Top 10 Best Apartments In GTA Online

Apartments are the closest thing to be called as home in GTA Online. We have ranked the best available options for players convenience.

Best Apartments in GTA Online
Guide: Best Apartments in GTA Online

A player can buy an apartment in GTA 5 once he has reached rank 5. An apartment is a safehouse in GTA Online, used as a private living property. Apart from a home’s usual features, an apartment is also supplied with a garage in GTA Online.

These garages can store up to ten personal vehicles. After the Criminal Enterprise Update of July 2022, players can own up to ten apartments at a time in GTA Online. Players can choose out of eighty available apartments in Grand Theft Auto.

Key Takeaways

  • Apartments are the closest things to be called ‘home’ in GTA Online.
  • A wide variety of apartments are available in GTA Online. Therefore, apartments are categorized into Low-end, Mid-range, and high-end apartments.
  • These apartments are priced depending on their location and their services.
  • Players can use these apartments for sleeping, partying, strategizing heists, and running away from the police.
  • Considering the need of every type of player, the guide will discuss the best low-end, medium-end, and high-end apartments in GTA Online.

In competition, Facility properties can also be customized to add sleeping quarters in GTA Online. It makes the facility a relatively better option, especially when we compare their features. If you are interested to learn more about facility properties in GTA 5, check our latest guide: Best Facility in GTA 5

Best Low-end Apartments In GTA Online

The most viable option for new players is to buy low-end apartments. These apartments cost cheaper and are enough to house a single person’s needs. However, one should not consider buying too many low-end apartments as there is a limit to purchasing these properties. With the Criminal Enterprise DLC, players have the limit to own 10 apartments.

0232 Paleto Boulevard

Paleto Boulevard is located in Blaine County. Specifically, it is on Paleto Boulevard in Paleto Bay. Although the place is not ideal for starters, it still holds its importance for being near to missions that appear around that place.

Also, there is the accessibility to customizing your character and buying new stuff. So, the place isn’t as empty as it may seem to be. The property is part of the Independence Day Special.

Best Low-end apartments Paleto boulevard GTA Online
Paleto Boulevard

The house consists of a living room connected to a small kitchen area. Also, posters all over the wall cover a small bathroom and a small bedroom. Moreover, the place has a nice garden at the backside. There is also a garage available to house two cars and a bike. Overall, Pretty decent for starting players.

Price And Where To Buy

Unlockable at Rank 5, the price favors players who progressed slightly in GTA Online. It is available for $121,000 from the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website. Additionally, this price is the highest for low-end apartments, meaning that any other choice will cost you cheaper.

1561 San Vitas Street

If you prefer to keep your safe house in Los Santos County, this property will satisfy your needs. You can find this place in West Vinewood on San Vitus. Surely, players will prioritize purchasing a property on the city side of the map. Preferably, it is best to purchase a cheap property as well in Los Santos County, as missions commonly appear on this side of the map.

San Vista Street low-end apartment
San Vista Apartment

Like every other low-end apartment, this house specifies a limited area: a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom with limited space. However, one important fact about this location is its two garages. Each garage stores two cars and a bike.

Price And Where To Buy

At Rank 5, the player can purchase this property for $99,000. It can be purchased from Dynasty 8 Real Estate website. However, you can receive this property for free if you own Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. The place is affordable for any new player and is located in the city area. In brief, the apartment is cheap and one of the best low-end apartments in GTA Online.

Best Medium-end Apartments In GTA Online

Surely, those players who keep their expenses limited will have the best option to buy medium apartments. These apartments’ prices are fair and offer certain services that are quite handy for a player.

4 Hangman Avenue

4 Hangman Avenue is located in the Vinewood Hills. Specifically, the property is on the bending road on Hangman Avenue, Mad Wayne Thunder Drive, and Ace Jones Drive. This makes the house present in a decent location due to its connection with The Great Chaparral and the city side of the map. This house became available to purchase as part of the Independence Day Special.

Best medium-end apartments GTA Online
Hangman Avenue

Furthermore, the place has a garage hosting six cars and two bikes. Also, the backyard has a pool and an eye-catching view of the Skyscrapers Downtown. Moreover, the player will be given a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room area, and a kitchen. The kitchen has both cooking and dining arrangement in a limited area. Overall, the place is quite decent.

