GTA 5: Best Businesses To Buy [Top 10]

Set out to be the most prosperous and rich person in the insane world of GTA 5.

Best businesses to buy in GTA 5
Best businesses to buy in GTA 5

Rockstar Games allows players to buy some of the best multiple businesses in GTA 5. Live a rich and leading life with the most appealing and distinctive looks on your character, representing you in GTA’s mad and wacky world.

Key Takeaways

  • Beginner: Acid Lab and Coke Lockup (MC businesses)
  • Car enthusiast: Auto Shop and Cargo Vehicle businesses
  • Best supply businesses: Bunker (basic) or Special Cargo (higher investment, best profit)
  • Active sources: Arcade (ties other businesses together)
  • Experienced players: Nightclub and Kosatka Submarine (high investment, best money-making)

Ever since I started playing GTA V, new businesses have been introduced, while sometimes, old ones are modified into something better. Regarding this, consider some of the best businesses to buy in GTA 5.

Acid Lab

Buy Acid Lab business in GTA
Best Kickoff Business _Acid Lab

The Acid Lab Business is best suitable for beginners who have just entered GTA Online. The best capability of this business is that it enables the player to make Millions of dollars as a solo runner, which means that you don’t have to rely on the help of others to produce such a lucrative sum.

Furthermore, Acid Lab doesn’t involve a substantial sum to start working with. The Acid Lab was introduced in the Los Santos Drug Wars update.


  • In my experience, Acid Lab is considered beginner-friendly and best choice to get started due to its accessibility in GTA Online.
  • Unlike other businesses that require direct purchase, you unlock the Acid Lab by completing specific missions.
  • The process starts with a mission from Ron Jakowski at the Freakshop location.
  • After the initial mission, five more missions will be assigned by an NPC named Dax.
  • Completing all these Dax missions will lead to obtaining the Brickade 6/6 at Freakshop.
  • Once these missions are completed, you can buy the Acid Lab by talking to an NPC named “Mutt” at the Freakshop.


  • The Acid Lab generates passive income through stock management.
  • To profit, you must fill both the Supply and Product Bar.
  • Either stealing or buying can obtain supplies, but I recommend stealing for an exhilarating experience.
  • Buying supplies is preferred as it saves time and guarantees a fair profit.
  • I also stole supplies with friends Online to save time and money but it is more time-consuming.
  • Mutt will convert the supplies into products once the stock is replenished.
  • The profit is calculated based on the Product Bar, which is proportional to the Supply Bar.


If you do this business in the live lobby, each player ( excluding you ) will add a 2% bonus.

Without Equipment Upgrade

  • The purchase cost of the Acid Lab is $750,000, the lowest among all businesses.
  • Filling all 5 bars of the Supply bar costs $60,000.
  • Completing the storage of the Acid Lab costs $192,000 (calculated as $60,000 multiplied by 3.2 bars).
  • A 5-bar supply will earn you $74,250 and takes approximately 2 hours to generate.
  • To fill the Acid Lab with supplies, you need to fill 16 bars of the Supply Bar, resulting in earnings of $237,600 and taking 6 hours to supply.

Arcade Business

Arcade Business
Arcade Business For Mission and Profit

There is a twisted fact regarding the Arcade Business. This business has the purpose of serving as a GTA Online story mission Casino Heist. It serves as the place for setting up your plans for the heist mission.


The Arcade business in GTA Online does not have specific requirements. Instead, it is required for certain other businesses and the Casino Heist mission. To own the Arcade business, you must start the Casino Heist mission, introduced in The Diamond Casino Heist update. Completing setup missions and progressing through the heist mission will unlock the full features of the Arcade.

This business will require only the purchasing of Arcade, over six areas on the map. You can learn more about these in my detailed best arcade to buy GTA 5 guide.


The Arcade is divided into different operation purposes. Each carries its unique task and effect.

