requirements, allowing any character to use a scroll during a battle. You can also permanently learn a spell by clicking on a scroll and transcribing it into your Spellbooks. However, remember that you can only learn spells meant for your character class, and this process requires spending gold.

Quest items are essential as they are directly connected to quests or missions in the game. They not only contribute to advancing the storyline but also possess unique properties. Players discover these items while completing quests, and they play an essential role in unlocking new areas, defeating bosses, or triggering events.

In Baldurs Gate 3, Foods and Drink items are consumable items that restore the character’s health, give them buffs, or improve their abilities. Players can strategically use food and drinks during gameplay to recover health after battles, boost energy, or enhance their performance in different situations.

Miscellaneous or Misc items are a diverse category of objects found in Baldurs Gate 3 and serve various purposes. These items can be crafting materials, keys to unlock doors, important quest items, cool collectibles, or other objects that add to the gameplay in different ways.

Additionally, Books and Lore items are special objects that provide players with additional information about Baldurs Gate 3 and its history, characters, and events. These items contain in-game texts, such as books or notes, that give info into the game’s lore and backstory. Players can read these books and lore items to understand the game’s story.

Ingredients are a wide range of materials, such as gold and platinum. They play a crucial role in upgrading or crafting powerful gear, consumables, or other valuable items, making them valuable resources for progression and survival in the game.

Tool items in Baldurs Gate 3 have practical uses beyond combat. They help players solve puzzles and complete specific tasks. These items, such as keys, toolkits, and shovels, are essential for exploration. They are used to give access to hidden areas and loot and help overcome obstacles in the game.

Arrow Of Ilmater

Image shows stats of arrow of Illmater.
Arrow of Ilmater – Image Credits: Gamesual

It is an ammo item. This arrow deals 1d6+1 Piercing damage and a bonus 1d4 Necrotic damage. This also denies the target’s ability to regain hit points until the start of the next turn. Considered the best type of ammunition due to its ability to completely cripple an enemy and grant certain victory.

 Merchant  Location  Cost
 Dammon  The Hollow, Druid Grove  200 Gold Pieces.
 Cryel  The Risen Road, Toll House  200 Gold Pieces

Smokepowder Satchel

This image shows Smokepowder Satchel Stats
Smokepowder Satchel – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Smokepowder Satchel is a quest item. Once ignited, it explodes within a 6-meter radius. Creatures targeted by the explosion must make a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw or suffer 3d4 + 9 force damage.

They still take half of the damage if they succeed in the save. It can be found inside a hidden room in Gymforge if you can free Barcus and find his belongings. He will give you the Smoke powder satchel.

Potion Of Invisibility

This Image shows stats of Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Invisibility – Image Credits: Gamesual

This Potion is weightless and valued at 100 Gold pieces. After drinking the potion, the player becomes invisible for 1 minute. The status ends if they attack or cast spells. It can be bought or traded from the following merchants.

 Merchant  Location  Cost
 Auntie Ethel  Druid Grove  Trade with equal or higher value items.
 Roah Moonglow  Shattered Sanctum  100 Gold Pieces.
 Derryth Bonecloak  Myconid Village, Under Dark  100 Gold Pieces.
 Brem  Zhentarim Hideout  100 Gold Pieces.

After completing the Find The Missing Shipment quest, Brem will only sell the Potion of Invisibility. Players can gain the recipe to craft this potion by reading the book “Shadeless One” and passing an Insight and Magic check. The book can be found while exploring the Ruined Tower in the Underdark.

It is considered one of the best options, as you can use it to perform several quests. Secondly, It can also help you during battles to dodge attacks. Lastly, it can also sneak past stronger enemies without any combat.

Scroll Of Hold Person

Scroll of Hold Person Stats
Scroll of Hold Person

The Scroll of Hold Person is of uncommon rarity. It paralyzes a Humanoid creature. The creature can attempt to free itself at the end of each of its turns.

Using the scroll results in its destruction. Additionally, wizards can use it to learn this spell. Once you return to Druid Grove with Halsin to get this scroll, visit Rath in the small room beside the grove.

After talking to Rath, he’ll give you a wolf rune to access the Hidden Vault. Keep moving through the area, passing Nettie’s location. You’ll come across a giant wolf statue with four pedestals around it. Go to the pedestal and place the wolf rune.

Click on all four pedestals to activate them. Once all the runes are activated, a stairwell to the Hidden Vault will be revealed. You can then explore the vault and find the Scroll of Hold Person. Defeating Novice Gnat found in Shattered Sanctum also rewards with Scroll of Hold Person. It is buyable from Arron at the Hollow (Druid Grove) for 400 Gold pieces.

It is often considered one of the best scrolls available among players due to its unique power to freeze an enemy completely. You can utilize this time to inflict damage, restore health, or reposition during combat.

Runepowder Barrel

RunePowder Barrel
Runepowder Barrel – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Runepowder Barrel is a quest item. It weighs 16 kg and values 2500 gold pieces. Once ignited, the barrel explodes within an 18-meter radius. Creatures targeted by the explosion must make a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw or endure 10d8+36 force damage. If they successfully save, they will still take half of the damage.

