Baldurs Gate 3: Efrin [Depetrfication & Stats]

Learn how to Depetrify and save Efrin in Baldurs Gate 3.

Baldurs Gate 3 Efrin
Baldurs Gate 3 Efrin - Image Credits: Gamesual

In Baldurs Gate 3, Efrin is a non-playable character. He is a dwarf found in the Overgrown Tunnel. In addition, Efrin is petrified and trapped by Aunt Ethel. He is suffering from Laduger’s Bite disease.

Key Takeaways

  • Efrin is a dwarf found in the Overgrown Tunell cave, petrified by Aunt Ethel.
  • You can depetrify Efrin. However, this will kill him.
  • In contrast, you can kill the Hag first and then depetrify Efrin to ensure he doesn’t die.
  • Efrin can help with quest assistance and provide information as a helpful companion.

Efrin Stats

Efrin, the dwarf, weighs 50kg and has a base speed of 6m. He also has 27 health and 15 armor. Here are his statistics:

Passive AbilitesAttack of Opportunity
  • Attack of Opportunity: When an enemy moves away from you, you can use your Reaction to attack them without using your regular turn.

These stats are average for a dwarf. Efrin is not a particularly strong or agile dwarf, but also not weak or clumsy. He is of average intelligence and wisdom and has a neutral personality.

Although Efrin’s stats may not be essential for combat, they can be helpful in roleplaying. If you can undo Efrin’s petrification, you can use his statistics to enhance your roleplaying experience.

The loot obtained from Efrin in Baldurs Gate 3 may not be substantial, but it can benefit players starting the game. Here is a list of the loot that can be found on Efrin.; 3 gold coins, Scale mail, Greataxe, and a Bottle.


The Overgrown Tunnel can be accessed through the Riverside Teahouse in the Sunlit Wetlands. To get to the Overgrown Tunnel, you must first travel to the Blighted Village and then follow the path eastward. To find him, head to the gallery in Overgrown Tunnel and proceed beyond the chamber with the Basilisk oil.

How To Save Efrin

At first, it would look like Efrin is suffering from a disease known as Laduger’s Bite, but later, it is revealed that Aunt Eithel petrifies him, which is why he has this disease. You can save Efrin using the Basilisk oil or kill Aunt Ethel.

Basilisk Oil

The easiest way to save Efrin in Baldurs Gate 3 is to use Basilisk oil. This oil can be found in one of the chests in the gallery of the Overgrown Tunnel. After getting this rare item, find Efrin and throw the Basilisk Oil on him. This will depetrify him.

However, after Efrin is not petrified, he will ask you why you did this. He will then tell you that the petrification stopped the Laduger’s Bite disease from spreading further. After this, he will start groaning and vomiting and die on the cave’s floor.

You can choose this option to release Efrin from his misery of being either petrified or dying from a disease and give him a peaceful death. This will free him of the pain from the Laduger’s Bite, but he won’t be able to see his family one last time. However, players also have the option to leave Efrin petrified, sparing him from the pain of Laduger’s Bite, but he will never see his family again.

Kill Aunt Ethel

Aunt Ethel
Aunt Ethel – Image Credits: Gamesual

Aunt Ehtel is a Hag and a vicious creature in Baldurs Gate 3. Players first meet her at the Druid Grove, where she comes across as a sweet older woman. But later, you will realize that she is exceptionally evil.

To remove Efrin’s petrification without him dying, you would first have to kill Aunt Ethel. She is a powerful boss, and her stats are as follows;

Passive AbilitiesAttack of Oppurtunity, Darkvision and Fey Life
  • Attack of Opportunity: When an enemy moves away from you, you can use your Reaction to attack them without using your regular turn.
  • Darkvision: This ability allows creatures to see up to 12m in the dark.
  • Fey Life: Wearing it can increase the chances of succeeding on Death Saving Throws.

During the fight with Auntie Ethel in her lair, she creates three copies of herself – only one is real, while the other three are illusions. However, these illusions can still damage you, so you must dispel them by hitting them with any attack.

To fight her efficiently, ensure you have the Magic Missile Spell in your arsenal. This spell shoots three missiles which consistently hit their target. This will help you simultaneously inflict damage to all three copies of the Hag and reveal the real Hag.

After reducing her HP by half, Ethel will clone herself again. You can repeat the previous attack or use AoE attacks like Burning Hands or Pin Down. Damaging the clones will reveal her position.

You can also use the Witch Bolt spell to defeat the Hag. This spell connects the player to their desired target. This will help you connect to the real Hag, inflict damage on her, and prevent you from wasting your efforts on her copies.

Upon defeating the Hag, you can loot her body for Corellon’s Grace, Spellthief, and 3 Potion of Hill Giant Strength, among other rewards.

Defeating the Hag will remove all her curses, removing the Laduger’s Bite curse from Efrin. You can then depetrify Efrin as, this time, the Bite will not be there, and he will not die. Efrin will then thank you and leave to see his family.

Efrin is a gentle soul who can help with quests, provide information, or offer companionship. He is not very powerful in combat, so bringing other companions with you who are better at fighting is recommended.

He can also provide helpful information about the Sunlit Wetlands, the Overgrown Tunnel, Auntie Ethel and her lair. This is especially useful if you’re on a quest or exploring the area. For instance, Efrin can guide you to the Tears of Selune.

However, if you let Efrin die, you can use his loot. For players in the game’s early stages, scale mail is a reliable choice of armor. It is both protective and lightweight, allowing for easy mobility. A formidable weapon, the great axe inflicts significant damage upon impact.

At last, the decision is yours to make; you can depetrify Efrin and let him die early or wait for the death of the Hag and then help Efrin survive. You can consult this guide to make whatever decision suits you best.

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