Baldurs Gate 3: Best Wizard Subclass [Ranked]

All 8 of the Wizard Subclass in Baldurs Gate 3, ranked worst to best.

The Images shows all the Wizard subclass.
Baldurs Gate 3 Best Wizard Subclass - Image Credits: Gamesual

Baldur’s Gate 3 features eight wizard subclasss. These are Necromancy, Divination, Enchantment, Illusion, Abjuration, Transmutation, Evocation, and Conjuration School.

For those who do not know, a subclass is like an extra classification you can pick in addition to the main class. Therefore, these choices affect your Character’s skills, strength, and growth as they level up. 

Key Takeaways

Subclasses can add another layer of complexity to the Wizard Class. Therefore, given below are some of the best Subclasses and what makes them special:

  1. Illusion:
    • Deceptive and situational in battles.
    • Spells focus on false perceptions and vanishing tricks.
    • Not highly impactful in quests.
  2. Transmutation:
    • Alters physical properties.
    • Connected to alchemy.
    • Limited benefits compared to other subclasses.
  3. Abjuration:
    • Focuses on defense and protection.
    • Creates barriers and dismisses enchantments.
    • Valuable for team defense.
  4. Conjuration:
    • Summons objects and creatures.
    • Adds versatility to battles.
    • Aids the party with additional support.
  5. Evocation:
    • Manipulates energies for powerful spells.
    • Focuses on raw elemental power.
    • It’s ideal for those seeking offensive prowess.
  6. Necromancy:
    • Manipulates life force, death, and the undead.
    • Versatile with offensive and defensive options.
    • Unique sustainability with healing from Grim Harvest.

Author’s Trust

Playing as a Wizard in Baldur’s Gate 3 has been an exciting experience. Therefore, here’s a comprehensive breakdown of each subclass to ensure a well-informed choice as you progress through the game

– Shahzar Khalique

Subclass Overview Table:

IllusionIllusion Savant, See Invisibility, Improve Minor Illusion, and Illusory Self.
TransmutationTransmutation Savant, Experimental Alchemy
Transmuter’s Stone, and Shapechanger.
EnchantmentEnchantment Savant, Hypnotic Gaze, Instinctive Charm, and Split Enchantment.
AbjurationAbjuration Savant, Arcane Ward, Projected Ward, and Improved Abjuration.
DivinationDivination Savant, Portent, Expert Divination, Third Eye: Darkvision, and Third Eye: See Invisibility.
ConjurationConjuration Savant, Minor Conjuration: Create Water, Benign Transposition: Teleport, and Focused Conjuration.
EvocationEvocation Savant, Sculpt Spells, Potent Cantrip. and Empowered Evocation.
NecromancyNecromancy Savant, Grim Harvest, Animate Spell, Undead Thralls: Better Summons, Undead Thralls: Additional Undead and Inured to Undeath.


Best Stealth Wizard Subclass in Baldurs Gate 3
The image shows Wizard talking to a character
Wizard talking to a character – Image Credits: Gamesual

As a wizard, I found the Illusion subclass the least useful for completing quests. It deceives enemies with false perceptions, disguises, and vanishing tricks. But its niche spells and situational subclass features rarely helped me in battles.

  • Level 2: Illusion Savant (halves illusion spell costs), Improved Minor Illusion (enhances cantrip)
  • Level 6: See Invisibility (reveals invisible creatures)
  • Level 10: Illusory Self (auto casts duplicate for dodging)

Spell Description Table:

Color Spray1Blind creatures
Disguise Self1Change your appearance completely
Mirror Image2Make three fake illusions of yourself that divert enemies' attention
Fear3Display a scary image that scares targets. Making them easier to hit and stops their movementt
Seeming5Disguise up to 4 members of your adventuring party

  • Deception and stealth.
  • Creative problem-solving.

  • Limited damage output.
  • Situational spells.


Best Deception Wizard Subclass in Baldurs Gate 3

As a Transmutation wizard, you can alter physical properties rather than Illusion. In my experience with the subclass, I used spells to transform objects, allies, enemies, or myself.

Transmutation connects to alchemy here. But this subclass ranks low due to limited benefits.


