Baldurs Gate 3: Find The Nightsong [Quest Walkthrough]

In this guide I will help you with how to find and complete the Nightsong quest.

Find The Nightsong Baldurs Gate 3
Find The Nightsong - Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual

Even though this is a side quest, there are some serious repercussions from doing this Quest. It lasts 2 Acts, and players can complete this Quest differently. I should also warn you that confident choices at the end of this campaign can have long-lasting effects for the rest of the campaign.

Key Takeaways

  • This questline starts in Act 1 of the game and finally concludes in Act 2.
  • It will finally take you from Goblin Camps to the Underdark and the Gauntlet of Shar.
  • Solve various puzzles and find four Umbral Gems to make your way to Shadowfell finally.
  • Here, you will encounter Balthazar and Nightsong. You are required to defeat Balthazar to confront Nightsong finally.
  • Players need to let Shadowheart complete her questline here. However, players can convince her not to kill the Nightsong.
  • Under no circumstance should players kill the Nightsong themselves.

Find The Nightsong [quest]
Find The Nightsong Quest – Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual

How To Start The Nightsong Quest – Act 1

The Find the Nightsong Quest is a significant questline in Baldurs Gate 3. This questline will last multiple acts and significantly impact Shadowheart if she is in your current party. 

  1. To start the questline, you must visit Emelard Grove. This is one of the early areas in the game that most people will encounter.
  2. If you missed this place, it is located north of the Roadside Cliffs.
  3. When you first visit this place, you will find Goblins launching an attack at the entrance.
  4. This Goblin and Tiefling conflict is another major quest players will encounter.
  5. This questline will lead you to Goblin Camp, located in the Western part of the map.
  6. You can rescue a Goblin, Sazza, from the makeshift Prison in Druid Grove, as she will allow you to get a safe passage into the Goblin Camp.
  7. I recommend using Illithid’s abilities to get into the camp without raising conflicts.
  8. Once inside the base, find a Druid named Liam, whom the Goblin is torturing. Interacting with Liam and using specific dialogue options will start your Find the Nightsong questline.
  9. You can also start the Quest early if you meet Aradin within Druid Grove.
  10. Here, Aradin will talk about the fabulous treasures hidden. He will also let you know how the Goblins have captured their partner, who has a map of it.
aradin Baldurs Gate 3
Aradin – Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual

Next, players must access the Underdark. There are a few hidden passages that could lead you to the Underdark.

The easiest way I found to the Underdark was through the Goblin Camp. You can use your Illithid abilities and sometimes luck to navigate the Goblin Camp easily.

The Goblin Camp also has a vital quest where the Goblin Priestess would like to meet you and treat you. However, I recommend talking your way out of this deal, as letting her take out the parasite will only land you in Prison.

Once you have completed this Quest, there will be a small door in the room where you will meet the Goblin Priestess.

goblin priestess baldurs gate 3
Goblin Priestess Gut – Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual
  1. Use your lockpicking abilities to access the room and downstairs.
  2. A large Ogre will guard this place and use either combat or Persuasion check to get through him.
  3. In my opinion, you should try avoiding this fight.
  4. You will then come across a dead end within a Library, and you can find four rotating discs right in the middle. 

Now, there are two ways players can get through this room. You can solve the puzzle on the ground or pass the perception check to find the lever hiding in the room.

The puzzle is relatively easy to solve if you pay attention to the art on the wall. All you need to do is move all four dark circles to the disc closest to where you entered. 

defiled temple puzzle solution baldurs gate 3
Defiled Temple Puzzle’s Solution – Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual

This will unlock the door, and you can finally get to the Underdark. 

The Underdark is a scary and dangerous place in itself. Many traps and a few enemies almost killed off my entire party. You will first enter through a Selunite Outpost and discover a waypoint as you go down. 

Your party will also witness this defense system take out a giant Minotaur within seconds. Players must first turn off these defense systems to make their way further into the Underdark.

  1. First, get on top of the ledge on the main gate to turn off the system.
  2. Here, you will find a skeleton with a key, and this spot is perfect for turning off the defense system.
selunite outpost baldurs gate 3
Selunite Outpost – Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual
  1. Aim and shoot at the glowing stone held by the giant statue.
  2. This is the defense system’s primary energy source, and destroying it will shut it down.
  3. Head out the main door and walk through the immense Underdark.
  4. I should also remind you to let the defense system kill the Minotaur first, as you don’t want to fight what you don’t have to.

For our Nightsong questline, players must head to Grymforge to explore this Underdark part. You can run to Grymforge through the Decrepit Village. Here at X: 19 and Y: -208, you can find a boat that can take you to Grymforge.