Arcade money generation
Passive Arcade Income
  • Invest in arcade machines for a fixed profit.
  • Machine type doesn’t affect profit.
  • I recommend avoiding expensive machines for better profit margins.
  • Machines offer unique games but low profits.
Casino Heist Mission
Diamond Casino Heist

The Arcade business is also used in the storyline of the Casino Heist. In the basement of the Arcade, you will plan the heist.

While preparing for the heist, there is an option to purchase additional equipment. However, it is generally considered not to be necessary, as the default gear is usually sufficient to proceed with the heist and improve the chances of success.


In GTA Online, there are six different locations where you can purchase the Arcade business:

  1. Pixel’s Pete in Paleto Bay: $1,235,000
  2. Wonderama in Grapeseed: $1,565,000
  3. Videogeddon in La Mesa: $1,875,000
  4. Warehouse in Davis: $2,135,000
  5. Insert Coin in Rockford: $2,345,000
  6. Eight-Bit in Vinewood: $2,530,000

The cheapest options are in Paleto Bay and Grapeseed, but in my opinion, they are less convenient due to their remote locations. 

The Arcade business generates a daily profit of $5,000, one of the slower money-making businesses in the game.

There are two upgrades available for the Arcade:

  1. Drone Station: $1,460,000 (does not provide any direct income)
  2. Master Control Terminal: Nearly $1,700,000 (provides convenience and access to other businesses)

Completing the Casino Heist mission can yield over $2 million, and this mission is replayable, making it a potentially lucrative source of income in GTA Online.

Auto Shop

Auto Shop Business (Image from TGG)

A business that is fully based on the Active method for income. There are two reasons to consider this as one of the best businesses to buy in GTA 5.

  • Cars Enthusiasts.
  • Decent Profit in a short time.


  1. Enter the Los Santos Car Meet.
  2. There are a total of 5 Auto Shops available to buy in Los Santos.Upgrades: Once you have acquired an Auto Shop, you can invest in various upgrades.
  3. The Staff Upgrade allows you to hire a maximum of 2 Staff Members.


Customer Delivery:

Delivery missions
Auto Shop Delivery Missions
  1. Over time, you will receive message pop-outs on your screen informing you about the new customer request. A new car will appear in your garage, waiting for the customization according to the customer’s request.
  2. You will be offered objectives and details. Once you are done with the vehicle modification, you must drive the vehicle to its destination, where the delivery needs to be.
  3. You can either do the delivery yourself or hire a Staff Member to deliver it for you. You will need Staff Member upgrades, which are quite costly.

Note: If the car is damaged on the way, you will have to face a moderate amount of loss. Make sure to deliver the car yourself to avoid accidents and potential loss.

Car Exports:

Auto shop export mission
Car Export Mission

Unlike customer delivery, you will have to find these cars in the Free Mode and steal them. Every vehicle needs to be delivered at the docks, and upon completion, you will receive your profit.

Mini Heist:

mini heist missions
Mini Heist Mission inside Auto Shop

This is the best money-generating method inside the Auto Shop. A planning board will be present inside the shop, which will offer you three heist missions.


  • La Mesa Auto Shop – $1,920,000
  • Burton Auto Shop – $1,830,000
  • Rancho Auto Shop – $1,750,000
  • Mission Row Auto Shop – $1,670,000
  • Strawberry Auto Shop – $1,705,000
  • Staff Members 1 and 2 Upgrade for $385,000 each.
  • Car Lift Upgrade will cost you $650,000.
  1. Car Delivery Service:
    • Cost: $35,000 (for car modification)
    • Profit: $60,000 per successful delivery
    • Net Profit per Delivery: $25,000
  2. Car Export:
    • Profit: $20,000 per car delivered
  3. Mini Heist:
    • Set-Up Missions Reward: Approximately $170,000
    • Finale Reward: Ranging between $180,000 to $300,000


Bunker businesses to buy in GTA
Weapon Supply Business

Bunker is a Passive way of income as it is counted among the supply businesses.

