Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Warlock Feats [Top 9]

Learn about some of the best Warlock feats in Baldurs Gate 3 to get the strongest build for the class!

Baldurs Gate 3 Best Warlock Feats
Baldurs Gate 3 Best Warlock Feats

Baldur’s Gate 3 features twelve classes, and Warlock is one of them. Players must choose their feats carefully while playing the Warlock class to make the most of the character build. 

Key Highlights 

  • The best Warlock Feats are Spell Sniper, Defensive Duelist, and Ability Improvement in Baldur’s Gate 3. 
  • The player can earn a +5 bonus in the battle using Alert. 
  • By using Heavily Armoured Feat, you can earn Medium Armor Proficiency. 
  • The player can learn a Cantrip with the help of Spell Sniper.

Best FeatsRequirementsDetails
Ability ImprovementsAll classes Level 4The player increases 1 ability by 2,
And 2 abilities by 1,
The maximum effect is 20
AlertAll classes Level 4With the help of Initiative, the player is able to earn a +5 bonus.
ChargerAll classes Level 4When the player can make the crossbow attacks in a confusing fight, the Attack Rolls are able to get the disadvantage.
Defensive DuelistAll classes Level 4With the help of this, the player can also add the proficiency bonus to their Armor class.
You are also able to gain a +1 bonus as well.
Dungeon DeliverAll classes Level 4You will also be able to avoid the traps that are on Saving Throws.
You can also refuse to accept the damage that you are receiving from traps.
Elemental AdeptAll classes Level 4You are unable to roll a 1 if you cast a spell like this.
Elemental Adept Passive Feats are such as
Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, Thunder.
Heavily ArmouredAll classes Level 4
Medium Armor Proficiency
By increasing the strength of their heavy armour with 1.
You can earn Medium Armor Proficiency.
The maximum will be 20.
Lightly ArmouredAll classes Level 4
Light Armor Proficiency
The class feature for the Lightly Armoured is Light Armor Proficiency.
You can increase the strength of the Light armour with the amount of 1.
The maximum will be 20.
Mage SlayerAll classes Level 4You will be able to use it against an opponent that is in the melee range.
Mage Slayer class Features are such as
Saving Throw Adventure
Attack Caster
Break Construction
Spell SniperAll classes Level 4While attacking the strike to the opponent, the reduction of the number is 1.

Author’s Trust

After countless battles and dialogue options, Shahzar considers Baldurs Gate 3 the closest thing to actual Dungeons and Dragons. He considers Warlocks one of the essential classes to have in your party if you want a complete experience. He also finds it equally important to pick the right feat for Warlock and to help players with that, he lists some of the best options below.

Ability Improvements 

The Ability Improvements is considered one of the best feats of the Warlock class. The player can increase any Ability with the amount of 2 using the feat.

Baldur's Gate 3: Best Warlock Class Feats
Warlock Class Feats | Image Capture Credits: Gamesual

On the other hand, you can also increase your two abilities by 1. The maximum number of amount for abilities is 20. You can unlock this Feature when they reach level 4.

With the help of this feat, the players can increase only one Ability up to 20. Plus, you will be able to increase spell damage and improve the effectiveness of your cantrips through this feat

Ability Score Modifier Points
1 -5
2-3 -4
4-5 -3
6-7 -2
8-9 -1
10-11 0
12-13 1
14-15 2
16-17 3
18-19 4
20-21 5
22-23 6
24-25 7
26-27 8
28-29 9
30 10


Alert is also an incredible feat to use for any Warlock build. This feat allowed me to earn a +5 bonus whenever I was the one taking Initiative in Combat. So not only did I surprise the enemy, which stuns the enemy, but I was also able to hit harder.

You will unlock the Alert Feat when you reach level 4.

  • Using Alert, you can work like a Gloom Stalker or an Assassin.
  • It will help you attack your opponent faster before they can even react, which can benefit enemies with a high mobility rate.
  • Players should not pick this feat in Barbarian class as you get resistant to Surprise at level 7. 


The Charger is the Strongest feat where the player can use two abilities, Weapon Attack and Shove. You can unlock the Charger Feat when they reach level 4.

