Final Fantasy 16: Who Is Benedikta And How To Beat?

Make your face-off against the Dominant of Garuda more interesting and less frustrating with our guide.

Beneditka Final Fantasy 16
Beneditka Final Fantasy 16

Now that Final Fantasy 16 has been released officially, players can access full-fledged features which were unavailable in the demo version. While players could test various characters in the demo mode, the official release made them more accessible. Although each character is special, one character particularly, Benedikta Harman, grabbed players’ attention in the demo version of Final Fantasy 16 and continued its charm in the official release. Let us talk about her in detail now.

Key Takeaways

  • Benedikta Harman is the Dominant of Garuda and the Warden of the Wind and an interesting character in Final Fantasy 16. Players first get to interact with her during a meeting in Zirnitra Stronghold.
  • The second meeting with Benedkita proves to be the last, as she is the first boss players will face during the Headwind quest. Being the first boss fight in the game, players can rather win it easily.
  • The boss fights with Benedikta Harman happens in two phases. She appears in her human form; in the second phase, she transforms into semi-prime. 
  • Similarly, the first phase is rather easy. Benedkita will launch basic attacks to damage players with wind balls, whirlwinds, and wind blades. Players can easily win the first round by depleting Benedikta’s Will bar.
  • The second phase is the most challenging, in which Benedikta appears in her semi-prime form and utilizes Garuda’s powers to launch various new attacks. Including the upgraded forms of attacks from the previous phase, Benedikta will try to dominate the arena with tornadoes, circular winds to trap players, Garuda’s Claws, and various other attacks. 

Who Is Benedikta?

Benedikta Harman is a powerful and cunning character in Final Fantasy 16, belonging to the Waloed nation, which features the most refined military in-game among all nations. Primarily, Banedikta is an Intelligencer and is the Dominant of Garuda, an adversarial Eikon in the game. Furthermore, she is also the Warden of the Wind.

benedikta in ff16
Benedikta in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Players first interact with her in the Zirnitra Stronghold during a board meeting, after which she disappears following Hugo Kupka. Further interaction happens only when players invade Caer Norvant, wherein a comprehensive fight, they defeat Benedikta Harman and her soldiers. We will discuss this fight and how to dominate it in Final Fantasy 16 below.

Fun Fact: Benedikta Harman is voiced by Nina Yndis, a popular actress and filmmaker famous for her role in Peaky Blinders.

How To Beat Benedikta?

Players again face Benedikta Harman during the concluding boss fight of the Headwind quest in Final Fantasy 16. Benedikta and Clive face off while both are on their mission to secure the Eikon of Fire. She and her allied soldiers will try to give you a tough time, especially with her vicious attacks. While dangerous may she seem, being the first Dominant that players will fight in Final Fantasy 16, she gives rather an affordable battle.

The fight occurs in two phases. Benedikta appears in a human form during the first phase, and during the second and final phase, she turns into her semi-prime form. Before jumping directly into the fight, we must take preliminary and preparatory steps. After taking these steps, players would not find any problem dominating the two phases against Benedikta.

Benedikta can attack in close range with her sword or launch long-range magic blades to deal serious damage. With some smart and strategized moves, players can defend themselves and launch fruitful offensives to decide the battle in their favor. Here are a few tips that will help you greatly during the fight:

  • Make sure to upgrade your important abilities by spending your skill points as much as possible. Stacking your abilities points will do you no favor and more harm as your skills will become less impressive against enemies with each level up. Therefore, instead of wasting your ability points, spend them to dominate your gameplay in Final Fantasy 16.
  • While it would not be an easier task at this point in the game, switching between different abilities during various stages of the fight can give you a significant edge over Benedikta in Final Fantasy 16. As most of Benedikta’s attacks are projectiles, having an ability that can ensure an effective defense can prove decisive. For that, we recommend prioritizing the ‘Heatwave’ ability.
  •  Give special attention to Benedikta’s movements while she is on the attack. It will allow you to comprehend and map her attacking patterns. Consequently, you can use these patterns to your advantage by strategizing or maneuvering your movements accordingly. Moreover, she will always perform a specific wind-up movement before and after attacks to prepare for or defend against counterattacks.
  • Finally, without complicating the fight, run around to confuse Benedikta and move around to dodge her attacks. It is the best defense, and you can avoid taking lots of damage this way while simultaneously launching powerful attacks.

With these tips and tricks in mind, let us discuss the two phases of the boss fight in detail.

First Phase

Benedikta is not as deadly in her human form and deals bearable attacks. Players can easily dodge these attacks and launch their attacks to dominate the first phase. Here are the details of all of her attacks and a step-by-step guide on countering them in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Banedikta will always start with wind projectiles. Consequently, the first attack players will face from her is Aerora, a ball of wind. While this wind ball travels at a good speed, players can still defend themselves by dodging or moving around. Prepare yourself to move when she starts swirling wind around her.
  • Don’t be at ease if you have survived this attack because now, Benedikta will unleash an advanced form of Aerora on you. Be prepared to defend yourself when Bendetika starts to charge up a wind ball above her head. The modified Aerora, or Aeroga, will explode after release to unleash a whirlwind. Players can dodge it easily by moving around.