What makes Bunker unique from other Supply businesses is that it deals with the manufacturing and supplying weapons. Moreover, you can unlock some new upgrades on your weapons, which you cannot obtain otherwise.

If you have involved your friends in this business, then there is a lot for you to make a profit here. It is because each time your supplies are ready to be delivered, you will have different vehicles spawned for every delivery.

Tip from Author: Including a friend or your crew in the Bunker business is highly advised as it yields better profits.


First, you need to purchase the Bunker. I recommend purchasing the closest one to the city. Once you have bought it, you must complete a setup mission, which will not take long.

Although this comes as an addition to the Bunker business, buying the Upgrades of Equipment and Staff is often considered mandatory. Both have their distinctive features for maximizing your profit.

  • Equipment Upgrade: Enhance the working of the business overall. This increases the speed of work and supply quality, saving you time and adding value to the stock—resulting in a better profit margin.
  • Staff Upgrade: This upgrade will decrease the time spent in manufacturing and researching.


Bunker business mechanics
The functionality of Bunker Business
  1. Supply Bar: Represents supplies for Bunker stock; buys or steals supplies; fills four times for full stock.
  2. Stock Bar: Indicates Bunker stock; each Supply Bar fill adds 1/4 stock, manageable for solo players.
  3. Research Bar: Tracks research progress for weapon upgrades; doesn’t directly make a profit.
  4. Staff Management: Assign staff to Manufacturing for profit; avoid simultaneous Research for efficiency.


  • Chumash Bunker – $1,650,000
  • Route 68 Bunker – $1,950,000
  • Grand Senora Desert Bunker – $2,120,000
  • Farmhouse Bunker – $2,375,000
  • Thomson Scrapyard Bunker – $2,290,000
  • Smoke Tree Road Bunker – $2,205,000
  • Grapeseed Bunker – $1,750,000
  • Raton Canyon Bunker – $1,450,000
  • Lago Zancuda Bunker – $1,550,000
  • Equipment Upgrade will cost $ $1,155,000
  • Staff Upgrade will cost $598,500

Profit Calculation:

  • Buying supplies: Costs $75,000 (1 Supply Bar) => $210,000 worth of stock.
  • Supplies to stock conversion time: Nearly 90 minutes.
  • Basic Bunker profit: $40,000 per hour.
  • Staff upgrades: $54,000 per hour.
  • Equipment upgrades: $55,000 per hour.
  • Both upgrades: $79,000 per hour.
  • Supply cost: Around $375,000 – $395,000 => Sold for $1,050,000.
  • Profit: Approximately $650,000+.
  • Daily vehicle mission reward: $50,000.

Coke Lockup

Coke Lockup business in GTA
Cocaine Business ( Image from Fresh Gaming )

Cocaine Lockup is the supply business that most of the players will tend to invest in at the beginning stage. It is because this business requires a little less investment money to set up as compared to the other businesses. Moreover, it is one of the MC businesses that provide a relatively good amount of profit when compared to other MC businesses.


  • Start cocaine business: Buy Motorcycle Club (MC).
  • MC Businesses are cheap options available to players like myself who don’t like constant grinding for in-game cash.
  • Inside MC, purchase Coke Lockup location.
  • Choose from four cheap locations.
  • Complete primary setup mission.
  • Manage business as you prefer.
  • Supplies: Buy or steal, but early-stage theft is recommended.
  • Early production may not profit if supplies are bought.


  • Supplies: Your staff converts supplies into products, which generate profit.
  • Scaling: You can scale the business by ordering more supplies, but you’ll need friends to help deliver the products.
  • Upgrades: Staff and Equipment upgrades increase profit margins by speeding up production and adding product value.


  • Motorcycle Club: Buy the cheapest one, Great Chaparral Clubhouse ($200,000).
  • Cocaine Business: Buy the cheapest Alamo Sea Cocaine Lockup ($975,000).
  • Upgrades: Buy the Equipment Upgrade ($935,000), Staff Upgrade ($390,000), and Security Upgrade ($570,000).
  • Security Upgrade: Required for MC businesses to prevent raids from players or NPCs.