  • Also, players can use the Weapon attack and the Shove with the help of this feat and make their Warlock build more powerful.
  • The Attack Rolls can have a disadvantage when you can make the crossbow attacks in a fight, so use the Feat carefully with these weapons. 

Defensive Duelist 

Defensive Duelist is also one of the best feats of Warlock. With the help of Defensive Duelist, you can hold another finesse weapon and attack enemies.

The player can add the proficiency bonus to their Armor class, around +1. You can also unlock this feat by reaching level 4.

Baldur's Gate 3: Best Warlock Feats
Warlock Spells and Feats | Image Capture Credits: Gamesual
Classes Name Information
Warlock The primary Ability of a Warlock is Strength.
The subclass for Warlock is the Fiend, the Great old one, and the Arch fey.
Cleric The primary Ability of a Cleric is Wisdom.
The subclass for Clerics is the Light Domain, Trickery Domain, Nature Domain, Tempest Domain, Life Domain, Knowledge Domain, and War Domain.

Dungeon Deliver 

You can earn the Ability for this feat to see the hidden objects on Perception Checks that are on Advantage. It will also help you to avoid the traps when using Saving Throws.

This feat came in absolute clutch during my playthrough, as I was missing Rogue in my party for most of Act 1. You can unlock the Dungeon Deliver feat by reaching level 4.  

Level Feature Unlock Proficiency Bonus
1 Knowledge Domain
2 Channel 2
3 No Unlocked 2
4 Ability Score Improvement 2
5 Destroy Undead Passive 3
6 Channel Divinity Charge 3
7 No Unlocked 3
8 Ability Score Improvement 3
9 No Unlocked 4
10 Divine Intervention 4
11 No Unlocked 4
12 Ability Score Improvement 4

Elemental Adept 

Elemental Adept is one of the best Warlock Feats to unlock by reaching level 4. With the help of spells, it ignores Resistance to any damage types in battle and makes you immune to that specific element. 

  • Acid 
  • Cold 
  • Fire 
  • Lightning 
  • Thunder 
  • Heavily Armoured 

Heavily Armoured is a feat that increases the strength of the equipped heavy armor by 1. The class feature for the Heavily Armoured feat is Medium Armor Proficiency. The maximum Armor Proficiency the player will get from this feat is 20.

You can unlock the feat by reaching level 4. It is best for classes like Barbarian and Fighter. You can also utilize the feat in a robust Strength-focused Cleric build.

Lightly Armoured 

Lightly Armoured is a Feat that can be unlocked by reaching level 4. The best class feature for this feat of Warlock is Light Armor Proficiency.

The maximum Armor Proficiency players will get from the Lightly Armoured feat is 20. Moreover, you can increase the strength of the equipped Light armor by 1. 

Mage Slayer 

You can use it against an opponent in the battle within the melee range. Plus, Mage Slayer allows your character to gain an Advantage on Saving Throw when using the Feat.

I recommend using this feat if no other party member is good at taking on other magic users. 

  • Saving Throw Adventure 
  • Attack Caster 
  • Break Construction 

Spell Sniper 

Spell Sniper feat helps your character to land a Critical Hit when using spells against opponents. Also, it enables reducing the number required to land the Crit Hit to 1 when the Feat is used.

However, my favorite aspect of this feat is the new Cantrips that players can learn. These Cantrips were essential to my build, as they cast spells without using a spell slot.

Cantrips For Feats | Image Capture Credits: Gamesual

The effects of Spell Sniper are:

  • Shocking Grasp 
  • Bone Chill 
  • Eldritch Blast 
  • Fire Bolt 
  • Ray of Frost 
  • Thorn Whip 

My Thoughts On Warlock Feats

According to my experience, Warlocks may be one of the most underrated classes in Baldurs Gate 3. Other magic users, such as Clerics and Wizards, often overlook Warlocks. However, from my time with the class, I believe that this class is far more powerful than people give it credit for.

The feats are a prime example of this class’s strength. Not only was I given some powerful spells in the form of Cantrips, which do not consume spell slots, but the passive bonuses are incredible. The Ability to gain Resistance to elemental damage or the Ability to deal critical damage every time are no small feats, literally.

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