Baldur’s Gate 3: 13 Best Multiclass Combinations

Make an ideal multiclass that will take you through an adventurous ride through Baldur Gate 3's exciting storyline.

Best multiclass in Baldur's Gate 3
Best multiclass in Baldur's Gate 3

Multiclassing allows combining two or more classes to create a powerful character build using the level-up menu. Being strategic and not overdoing it with too many multiclass prevents confusion when managing abilities. Leveling up each class sufficiently before combining makes spells and abilities more reliable. 

Key Takeaways

  • Multiclassing allows combining two or more classes into a new build using the level-up menu. More than two classes can get confusing.
  • Upgrade classes before multiclassing, as it can leave spells weak and unreliable. Combine similar classes to avoid clashes.
  • Warlock and Sorcerer are elite classes that pair well with others like Paladin.
  • Barbarian and Rogue make a potent combo. Fighter and Ranger are a weak combo.
  • Sorcerer + Paladin is highly offensive. Rogue + Ranger is balanced for damage and defense.

Combining the Barbarian and Rogue classes gives a great blend of strength and cunning. While multiclassing boosts versatility, some unique class features, like a Cleric’s Channel Divinity, don’t blend between classes. 

Primary ClassSecondary ClassHighlight Features
Monk & ClericMonkClericLife Domain, Divine Intervention
Druid & ClericDruidClericWar Domain, Channel Divinity, Shield of Faith.
Rogue & RangerRogueRanger Hunter and Gloom subclass, Sneak attacks.
Paladin, Sorcerer, And WarlockPaladinSorcerer (Tertiary Class: Warlock)Divine Smites, Vengeance, Metamagic, Powerfont, Eldritch Blast
Wizard And FighterWizardFighterAction Surge Double Fireball, Intelligence
Barbarian And BardBarbarianBardFinesse Weapons, Extra Damage, Valor, Bardic Inspiration
Barbarian And RogueBarbarianRogueFinesse Weapons, Berserker, Improvised weapon bonus action, Sneak attacks.
Warlock And SorcererWarlockSorcererField Warlock, Eldritch Blast, Agonizing Blast, Influencer, Metamagic.
Fighter And BarbarianFighterBarbarianFrenzy, Remarkable Athlete, Berserker.
Paladin And BardPaladinBardConsistent Bonus Action, Oath of Devotion subclass, Pally, Valour, Bard College.
Fighter And RangerFighterRangerArchery Fighting Style, Action Surge, Champion, Entangling Strike, Bounty Hunter.
Paladin And RangerPaladinRangerDivine Smite, Oath of Devotion subclass, Ranged attacks.
Sorcerer And PaladinSorcererPaladinVengeance, Metamagic, Powerfont.

How To Multiclass?

You can enable multiclassing by spending a level-up to pick a second class.

  1. When leveling up, click the “+” button to reopen the class selection menu.
  2. More than two classes can be chosen for multiclass, but more than two needs to be clarified. With only 12 levels, sticking to two classes is best.
  3. Multiclassing costs just a level-up – no other resources. But good ability scores for the secondary class are essential for effectiveness, especially if not a support class.
  4. One of the aspects I will advise you to consider is that Spells may weaken when multiclassing, so learning higher-level spells first is advisable. If not, Spell Slots can boost lower-level spells.
  5. Reviewing its upcoming features before picking a secondary class is vital since those define the multiclass—similar classes multiclass well, though Warlock works with anything.

Keeping in mind the points mentioned above, here are a few multiclass options that will undoubtedly boost your experience in the game:

Monk And Cleric

  • Primary Class: Monk
  • Secondary Class: Cleric

Combining Monk and Cleric allows for dominating the battlefield with heavy weapons, armor, and decisive blows. Careful skill selection and leveling up empower this multiclass.

  • As a Cleric, you can deal with enemies at the frontline. The Life Domain provides continuous healing through Short Rests, letting me dominate while staying healthy.
  • As a Monk, I primarily focused on defense while dealing with damage. I mostly used Ki for longevity in emergencies and got Divine Intervention at level 3.
monk and Cleric
Monk and Cleric Image Credits: Ahmed – Gamesual

Druid And Cleric

  • Primary Class: Monk
  • Secondary Class: Cleric

Druid needs powerful magic spells through Intelligence. While Cleric overcomes efficiently combines Wisdom for spellcasting.

  • As the Druid, Clerics armoring will compensate for any weakness. The War Domain can help you with martial weapons and improved Channel Divinity at the cost of high-level spells.
  • With minimal Cleric levels, Shield of Faith boosts your character’s Druid spells.
Druid and Cleric
Druid and Cleric Image Credits: Ahmed – Gamesual

Rogue And Ranger

  • Primary Class: Rogue
  • Secondary Class: Ranger

Rogue deals sneak damage up close. Ranger provides long-range attacks along with stealth.

  • In my experience with Rogue, I dealt with critical blows through sneak attacks. 
  • At the same time, Ranger was more of Dexterity-focused long-range attacks that further enhanced the stealth action. 
Best multiclass in Baldur's gate 3
Rogue and Ranger Image Credits: Ahmed – Gamesual

Paladin, Sorcerer, And Warlock

  • Primary Class: Paladin
  • Secondary Class: Sorcerer
  • Tertiary Class: Warlock

Paladin brings a unique Fighting Style and Smites. At the same time, the Sorcerer backs with solid magic. Warlock launches powerful offensives to steer clear of all kinds of enemies.