Price And Where To Buy

Once the player has reached Rank 5 in GTA Online, he will be eligible to purchase this property. The property will cost $175,000, and the place where you can buy it is Dynasty 8 Real Estate website. This property is costly for a medium-end apartment as it is the most expensive in that category. But, consider the fact that it is a lot cheaper when compared to every other high-end apartment.

0115 Bay City Avenue

The house is located on the city side of the map. You will find this house in Los Santos on Tug Street, Le Puerta. The house is well-situated because a lot of missions take place inside the city area. So, it will be a wise choice to invest an acceptable amount in a property that acts as a common spot in your missions.

Bay City Avenue medium apartment
Bay City Avenue

Similar to any other medium-end apartment, Bay City Avenue provides the same benefits. The players will receive a garage that can hold six cars and two bikes in it. A kitchen with a seating arrangement to dine. A small bedroom and a small bathroom, along with a small-scale living room that contains a plasma screen TV and a couch. Additionally, the walls of the living room are covered by various posters. Overall, it is enough to hold the satisfaction of a single person.

Price And Where To Buy

At Rank 5, you can buy this property from Dynasty 8 Real Estate website. The house will cost you $150,000. Following this, the price is quite reasonable, and it is located inside the city. If you want to own a safe house and a garage at a cheaper cost to fulfill your needs, then this property is sure to complement your plans quite well.

12 Sustancia Road

Similar to the medium-end apartments mentioned above, this one also unlocks at player Rank 5. Another safe house that players can find in Los Santos County. On Sustancia Road in El Burro Heights, you can find this property to purchase due to the Independence Day Special. The place is a bit further away from the tall buildings site, which possibly makes it the best choice for players who wish to keep themselves isolated.

Sustancia road medium-end apartment
Sustancia Road

This safe house will offer the same opportunities which are provided by any other medium-end apartments. The similar capacity of the garage offers storage space for six cars and two bikes.

Price And Where To Buy

Through the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website, you can purchase this property. It will cost you $143,000. Likely to every other medium-end apartment, this one also unlocks at rank 5. The price is favorable to most players as it comes at average in its class. Therefore, this option is relatively favorable if you prefer to buy a medium-end apartment regardless of what location it is present in.

Let’s move on and rank the five best high-end apartments in GTA Online. While ranking these apartments, we have duly considered the factors like location, price, features, etc. We have enlisted below our selections after carefully considering the factors mentioned above:

Best High-end Apartments In GTA Online

Apartment 7, Del Pero Heights

The number one on our list is Apartment 7 at Del Pero Heights. Located in Los Santos, Del Pero Heights sits at the crossroads of Marathon Avenue and Prosperity street. It is one of the cheapest apartments in the high-end category with the best available services in GTA Online.

Del Pero heights apartments in GTA Online
Del Pero Heights in GTA Online

Although apartment 7 does not offer the best views because it is a lower unit, it has all the luxury of a high-end apartment. The infamous Lombank West Office tower sits right beside this apartment, and players can see this office from their apartment.

Moreover, the Morningwood Cocaine Lockup is located close to this apartment. It is a well-known MC Business in GTA Online. Because of its location, players can buy and run this business from their apartment 7.

Price And How To Buy?

Players might think Apartment 7 is expensive, considering its position as the best high-end apartment in GTA Online. However, to the players’ surprise, apartment 7 is the cheapest option.

Inside of the apartment
Inside the Del Pero heights apartment

Featuring all the luxury options and a garage with a storage capacity of ten vehicles, players can buy this apartment for only $200,000 in GTA Online. Dynasty 8 Real Estate deals with the sale of apartments in GTA Online.

Apartment 10, 3 Alta Street Tower

Located in Downtown Los Santos, 3 Alta Street Tower features two high-end apartments, i.e., Apartments 10 and 57. Apartment 10 is cheaper; making it the best option. Its location is its hot selling point here.

It is located very close to the Los Santos airport. Moreover, the Pegasus Delivery zone is very near Alta Street Tower. Consequently, players can land their jets and helicopters there. In addition, a train station in front of the apartment provides convenient traveling options.

Alta Street Towers
Alta Street Towers in GTA Online

In times of emergency, players can use a secret underground tunnel to vacate the apartment safely. Mostly, this tunnel comes in handy when the police are chasing players. Moreover, this apartment is also located near a shooting range. Therefore, players can complete their daily missions efficiently.

Price And How To Buy?

Apartment 10 can be bought for a mere $217,000 in GTA Online from the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website. In addition, it comes with a garage that can store ten vehicles and three motorbikes. All these characteristics make it one of the best apartments in GTA Online.