There are plenty of puzzles and loot players can find here. However, talking to the NPCs and exploring here, you will realize that the trail for Nightsong has gone cold. This will end the Find the Nightsong Quest in Act 1 and how far players could play in Early Access. 

Find The Nightsong – Act 2

The Find the Nightsong Quest ends abruptly in Act 1 of the game and resumes automatically in Act 2. Initially, I had to play a few main questline missions before returning to the Nightsong Quest.

During this time, you cannot find any clues on Nightsong. After crossing the Shadow Cursed lands and completing that questline, you can resume the Nightsong quest.

  1. To get back to Find the Nightsong quest, go to Thorm Mausoleum.
  2. This place can be found in Act 2 and is located at X: -185 and Y: 206.
  3. Enter the Thorm Mausoleum and make your way through this place.
  4. You will find a room at the end with blue paintings on the wall.
thorm mausoleum baldurs gate 3
Thorm Mausoleum – Baldurs Gate 3: Image by Gamesual
  1. Under these paintings are buttons that players need to press.
  2. Press the buttons in the correct order, starting from Moonrise Tower and ending with General.
  3. Once you have pressed all three buttons, a hidden door will open.
  4. This is the entrance to the Gauntlet of Shar, where you can find the conclusion for this long-going questline.
  5. So I suggest packing all your essential gear and preparing your best builds before coming here. Moreover, bring Shadowheart as she is integral to this questline.
  6. Once you have made your way down a magical elevator, you will enter the Gauntlet of Shar.
  7. Shadowheart will be able to recognize this place immediately. This place is full of many puzzles and items to collect. You must get all four Umbral Gems and a few other quest items to defeat Nightsong.
  8. The first puzzle players will come across will be north of the elevator you just came from. This room will contain a statue holding a glowing orb and surrounded by a force field.
  9. If players try to interact with the figure, the force field will throw them back. Accessing the side rooms will help you find levers.
  10. These levers will bring down the lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Once all four lanterns are down, players can interact with them to extinguish them.
  11. This will reveal a hidden pathway to get to the statue and interact with it, opening another secret door. 
lantern puzzle baldurs gate 3
Lantern Puzzle – Baldurs Gate 3

Making your way through the secret door will land you in the heart of the Gauntlet of Shar. Interact with a mysterious altar in the middle to initiate a cutscene. This is where Shadowheart will explain how players need to clear several Trials before facing the Nightsong.

gauntlet of shar map
Gauntlet of Shar Map – Baldurs Gate 3
Item No.Item Name Item LocationTrial or Quest Name
1Umbral Gem East from the Altar (X: -652 and Y: -776)Kill Raphael's Old Enemy
2Umbral GemWest from the Altar (X: -830 and Y: -754)Soft Step Trial
3Umbral GemWest from the Altar (X: -782 and Y: -727)Self Same Trial
4Umbral GemBelow the Self Same Trial (X: -762 and Y: -729)Faith Step Trial
5Spear of NightSilent Library (X: -761 and Y: -757)Treasure Room Puzzle

Yurgir – First Gem

  1. One of the first Umbral Gems can be acquired as part of the Kill Raphael’s Enemy quest.
  2. Players can get this stone using stealth, which would avoid any combat, and trust me, you might want to avoid any combat possible.
  3. In my experience, having the Misty Step spell made this part of the Quest a lot easier.
  4. You can use the Misty Step spell to teleport your character into the east wing of the temple and find Yurgir.
  5. This is on the floor below the Altar and the east side. Once you teleport here, use stealth and Misty Steps to avoid detection.
  6. You can see the Umbral Gem on the ground, and walking towards it will reveal you to the enemies here. However, even if you get informed, you can talk out of any fight.
  7. Firstly, get Yurgir to recite his contract and then find a loophole. You can use this loophole to convince Yurgir to kill all his minions and himself. Therefore, then grab the Gem and get back to the Altar.

Soft Step Trial – Second Gem

  1. The Second Gem can be acquired after completing the Soft Step Trial.
  2. This Trial is located on the west end of the temple, and players can either use jump to get here or use Misty steps to teleport to the floor below.
  3. Head further West when you get to this floor, and after going through the door, you will come across the Soft Step Trial.
  4. Here, a statue will demand your blood; once you have sacrificed some blood, the doors behind will open.
  5. This is where the actual Trial will begin. You will come across a maze-like room.
  6. I suggest using stealth and other stealth spells to avoid being detected by the Mysterious shadows.
  7. There are a few traps players need to avoid.
  8. Once through, you will come across a gate, and behind the gate will be another Umbral Gem. You can use any of the methods suited to get through the door.
  9. If lockpicking is not your style, you can also find a key on the table in this maze area.
  10. Get the Umbral Gem and head back to the Altar.

