Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Sorcerer Build [50+ Hours Progression]

Here is my 50+ hours progressed build for Sorcerer.

Best Sorcerer Build of Baldur's Gate 3.
Baldurs Gate 3 Best Sorcerer Build

Sorcerers use weapons like daggers and crossbows, but I would not consider them experts in hand-to-hand combat. Therefore, this guide will cover the best spells, subclasses, and Tactics to create an effective sorcerer to dominate the battlefield.

Key Takeaways

From our experience, the Sorcerer Build in Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a reliable and robust character who can manipulate spells through magic.

  • Metamagic Mechanic: Allows Sorcerers to alter Spells’ effects and increase their range for strategic advantages.
  • Cantrips: Level-zero Spells, including Mage Hand, Blade Ward, and Poison Spray, provide versatile options for various situations.
  • Best Spells for Sorcerer Build: Includes Burning Hands, Chromatic Orb, False Life, Dark Vision, and Hold Person, categorized into different levels.
  • Subclasses: Draconic Bloodline and Wild Magic are recommended for their unique benefits, such as damage resistance, frequent Spell usage, and unpredictable magical effects.
  • Best Background: Charlatan is suggested for enhancing the character’s background story and skills.
  • Equipment: Markoheshkir and Shelter of Athkatla are highlighted as two essential pieces for enhancing Sorcerer Spells.
  • Feats: Spell Sniper and War Caster are recommended to provide mobility and versatility in the game.
  • Best Race: Wood Half-Elf is suggested as the optimal race for a Sorcerer Build.
  • Draconic Ancestry: Players can choose from various Dragon Ancestors, each providing unique benefits and resistance to specific damage types.

Author’s Trust

I have been a big fan of RPG titles like Elder Scrolls and Diablo. So you can guess I spent a few too many hours playing the campaign of Baldurs Gate 3. From my experience, I have come up with a Sorcerer Build that I think would suit most playstyles.

– Shahzar Khalique

Here is a Build overview of the Sorcerer Build in Baldur's Gate 3.
Sorcerer BuildsBest Choice for Build
CantripsCantrips are level-zero Spells in Baldur's Gate 3. Therefore some of the Best Cantrips are Mage Hand, Blade Ward, Poison Spray.
SpellsBest Spells for Sorcerer Build are Burning Hands, Chromatic Orb, False Life, Dark Vision, and Hold Person.
SubclassesThere are three possible Subclasses for Sorcerer Build, but two of them are the Best, Draconic Bloodline, and Wild Magic.
BackgroundsBest Background for Sorcerer Build is Charlatan.
EquipmentMarkoheshkir and Shelter of Athkatla are two best equipment foe this Spell
FeatsFeats like Spell Sniper and War Caster can provide players mobility in the game.
RaceWood Half-Elf is the Best Race for Sorcerer Build.

Build Overview

BG3 Best Sorcerer Build
Sorcerer Class (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Why is Sorcerer Preferred?

Sorcerer gives access to several spells and skills that pave the way for the greatest damage and defensive character playthrough. 


Some Cantrips are listed below, but players can only choose four from all of them.

A list of Cantrips from which players can choose to get advantages over their opponents.
Best CantripsExplanation
Mage HandThis Cantrip is from the School of Conjuration, which can create a spectral Hand to manipulate and interact with different objects.
Blade WardThis Cantrip will Reduce the damage players will get from Slashing attacks and Piercing.
Poison SprayWhile fighting in closer range, players can launch an attack of a Noxious Spray.
Acid SplashLike Poison Spray, Players can cast an attack of Acid that will damage everything in its way.
Vicious MockeryIt allows players to target an enemy with a string of insults, causing them to take psychic damage and receive a disadvantage on their following Attack Roll.
True StrikeUsing this Cantrip, players will gain an advantage on their Attack Rolls.
Fire BoltThis Spell can be cast repeatedly without expanding a Spell slot. Fire Bolt allows the caster to conjure a bolt of fire at an enemy, dealing fire damage upon impact.
Shocking GraspWith this Cantrip, players will shock enemies by attacking them with metal armor.
Minor IllusionWhile using this Cantrip, casters remain hidden, creating an illusion that forces nearby enemies to investigate.
Ray of FrostAs understood by the name "Ray of Frost". Players, can this Spell to reduce the speed of enemies to 3x by freezing them.

