GTA 5: Best Arcade To Buy For Earning Money

Bored of the same old businesses? Looking to complete the Diamond Casino heist? Add a little spice to the game and buy and arcade!

GTA 5 Best Arcade
GTA 5 Best Arcade

GTA V provides a variety of small businesses and other activities to earn money; one more recent and efficient way to earn passive income in the game is through arcades. Buying arcades is a very smart way to expand existing businesses in GTA 5 and does not require much effort.

Key Takeaways

  • Arcades were made available to buy in GTA 5 as part of the Diamond Casino Heist update. They are essential to completing the heist and can be used later as a source of passive income.
  • The arcades in GTA 5 are essentially abandoned properties that you can buy and renovate. However, you want to start a business. There are a total of 6 arcades in GTA 5, varying in terms of price, location, and convenience.
  • You must only buy an arcade if you already have pre-existing and well-established businesses in GTA 5.
  • While looking for an arcade to buy, it is essential to consider the location. It is better to start with an arcade located inside the city, close to other businesses. Distance from the Diamond Casino is another important factor to look for.
  • After completing the Diamond Casino heist, you can upgrade the Arcade and renovate it to make it creative. You can link up your other businesses with the casino to expand and grow. Get the Master Control Terminal to do so.
  • It is better to go for arcades in La Mesa or Vinewood, as both places are closer to other businesses. Avoid buying arcades present too far up north, like Wonderama and Pixel’s Pete unless you are looking to expand away from the city and have no intention of doing the heist mission.

Arcades In GTA 5

Arcades were introduced in GTA 5 as part of The Diamond Casino Heist update and have proved to be one of the most profitable business ventures in the game. Arcades are fairly simple to run and easy to invest in. There are six arcades in GTA 5, which vary based on location and price. The following guide reviews each arcade, rating the best arcades in GTA 5 from top to bottom.

Buying An Arcade

Arcades are essential to hosting a heist; thus, buying one will facilitate you in completing the Diamond Casino heist. To get started, here’s how you can buy your first arcade in GTA 5.

  • At Mirror Park, you will meet Georgina Chang after meeting Lester Crest. She will want you to rob the Diamond casino. Here you will be introduced to arcades, and you will have to buy one to use as a front for the heist. You will only be able to purchase the arcade after going through this cut scene.
  • Pick up an arcade from the You can choose out of 6 locations for your arcade from Maze Bank Foreclosures. Players will receive a complimentary T-shirt containing the emblem of the arcade purchased upon purchase.
  • Once you’ve purchased the arcade, you must set it up. As with all other businesses, you will need to improve the site, customize and set it up as the arcade itself is just an abandoned site. Collect the equipment with Lester’s help and find a Flatbed. You must kill the driver to drive the truck to the arcade location.
  • The final step is to complete the Casino-scoping mission to unlock all features of the arcade. Once completed, you can renovate and improve the arcade to set up your business.

Important Notes

It is important to note that players should only buy an arcade when they are stable enough in the game and set for business. Owning prior businesses like a warehouse or a nightclub is essential as the arcade business links up with other businesses.

One important thing to note while buying the arcade is getting the Master Control Terminal. It is highly recommended that you get the MCT from Pixel Emporium. This will permit you to start missions or challenges for all your businesses from the arcades.

While choosing which arcade to buy, you must factor in the location, prices, and profit. It is a good idea to avoid any property up north or far away from everything else. Accessibility is of prime importance when choosing the location of your property.

Choosing an arcade close to the Diamond Casino and Resort is advisable, as you need the arcade initially to perform the heist at Diamond Casino. Having your arcade in a place close to your other businesses, such as the Bunker, Nightclub, and Warehouses, is also suitable. This will save you a lot of time on missions.

Avoid going too far north or south; any property inside the city will do fine, for starters. Here is a list of the best arcade to buy in GTA 5.

  • Pixel Pete’s
  • Wonderama
  • Videogeddon
  • Insert coin
  • Warehouse
  • Eight Bit


La Mesa is the perfect option for you if you are planning to complete the Diamond Casino heist and have already run businesses in the city. Rated the top-most, this is one of the best arcades to buy in GTA 5.

Videogeddon arcade in gta 5
Videogeddon in La Mesa

Price: $1,875,000

Location: 744 Popular Street in La Mesa

Based on: GameWorks

Although it’s on the pricier side, it is still one of the best properties to buy, and there are multiple reasons to prove why.

Diamond Casino

The Diamond Casino heist requires an arcade present in close vicinity, as there are a lot of exchanges between the two locations during the heist. Videogeddon’s location is ideal when it comes to the heist, as it saves players time as is a 2-minute drive from the casino. Out of all 6 arcades in the game, this one is the closest to the casino, with a driving distance of 0.79 miles.


Being close to the Diamond Casino is not the only plus point of La Mesa’s location. This place does not disappoint when it comes to entrances. The back entrance links up to the Los Santos Rivers, where you can spawn in and out easily. Thus, it is just amazing if you have an aircraft.