I highly recommend the security update the MC Businesses are highly volatile and you do not want to suffer losses after the investment of time and in-game money.

Profit Calculation

  • Supplies: Cost $75,000, take 2.5 hours to convert to products, and give 1.5 Product Bars.
  • Hourly profit: $37,500 without upgrades, $92,500 with upgrades.
  • Maximum product value: $300,000 without upgrades, $360,000 with 1 upgrade, $420,000 with both upgrades.
  • Time to fill storage: 8.3 hours without upgrades, 6.6 hours with 1 upgrade, and 5 hours with both upgrades.
  • Live lobby bonus: 1% for each player in the lobby


Best active and passive businesses to buy in GTA
An Agency Business For High Investors

One of the major businesses in DLC Criminal Enterprise, it works as both a Passive and Active source of income. In my experimentation, Agency business proved to be the most reliable source of income generation in GTA Online.


  • Start with Agency building, which sadly is a hefty investment.
  • Get a free garage for up to 23 vehicles.
  • This garage will be used for stealing cars and fulfilling contracts.
  • Vehicle Workshop upgrade: Modify cars and add two abilities.
    • Remote Control Unit: Allows remote vehicle control for $235,000.
    • Missile Lock-on Jammer: Prevents lock-on, costs $400,000.
  • Armory upgrade: Buy weapons at the Agency with discounts.
  • Buy armor for extra protection during tasks.


The Agency business allows the players to gain profit from 3 methods


Contracts for Agency
Contract Missions for Agency business

Once you are inside your Agency, you can take on contracts that will require a few minutes of effort to put into it. These contracts will provide you with money upon completion, and with each contract completed, you will be given $100 for every in-game day. There are three types of contracts that you can choose to work on.

  • Liquidize Assets: You must chase down a person for a few minutes. 
  • Rescue Operation: This mission involves the stealing of a vehicle. You need to protect the car from the waves of enemies coming to kill you. Once you have eliminated each one, you can deliver the car to the Agency’s garage.
  • Gang Termination: You must reach a specific location and eliminate the whole squad of troublemakers.

Payphone Hits:

payphone hits
The mission of Payphone Hits
  • Start payphone hits mission from anywhere.
  • Call Franklin or look for the Blue Phone icon on the mini-map.
  • Earn fixed pay for each successful mission.
  • Optional assassinations for multiplied profit.

Dr. Dre Contract:

  • Profitable mission in GTA Online, but sadly, I recommend sparing some time as it takes 1+ hour.
  • High pay makes the time investment worthwhile.
  • Can also do a Payphone Hit mission during it for added income.
  • Ideal for generating a significant sum in a reasonable time.


  • Vespucci Canals – $2,145,000
  • Little Seoul – $2,010,000
  • Rockford Hills – $2,415,000
  • Hawick – $2,830,000
  • Armory upgrade will cost you $720,000.
  • The vehicle Workshop will come at an expense of $800,000.

Profit Calculation

  • Contracts: Random payout per completion.
  • $100 is added to your safe vault every in-game day (48 minutes) for up to 200 contracts.
  • Payphone Hit missions: $15,000 per success, up to $85,000 with instructions.
  • Dr. Dre’s mission: Takes time but pays $1,000,000 upon completion.

Dr. Dre’s mission comes with a cooldown, but it should not bother you as I found various side activities to explore in GTA V until the cooldown wears off.

Vehicle Cargo

Best vehicle businesses to buy in GTA
The Great Car Dealing Business

Vehicle Cargo is one the oldest and best-running businesses in GTA 5. This business’s working might seem similar to the Auto Shop business, but that is not the case. It does require the same way of delivering the vehicle to the customer but offers a rather generous sum in return.


  • Buy a CEO office (the cheapest option is fine).
  • Buy a Vehicle Warehouse (the cheapest option is acceptable).
  • Invite friends to help sell cars (not required, but more profitable).