Cantrips for Sorcerer build.


Players will get to wield those spells according to their level of progress. 

Spells in BG3
List of Best Spells in BG3(Image Credits: Gamesual).

Level 1 Spells

Here is a List of all Level 1 Spells that players can equip in the game.
Burning HandsBurning Hand is a Spell in Baldur's Gate 3, which provides Fire Damage to flammable targets from 3x points to 18x points. This Spell has a range of approximately 17ft. Players can equip this Spell on Sorcerer, Wizard.This Spell is from Evocation School.
Armour of AgathysWith this Spell, enemies will deal 5x Cold Damage points if they hit any player. Moreover, players will gain 5x temporary hit points.Players can use this Spell on Sorcerer's Subclass (Draconic Bloodline) and Warlock Class.It is from Abjuration School.
Chromatic Orb: AcidThis Spell form a Hurl of Acid Energy for nearby enemies. The range of this Spell is approximately 2m.Players can acquire this Spell on Sorcerer Class and its Subclass Wild Magic.Chromatic Orb: Acid is from Evocation School.
Chromatic Orb: FireThis Spell is divided into Three levels, Levels 1 to 3. It launches a hurl of flaming energy toward enemies.Sorcerer Class and its Subclass (Draconic Bloodline) can equip this Spell.Chromatic Orb: Fire is from Evocation School.
Colour SprayColour Spray is a Spell that Blinded enemies with 33x hit points. In addition, this Spell has a range of 17ft.Sorcerer and Wizard Class can acquire this Spell.Colour Spray is from Illusion School.
Disguise SelfIt has been divided into 18 different variants, providing players with excess tools to defeat any enemy. It can change players' appearance and gender to win against their opponents.Players can equip it on Sorcerer Class and Bard Class.Disguise Self is from Illusion School.
False LifeBy this Spell, players will Gian x7 hit points, but they are temporary hit points from one source.Players can equip this Spell on Sorcerer Class and Wizard Class.False Life is from Necromancy School.

My picks for Level 1 spells.

The Level 2 Spells

Some of the Best Level 2 Spells to build a Sorcerer Build In Baldur's Gate 3.
SpellsDescription ClassSchool
BlindnessPlayers can limit the sight of enemies by using this Spell. Therefore, it would be easier for players to hit them. Also, the range of this Spell is approximately 18m.Blindness Spell can be acquire by Sorcerer Class.This level 2 Spell is from the School of Necromancy.
Cloud of DaggersCloud of Daggers is a versatile Spell in BG3 that allows players to throw daggers at their desired target. In addition, this Spell has a range of 15m.Players can equip Cloud of Daggers by Sorcerer and Wizard Class.This level 2 Spell is from the School of Conjuration.
DarkVisionWith this Spell, Players can see enemies in darkness with approximately a range of 12m.Sorcerer and Ranger Class can acquire this Spell.DarkVision is from the School of Transmutation.
Enhance AbilityPlayers can upgrade their abilities and as well their ally's abilities. Players with Sorcerer and Druid Class can acquire Enhance Ability Spell.This Spell is from the School of Transmutation.
Crown of MadnessThere is a risk in casting this Spell that this makes players go insane, causing them to attack their closest allies even if they aren't their enemies. The range of this Spell is 17m.Players can equip this Spell by Sorcerer and Oathbreaker Class.This level 2 Spell is from the School of Enchantment.
Gust of WindPlayers can summon a strong wind that causes their enemies to lose their balance by pushing them approximately 5m away. The radius of the wind is about 12m.Players can equip Gust of Wind by Sorcerer and Wizard Class.Gust of Wind is from the School of Evocation
Hold PersonHold Person is a powerful enchantment Spell that allows players to temporarily paralyze a humanoid creature, rendering them immobile and unable to act for the duration of that Spell. The range of this Spell is about 18m.Players with Sorcerer Class and Druid Class can acquire this Spell.This level 2 Spell is from the School of Enchantment.