Overall, La Mesa has a pretty optimal location in the center, with easy access from all around. It also has Los Santos customs and 10-car garages nearby. Located in the city, it has easy access to the highway, which saves you a lot of time in missions.

As for the price tag, it is the 4th most expensive arcade in the game. Considering that there are only six arcades, getting this arcade seems like a terrific deal especially considering all the benefits it offers in return. It is a common misconception that the most expensive is the best.

However, this is not the case. La Mesa is value for money and one of the best arcades to buy in GTA 5. It is also less filled with grievers and inexpensive when you weigh in all the upgrades and setup.

As far as the setup is concerned, Videogeddon already comes built-in with storage space for ten vehicles. Thus you don’t need to add any Renovations unless you need more storage space or Personal Quarters. The only purchase that we do recommend is the Master Control Terminal, as mentioned previously as well.

We recommend investing in La Mesa as soon as you are stable enough and complete the heist so you can get on with the business, as it is one of the ideal choices for arcades to buy in GTA 5.


Described by the game as a one-time record shop and three-time drug front, Eight-Bit is a great arcade to buy in GTA 5 if you have the money for it. It is the most expensive arcade in the game, yet it is one of the best in GTA 5. It is worth all the money you invest in it.

Eight-bit arcade in gta 5
Eight-Bit in Vinewood

Price: $2,530,000

Location: Vinewood

Previously: Vinewood Records and DM Pets


Starting from the location, Eight-Bit has a central location in the city. The roads outside are somewhat wider, thus eliminating the risk of hitting other cars when you go out.

The garage has a capacity of 10 cars and has fantastic access. Any vehicle you choose spawns very close by outside the garage entrance, ideally close to the road.

Players can easily spawn vehicles from both the front and garage doors. The garage also has enough space to land a personal helicopter.


There isn’t much in the vicinity of the arcade when considering the location. The Eclipse tower is down the street, while the tinsel tower is two blocks away. Nearby shops include the hair store and the customs stop, just a few blocks away. However, it is close to the cheapest CEO office, which proves helpful.

Diamond Casino

Considering the Diamond Casino heist, the Eight-Bit proves to be a valuable asset. It is close to the casino, at a calculated distance of under a mile on the road. Permitting straight drives and a short flight, the casino heist is easily doable from this arcade.

The drive to and from the city is pretty straightforward, considering the location of this property, which becomes an added benefit.

As for the re-decorating, there isn’t a lot you need to do. This arcade also comes with a 10-car garage capacity. It also has a fancy exterior, so you don’t need to spend extra bucks trying to make it look pretty.

This arcade is towards the costlier side, so only buy this if you have a business close by in the area and have the means to invest more. Purchasing this arcade is a show of wealth at this point in the game.

Insert Coin

Turn the musty wine shop into the best arcade with Insert Coin. Rehabilitate it, and you’ll surely make an excellent passive living out of it. Although towards the costlier edge, Insert Coin is one of the most convenient arcades to buy in GTA 5 concerning location and profit.

Insert Coin arcade in GTA 5
Insert Coin in Rockford Hills

Price: $2,345,000

Location: Rockford Hills

Previously: Fruit of the Vine


The sidewalk of the Insert Coin is much wider than the Warehouse. Thus there is lesser room for accidents to happen. The cars spawn a little farther from the garage door, which turns into a little walk. There is an alleyway beside the front door where you can run to your vehicle.


Being in Rockford Hills, this arcade is one of the prime locations regarding business. It is situated near other businesses, making it very easy to link it up with other businesses. Thus, easily making it the best arcade to buy in GTA 5.

There is an ammunition store down the street with a theatre and a mini-mart close by. Two of the banks are also situated to the west of this place. The Customs shop is also in close vicinity of the area.

It is closer to the Chumash Bunker; thus, if you already own this bunker, Insert Coin is the arcade for you. It is also closer to all MC businesses and the nightclub at Del Perro, so you can start and expand businesses starting with this arcade. Furthermore, it has close access to the highway, making traveling around the map for players easy and convenient.

Diamond Casino

As far as the Casino is concerned, its distance from the arcade is approximately the same as the Davis arcade. However, the path is straighter from the Insert Coin and thus takes a little less time than Davis.

This is one of the best arcades to buy in GTA 5, mainly because it lets players maximize their passive income. You can also save money for upgrades for the interior of the arcade. Overall, Insert Coin is a good investment if you are looking to buy an arcade up south in GTA 5.


Arcades in GTA have essentially abandoned buildings that players can renovate and repopulate by converting into business ventures. The Warehouse, previously an Auto Fix Factory, is a perfect option to buy as an arcade.

Warehouse arcade in gta 5
Warehouse in Davis

Price: $2,135,000

Location: Davis

Previously: Auto Fix Factory

The Warehouse is a bit more expensive but well worth the price. As for the location, the Warehouse is a little tedious as you will need to travel through the city to get to the casino. This results in being an easy target for enemies during the heist.