Found in Gymforge. To gain this item, one of your companions must steal Runepowder Barrel from Philomeen while you keep her busy talking. Philomeen is a Gnome that escaped from the Duegar with the Runepowder Barrel. 

In the Quest “Free True Soul Nere,” players can use this quest item. During the quest, True Soul Nere becomes trapped behind the cave-in, and the player needs to utilize the Runepowder Barrel to blow up the rubble and free Nere. However, You can save the barrel for later and only use the Runepowder vial.

This barrel is one of the best Quest items due to its ability to inflict significant damage. Players can instantly end the battle without engaging in actual combat. In addition, Runepowder can be used to clear pathways and reveal hidden areas.

Scroll Of Thunderwave

The image shows the player performing the thunderwave attack
Scroll of Thunderwave – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Scroll of Thunderwave unleashes a powerful wave of thunder. It deals 2D8 damage and pushes away creatures and objects. If the save is successful, creatures only take half damage. Using the scroll destroys it.

Wizards can also use it to learn this spell. Thunderwave is widely regarded as one of the best scrolls due to its ability to make space in combat and damage several creatures.

 Merchant  Location  Cost
 Arron  Druid Grove  400 Gold Pieces

Idol Of Silvanus

Idol of Silvanus
Idol of Silvanus – Image Credit: Gamesual

This quest item grants Silvanus’s Blessing, providing proficiency in Animal handling and nature when held. Animal handling allows you to interact with animals and communicate. You can find this quest item at Druid Grove during the Steal the Sacred Idol quest.

To initiate the quest, talk to Mol. By rescuing the Tieflings in the Investigate the Beach quest, you’ll gain access to the secret entrance of the Tiefling hideout. Speak to Mol to start the quest. At Druid Grove, you can safely steal the idol by placing it in a different chest and walking away or using Shadow of Menzoberranzan‘s special ability to remain cloaked while stealing.

Acid Vial

The image shows stats of Acid Vial.
Acid Vial – Image Credit: Gamesual

An Acid Vial is a throwable(ammo) item. This ammo can be thrown at an enemy, which deals 2D6 Acidic damage. 

 Merchant  Location  Cost
 Derryth Bonecloak  Mycnoid Village, Underdark  10 Gold Pieces.

It is also rewarded upon defeating Torturer  Spike.

Trap Disarm Toolkit

Trap Disarm Toolkit.
Trap Disarm Toolkit – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Trap Disarm toolkit comprises a selection of hooks, blades, shears, and other essential tools designed to handle potentially lethal traps. This kit allows the player to disarm traps based on their sleight-of-hand skill. Bought from the following merchants for ten gold pieces. 

 Merchant  Location
 Roah Moonglow  Shattered Sanctum
 Derryth Bonecloak  Myconid Village, Underdark
 Mattis and Arron  Hollow, Druid Grove
 Brem  Zhentarim Hideout
 Cyrel  Risen Road, Toll House

It can be found inside an open crate at Risen Roade. In addition, it is dropped upon defeating Taman at Chapel Entrance. It is a useful tool to solve puzzles and unlock areas blocked by traps. 

Arrow Of Darkness

The image shows stats of Arrow of Darkness
Arrow of Darkness – Image Credit: Gamesual

The Arrow of Darkness is an ammo item. Firing an arrow inflicts damage of 1d6+2 piercing damage and upon impact, and generates a dark cloud at the target location. Players regard it as one of the best ammo because of its ability to create a dark cloud. This cloud blinds enemies and can also be used to provide cover for yourself.

 Merchant  Location  Cost
 Dammon and Arron  The Hollow, Druid Grove  200 Gold Pieces.

It can also be found in Owlbear’s nest.

Thieves Tool

Thieves Tool stats
Thieves Tool – Image Credits: Gamesual

Thieve’s tools allow the player to open locks based on their sleight of hand skill. However, these tools are destroyed if the lockpicking attempt fails.

Moreover, this tool is essential to progress quests or unlock areas. It can be bought from the following merchants for 20gp.

 Merchant  Location
 Roah Moonglow  Shattered Sanctum
 Derryth Bonecloak  Myconid Village, Underdark
 Mattis and Arron  Hollow, Druid Grove
 Brem  Zhentarim Hideout
 Cyrel  Risen Road, Toll House

It is also dropped upon defeating Mari and Taman. Also found inside a wooden barrel on The Risen Road.


The image shows a pile of gold
Pile of Gold – Image Credits: Gamesual

In Baldurs Gate 3, gold is the main currency and has numerous applications, including weapon upgrades, modifications, and general purchases. Players can acquire gold in Remnant 2 through various means, such as looting, enemy drops, or selling items.

Supply Pack

The image shows Supply Pack description
Supply Pack – Image Credits: Gamesual

A supply pack is a food item. It is a collection that includes cured meats, dried fruits, kindling, and all other essentials needed to survive life on the road.

Players may use it to take a long rest and restore hit points and spell slots. A single pack can feed your entire party. It weighs 5 kg and can be bought from the following merchants for 100gp.