Level 2 Spells table.

Level 3 Spells

Best Level 3 Spells that players can equip in Baldur's Gate 3
SlowPlayers can slow the moment of up to Six with this Spell. They won't be able to run and will be easier to hit.Sorcerer and Wizard Class can acquire this Spell.This Level 3 Spell is from the School of Transmutation.
CounterspellIt is a defensive Spell in Baldur's Gate 3 that allows players to interrupt and negate the effects of incoming Spells from enemies spellcasters.Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard Class can acquire Counterspell.Counterspell is from the School of Abjuration
FearPlayers can launch a frightening image at enemies, which makes them drop their weapons out of fear.Sorcerer and Bard Class can equip this Spell.This Spell is from the School of Illusion.
FlyBy using this Spell, players can fly along with their teammates.Sorcerer and Wizard Class can acquire Fly Spell.This Level 3 Spell is from the School of Transmutation.
Gaseous FormThis Spell can transform you and your teammates into a gas cloud. That cloud cannot fall and can travel through tiny openings. Therefore, enemies cannot attack or Cast any Spells on players.Players with Sorcerer and Druid Class can acquire this Spell.Gaseous Form is a Spell from the School of Transmutation.
Hypnotic PatternWith this Spell, players can Hypnotize their enemies. Therefore, they cannot see, move, and act. Also, the range of this Spell is about 18m.Players with Sorcerer and Druid Class can acquire this Spell.This Spell is from the School of Conjuration.

Level 3 Spells table. 

Best Subclasses

Sorcerer Class has been divided into three Subclasses with Draconic Bloodline, which provides characters with damage resistance and the ability to use Spells more frequently.

The second one is Wild Magic, which grants players access to powerful and unpredictable Spells. The last one is Storm Sorcerery, which is less potent than Draconic Bloodline.

From my experience, Draconic Bloodline and Wild Magic are more advantageous in combat and can be used for the Sorcerer Build. 

Wild Magic

Subclasses of Sorcerer Build
Wild Magic can unleash magical effects(Image Credits: Gamesual).

The Wild Magic provides players with a unique and unpredictable gameplay experience. It taps into the untamed power of the Weave, allowing characters to unleash various magical effects that can help players during combat. It is beneficial in creating identical characters to trick enemies and kill them quickly.

The vast pitfall of this Spell is that it provides players with random effects, which can be very dangerous for players and their allies. But overall, this is a very powerful subclass because it allows players with different powerful Spells to use against their opponents.

These Features of Wild Magic can help players to enhance their mobility.
Wild Magic FeaturesExplanation
Wild MagicWith this feature, players will get random magical effects when they cast level one Spell or higher. However, it is also chaotic in nature.
Tides of ChaosPlayers will get a bonus while attacking their enemies in a second round.

Wild Magic Features Table.

Draconic Bloodline

Players can choose Draconic Bloodline to get a set of ten connections to various Dragon types that add damage resistance and the ability to use Spells more frequently. In my opinion, this should be your top choice for a subclass.

In addition, the Draconic Bloodline makes characters stronger by casting Spells with elements equal to those of the Ancestors, which can deal more damage.

Subclasses for building a Sorcerer Build
Draconic Bloodline is a Subclass of the Sorcerer Class(Image Credits: Gamesual).
Draconic Hit PointsHowever, the Sorcerer Build Hit Point increases by point 1x by this feature.
Draconic ResilienceDraconic Resilience provides players with an Armour like Dragon Scales which will provide resistance against damage.

Draconic Bloodline Features Table.

Would I Recommend?

There are many other builds that you can try in Sorcerer Class. But I believe these are the best builds to enhance players’ mobility and allow them to experience the game at its full potential. However, I recommend players use this build as a template and tweak it according to their playstyle.

Here are some powerful and outperforming builds you can consider in Baldurs Baldur’s

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