Baldur’s Gate 3: Tavern Brawler Feat & Build

One feat in Baldur's Gate 3 is Tavern Brawler, which offers unique abilities that players want.

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Tavern Brawler in Baldur's Gate 3

Feats in the game are like special skills that make your character stronger. One feat in Baldur’s Gate 3 is Tavern Brawler, which offers unique abilities that players want. But it would be best to create a strong character to make the most of these abilities. In this guide, we will explore Tavern Brawler in detail. Look at what makes it special and how it helps your character.

Key Takeaways

  • Tavern Brawler is a special ability in Baldur’s Gate 3 that offers unique advantages for your character. This feat revolves around strength and powerful battle attacks.
  • The Monk and Barbarian classes are recommended for optimal performance because they focus on strength and combat proficiency.
  • Githyanki is a suitable race for the Monk class, providing mobility spells and medium armor. Half-Orc is recommended for Barbarians, granting extra damage through Savage Attacks and medium armor.
  • By carefully aligning class, race, and background, you can maximize the effectiveness of your Tavern Brawler character in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Best ClassBest RaceBest Background
BarbarianHal OrcOutlander/Soldier

Now, let’s talk about the Tavern Brawler feat. This particular move is all about being strong and hitting hard in battles. But it would be best to create your character correctly to make the most of it.

 You must pick the best class, race, and background to shine in the game. So, let’s learn how to make a super strong Tavern Brawler character in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Our next focus is on the Tavern Brawler feat. It is a unique ability for strength and landing powerful attacks. It’s like having a secret weapon in battles. But to unlock its true potential, you must build your character smartly. 

It means choosing the right class, race, and background to become a powerhouse. Let’s get started by discussing how to make a Baldur’s Gate 3 Tavern Brawler build that is unbeatable.

Optimal Classes

Choosing the right class is a key step that matches the strength-focused nature of Tavern Brawler. The two best options are the Monk and Barbarian classes. These classes perfectly complement the unique abilities of Tavern Brawler.

Barbarian’s Might And Fury

Tavern Brawler for Barbarian
Tavern Brawler Barbarian Image Credits—Blood Ronin

The Barbarian class is a great fit for Tavern Brawler. One of the key reasons is the “Rage” ability. This special power boosts your damage output and provides healing during fights. It’s like tapping into a wellspring of power that makes your attacks hit harder and keeps you going strong.

Monk’s Agility And Control

On the other hand, we have the Monk class, which brings a different flavor to Tavern Brawler. Monks excel in crowd control and swift movement. Their dexterous attacks enhance their strength-based abilities, making them formidable in close combat. The Monk’s focus on strength ensures that every punch packs a serious punch.

Choosing the Barbarian Class

  • The Barbarian class has a special power called ‘Rage’ that boosts your strength and makes you do more damage with your attacks.
  • ‘Rage’ also helps you ignore some of the damage you take, keeping you fighting even when things get tough.
  • The Berserker subclass makes you even stronger and helps you hit harder.
  • Tavern Brawler is a feat that works well with the Barbarian class, turning you into a storm of fists and fury that does massive damage.
  • Combining the Barbarian class with Tavern Brawler makes you a strong battle force.
  • Get ready to hit hard and crush your enemies like a rampaging beast!
Barbarian Class BenefitRage
Power of RageThe Barbarian class special ability increases your strength, lets you hit harder, and reduces the damage you take.
Unleash the BerserkerA subclass of Barbarian that is all about going wild and hitting harder than ever.
Tavern BrawlerA feat that pairs well with the Barbarian class, making you a storm of fists and fury, and dealing massive damage.

The Monk Class and Tavern Brawler

Monk, The best class for Tavern Brawler
Monk, The Best Class
  • Pairing Tavern Brawler with the Monk class has great benefits.
  • Strength is key for Tavern Brawler, and the Monk class focuses on strength, ensuring your character can hit hard. It is perfect for Tavern Brawler, which is all about hitting hard.
Way of the Open Hand. A perfect style for Tavern Brawler
Way Of The Open Hand
  • The “Way of the Open Hand” subclass in the Monk class is a game-changer. It has many cool attacks that let you push enemies, knock them off balance, and use your skills creatively.
  • It’s like being a martial arts master with many tricks. With Tavern Brawler, you get even more ways to surprise your enemies with unexpected moves.
  • So, by choosing the Monk class and the “Way of the Open Hand” subclass, you mix strength and strategy into a powerful combination that keeps your enemies guessing and makes your character unbeatable.
Monk Class BenefitsDescription
Strength in HarmonyEmphasizes strength to land powerful blows, complementing the hard-hitting nature of Tavern Brawler.
Enter the Way of the Open HandA subclass with a variety of cool attacks, allowing you to push enemies, knock them off balance, and use your skills creatively.
Tavern BrawlerA feat that offers more options to surprise foes with unexpected moves.

Optimal Races

Let’s discuss choosing the right race to enhance your Tavern Brawler build. Since Tavern Brawler emphasizes offense, balancing it with some defense is essential. Here are two excellent race options to consider:

Githyanki for the Monk Class

  • When playing as a Monk, defensive capabilities matter.
  • The Githyanki race is a great choice.
  • It brings mobility spells that let you move swiftly on the battlefield.
  • You also get the advantage of wearing medium armor, boosting your defense and keeping you safer during action.

Half-Orc for the Barbarian Class

Half Orc the best subclass for Tavern Brawler Baldur's Gate 3
Half-Orc—-Image Credits: Blood Ronnin
  • Defense is crucial for Barbarians, who love getting up close and personal.
  • The Half-Orc race is a top pick.
  • It offers Savage Attacks, which means you deal even more damage when you hit hard.
  • Plus, you can wear medium armor, providing extra protection without slowing you down.
  • By selecting the Githyanki race for Monks and the Half-Orc race for Barbarians, you ensure that while you are busy dishing out damage, you will be well-prepared to handle whatever your foes throw. It’s all about creating a balanced and unstoppable Tavern Brawler build!

Optimal Backgrounds

Understanding the significance of skills and expertise is crucial for your Tavern Brawler journey. Let’s uncover how the right background can elevate your character’s abilities.

Outlander Background

  • If you want to master Athletics and Survival, the Outlander background is a solid choice.
  • This background gives you the expertise to handle physical challenges and navigate the wild.
  • These skills ensure you are always ready, whether climbing, running, or simply surviving in the toughest conditions.

Soldier Background

Another excellent option is the Soldier background. With proficiency in Athletics, Intimidation, and Inspiration, you are well-equipped for physical and social encounters.

Your powerful presence can intimidate foes, inspire allies, and enhance your effectiveness in battle.

To sum it all up, your Tavern Brawler path is clear. You are set for exciting battles with Monk or Barbarian classes and fitting races. Moreover, in my experience, Outlander or Soldier backgrounds lead the way for the best skill offerings for your build. But the key is in the experimentation with different backgrounds until you find the ideal build for Baldur’s Gate 3 playthrough.

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