    Benedikta launching Aeroga on Clive (Image Credits: Gamesual)
  • Now for the long-range attacks, Benedikta will move away from you and charge up for the Wind Blades in Final Fantasy 16. Be prepared to dodge the attack when you see blue particles surrounding her. However, we recommend launching Charged Magic shots to disrupt her attack and damage her further. If she successfully launches her attack, players must dodge two sets of three vertical arcs toward you.

    benedikta final fantasy 16
    Benedikta launching Wind Blades on Clive (Image credits: Gamesual)

These are her primary attacks. Side by side, she will also launch a few other attacks. For example, she will surround herself with airborne green particles and suddenly move towards you in an attacking manner that can again be dodged easily. Once again, she will surround herself with blue particles and launch five wind balls at you. If that is not enough, she will repeatedly launch herself at you.

To quickly wind up the first phase, use more Eikonic abilities on her to deplete her Will bar quickly. Moreover, Titan’s Upheaval seems to have a serious effect on her. Use it more often to deal her serious damage. Titanic Block and Deadly Embrace are also underrated abilities that can prove crucial against her.

Phase Two

As Benedikta’s Will bar drops drastically, a cutscene appears, representing the start of the second phase in Final Fantasy 16. After the cutscene, Benedikta will reappear in her Semi-prime form while utilizing Garuda’s powers. This new form is significantly stronger and more dangerous, thanks to her upgraded abilities and more potent attacks. Here are details of her attacks and a step-by-step guide on countering them:

benedikta in semi prime form
Benedikta in semi-prime form (Image credits: Gamesual)
  • Using the upgraded Aerora skill, Benedikta will launch two wind orbs rapidly. Players can dodge them in the same way.
  • With the upgraded Aeorga, Benedikta will load three wind balls above her head and launch them rapidly, with more speed, damage, and range. Again, the strategy to avoid getting hit is the same. 
  • Using Aerial Slash, the upgraded form of the Wind Blades, of course, Bnedikta will launch a set of three vertical arcs, followed by a set of horizontal arcs, and finally, another set of three verticals to ensure maximum damage. Ensure your defense while at the same time dealing with precise blows.

These were a few attacks that Benedikta also incorporated in the previous phase. Now, let’s talk about some newly added intense and more dangerous attacks by the Guardian of Garuda:

  • Using the Aero Rain ability, Benedikta will go airborne and target you with six wind orbs. If you succeed in dodging the attack, Benedikta will launch another set of eight wind orbs. Keep moving around to survive.

    benedikta final fantasy 16
    Benedicta launching Aero Rain on Clive (Image Credits: Gamesual)
  • Nosedive is another new ability using which Benedikta will disappear in the air and re-emerge from the ground with lethal attacks. Keep looking for the blue sparks on the ground to ensure you dodge her time before she emerges from the ground.
  • Green lights will spawn on the ground, and wind will gather around these lights. Immediately move around as these lights will transform into deadly tornadoes. The tornadoes can spawn singularly or multiple at a time.
  • Circular winds may emerge below you on the ground. Avoid getting caught in these wind clouds, as they will trap your movements, allowing Benedikta to target you with the pieces of the tower. This new ability is called Rammelfall, and Benedikta will only use it once her Will bar drops to one-third in Final Fantasy 16.
  • Now is the time for her ultimate move, the Deadly Embrace. Benedikta, frustrated after losing more than half of her Will bar, launches Garuda’s claws at you. If you fail to dodge them, you will be trapped inside while Benedikta will release tornadoes at you. Fortunately, you can avoid them with little health loss.
  • Finally, with the most dangerous attack, Benedikta will launch you into the air and slam you down on the ground, dealing severe damage. Being low on health can result in your death. Therefore, avoid it as much as possible or drink potions to recover your health bar.

    benedicta final fantasy 16
    Benedikta launching Rammelfall on Clive (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Final Moments

Benedikta will become more aggressive when she is close to losing the fight in Final Fantasy 16. During this stage, she will launch a combination of various attacks together to deal as much damage as possible. This is where you will truly feel you are in a boss fight. Here are her special attacks at this stage:

  • After going on the back foot, Benedkita will suddenly launch herself toward you. While doing so, she will continuously attack you with her claws. She will again go on the back foot and launch herself at you, this time with spinning attacks. However, the attack does not stop there, as she attacks you once again by slamming Garuda’s foot on the ground. This deadly combo can eat a huge chunk of your health bar.
  • Benedicta will go airborne again and launch two wind orbs at you in Final Fantasy 16. She will immediately follow the orbs with another major attack like Dealy Embrace, Nosedive, or Twister.

If you succeed in deterring these attacks and executing planned and precise attacks, Benedikta will finally have to give up the fight. The final fight will reward you with 60 Experience Points, 150 Ability Points to upgrade your abilities, crafting materials, and other things to help you easily progress through the storyline.

This was all for our guide on Benedikta Harman in Final Fantasy 16. She is a fun character and a rather easy opponent to defeat in the game. Regardless of that, she gives tough competition to beginners. Did you find our guide helpful in defeating her? Tell us in the comments.

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