  • Start Vehicle Cargo mission in the CEO’s office.
  • Steal the car and bring it to your warehouse.
  • Repair cost if the car is damaged during transport.
  • Car categories: These can be randomly spawned Mid Range, Standard Range, and Top Range.
  • Top Range cars yield the most profit.
  • Damage during delivery reduces profit; you can pursue a solo playthrough, but that will not result in maximum profits. 


  • The cheapest CEO office with $1,000,000 is the best investment.
  • Other office options: Arcadius Business Center ($2,250,000), Lombank West ($3,100,000), and Maze Tower Bank ($4,000,000).
  • Cheap Vehicle Warehouses: La Mesa ($1,500,000), El Burro Heights ($1,635,000), Elysian Island ($1,950,000).
  • Private selling: $40,000 profit with no costs.
  • Showroom selling: $70,000 profit, $10,000 for modifications.
  • Specialist Dealer selling: $100,000 profit, $20,000 for modifications ($80,000 profit).
  • Solo: I highly advise selling one car at a time. If you are playing with four friends, sell four cars for maximum profit ($400,000 with $320,000 profit).
  • High Demand bonus: 2% profit increase in public lobby.

Special Cargo

Best Cargo businesses to buy in GTA
Special Cargo Business ( image from HarmNone )

This business is much more likely to be an Active method, but it will have a lot of worth if you have turned it into a passive income. The business has a lot of flexibility in terms of investment as it favors beginners and rich players. 


  • Own Special Cargo business: You will need the CEO’s office and Cargo Warehouse.
  • I prefer the cheapest CEO’s office; the functionality is the same.
  • Cargo Warehouse sizes: Small (16 crates), Medium (42 crates), Large (111 crates).
  • Location options for warehouses.
  • Small or medium for budget, large for maximum profit.
  • Don’t own multiple small or medium warehouses; the limit is 5.
  • Own 1-2 small/medium, and invest more in large cargo warehouses for the best profit.


The Special Cargo business allows you to earn money through 2 methods. The first is sourcing the crates, and the other is the delivery mission that happens every in-game day. Buying the crates is the leading cause of making money through this business, while the other is just a side mission that acts as bonus content.

To go through the procedure of buying crates, you must invest in the number of crates.

Options to buy crates
3 Buying Options to get Supplies
  • 1 Crate will be the cheapest option but not the most beneficial.
  • 2 Crates will cost a standard amount of money.
  • 3 Crates are the most preferable option as investing in the highest possible option for this business is best.


  • CEO office cost: $1,000,000 (cheapest) to $4,000,000 (most expensive).
  • Cargo Warehouse cost: Small ($250,000 – $400,000), Medium ($880,000 – $1,017,000), Large ($1,900,000 – $3,500,000).
  • Crate costs: 1 Crate ($2,000), 2 Crates ($8,000), 3 Crates ($18,000).
  • Large Warehouse (111 crates) income: $3,100,000 – $3,500,000.
  • NPC crate sourcing cost: $7,500 per time.
  • Filling Large Warehouse with three crates: 37 times, costing $660,000.
  • Profit selling 111 crates: $2,434,000 – $2,134,000.
  • High Demand bonus: 2% profit increase for each player in the live lobby.
  • Truck delivery mission reward: $50,000.

Kosatka Submarine

Kosatka business
Highly Paying Kosatka Submarine Business

Kosatka Submarine requires a hefty amount of investment but also returns a massive sum as well. So, it is wise to pick up a Kosatka Submarine and start with the heist mission it offers.


  • You will need access to a Motorcycle Club to access Kosatka Submarine.
  • Purchase a submarine through your phone.
  • Submarine offers benefits like Fast Travel and vehicle spawning.
  • We need a submarine to unlock “The Cayo Perico Heist” mission.