Self Same Trial – Third Gem

  1. The Third Gem can be acquired once you complete the Self Same Trial.
  2. This Trial will require players to fight clones of themselves, and after you have defeated them, you will receive another Umbral Gem.
  3. After completing the Soft Step Trial, leave your room and head to the left corridor. 
  4. You will come across another gate here, and once you enter the gate, you will find another statue.
  5. I came here alone, which worked in my favor, as I only had to fight one clone instead of four. After sacrificing your blood to the statue, the actual Trial will begin. 
  6. Use stealth to make your way across the room without being detected by your clone.
  7. Sneak up behind your clone, and you will encounter another Umbral Gem after defeating it.
  8. You can also remove all your armor before entering this room, as your clone will spawn without armor. This will reduce the time required to defeat the clone.

Faith Step Trial – Fourth Gem

  1. After completing the Self Same Trial, head out of the room and turn left.
  2. Keep moving forward, and you will come across a downstairs staircase.
  3. Head downstairs, and right in front of the stairs, you will see another door. You need to head in through this door, and you will come across another statue.
  4. Sacrifice more of your blood, and you will start your Faith Step Trial.
  5. This Trial will require players to navigate in the dark and avoid falling off the platforms.
  6. You can use spells to light up the room or use flying or teleportation spells to get to the end of it. I just used Misty Step to clear this room as well.
  7. Once at the end, you will come across the fourth and final Umbral Gem. Get your hands on this Gem and return to the Altar.

Silent Library – Spear of Night

  1. Now that you have collected all the Umbral Gems, you must find a suitable weapon to kill Nightsong.
  2. Head to the bottom floor on the West side of the temple, and you will come across the Silent Library (X: -761 and Y: -757).
  3. You must defeat all enemies here and press the button to unlock the gate.
  4. I recommend bringing a Rogue here, as you might need to lockpick the door. Once inside, you will find a stone shelf you can interact with.
  5. This stone will also contain a riddl: What Can Silence the Nightsong? 
  6. To solve this riddle, go to the Silent Library and find a book, The Nightsinger. 
  7. Ensure to disable or be careful of all the traps in this place.
  8. Grab the book and place it on the stone shelf to unlock the Treasure Room.
  9. Within this treasure room, players can find the Dark Justiciar Helmet, Dark Justiciar Half-Plate, and the Spear of Night.
  10. Give these items to Shadowheart, as they will be needed later in this Questline.

After collecting all the Umbral Gems, you can finally reach the Nightsong.

Firstly, place one of the Umbral Gems on the first Altar. This will activate the platform right in front of you. Get on this platform, and it will take you to another Altar where players can place the remaining three Umbral Gems.

This will unlock another secret door and a waypoint sigil that will allow you to fast-travel in and out of this place. Make your way into the water before you, and you will enter the Shadowfell.

This is where you will find Balthazar and Nightsong. It would be best if you defeated Balthazar to progress further.

From my experience, sneaking up behind Balthazar and setting yourself in advantageous positions works. Once you have defeated Balthazar, you can finally get to Nightsong and reach the finale of this long-running Quest. When you finally confront Nightsong, you have a few critical decisions to make.

Nightsong Baldurs Gate 3
Nightsong – Baldurs Gate 3

Quest Decisions – Kill Or Spare?

You can either kill Nightsong, or you can spare her. I should warn you that killing Nightsong yourself will cause Shadowheart to leave camp. However, if you do want to kill Nightsong, make sure to let Shadowheart do it.

As this is part of the questline, killing the Nightsong completes her storyline. She will also become the Dark Justiciar and will be possessed by Shar.

This ends up changing Shadowheart emotionally and ending any romance options left with her. If you kill the Nightsong yourself, you will upset Shadowheart so much that she will forever leave your party.

There is also a third viable option where you can convince Shadowheart not to kill her. This option will require you to pass a persuasion check.

Completing this successfully will reveal the backstory of Nightsong and how she is the Daughter of Selune. Shadowheart will still earn rewards for this and will complete her Quest. It will also let you continue to have further romance options with her.

Challenges Encountered

This questline is focused on Shadowheart’s story, which makes her character quite interesting and developed. I was invested in what was coming for her and assisting her in the journey. Let me tell you that this Quest was not easy and tested my combat and exploration skills.

Although packing some important spells like Misty Step did help me get to the difficult places. Moreover, I recommend carefully considering the final choice you will make at the end of this Quest, as this decision can impact the rest of your campaign.

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