The garage has a 10-vehicle capacity and has excellent access, but the vehicles spawn right next to the main road, which may result in damages. The entrance and garage are close to one another, which is convenient. However, being dangerously close to the street, the garage does not have extra space to accommodate helicopters, unlike the other arcade.

As for the appearance, the arcade gives off an abandoned artsy vibe, with graffiti all over its exterior walls. Players can easily renovate this to make it look better if they are willing to pay extra bucks. However, even as such, the exterior seems pretty cool.


One thing that sets the Warehouse apart from all the other arcades in the game is its close linkage with the Davis vehicle warehouse. If you already own the Davis vehicle warehouse, the Warehouse is a perfect option for you as it opens directly into the warehouse. This makes missions of exports and imports easier and much more convenient.

It also has easy access to the international airport as it is situated close by. Other closeby shops include Benny’s customs, Mini-Mart, and the Arena Wars at Mayes Bank Arena.

Diamond Casino

Located in the bustling city center, the arcade is closely connected to other businesses that players may own. Even though it’s located to the South of Los Santos, the arcade is only 1.5 miles away from the Diamond Casino.

Overall, the Warehouse might not be your top pick for arcades in GTA 5, but if you’re looking to expand, it is still a very good option because of its central location in the city.

Pixel’s Pete

One of the least recommended places to buy an arcade is away from the city, too far south and too far north. Pixel’s Pete, previously a legendary dive, is an arcade way up north. It’s away from the city’s hustle, which may not make it the best choice for the arcade. Although if you’re looking for something a little easier on the pockets, this is the arcade.

Pixel's Pete arcade in gta 5
Pixel’s Pete in Paleto Bay

Price: $1,235,000

Location: Paleto Bay

Previously: Helmut’s European Autos

Its low-price tag isn’t the only thing going for the arcade. One of the best things about this arcade is that you have Twitch prime, and you can get this arcade free of cost.

Aside from being the cheapest arcade in GTA 5, an added benefit of Pixel’s Pete is that you can easily rebate this arcade to buy an arcade closer to or inside the city. You can trade this arcade for the one you want with 50% of the Pixel’s Pete cost taken off. So, while the arcade might not be in one of the prime locations, it can get you close to one.


The Pacific coast highway runs through Paleto Bay, which you can use to access nearby shops, such as ammunition, hair dress, and tattoo shop. The entrance is spacious, and there is also a sidewalk present.

The arcade is also far away from the city and the rest of the businesses, making it very inconvenient if you want to link up all your other businesses together. Players will have to travel back and forth to the city from Paleto’s Bay which becomes difficult, especially if you only want this business to be a source of passive income.

Diamond Casino

As far as the Casino is concerned, Pixel’s Pete is located far up north in Paleto Bay, away from the Diamond Casino, 6 miles to be exact. So only buy this arcade if you’re not interested in completing the heist or are looking to invest in arcades as a business venture or expanding an already running arcade business.


Another best arcade in GTA 5 that is far from the city but one of the fair-price arcades in GTA 5, Wonderama, has pros and cons. It has had its fair share of history, being described as ‘the most incredible night out in Grapeseed’ in the game. The arcade ran out of business when a health inspector caught an infested ball pit and has been abandoned.

Wonderama arcade
Wonderama in Grapeseed

Price: $1,565,000

Location: Grapeseed

Previously: Grapeseed Supermarket

Located in the heart of Grapeseed, the Wonderama is a pretty decent arcade. However, it is up north and far away from the city, so only buy this if you want to expand away from the main town.


The entrance door is close to the road, with open street access from the front of the parking lot. The entrance is spacious, with much room for helicopters and other vehicles. However, the entrance to the garage is a little narrow.


One of the main selling points for Wonderama is that it is very close to McKenzie airfield. It is also a good pick for any player who owns the Coke Lock Up arcade, as both are close to one another. Other than that, there is also a mini-mart close by. There are also some MC businesses nearby that you can engage with.

Diamond Casino

Although the arcade is about 4 miles from the Diamond Casino, it is located right next to the highway, making the drive to the casino straight and easy. However, you will need to invest in a fast car if you’re planning on completing the Diamond Casino heist with this arcade.

Overall, it is a perfect space to buy if you want to expand and take your arcade business away from the city.

After completing the Diamond Casino heist, you can set up any arcade you buy to start a business. Even though there are a lot of other businesses to earn money from in GTA 5, arcades are one of the best ones to invest in.

Even in 2023, arcades are valuable as you can expand your businesses by linking them with the arcades. This goes a long way to earn passive income without putting in a lot of work hours. So if you want to make a significant, buy an arcade in GTA 5 today.

Closing Remarks

That is all the information regarding the best arcades to buy in GTA 5. New weekly updates help gain discounts for the arcades and set them up, so keep a lookout for that. Once you have a running arcade, you will earn money from it in no time. Link it up with all your other businesses to maximize profit.

If you’re looking for quick money on GTA 5 except for businesses, here’s a guide on Easy Solo Missions For Quick Money.

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