Baldurs Gate 3: Gandrel [Choices & Outcomes]

The choice between giving up Astarion to Gandrel or killing him.

Baldurs Gate 3 Gandrel
Baldurs Gate 3 Gandrel - Image Credits: Gamesual

In Baldurs Gate 3, Gandrel is a merchant and non-playable character. He is a Gur, a monster hunter on the hunt for Astarion. In the Pale Elf quest line, you can locate Gandrel near Auntie Ethel’s house, within the Sunlit Wetlands.

Key Takeaways

  • Gandrel is found near Auntie Ethel’s house, Sunlit Wetlands.
  • In Baldurs Gate 3, killing Gandrel will earn your companion’s trust and get his prized crossbow.
  • However, you can also talk with him and do nothing.
  • In addition, giving up Astarion to Gandrel will result in your companions losing trust in you, plus Astarion permanently leaving, blocking off his quests.

Gandrel Stats

Gandrel is a human weighing 60kg with a base speed of 9m. In addition, he has 73 health and 15 armor. His stats are as follows;

Gandral StatsAttributes
Passive AbilitesAttack of Oppurtunity
Hunter's Mark
Extra Attack
  • Attack of Opportunity: Attack an enemy who moves away from you without using your regular turn. This action is called a Reaction.
  • Hunter’s Mark: When you target your prey and attack, you inflict an extra 1d6 Piercing Damage.
  • Extra Attack: You can perform an extra free attack after executing a Main Hand Attack.

If you defeat Gandrel, you can loot a Dagger, Torch x2, an Arrow of Fire and Acid, 2 Healing Potions, Leather and Light Armor, a Supply Pack, and the Gandrel’s Inspiration, among others.

Gandrel’s Aspiration is a heavy two-handed crossbow; its stats are as follows;

Gandrel’s AspirationStats
Damage1D10+2 Piercing
ProficienciesPiercing Shot and Brace
Passive AbilitiesFellor of Monsters and Sacred Munitions
  • Piercing Shot: Shoot an enemy to cause damage, which may result in them having Gaping Wounds. Attacks on creatures with a Gaping Wound cause an extra 2 Piercing damage.
  • Brace: Allows you to use 6 meters of your movement speed to roll ranged damage twice and choose the higher result during the remainder of the turn.

The passive ability Fellor of Monster gives you an advantage against Monstrosity-type enemies. With Sacred Munitions, charge your crossbow bolts with sacred energy. Your ranged weapon attacks may potentially cause Turn Undead.

Gandrel is a merchant selling Arrow of Fire, Potion of Healing, and Acid.

If Astarion Is Not With You

Astarion is your companion in Baldurs Gate 3. He is a High-Elf Rogue, a valuable party member because of his trickery abilities. He is a vampire running away from a vampire lord named Cazador Szarr.

When Astarion is not with you and you meet Gandrel, he will initially talk about the smell coming from him and, upon inquiry, will tell you that he is also here to meet the Old Hag, but she is already dead. You can then ask him who he is hunting, but he will not answer; you must Persuade him further.

Upon persuasion, he will tell you that he is looking for a vampire spawn named Astarion and how his people were attacked and someone stole the children. He believes Astarion knows about this attack.

If you tell him you know Astarion, he will ask you to explain his whereabouts. If you ask Gandrel about the camp’s location, he will thank you and leave.

This will make Astarion permanently leave, and he won’t be there when you wake up, resulting in losing a valuable member. Plus, your other companions in the party will distrust you. However, you can talk to Astarion before resting and warn him; this will maintain the trust, and he will be thankful to you.

There is a third option where you can just simply kill Gandrel. Doing this will protect Astarion, which is essential to the progress of his companion guide quest. Killing him will also grant you the Gandrel’s Aspiration Crossbow, considered a good weapon in the early game. In contrast, not killing him doesn’t give you anything but makes you lose a valuable companion.

You can also not tell him anything and act like you don’t know his location. You can also act like you know his location but won’t tell Gandrel. These both will result in Gandrel leaving and telling you how good of a friend you are. However, you will always have a looming threat of Gandrel returning.

If Astarion Is With You

Gandrel stabbed by Astarion
Gandrel stabbed by Astarion – Image Credits: Gamesual

In Baldurs Gate 3, when you meet Gandrel while Astarion is with you, Astarion himself will start questioning Gandrel and saying stuff like all Gur are cut-throats, etc. Astarion will further enquire about what and who he is hunting, upon which Gandrel will tell that he is hunting a vampire spawn.

This will tense Astarion, and he starts reaching for his weapon. Astarion will keep asking Gandrel why he is hunting a vampire and for who. If you don’t interrupt Astarion and keep selecting the “say nothing” option, Astarion will stab Gandrel in the eye, killing him.

You can interrupt Astarion and tell Gandrel he is talking to the vampire he is looking for. Gandrel will then punch Astarion, therefore capturing him. This will result in your companions distrusting you and permanently losing Astarion as your companion.

Players can also not tell Gandrel anything and leave. You can also let Astarion do whatever he wants, resulting in combat. You can let Astarion or yourself kill Gandrel and loot his prized crossbow.

In conclusion, killing Gandrel is the best choice as it rewards with good loot, such as Gandrel’s Aspiration crossbow; it also earns your companions’ trust. Not killing Gandrel will only result in the loss of a helpful companion who can lockpick efficiently, plus lower the trust of your companions in you. You will also not be able to play Astarion’s quests.

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