Baldurs Gate 3: Rosymorn Monastery [Walkthrough]

Complete walkthrough of puzzles in Rosymorn Monasteryand and location of the Legendary mace.

Rosymorn Monastery
Rosymorn Monastery - Image Credits: Gamesual

Rosymorn Monastery is a location in Baldurs Gate 3. You can get the Dawnmaster’s Crest in this area by completing the Stained-Glass puzzle. In addition, players can find the Legendary mace Blood of Lathander or steal a Githyanki Egg for the quest of Lady Esther. The Githyanki Creche also found at Rosymorn Monastery, is vital to Lae’zel’s companion quest.

Key Takeaways

  • In Baldurs Gate 3, Rosymorn Monastery is found at (X:79 Y:49) coordinates.
  • You can solve Stained Glass Puzzle to get the Dawnmaster’s Crest.
  • In addition, players can complete the Statue and Passageway puzzles to get the Blood of Lathander.
  • You can also find the Githyanki Creche and complete Steal the Githyanki Egg quest.


You can find the Rosymorn Monastery in the Mountain Pass area. Once you’re in the Mountain Pass, you’ll notice a waypoint named Trielta Crags on your map. The Rosymorn Monastery is directly Northeast of there. Follow the path in that direction, and you’ll find a Cable Car.

You must pass a Strength check (15 or above) to ride the Cable Car. This is the fastest route to Rosymorn Monastery in Baldurs Gate 3. If you can’t do the strength check, you’ll spot a rough rock that lets you climb down safely from the nearby cliff.

Once you’re down the cliff, jump over the gap to continue. The path ahead takes you directly to Rosymorn Monastery.

The main door to the Rosymorn Monastery is locked, so you would have to find a different entrance. To enter the Monastery, walk back from the door to the area you watch the Halflings cutscene from.

Jump down into the trees from the broken railing(X:55 Y:8) and start going around anti-clockwise. This path involves a lot of jumping. Keep moving until you reach the knotted roots. Climb the roots to go up.

From there, walk right and take a U-turn into the ruins. Jump onto the above floor and keep walking through the ruins until you reach the inside of Rosymorn Monastery (X:94 Y:47). Walk to the room(X:73 Y:65) and enter the singular broken window. From there, jump down and unlock the main door(X:79 Y:49) for future use.

Dawnmaster’s Crest

Dawnmaster's Crest
Dawnmaster’s Crest – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Dawnmaster’s Crest is a quest item. Its only known benefit is to use it to get the Blood of Lathander. However, it is rewarded upon completing the Stained-Glass Puzzles. This puzzle requires you to find and place the Ceremonial Warhammer, Longsword, Mace, and Battleaxe on their respective Altars.

Normal Warhammer, Mace, and Battleaxe will also work. To complete this mission, first, enter the room with the Stained-Glass window(X:73 Y:74). In the room, you will find four altars, and upon one of them, the Longsword will already be placed.

Ceremonial Battleaxe

Ceremonial Battleaxe Stats
Ceremonial Battleaxe – Image Credits: Gamesual

To get this axe first, return from the stained-glass room and go to your left. You will find an enchanted locked door(X:95 Y:47). It requires a dexterity check of at least 15 to lockpick.

Upon opening the door, you must defeat the Guardian of Faith in the room. The Guardian of Faith is a divine protector. When dealing with the Guardian of Faith, use ranged attacks. It only goes after characters inside the gold circle on the ground.

So, if you stay outside the circle and shoot it with spells, arrows, or bombs, your whole party will stay safe, and you will trounce him. After defeating it, you can clear the rubble blocking the door and pick up the Battleaxe lying on the floor.

Ceremonial Warhammer

Ceremonial Warhammer Stats
Ceremonial Warhammer – Image Credits: Gamesual

After getting the Battleaxe foremost, exit the room, and on your left, you will find knotted roots(vines) that you can climb. Climb the roots to reach the roof. You must kill the Ancient and the Giant Eagle on the roof.

You can attack the eagles or use Animal Handling, which requires a high-difficulty class roll of 18 or higher. Once they are defeated, you can find the Warhammer near the Eagle’s Nest.

Ceremonial Mace

After getting the Warhammer, return to the Stained-Glass room and exit using the broken window. Afterward, jump down into the big hole in the ground to reach the lower floor and open the oak door(x:91 y:55). At the end of this room, you will find the Rusty Mace(X:89 Y:32).


All four weapons must be thrown onto their desired altars to complete the puzzle. Each weapon’s respective Altar is as follows;

  • Battleaxe: Singular Non-Broken Window Altar
  • Warhammer: Double Broken Windows Altar
  • Rusty Mace: Singluar Broken Window Altar
  • Longsword: Already Placed

After Placing all the above weapons, the Altars will start glowing, and a secret compartment in the Stained-Glass room will be revealed. This compartment will have a pouch containing the Dawnmaster’s Crest. In addition, completing the puzzle will grant you the Morninglord’s Radiance buff, which increases your weapon’s Radiant damage.

Creche Y’llek

Y’llek, also known as the Githyanki Creche, is a significant story location encountered in the initial act of the game. This is where you will find the Blood of Lathander, the legendary mace. To see its entrance go back to where you took a U-turn while entering the Rosymorn Monastery in Baldurs Gate 3.

Rather than jumping to the above floor, go down the stairs until you are blocked by the wooden barricade(X:97 Y:45). Destroy the barricade and use the door on the right to go out. From here, go left past the giant statue covered in bushes and take a right into the spiral stairs(X:59 Y:69).