  • Early on, Paladin covers basics like Smites. A few levels up unlocks high Vengeance damage.
  • Sorcerer provides impactful spells Paladin lacks initially.
  • Warlock recovers HP and deals ranged/AoE attacks. I will recommend switching between Paladin and Warlock as needed for your playstyle.
paladin sorcerer and warlock
Paladin, Sorcerer, and Warlock – Image Credits: Ahmed – Gamesual

Wizard And Fighter

  • Primary Class: Wizard
  • Secondary Class: Fighter

Wizard has powerful spells that can sabotage situations. Fighter grants armor and melee attacks.

  • Wizard dominates with unique, potent magic. Especially when surrounded, your character’s Action Surge will deal double Fireball damage to enemies. I highly recommend maximizing Intelligence to gain access to powerful spellcasting.
  • Fighter gives starting armor and close-range melee. Action Surge is also the best ability you can use for this multiclass.
wizard and Fighter
Wizard and Fighter Image Credits: Ahmed – Gamesual

Barbarian And Bard

  • Primary Class: Barbarian
  • Secondary Class: Bard

Barbarians start solid and fearless with rage. At the same time, I combined it with Bards to provide support and spells.

  • As I progressed, Barbarian tended to go extremely offensive, leading attacks. 
  • Bard supports the team with helpful spells, balancing the Barbarian’s recklessness.
Best multiclass in Baldur's Gate 3
Barbarian and Bard Image Credits: Ahmed – Gamesual

Barbarian And Rogue

  • Primary Class: Barbarian
  • Secondary Class: Rogue

Barbarians are wild and fearless. Rogues are more focused on stealth. Together, they deal severe damage in different ways.

  • Barbarian handles critical situations in a berserk style. At level 5, the damage increases even further. Dexterity is a drawback, but the Finesse weapons compensate well in battle.
  • Combining with Rogue, he excels during crises via Sneak Attacks. At level 3+, I used improvised bonus action twice for extra swing attacks.
Barbarian and Rogue
Barbarian and Rogue Image Credits: Ahmed – Gamesual

Warlock And Sorcerer

  • Primary Class: Warlock
  • Secondary Class: Sorcerer

Warlocks start stronger with better armor. Sorcerers bring impactful magic spells.

  • I started Warlock with early Field Armor and Eldritch Blast. Agonizing Blast is a stable invocation. Beguiling Influence also helps in combat.
  • Sorcerer dominates overall for this combination. Metamagic maximizes the spell potential, covering Warlock’s limited spell slots.
Warlock and Sorcerer
Warlock and Sorcerer Image Credits: Ahmed – Gamesual

Fighter And Barbarian

  • Primary Class: Fighter
  • Secondary Class: Barbarian

Together, Fighter and Barbarian excel at melee combat. 

  • Fighter features multi-attacks, thus giving more leverage in combat. At level 8, Frenzy unlocks massive damage for hand-to-hand fighting. 
  • At level 4, Barbarian dishes out three rages, a Berserker, and a feat for strengthening. 
Best multiclass in Baldur's Gate 3
Fighter and Barbarian Image Credits: Ahmed – Gamesual

Paladin And Bard

  • Primary Class: Paladin
  • Secondary Class: Bard

Paladins need level 6 to excel. In comparison, Bards are straightforward with their arsenal and skills.

  • During my playthrough with Paladin, it demanded improvement without consistent bonus actions and enough spells. You must hit Level 6 as it unlocks your full potential.
  • Combining with Level 5 Bard, you can enjoy Paladins with consistent bonuses and extra spells. Valour Bardic Inspiration also becomes an aggressive combat option.
Paladin and Bard
Paladin and Bard Image Credits: Ahmed – Gamesual

Fighter And Ranger

  • Primary Class: Fighter
  • Secondary Class: Ranger

Rangers have always been a weak solo in D&D. Same goes for Baldur’s Gate 3. On the other side, Fighters compensate for their weaknesses.

  • Level 3+ Fighter is defensive with an Archery Fighting Style, Action Surge, and Champion. Defense strengthens your build even further.
  • Level 9+ Ranger boosts damage via the Hunter subclass and Entangling Strike + Bounty Hunter.
Fighter and Ranger
Fighter and Ranger Image Credits: Ahmed – Gamesual

Paladin And Ranger

  • Primary Class: Paladin
  • Secondary Class: Ranger
  • Paladin brings elemental spells and Smites. You must get Oath of Devotion as it unlocks full potential with consistent bonus actions for more damage.
  • Since Ranger launches ranged attacks, hitting from afar will let you avoid enemy attacks while dealing steady damage.
best multiclass in baldur's gate 3
Paladin and Ranger Image Credits: Gamesual

What Is The Best Multiclass?

All these combinations are tested to hand out powerful mixes of abilities that complement each other when multiclassing. Although you can try out your multiclass ideas, the ones I described will suit most playstyles and needs in the game. I found the Monk/Cleric, Rogue/Ranger, and Sorcerer/Paladin very influential in my experience in terms of campaign authority and access to unique spells and abilities. 

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