Minecraft: Best Enchantments [Top 15]

Enchantments enhance your combat, mining and overall experience in Minecraft. Here are 15 of the best ones out there.

Best Enchantments Minecraft
Best Enchantments Minecraft

Enchantments are usually crafted using different methods. Each enchantment has its unique use recipe to be crafted. The powerful the enchantment, the rare its crafting, and the requisite ingredients. 

Key Takeaways

  • Enchantments are the spells that enhance an item such as a tool, weapon, or armor piece in a specific method.
  • Each enchantment takes up an enchantment slot the item it is applied to.
  • Every enchantment also has levels to it ranging from 1 and some also having levels up to 5.
  • They can be obtained using an enchantment book or Lapis Lazuli ore in the enchantment table.

Why Trust Us?

I have been playing Minecraft for over 4 years and with 40 enchantments in the game I have tried to narrow it down to the 15 best enchantments Minecraft in my personal experience. I have also recommended where each enchantment is useful and what cons it brings to you.

Fire Protection 

The Fire Protection enchantment allowed me to stay protected from different types of fire damage. Lava, fire, campfires, and other sources of fire damage can drain the health of your character to a dangerous level.

For that instance, fire Protection is one of the most valuable enchantments, as I often encountered fire in the game. Consequently, maneuvering becomes easy, and any hostile fire attack becomes less of a bother. It has a max level of 4.

Fire damage protection. 

Specific use case.


Respiration Enchantment
Breathing Underwater with Respiration Enchantment

As the name suggests, the Respiration enchantment allows your character to breathe underwater for extended periods. Naturally, this enchantment can be applied to any helmet/leather cap only. It also increases visibility.

Respiration’s utility is evident as it allowed me to avoid drowning damage for extended breathing. Otherwise, your character starts drowning earlier.

It has a maximum level of 3. At each level, the breathing time improves by 15 seconds. I could craft it from the enchantment table using XP and Lapis Lazuli. I also recommend you loot it from the chests spread across the game.

Enhanced visibility underwater.

Only useful underwater.

Feather Falling 

A boots enchantment, Feather Falling significantly reduces the fall damage in the game. I tested it by falling off from a distance, and having boots with this enchantment saved my character from massive fall damage. 

The maximum level for this is 4. Each level reduces damage by 12% with 48% at level 4. 

Reduced fall damage.

Not useful in flat biomes.


This enchantment allows players to enhance the durability of an item in exchange for experience orbs—basically, the Mending enchantment repairs various items. So, if you have a problem maintaining your items in complete condition, Mending is your solution. 

You can get this enchantment from chest loots, drops in raids, and engaging in a trade with a librarian. However, contrary to most enchantments, this one cannot be crafted. It’s only obtained through loot and exploration and features a max level of 1.

Reduced resource usage.

Lower experience gain.


Used on tools, the Efficiency enchantment improves the working speed of the tool it’s applied on. While I applied it to many tools, it is primarily used on the pickaxe for increasing the speed of mining blocks.

If you use it on an axe it will increase the chance for it to stun a shield by 25%(base) and 5%(increment) for each level(max 5). Besides, this enchantment was excellent for increasing the speed of my digging ventures. 

It has a maximum level of 5. An enchanting table or anvil can be used to apply the efficiency enchantment. 

Higher mining speed.

Faster durability loss.


Next, another excellent enchantment for mining is Fortune, which increases the number of items dropped while digging and the chances of rare drops. The only exception is experienced orbs.

Fortune Enchantment In Minecraft
A Pickaxe with the Fortune Enchantment

It has a maximum level of 3. Though there is no specific enchanted book for this, the enchantment table can be used to obtain the fortune enchantment.

One cool feature is that Fortune and Efficiency enchantments can be combined to make a tool very beneficial.

Higher ores drop.

Only works on ore blocks.

Silk Touch 

The next enchantment, Silk Touch, is an interesting one, as I was surprised that I could dig any mining block itself rather than obtain the dropped item. So, for instance, instead of getting drops from a diamond block, I mined and obtained the diamond ore itself. This enchantment can be applied to shove, pickaxe, axe, or shears.

As with most enchantments, you can apply Silk Touch with an enchantment table or an anvil. The maximum level for this one is level 1.

Mine ore blocks in orignal form.

Specific use case.


Unbreaking increases the durability of the tool or weapon when it is applied. The maximum attainable level is 3. Like most enchantments, you can get Unbreaking using an anvil, an enchantment table, or a librarian.

Increases item durability.

Repairs still required overtime.


Looting is a notable sword enchantment that increases the loot dropped by an enemy killed with the enchanted sword. It also increases the chances of getting a rare item dropped.

Looting Enchantment In Minecraft
A Book with the Looting Enchantment

Its maximum level is 3. You can obtain Looting using an anvil, an enchantment table, or a trade with a librarian.  

More mob drops.

Doesn’t affect all mobs..


Knockback increases the push distance on a melee. Whenever I hit an enemy with a sword, it is “knocked back.” 

The maximum level is 2. Like most enchantments in the list, it can be obtained through an enchantment table or in chests.

Good for crowd control.

Reduces DPS (damage per second).


Multishot Enchantment
A Bow shooting with Multishot

Multishot is an enchantment for ranged weapons in Minecraft. It allows you to shoot 3 arrows at the cost of just one arrow but only one arrow can be recovered.

Naturally, this makes ranged combat easier and seamless. Combining the Quick Charge enchantment with Multishot made my crossbow a formidable weapon. Here’s a complete guide on the quick charge enchantment Minecraft.

Good crowd control.

Bad precision at longer ranges.

Fire Aspect 

Fire Aspect is an enchantment that can be used on only melee weapons such as swords. Melee weapons with this set players/mobs on fire dealing fire damage. 

During my experience, the more hits I dealt to an enemy, the more fire damage I kept building on. I also combined this with the Sharpness enchantment, making my sword even more potent. 

Its maximum level is 2. It can be obtained from fishing, looting chests, and the usual enchantment table.

Deal fire damage.

Not effective against fire-resistant mobs.


Sharpness Enchantment
Enchantment Table View of Sharpness Enchantment

This is one of the most commonly used enchantments out there. Sharpness enhances the melee damage of a weapon such as a sword or an axe. To get the sharpness enchantment, you will need an enchanted book, which can be crafted with a book and Lapis Lazuli.

But don’t worry; you can follow our extensive Sharpness Enchantment to craft it for your playthrough.

Increases base damage.

Doesn’t provide any other special effects.

Sweeping Edge 

The sweeping edge Enchantment enhances the sweeping damage of a sword. The maximum level for this enchantment is 3. It can only be obtained by exploring the world or using the anvil or the enchantment table. 

Good crowd control.

Increased collateral damage chances.


The Infinity enchantment when applied to a ranged weapon(bow, crossbow), will not consume any arrows. Coming at the base level of 1, you can shoot as many regular arrows as you want. Players can utilize the bow without running out of ammo, even if they have one arrow in inventory. 

Effective in raids.

Arrows shot are non-recoverable.

My Thoughts

Through extensive gameplay, enchantments are invaluable for enhancing my gaming experience. Using the enchantment table, anvil, trading, and exploring, I could obtain top enchantments like Sharpness, Fortune, and Mending to boost my combat power, mining efficiency, and overall survivability.

Tactically combining enchantments unlocks their full potential by strengthening armor, tools, and weapons.

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