At the end of the stairs, you will reach the Rosymorn Monastery basement gate(X:74 Y:82). This basement is the Githyanki Creche or Crech Y’llek.

Blood Of Lathander

Blood of Lathander
Blood of Lathander – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Blood of Lathander is a Legendary Mace. It is a handy weapon that has healing powers and can blind all enemies.

Blood of Lathander StatsAttributes
Damage1d6+3 Bludgeoning
ProficeincyConcussive Smash
PassivesLathander's Blessing and Light
  • Concussive Smash: Strike an enemy with full force to cause damage and potentially stun them.
  • Lathander’s Blessing: Once per Long Rest, if your hit points drop to 0, you recover 2 to 12 hit points. Additionally, allies within 9 meters also recover 1 to 6 hit points.
  • Lathander’s Light: Shed Holy light within a 6m radius, blinding all undead and fiends.
  • Sunbeam(Spell): Sheds a beam of light that burns and causes blindness to all creatures in its way.

To obtain this weapon, you need to solve the following puzzles. Once you have the Crest, continue through Creche Y’llek until you reach the Inquisitor’s Chamber. On the room’s west side, you’ll find two statues to turn if you pass an athletics check. Make the left statue face west and the right one face east.

These statues can sometimes get stuck; use elbow grease or weak spells to free them. Facing the statue in the correct direction will open a secret passageway.

Inside the passageway, next to the glowing door on the left side, there’s a chandelier with blue crystals that you must break. Once you’ve done that, the glowing door will disappear, allowing you to pass through. To your left, you’ll see a Dawnbreaker device that you need to disarm.

Before disarming the device, you must take out another blue energy crystal. To do this, ascend the stone stairs to the device’s left. It’s pretty dark, so you might need to get up close to spot it. Keep following the path until you can’t go any farther, then leap to the stone ledge.

Continue along the path, and you’ll come across another blue crystal serving as the door’s Energy Source. Make sure to destroy it. Interact with the Dawnbreaker device and perform a Hand Dexterity check (roll of 14). The weapon will no longer be a threat if you manage to do it.

In addition, you will need to destroy another Energy Crystal positioned right in front of the device, on the cliff side. Once you’ve destroyed the crystal, you can proceed to the next room. In the room ahead, you’ll spot a red staircase leading to a bright, glowing pedestal at the top. This pedestal holds the Blood of Lathander.

To take the Blood of Lathander, you have two options; you can take the mace forcefully. This will destroy the room with a weapon and kill you unless you can disarm it in four turns.

Players must break the four energy crystals on the pillars to destroy this weapon. Each of them has 30 health. After you’ve destroyed all the crystals, the weapon will deactivate, and the pillars will vanish, allowing you to retrieve your Mace safely.

However, if you are not confident in destroying the weapon, you can use the Dawnmaster’s Crest to avoid this situation. Before grabbing the mace, open your inventory and find the Dawnmaster’s Crest you got earlier.

Click the pedestal displaying the weapon and choose the empty box when prompted. Drag the Dawnmaster’s Crest from your inventory to the empty box, and then take the Blood of the Lathander Mace without blowing up the Githyanki Creche.

Steal A Githyanki Egg Quest

Githyanki Egg
Githyanki Egg – Image Credits: Gamesual

In Baldurs Gate 3, on your way to Rosymorn Monastery, you’ll come across a quest called “Steal a Githyanki Egg.” Like other missions in the game, you have different options to finish it based on your decisions.

On the way to Rosymorn Monastery, you will find Lady Esther at (X: -43 Y: -128); she will ask you to get her a Githyanki egg as she couldn’t get one herself. You can either agree to get her the egg, or if you already possess the Owl Egg, you can fool her into believing it is the egg she wants.

To get the Githyanki Egg go to the Githyanki Creche Hatchery(X:1,316 Y: -781) in Rosymorn Monastery. At the Hatchery, Talk to Varsh Ko’kuu, and if you pass an Insight check, you can inquire why he’s so eager to rescue this specific egg.

If you persuade him with a skill check of 14, you can convince him to share the information. After that, you can persuade him to allow you to assist him by succeeding in a skill check with a difficulty of 16.

Later, he’ll hand over Varsh Ko’kuu’s Boots, protecting you from harm while crossing the acidic water. You can safely pick up the egg with these boots at coordinates (X:1,274, Y: -762).

If this doesn’t work, you can fight Varsh Ko’kuu and two other Githyankis for the egg. Once you beat them, you can loot their stuff, including Varsh Ko’kuu’s Boots, which lets you get near the egg without getting hurt. Return to Lady Esther, and if you give her the real Githyanki egg, she’ll reward you with 280 gold coins for your effort.

In conclusion, Rosymorn Monastery is a vast area with many enemies, puzzles, and quests. The terrain makes it hard to move around and requires lots of jumping. The Rosymorn Monastery’s layout can also be a bit confusing, making it hard to find the hidden loot without help.

Puzzles, even though straightforward, have many hidden layers to them. Dawnmaster’s Crest requires the ceremonial Battleaxe Warhammer, Mace, and Longsword, but the game doesn’t specify that these weapons don’t need to be Ceremonial. Rather, they can be simple weapons too.

Similarly, in the case of Blood of Lathander, the game doesn’t tell you about the consequences of taking the Mace without replacing it with the Dawnmaster’s Crest, which destroys Githyanki Creche.

Every puzzle and quest has many ways to be completed or solved; you can consult this guide to follow the best and most efficient way of completing a task. More Baldurs Gate 3 guides;

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