  • Level 2: Transmutation Savant (lower spell costs), Experimental Alchemy (extra alchemical brews)
  • Level 6: Transmuter’sTransmuter’s Stone (store magic in stone for creature buff)
  • Level 10: Shapechanger (transform into flying Blue Jay)
Feather Fall1Immune you and your allies to fall damage
Good Berry1Conjure 4 enchanted berries into either your own inventory or that of a companion. Creatures who eat a berry regain 1-4 hitpoints
Dark Vision2Give a creature the power to see clearly in the dark up to 12 meters away
Spike Growth2Change a part of ground into spikes. Movement is halved. A creature walking on the spikes takes 2-8 Piercing damage for every 1.5m it moves
Poly Morph4Transform a creature into a harmless sheep.

Transmutation wizard bonuses aid alchemy, which is less valuable than finding items by looting.

  • Versatile transformation of objects and creatures.
  • Utility spells for diverse situations.
  • Alchemical brews provide additional options.

  • Limited offense.
  • Strategic thinking is needed.


Best Controlling Wizard Subclass in Baldurs Gate 3

As an Enchantment wizard, I bewitch and charm creatures rather than directly attacking them. But this subclass ranks low due to its narrow focus. My bonuses:

  • Level 2: Enchantment Savant (lower spell costs), Hypnotic Gaze (disable enemy)
  • Level 6: Instinctive Charm (turn an attacker against allies)
  • Level 10: Split Enchantment (target two enemies with spells)

My spells charm beasts, scare enemies, and possess humanoids to attack others. For example:

Animal Friendship1Make a beast decide not to attack you
Dissonant Whispers1Whisper a unsettling tone to a creature and scare it
Crown of Madness2Drive a humanoid enemy to madness, compelling them to attack the nearest creature, even if its an ally, excluding you
Dominate Beast4Make a beast fight alongside you
Hold monster5Paralyze a creature preventing it from moving, acting or reacting

The enchantment needs to have buffing and defensive spells. It focuses on debuffing enemies, which can be limited. 

  • Control over foes.
  • Disable and manipulate.
  • Charm and mind control.

  • Limited damage.
  • Heavy reliance on control.


Best Defensive Wizard Subclass in Baldurs Gate 3

As an Abjuration wizard, I could focus on defense and protection. This school allows players to create barriers, fend off foes, and dismiss enchantments. Here are the bonuses I get:

  • Abjuration School Level 2: Abjuration Savant (Feature)
  • Abjuration School Level 2: Arcane Ward (Feature)
  • Abjuration School Level 6: Projected Ward (Feature)
  • Abjuration School Level 10: Improved Abjuration (Feature)
Mage Armour1Protect a target from attacks by increasing its armor class to 13
Aid2Heal your allies, and increase their hit points max by 5
Lesser Restoration2Cure a creature from disease, poison, paralysis or blindness
Remove Curse3Remove all creature's Curses and Hexes affecting it.
Banishment4Temporarily Banish your target to another plane of existence.

Though some might think of Abjuration as a background role, I enjoy being the shield that guards my team.

  • Enhanced defense.
  • Protective wards.
  • Counterspell proficiency.

  • Few offensive spells.
  • Less versatility.


Best Exploration Wizard Subclass in Baldurs Gate 3
The image shows wizard casting a spell.
Wizard Casting a Spell – Image Credits: Gamesual

As a Divination wizard, I get glimpses of the future, unveil hidden truths, and use this knowledge to my advantage. 

  • Divination School Level 2: Divination Savant (Feature)
  • Divination School Level 2: Portent (Feature)
  • Divination School Level 6: Expert Divination (Feature)
  • Divination School Level 6: Third Eye: Darkvision (Action)
  • Divination School Level 10: Third Eye: See Invisibility (Action)
True StrikeCantripDivine a character's defenses to give you Advantage when you next Attack Roll against it.
Speak With Animals1Gain the ability to understand and communicate with beasts
Detect Thoughts2Use your mind to read thoughts of creatures while talking to them

Divination is powerful, but unfortunately, its spells can be situational.

  • Glimpses of the future.
  • Alters outcomes with Portent.
  • Enhanced awareness.

  • Limited direct damage.
  • Situational abilities.


