Baldur’s Gate 3: Riddle Of The Night [Solved]

Learn everything there is to know about the Riddle of the Night in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur's Gate 3 Riddle Of The Night
Baldur's Gate 3 Riddle Of The Night (captured by us)

In the adventurous world of Baldur’s Gate 3, aside from combats, there are also a lot of puzzles and riddles for us to keep our minds sharp along with our combat skills. These puzzles can be challenging or accessible, depending on how we perceive them. There is no need to get anxious when solving a riddle. It only makes it hard for you to solve it. Baldur’s Gate 3 Riddle Of The Night is exciting and challenging.

This article will tell you everything about a famous riddle in the game Baldur’s Gate 3. The name of this riddle is ” Riddle Of The Night.” This riddle will include the location, enemies, traps, and rewards.

Key Takeaways

  • There are many puzzles in Baldur’s Gate 3 to keep our minds sharp and active.
  • Riddle Of The Night is a question you will be asked when entering the Silent Library.
  • The Silent Library is filled with traps, so it’s better to be careful.
  • You will also encounter enemies like the Justiciar guards.
  • After completing the puzzle, you will be rewarded with the versatile weapon ” The Night Sphere ” and a dark justiciar helm from a chest.

Riddle Of The Night

Riddle Of The Night
Riddle Of The Night (captured by us)

The Riddle of The Night is a question I was asked when I reached the Silent Library after completing the three trials in the Gauntlet of Shar. So the location of the Riddle of The Night is in Silent Library. There I was asked the riddle, ” What can silence the Nightsong?” then, an item slot appeared where I had to put the answer. For the solution to this riddle, keep reading. I will answer it soon.

Defeating Enemies

You need to take care of some things before solving the riddle, like defeating the enemies like justiciar guards. When we enter the library, you will notice them. Beating them is relatively easy, but it can be a hassle if they gang up on you. You will also notice that no one can use magic spells in the Silent Library because of the librarian.

If, like me, you also like to defeat your enemies with a flashy spell, you can find and defeat the librarian, restore the ability to cast spells, and defeat the Justiciar guard. Or you can use a sword attack to defeat them and move forward. It’s entirely your own choice.


Traps (captured by us)

After defeating the Justiciar guards, I suggest you look out for traps. The library is filled with different traps to make you fail. So it would be best to be completely focused and active; moreover, you should pass all the perception checks to avoid dying because of such a lame thing as a trap.

The three main traps are:

  • Traps in Bookshelves: There are acid splash traps for you in the bookshelves, which can cause decent damage. So I recommend you look out for these traps and disarm them to ensure your safety.
  • Traps in Button: These traps will shock you literally and figuratively unless you disarm them with a simple left click from your mouse.
  • Gas Pit Tentacles: This trap activates if a wrong item is put in the slot. So it would be best to disarm it to avoid getting damaged by those tentacles.


Solution of The Riddle Of The Night

So now, finding the answer to the central puzzle, “ What can silence the Nightsong?” which you hear when you click on the altar, is the easiest part of this puzzle. When you click on the altar, a book icon appears, giving us all the idea of what to do.

The book to be found is close. It is just outside the room you are currently in. When you exit the room, you will see four shelves of books, and in the third one lies the book we need to be named “Teaching of Loss: The Nightsinger.”

The content of this book hints to me that this is the solution to the riddle. The content of the book reads:

What can silence the Nightsong? Only the Nightsinger herself- Shar. Mistress of the Night. Lady of Loss. Her names are many, but her purpose is simplicity itself. The light was a mistake, and life is an illusion – a discordant song composed of lies, breaking the peace of oblivion. Put your faith in Shar as your champion; let her silence the false song in your heart and return you to her embrace. Nothingness is all you need. The eternal womb, where you are safe in the darkness, with Mother Shar.

Now you need to put this book in the slot in the altar to finish this riddle.


When you put the required book in the slot on the altar, a dark, gloomy-looking room appears right before you. This was the time to obtain the long-awaited reward. When you enter the room, it lightens up, showing the versatile weapon ” The Night Sphere ” in front of you.

Sphere Of Night

This rare sphere can inflict piercing damage of 1d6+1 single-handed and 1d8+1 double-handed. This was one of many rewards I will find there. We also found a dark, justiciar helm from a chest nearby.

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