Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Romance Karlach [Complete Guide]

Detailed guide of what to do and what not to do during romance option with Karlach.

How to Romance Karlach
Baldur's Gate-3 How to Romance Karlach

Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the few games acclaimed for putting great details in each aspect, and romance is no exception. This article will discuss how to romance Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3. We will also discuss which options to pick to get the desirable end. 

Key Takeaways

  • Karlach is a Zariel Tiefling Barbarian known for their excellent movement.
  • She is a companion who can join our party while helping us in battle.
  • To romance Karlach, you must solve her problems.
  • Her problems include helping Tiefling refugees and her Infernal Engine, which will burn anyone who touches her.
  • This “quest” of “romancing” her will take two acts, and there are specific criteria you must fill in.
  • Act 1 of this “quest” includes meeting the right people and getting Infernal Iron.
  • Act 2 of this “quest” includes getting other Infernal Items and giving them to Dammon. 

Karlach is a barbarian companion from Baldur’s Gate 3 who was forced to fight in wars for evil causes. For further detail, she is Zariel Tiefling Barbarian. The Zariel is a subrace Tiefling, and their specialty is that they have great distance in their movement. 

Karlach as a companion, has stats that can be helped in fights and follow you around in the game. Here are the stats of Karlach:

Movement Speed9m
Darkvision Range12m
Carrying Capacity210kg

As for where you can find her, she can be located near Belioghted village, which is more specifically on Risen Road. And to be specific, it can be found near the people hunting Karlach down at the Risen Road.

First Encounter
Karlach, when you first meet her [Captured by Gamesual]

How To Romance Karlach

The main idea of romancing Karlach is to get her approval and credibility by doing heroic deeds. However, it would be best to invite her to your party, which can be done early in the game (Act 1).

For that, you must first meet her in the location and then talk to her enquiring and such to invite her to your party. 

After completing that task, it becomes essential to consistently display heroic and courageous traits while adventuring with her to earn her approval. Despite it going chill for here, Karlach has uncontrollable powers that go berserk when feeling intense emotions.

This is due to Infernal Engine, her heart that can be helped, as discussed later. Her is how she looks when Infernal Engine is “activating.”

Infernal Engine
Infernal Engine visual

Nonetheless, it is essential to remember that you must save the Tiefling refugees, which you can encounter in Act 1 of the game. Moreover, by doing this, you can also romance Minthara, but it would eliminate the option of romancing Karalch.

Even so, you also have another event where you must prove your heroism: you do not side with Minthara and the Goblins. If you do not do as stated, Karlach will leave the party, which will not allow you to follow the guide further.

Getting Infernal Iron In Act 1

Returning to the route to romancing Karlach, you must fix the reason that anyone she touches will hurt the person, which is the Infernal Engine. Firstly you must start by going to the Tiefling refugee camp and find a Tiefling with excellent engineering knowledge named “Dammon.” He will help you regarding Infernal Engine.

How to romance karlach in Buldur's Gate 3

However, it would be best if you first gave him the equipment he needs, which starts with Infernal Iron. You can get the Infernal Iron from multiple places; however, remember not to kill the Oxen in Act 2 at Druid Groove as it will disappear Dammon in the act.

The Infernal Iron you can get in Act One is either in Goblin camp, but you will have to defeat Dror Ragzlin, which will, in turn, give you a key to his room where you can find the Infernal Iron.

The other way of getting it is going to Underdark and Grymforge. There you will find an NPC named Stonemason Kith.

Romancing Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3 becomes crucial, involving the acquisition of Infernal Iron from a specific vendor. However, the process is somewhat unpredictable, as you need to fulfill particular criteria to unlock the option of purchasing Infernal Iron from him. For further details, please check this Reddit thread.

After obtaining the Infernal Iron for the Infernal Engine, Karlach can briefly touch people. This newfound capability can be utilized to soothe her when she loses control. However, now you can kiss Karlach, but to do that, you have to do specific stuff, which is 

  1. Return to camp.
  2. Talk to her and say you know a way to cool her head while she is raging, to which she will reply that she is “waiting” for what that might be.
  3. Throw water or hit her ice spell, progressing the dialogue further. This will make the conversation intimate, and eventually, you can kiss her.

Getting More Items In Act 2

Soon as you get the Infernal Iron, Damien will give you more errands to further help against the “Infernal Engine.” After giving Dammon (don’t meet Dammon before triggering the Wyll and Miroza event, then talk about the event with Karlach) the Infernal item, you must meet him at Baldur’s Gate. But before reaching that destination, you must first venture out to find the great to Shadow-Cursed Lands.

Once you reach the Last Inn, then you can meet Jaheira. However, if Karlach is at your party, you must talk to her about Jaheria to Karlach, then give the Infernal Iron to Dammon in Act 2. 

Now go back to camp, talk to Karlach, and follow the dialogue.

  • Talk to her at night at the camp
  • Test the Infernal Engine by kissing her.
  • Continue the dialogue trying relatively to please her
  • When the time comes, select “Of course, nothing would make me happier.” thus completing our “How to romance Karlach Baldur’s Gate 3” guide.

Things That Interrupt Romance With Karlach

There are other additional things to remember, as it might deter you from the romantic ending you desire with Karlach. We have discussed many events in the article that might stop the romance ending; however, others might also hinder such an ending.

Firstly romancing with other characters might also make romance with Karlach devoid. However, since testing each romance outcome with every other love interest is very tedious and impossible thus, we recommend selecting one romantic interest.

Secondly, when interacting with Nightsong, you must keep Dammon alive there.

Thirdly, don’t show cowardice and nonheroic characteristics to Karlach, as she might leave the party due to those decisions.

In conclusion, it’s essential to remember that despite the somewhat tedious and daunting tasks associated with completing these “quests,” they ultimately lead to the opportunity to have Karlach as a companion, resulting in significant DPS gains.

Moreover, getting errands is vital for this so-called “quest.” These errands include more of getting Infernal items that will cool her off while allowing her to touch her comrades without hurting them/us.

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