Best Summoner Wizard Subclass in Baldurs Gate 3
The image shows a wizard coming out of a teleport
Wizard using a Teleport – Image Credits: Gamesual

Players can summon objects and creatures to aid them as a Conjuration wizard. Here are the skillset:

  • Conjuration School Level 2: Conjuration Savant (Feature)
  • Conjuration School Level 2: Minor Conjuration: Create Water (Action)
  • Conjuration School Level 6: Benign Transposition: Teleport (Action)
  • Conjuration School Level 10: Focused Conjuration (Feature)
Find Familiar1Get a helpful familiar fairy-like spirit that can transform into the animal you pick
Fog Cloud1The cloud makes it hard to see for creatures inside
Cloud of Daggers2Conjure a cloud of spinning daggers that attack anyone inside
Minor Elemental4Conjure a minor elemental to fight alongside you
Arcane Gate6Create two linked teleportation portals

With Conjuration, I could bring versatility and surprise to any fight.

  • Summon creatures and objects.
  • Versatile battlefield control.
  • Teleportation mobility.

  • Some summons require concentration.
  • Potential complexity.


Best AOE Wizard Subclass in Baldurs Gate 3

Specializing in Evocation, you can manipulate energies for powerful spells. It slates unique Spells for your Character that are extremely powerful to turn the tide of the battle. 

  • Evocation School Level 2: Evocation Savant (Feature)
  • Evocation School Level 2: Sculpt Spells (Feature)
  • Evocation School Level 6: Potent Cantrip (Feature)
  • Evocation School Level 10: Empowered Evocation (Feature)
Chromatic Orb1Throw a ball of energy. It does 3d8 Thunder damage, or 2d8 Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, or Poison damage and makes a surface.
Magic Missile1Shoot 3 Magical Darts which always hit their target and do damage.
Prayer of Healing2Heal all allies you can see
Shatter2Damage all nearby creatures and objects.
Wall of Stone5Raise a wall of stone

Evocation is perfect for those who want to wield raw elemental power.

  • Raw elemental power.
  • AoE spells for crowd control.
  • Improved damaging spells.

  • Risk of friendly fire.
  • Limited utility.


Best Offensive Wizard Subclass in Baldurs Gate 3
The image shows a wizard walking in a forest
Necromancy Wizard – Image Credits: Gamesual

Necromancy Wizard allows players to manipulate life force, death, and the undead. I mostly used spells to raise the dead and use necrotic energy to harm or heal. 

  • Level 2: Necromancy Savant (lower spell costs), Grim Harvest (regain health when defeating foes)
  • Level 6: Animate Spell (raise corpse as servant), Undead Thralls (enhance summoned undead)
  • Level 10: Inured to Undeath (resist necrotic damage and prevent max HP reduction)

With the Necromancy subclass, you can restore health by damaging enemies and resisting necrotic damage. These spells include:

Ray of Sickness1Release a ray of sickening energy possibly Poisoning the target
Ray of Enfeeblement2Target deals half damage with weapon attacks using Strength.
Revivify3Resurrect a companion. They return to life with 1 hp
Feign Death3Put an ally in a protective, magical coma which makes him Resistant to all damage except psychic
Create Undead6Raise a corpse as a mummy that fights by your side.

Necromancy is well-rounded with offensive and defensive options. The healing from Grim Harvest also makes this subclass uniquely sustainable.

  • Manipulate life force.
  • Raise undead.
  • Versatile offensive and defensive.

  • Some spells are viewed negatively.
  • Limited crowd control.

My Thoughts

I would consider Evocation the Best Wizard Subclass in Baldurs Gate 3

Wizards are an essential class for every party, and during my 20-plus hours, the Wizard was integral. I found the choice for the Subclass to be very difficult, as all the options presented to me had their moments. Necromancy stands out with its versatile powers, especially the ability to summon undead allies and resist necrotic damage.

If you prefer raw power like me, Evocation is tempting. This is why I would recommend using Evocation if you are not sure what to pick. Ultimately, every subclass has its unique experience, and the best wizard subclass depends on individual playstyle preferences.

Baldur's Gate 3 Gameplay
Baldur’s Gate 3 – Gameplay Time: Image by Gamesual

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