  • Set-up missions serve as heist preparation.
  • Upgrades in the submarine can speed up mission completion.
  • Sparrow upgrade adds a mini chopper for efficient travel.
  • Heist mission rewards vary with each attempt.
  • Repeating the heist within an in-game day triggers Hard Mode, increasing prize money by 10%.
  • Cooldown period after completing the heist before attempting it again.
  • The finale of the heist includes bonus loot for instant money.
  • Unlike most businesses that I discussed, I found out that solo play yields more money compared to playing with a friend making it an ideal business approach.


  • Kosatka Submarine cost: $2,200,000.
  • Sparrow Upgrade cost: $1,800,000.
  • Heist offers six different packages with varying values when done solo:
    • Panther Statue ($1,900,000)
    • Pink Diamond ($1,300,000)
    • Madrazo Files and Bearer Bond ($1,100,000 each)
    • Ruby Necklace ($1,000,000)
    • Tequila ($900,000)
  • Bonus loot during the mission: $50,000 – $100,000.
  • Mission duration: Approximately 1 hour to complete.


Nightclub the best businesses in GTA
Nightclub – The Best Source of Income

Throughout the years, Nightclub has remained on top of the list of best businesses. Sure, the money it requires to set up is relatively high, but it is also the top income-generating business you can get.


  • Buy a Nightclub from various locations on the map. You can follow our guide explaining the Nightclub business in GTA V.
  • Perform quick set-up missions.
  • Nightclub includes an underground warehouse for income.
  • The warehouse has multiple supply businesses related to your other businesses.
  • You can source seven supplies that correspond to other businesses.
Supply businesses in Nightclub
All the businesses and their dependencies ( TGG(YouTube) representation of supply missions )
  • Cargo and Shipment will require Special Cargo.
  • Sporting Goods will need a Bunker.
  • South American Imports will require Coke Lockup.
  • Pharmaceutical Research will require Meth Lab.
  • Organic Produce will require Weed Farm.
  • Printing and Copying will require Document Forgery.
  • Cash Creation will require Counterfeit Cash.

Without these businesses, you can not source these supplies. However, one thing essential to keep in mind is the fact that you do not have to keep the other businesses operative. 


Nightclub comes with two methods of earning money.

The Club:

  • Nightclub business generate profits based on its popularity. 
  • Generates ransom every in-game day, based on popularity.
  • Ways to increase popularity:
    • Complete missions from Tony.
    • Hire a DJ.
    • Interact with NPCs:
      • Kick out, troublemakers.
      • Serve drunken VIPs.

The Warehouse:

  • Passive sourcing of goods in the Nightclub using technicians.
  • Default: One free technician; you can buy more, up to five for each supply.
  • Active option: Call Yohan to do supply missions, and get paid while doing them.
  • Consider Nightclub upgrades:
    • Equipment Upgrade for efficient technicians.
    • Staff Upgrades to minimize popularity loss.
    • Security Upgrade to reduce raid chances (essential due to higher raid frequency).


  • Nightclub prices: $1,080,000 to $1,700,000.
  • Generates $50,000 each in-game day with a full Popularity Bar, up to $250,000 capacity.
  • Helping Drunken VIPs or manually doing supply missions: $10,000.
  • Income per hour for different goods:
    • Cargo and Shipment: $8,570
    • Sporting Goods: $7,500
    • South American Imports: $13,500
    • Pharmaceutical Research: $11,500
    • Organic Produce: $6,075
    • Printing and Copying: $5,400
    • Cash Creation: $9,450
  • Upgrades: Equipment Upgrade ($1,425,000), Staff Upgrade ($475,000), Security Upgrade ($695,000).
  • DJ hire: First time $100,000, subsequent hires $10,000.

My Thoughts

  • The best tip to start any new business in GTA V is to not invest a hefty sum in it initially. Its foundation should come in cheap else; it will be rather tricky for you to make any profit out of it in the early stages of the business.
  • Moreover, try not to handle multiple Active businesses simultaneously, as managing them will become quite complicated. Own several Passive business titles and work for a few Active sources of income.
  • Your friends can tag along to make things fast and generate a productive outcome.

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