Baldur’s Gate 3: Rescue The Trapped Man [Walkthrough]

Unveil Secrets and Triumph: Mastering the Baldur's Gate 3 'Rescue the Trapped Man' Quest.

Baldurs Gate 3 "Rescue the Trapped Man
Baldurs Gate 3 "Rescue the Trapped Man

Amidst the intricate tapestry of this expansive game, the endeavor to liberate the trapped man stands as a compelling challenge. This comprehensive guide navigates you through the essential steps and expert tips to complete the “Rescue the Trapped Man” quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. Unravel the enigma and seize your well-earned reward as you delve into the heart of this captivating virtual adventure.       

Key Takeaways

  • Embark on a mission to rescue the trapped man, facing challenges and crucial decisions.
  • Safeguard Benryn‘s journey through a complicated landscape, demanding strategic thinking.
  • As part of the objectives, players must discover Miri’s whereabouts to add urgency and mystery to their quest.
  • Quest will also allow you to uncover hidden stories and valuable items while searching for the dowry.

While navigating the inaugural Baldur’s Gate 3 region in Act 1, you will discover a Blazing Inn near Waukeen’s Rest Waypoint. This is where the quest and your chance to prove your heroism will begin.

Baldur's Gate 3 Map
Location of Quest “Rescue the Trapped Man”

Free The Trapped Man

Now you must collaborate with The Knights of the Flaming Fist for Entry. You must overcome Strength Challenges to Gain Access via Strength Checks or Manual Attacks.

Note: Soldiers attain ‘Chain of Command‘ Inspiration for Aiding the Flaming Fist’s Cause.

Next, locate the staircase on the Northern Inn Wall. Climb the stairs to witness Knights aiming to save the Counselor in the adjacent room.

While Optional, to save the counselor, mirror the steps mentioned below. Our focus shifts to the fitting room, housing a Trapped Man under Debris.

Proceed with caution. Save your progress before advancing, just in case anything goes wrong. Break the door to Reach the Trapped Man but also note that the door will explode.

You can sidestep this risk by Inflicting Ranged Damage from the Opposite End of the Room. Considering the door’s Blast Radius, be careful with your approach.

Broken Door
Using Ranged Attack to Evade the Explosive Outburst of the Door

Enter the room after the door is brought down. Interact with the Beam resting upon Benryn. Conquer a Strength or Investigation Check to elevate the beam. Upon success, extend the offer to guide Benryn safely from the Inn.

Trapped Man cutscene
Options Given to Rescue the Trapped Man

Ensure Benryn’s Safety

After concluding the discussion with Benryn, the encounter transitions to Turn-Based Mode. Prioritize assisting Benryn to evacuate the room promptly. Activate Dash to enhance Party Member Movement Speed, hastening their exit. Once all are safely outside, Exit Turn-Based Mode.

If you haven’t rescued the counselor, enter their room using Melee Attacks to break the door – No Explosive Risk. Once every one to be rescued is Safely Out, Initiate a conversation with Benryn.

Note: Nobles Garner the ‘Protector of the Duke’ Inspiration in Gratitude for Saving the Counselor.

Speak To Benryn

Outside the inn, you must converse with Benryn, unveiling his concern for his missing wife, Miri. Embark on the task to locate Miri and reunite the pair. Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity: if you rescued the counselor, interact with them to embark on a quest and acquire a rare weapon.

Communicating with Benryn
Engaging with Benryn to get information on Miri and the Dowry

Miri awaits on the structure’s second floor just west of the inn. Regrettably, she has passed away due to the assault. Yet, possessing the skill to speak with the dead allows you to learn the whereabouts of her sister’s dowry.

Revisit Benryn to convey the unfortunate news. He will be profoundly affected and hasten to Miri’s side, prompting another conversation. Engage in a second discussion with Benryn, selecting the dialogue choices that resonate with you. Irrespective of your choices, your next task involves tracking down the dowry.

Locating The Dowry

Should you opt not to use ‘Speak with the Dead’ to uncover Miri’s hidden dowry location, the sole clue you receive is that it’s situated somewhere on the property. Thankfully, the solution lies merely a brief stroll away in a nearby barn.

From the structure housing Miri’s body, proceed to the northwest barn featuring a hay bale. Search the hay bale within the barn to reveal the chest containing the dowry.

Dowry Ring Baldurs Gate 3
The dowry ring located inside the Barn

Return To Benryn

Equipped with the dowry, follow up to engage Benryn in conversation. Here, you’ll decide whether to hand it over or retain it. It’s important to note that there is no reward for returning the dowry to Benryn. Whichever path you choose, this is where the quest concludes!!

End of Quest
End of Quest, after you get the choice of giving the dowry back or not

Navigate the immersive world of Baldur’s Gate 3 through the ‘Rescue the Trapped Man’ quest. From saving lives to uncovering secrets, your choices shape the journey. Whether you return the dowry or keep it, your impact on the game’s expansive world is a testament to the immersive adventure that awaits

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