Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Rogue Multiclasses [Top 5]

Discover potent combos that increase strength and adaptability in your search for best Rogue Multiclasses!

Baldurs Gate 3 Best Rogue Multiclasses
Baldurs Gate 3 Best Rogue Multiclasses

The Rogue class is distinguished by its skill, stealth, and talent for pinpoint accuracy. I had a blast playing as a Rogue during my playthrough. Their primary talent is agility, which makes them swift and agile fighters.

They are well-equipped for various combat situations thanks to their Expertise with simple weapons, light armor, hand crossbows, daggers, longswords, and short swords.

Key Points

  • Rogues excel in non-combat situations thanks to their magic, lock-picking, and stealth skills. They are adaptable in close-range and distance confrontations, making them the ideal choice for infiltration and observation missions.
  • It’s critical to strike an appropriate compromise between classes while considering multiclass alternatives to prevent weakening your character’s advantages. Maintaining effectiveness and efficiency in your chosen sector requires prioritizing a significant class.
  • Through the lyrical melodies of a Lore Bard, the battle dance of a Shadow Monk, or the divine attraction of a Rogue/Trickery Domain Cleric, you can go beyond what a standard rogue is capable of, bringing a new and fascinating depth to your gameplay.

Rogue/WizardPotent magical abilities.Because you'll have lesser Rogue levels, your Sneak Attacks will be less effective.
Access to features like Cunning Action, mastery of Thieves' Tools and more.
Provide an extensive set of abilities
Rogue/BardDelivers a well-rounded combination of abilities.In order to efficiently manage spells, spell slots, and abilities in combat, extra care may be needed.
Excellent for supporting spells.
Rogue/MonkThe sneak attack skills of this multiclass always progress faster.Potential loss of specialization.
Enhances versatility with spellcasting for you and especially your allies.Delayed development of skills
Rogue/ClericBlends the rogue's abilities with the cleric's heavenly magic.Possible reduction in the Rogue's combat potency.
Rogue/RangerCombat proficiency at range.Puts off the development of more complex traits.
Increases your attack output when you use Shortsword of First Blood
Astarion the Rogue
Astarion the Rogue Credits: Gamesual

With their Sneak Attack ability, rogues are skilled at catching enemies off guard and doing more damage when they are in a better position.

A Rogue using Sneak Attack
A Rogue using Sneak Attack Credits: Gamesual


Rogue/Wizard Credits: Gamesual

This Rogue/wizard comes first in the quest for the most unique multiclass combination. Combining the Rogue and Wizard classes offers an appealing option for individuals who want the skill of spellcasting while preserving the stealth and usefulness of the rogue. You get access to features like Cunning Action, mastery of Thieves’ Tools, and improved skills starting at level 2 of Rogue.

This foundation prepares your character for the Wizard class, allowing them to cast spells. Rogue and Wizard combination can offer a well-rounded variety of skills for people who enjoy playing the part of scout, stealth expert, or resource giver.

With this, you have the best of both worlds: Rogue’s sly prowess and Wizard’s spellcasting toolkit, ensuring a versatile build perfect for dealing with most problems. Additionally, the Rogue’s knowledge of the Arcana can improve your Wizard’s ability to cast spells, boosting your character’s skills.

Although the Rogues can never be as strong at spells as just the Wizards, I recommend choosing Wizards or Clerics as your primary class if you are looking for a spellcaster.

Rogue/Bard Or Lore Bard

Rogue/Bard or Lore Bard
Rogue/Bard or Lore Bard Credits: Gamesual

This combination brings a well-balanced mixture of skill specializations, Expertise, and the addition of spells that skillfully highlight the fundamental characteristics of a rogue.

However, a fully developed Lore Bard at level 6 can acquire “Magical Secrets,” which increase adaptability and utility, similar to a Rogue’s deft finesse. The key to this multiclassing success is assessing your preference for specialization versus versatility.

Although this multiclass strategy may not be the best regarding high-level spellcasting or sheer harmful output, it gives a distinctive gameplay experience supplemented by various options. I recommend this to players who want to have fun with their campaign and want a character who isn’t especially good at combat but can do some amazing things.


Rogue/Monk Credits: Gamesual

Given the potential developments in class features and the accumulation of Ki points, sticking with the Monk class is advised. The Rogue class should be chosen similarly since its sneak attack powers consistently improve.

Monks have a respectable amount of damage potential, but adding a few extra d6s to each Strike without guaranteeing success might not have much impact. Their impressive mobility, self-help skills, and practical, stunning strike features make them appealing. The addition of Shadow Monk increases your versatility because you can cast spells to help you and your allies.

However, giving Rogue levels would slow down the development of these Monk skills. I believe that making this choice allows you to use additional talents, many of which will likely emphasize stealth and add a d6 sneak assault per turn.


Rogue/Cleric Credits: Gamesual

Consider taking a 1-level or 3-level dive into Rogue as a Cleric multiclass, focusing on skill proficiency or the additional action of the Thief Rogue. This multiclass emphasizes a particular playstyle while maintaining flexibility in your strategy.

If you want to land a devastating first blow, you could use two-handed weapons rather than sneak attack dice. For this, a Rogue 3 and Cleric X combo could be suitable.

The Rogue/Trickery Domain Cleric fusion also expertly combines the skills of the Rogue with the arcane power of the Trickery Domain for those drawn in by heavenly magic. Your rogue-like skills are maintained through this seamless integration, making divine support spells available and broadening your choices for strategy.

You can learn more about it in our extensive Baldurs Gate 3 best Cleric build guide. 

While a Fighter or Ranger may be superior in the long run, a Rogue/Assassin X Cleric 2 combination provides an early-game advantage. Accuracy and utility increase when cleric cantrips are combined with +Guided Strike, thus making this an excellent choice for a rogue multiclass variety.

I would recommend against this if you already have Shadowheart on your part because you could never be as good of a Cleric as her.


Rogue/Ranger Credits: Gamesual

Combining a Rogue and a Ranger gives versatility and strength in ranged combat. This may very well be one of my favorite sub-class for the Rogue. The combo opens a path for effective sneak assaults and increases Ranger’s Mark’s usefulness.

Choose a subclass that increases single-target damage, such as Ranger, before switching to Rogue. Better-hit dice are possible if you start as a ranger. Remember that as you advance, you can level up in either class. 

With companions like Shadowheart acting as rogue replacements, Rangers are a flexible alternative to Rogues thanks to skills like stealth and mobility. 

Your attack output is increased when you use Shortsword of First Blood in combination with Ritual Dagger or +1 Shortsword. Based on your desired playstyle, concentrate on Dual Wielding or Archery.

My Recommendations

Rogue is one of the first classes I played in Baldur’s Gate 3. Even though, like most gamers, I prefer that my character can blast the enemy goblin with a fire blast from across the room. I gladly settled for a class requiring more niche skills in this impressive world of Baldurs Gate.

Baldur's Gate 3 Gameplay
Baldur’s Gate 3 – Gameplay Time: Image by Gamesual

As a result, I went with the class capable of disarming traps, talking their way out of situations, and pickpocketing unsuspecting victims. Magic users are essential to any party, and I was glad that during the starting hours of my 26 hours with this game, I was able to get a Wizard and a Cleric in my party.

This allowed me to have a balanced and fun experience with my Rogue. Apart from the multiclass, you can also learn different builds that best suit your combination and playstyle:

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