Dynasty 8 real estate website to buy apartments in GTA Online
Dynasty 8 Real Estate GTA Online

The garages offered in these apartments are good. However, not the best in GTA Online. You can learn more about the best garages in our guide: Best Garage in GTA 5

Apartment 42, Tinsel Towers

Apartment 42 is our list’s most expensive high-end apartments providing the best views of Los Santos. It was added in GTA Online after the High Life Update of May 2014. Apartment 42 has a relatively modern interior compared with other apartments in Tinsel towers in GTA Online.

Tinsel Towers GTA Online
Tinsel Towers in GTA Online

Apartment 42 is located in the most desired area of GTA Online. The cherry on top is the apartment’s position in Tinsel Towers. It can be located on the lateral edge of Tinsel Tower, giving an expansive view of the whole of Los Santos. The apartment also offers startling views of the Mazebank Towers.

Price And How To Buy?

Because of its premium specifications, Apartment 42 is quite expensive in GTA Online. However, players can purchase this one of the best high-end apartments in GTA Online for a hefty $492,000. Just like other apartments on the list, it is also available for sale on the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website in GTA Online.

Garage in apartments of GTA Online
Garage with a storage capacity of 10 vehicles

Apartment 35, 4 Integrity Way

4 Integrity Way, otherwise known as Tinkle Building, is a corporate building with different offices in Downtown Los Santos, GTA Online. Just like Apartment 42 in Tinsel Towers, this apartment also offers beautiful views of Los Santos.

It is very close to Pillbox hill and other businesses in GTA Online. Moreover, the Del Perro freeway is just a quick drive away from this apartment. Players can also operate their business from here if they don’t own an arcade.

Integrity way best apartments in GTA Online
Building of 4 Integrity Way in GTA Online

The location and capacity of the garage are perfect. Players can store ten vehicles and three motorbikes in there. Owners can party with their pals and dance around the apartment. If you don’t know how to dance in GTA 5, we recommend checking our guide: GTA 5 How to Dance on PS4.

Price And How To Buy?

Interested players can buy this one of the best apartments in GTA Online for a solid price of $247,000. For purchase, players can go to the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website in GTA Online.

views from the apartment
Views from the apartment

Apartment 9, Eclipse Towers

Located in West Vinewood, Los Santos, Eclipse Towers is a 27-stories tall skyscraper for residential purposes. The triplex apartment has all the luxurious conveniences one can expect from a high-end apartment.

It is located closer to an Arcade with a Master Control Terminal access. Consequently, players can manage their businesses from there. Therefore, this apartment is the best choice for players who want to manage all their businesses from a single place.

Eclipse Towers in GTA Online
Eclipse Towers in GTA Online

The garage is beside the main door, making it convenient to access vehicles when needed. All these qualities make this flat one of the best apartments in GTA Online.

Price And How To Buy?

Players can buy this high-end best apartment in GTA Online for a lucrative price of $373,000. Like other apartments on the list, it can be purchased from the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website in GTA Online.

best apartments in GTA Online
Players can customize the interior of their apartments according to their choice.

Benefits Of Apartments

Usually, high-end apartments are located around areas with refreshing views. Players can also sleep, watch TV and take showers in their private properties. However, these are not the only benefits of owning an apartment in GTA Online.

We have enlisted some of the additional benefits of owning an apartment in GTA Online below:

  • Players can use the apartment’s bathroom to clean the blood stains and wounds after picking a fight with someone random in GTA Online.
  • In most apartments, players can also access the internet on their laptops.
  • Owners can also call in strippers for their parties or personal entertainment.

    swimming pool in apartment
    Swimming pool beside an apartment in GTA Online
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are also available for players in apartments. Low-end apartments have a beer, while high-end apartments have wine. For health restoration, juices are also available.
  • Players can also invite their friends and smoke pots together. In short, owners can plan in-door parties in their apartments in GTA Online.
  • In high-end apartments, players can organize heists in dedicated planning rooms.

Most of these qualities are only available in high-end apartments. Therefore, we recommend players purchase high-end apartments. If you don’t have enough money to afford one, we recommend you dupe and sell expensive cars to earn easy money. As a beginner, you can check our guide: GTA 5 Car Duplication Glitch.

If you cannot afford these apartments in GTA Online, we recommend you check our extensive GTA Online Money Generator Hack With No Survey guide to learn and make easy money. We conclude our guide here. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. We will help you out in any way possible.

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