 Merchant  Location
 Grat the Trade  Goblin Camp
 Derryth Bonecloak  Myconid Village, Underdark
  Blurg  Underdark


Text reads description of Poutine
Poutine – Image Credits: Gamesual

In Baldurs Gate 3, Poutine is a cooked meal. Since players should generally carry food that provides at least twenty Camp supplies per Kilogram, Poutine provides the best supply-to-weight ratio in the game. It provides an astonishing twenty Camp Supplies while weighing only one-quarter of a kilogram.

Potion Of Sleep

This Image shows stats of Potion of Sleep
Potion of Sleep – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Potion of Sleep makes the character unconscious for three turns, but the status ends if they take damage or perform a help action. It weighs 0.2kg and values 70 Gold pieces.

True Soul Gut drops the Potion of Sleep. In addition, True Soul Gut is a boss in Baldurs Gate 3 during the quest Removing the Parasites in Act 1 and can be ound at Shattered Sanctum. Her information is as follows.

 Race  Goblin (Humanoid)
 Health  36
 Armor Class  16
 Base Speed  9m
 Size  Small
 Weight  35kg

Upon defeating her, you will receive a reward of 50xp, a Potion of Sleep, and various other items. You can find the recipe to craft Potion of Sleep through alchemy in the Alchemy Lab located in the Ruined Village.

Haste Spore Flask

The Image shows Haste Spore Flash stats
Haste Spore Flash – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Haste Spore Flask is an ingredient item. It gives Creatures a +2 bonus to Armour Class, an advantage on dexterity Saving Throws. It doubles Movement speed and grants one additional Action per turn. Players can purchase it from merchants for 250 Gold Pieces.

Scroll Of Web

Scroll of Web
Scroll of Web

Baldurs Gate 3’s Scroll of the Web is classified as an uncommon scroll. It creates a thick, flammable webbing that can entangle creatures within the covered area. An Enwebbed creature cannot move. Attack rolls against it have an advantage, while attack rolls have a disadvantage.

In addition, it also has a disadvantage on dexterity saving throws. However, an ally can use the Help action to try and remove the web. Using the scroll results in its destruction.

Additionally, wizards can use it to learn this spell. Bought from the merchant Arron, found at Druid Grove, and costs 400 Gold pieces.

Due to its ability to completely dismember a group of enemies and function as a stalling technique, players consider Scroll of Web as the best scroll. Additionally, utilizing this item to restore health or revive a friend, etc.

Disintegrating Night Walkers

The image reads Disintegrating Night Walkers stats and description.
Disintegrating Night Walkers – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Disintegrating night walkers are boots in Baldurs Gate 3. You can place Boots on your character’s feet in the specific inventory slot, and they will grant various effects. The ability to cast Misty Step makes this boot the best quest item.

For those unaware, Misty step lets you teleport to an unoccupied space you can see. In addition, Enwebbed, Entangled, or Ensnared status doesn’t affect these shoes and they can’t slip on grease or ice.

However, During the “Free True Soul Nere” quest, players can find Disintegrating Night Walkers in the Grymforge. To start the quest, speak with Sergeant Thrinn in the Grymforge. As you progress, you’ll clear the path to Nere’s body, where you can loot and discover the Disintegrating Night Walkers.

Necromancy Of Thay

The image shows a screaming book
Necromancy of Thay – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Necromancy of Thay is a quest item. By reading it, the item grants the ability to cast the Speak the Dead spell. This spell allows you to ask up to 5 questions to corpses that still have their mouth intact. While on the Search the Cellar quest, players can find the item within the Blighted Village, specifically in the doctor’s building.

Upon entering the cellar, locate the secret switch concealed behind three chests. This will reveal a magic mirror that will ask you questions. Answer the questions correctly to access an interior chamber housing the book. Once you have obtained the book, place an item of equivalent weight on the pedestal to avoid triggering a trap.

Potion Of Superior Healing

Potion of Superior Healing Icon
Potion of Superior Healing

Superior Healing is the most powerful of the three healing potions. It heals the drinker or target(when thrown at him) for 8d4+8 hp. It has a value of 500 gold pieces. Reading The Cure for the Disease book reveals the crafting recipe.

 Merchant  Location  Cost
 Derryth Bonecloak  Myconid Village, Under Dark  500 Gold Pieces.

Due to its ability to help a player survive extreme conditions, it positions as the best item in Baldurs Gate 3. You could have low hp and be about to lose to a boss, but you can use this Potion to come back in the battle instantly.

Baldurs Gate 3 has many items; at first, the strange names and ten different classifications might seem confusing. However, as you progress through the game, it becomes more evident, and soon you’ll find yourself managing and combining items to create powerful synergies.

The combination of items you carry in your inventory impacts your gameplay experience. Certain combinations may make combat easier. But it can pose challenges in other aspects of the game. On the other hand, some combinations enhance your experience by providing utility and making exploration more manageable. Maintaining a collection of items ensures you can meet different needs.

By experimenting with item selections, you’ll discover combinations that align with your preferences. This adds a rewarding aspect to your journey in Baldurs Gate 3, as customizing your item repertoire according to your playstyle brings depth and immersion to the game, making it truly unique for each player. For more Baldurs Gate 3 guides, read:

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