Best Facility Property In GTA 5 [Top 3]

Selecting from nine available options when buying a facility could be a confusing task. Find out which facility will work best for you in our guide below.

Best Facility in GTA 5
Best facility in gta 5

Heist missions are the highlighting feature of GTA 5. A long yet exciting journey filled with thrilling experiences to earn loads of money. To quickly escape and hide from police after the heist, Facility properties are the best option in GTA 5.

Key Takeaways

  • A facility is an underground base that offers extensive services to the players in GTA 5. They can be further upgraded with optional features for convenience.
  • A total of nine facilities were primarily introduced to assist in Doomsday heist missions.
  • Each facility offers almost the same services to the players. However, what matters the most is their location in GTA 5 and how close they are to the city.
  • When picking a facility for purchase, its location should be the primary concern of players. Moreover, the facility should also be closer to other businesses and players’ properties.
  • By carefully considering these points, the best three options for players are the Route 68 facility, the Grand Senora Desert facility, and the RON Alternates Wind Farms facility. Players can buy any one of these to finish their missions.

Players can use these properties to earn legitimate money while secretly running their illegal businesses in GTA 5. Additionally, to build players’ interest, continuous updates introduce new heist missions in the GTA Online Solo Public session.

Best Facility in GTA 5
Guide: Best Facility in GTA 5

Similarly, after the Doomsday Heist update in December 2017, Rockstar games introduced the feature of Facility property in GTA 5. The update added a total of nine facilities in different locations of GTA 5. We have ranked the best five properties out of these nine facilities for players’ convenience.

Facility Property In GTA 5

Facilities are large underground bunkers that can be further customized with additional advanced features in GTA 5. International Affairs Agency manages and operates these facilities in GTA 5. Different crews can also use the extensive services available within these properties for their operations.

Primarily, these properties serve the purpose of acting as planning rooms for the Doomsday heist missions. Furthermore, players can store their new Avengers in the dedicated garage storage of these facility properties. Finally, players can upgrade these facilities for a hefty sum to increase security and style and add sleeping rooms for personal use.

Additionally, each Facility can store twelve vehicles in the dedicated storage space. Seven regular cars and five specifically designed weaponized vehicles can be stored in the facility garages of GTA 5.

Receptionist in front desk
Front desk in the CEO’s Office

All The Facilities In GTA 5

As mentioned above, there are nine facilities in GTA 5. Spread across Los Santos, these properties have almost the same features. However, what matters is how close they are to the city roads. Because a shorter distance to the Facility from the city means players can quickly reach their safe hiding place after committing heists.

Additionally, all these facilities have built-in vending machines for snacks. Moreover, players can get free snacks from the help desk in the Facility to recover health after a heist. Players can learn more about snacks in GTA 5 in our guide on How to Eat Snacks in GTA 5?

You can find all the facilities in GTA 5 enlisted below:

  • Route 68 Facility
  • Grand Senora Desert Facility
  • Land Act Reservoir Facility
  • Paleto Bay Facility
  • RON Alternates Wind Farm Facility
  • Sandy Shores Facility
  • Lago Zancudo Facility
  • Zancudo River Facility
  • Mount Gordo Facility

Players will need only one Facility to operate their missions and manage their businesses. It could be a tricky choice to choose one property from this list. To end players’ agony, we have enlisted the best three facilities in GTA 5.

locations of all facilities in GTA 5
Locations of all facilities on the GTA 5 map

Route 68 Facility

First one on the list, Route 68 facility, is the best choice for players in GTA 5. Basically, Route 68 is a highway connecting Los Santos with Blaine county in the Grand Senora Desert. Its ideal location is its hot selling point. The hundreds of feet underground facility is a military-standard bunker hidden between mountains.

Military-styled interior of the facility
Military-styled interior of the facility

It is located at a position that acts as an intersection of many roads coming from different cities. Los Santos is located in the south of this facility, while Paleto Bay is located in the north. Moreover, the highway also connects Los Santos with Blaine county.

Consequently, it is a convenient location for designing heist plans and an easy hiding place from police after heists. Another benefit of the Route 68 facility’s location in GTA 5 is that it is close to the best MC Business locations. Airborne vehicles can spawn just beside the base of the Route 68 facility.

These facilities help a lot to complete the heist missions. Players earn millions of in-game dollars as rewards. However, having a facility does not ensure your certainty of winning those heists.

The selection of a competitive crew is the most crucial factor. Players can learn to formulate a crew in GTA 5 by following our guide: GTA V Best Crew For Every Heist.

Price And How To Buy?

Route 68 facility is available for purchase in GTA 5 for $2,312,500. It is pretty cheap considering the extensive services offered by it. Players can buy this property on Maze Bank Foreclosures’ website in GTA 5.

Buying Route 68 facility in GTA 5
Buying Route 68 facility

Apart from all the pre-equipped features, players can spend extra money to buy new and more advanced security features and other valuable features.

Grand Senora Desert Facility

As the name suggests, this facility is located in the Grand Senora Desert of Blaine County. Los Santos borders it to the south. Moreover, the towns of Sandy Shores are just around the corner. Consequently, players can spawn their jets and helicopters on the airfield of Sandy shores.

Moreover, this facility allows you to quickly complete all three parts of the Doomsday heist because of its centralized position. However, we recommend choosing a location closer to your other properties for other missions.

additional upgrade options
Additional upgrade options

The only drawback of this property is that players are not allowed to buy nearby properties. Consequently, they must travel a long way between properties to run their businesses. Ultimately, traveling can slow down the earnings of players.

Price And How To Buy?

Price-wise, the Grand Senora Desert facility is a bit expensive for most players in GTA 5. However, if you can afford to pay $2,525,000, you can visit the Maze Bank Foreclosures website in GTA 5.

Further upgradation of the facility to equip it with more convenient features will cost hefty sums. However, the investment is pretty rewarding considering the features like more security, additional rooms, and other added features.

Buying grand senora desert facility in GTA 5
Buying Grand Senora Desert Facility in GTA 5

RON Alternates Wind Farm

This is basically a wind farm owned by RON, a power supply company in GTA 5. Below these wind farms underground, there is a Facility property that players in GTA 5 can own. These wind farms can be located around the Blaine county of Los Santos.

These wind farms are considered a threat to the natural habitat of different species of birds around the area by the Los Santos Department of Water and Power. However, these wind farms are very close to city roads. Consequently, players can quickly escape from the police after finishing their heists.

Sleeping bunkers in GTA 5 facility
Sleeping bunkers in GTA 5 facility

Like any other facility, the RON Alternates Wind farm facility has a personal garage to store seven regular and five weaponized vehicles. Players can also customize their cars as the facility have its workshop.

Before purchasing this facility, we recommend you check our extensive guide on RON Alternates Wind Farm in GTA 5

Price And How To Buy?

All-in-all RON Alternates Wind Farms facility is a good choice for most players. If you are interested in buying this facility, you can pay $1,855,000 in GTA 5, which is not a bad deal.

This price is nothing when compared with the features offered in this facility. Moreover, players can earn $3 million when they finish the Doomsday heist by utilizing this facility. This property is available on the Maze Bank Foreclosures website in GTA 5.

Buying RON Alternates Wind Farms facility in GTA 5
Buying RON Alternates Wind Farms facility in GTA 5

Final Words

Players can choose any of these facilities and won’t regret their decision. Our personal choice is the Route 68 facility in GTA 5. However, Grand Senora is also a good option, specifically for completing the Doomsday heist. The RON Alternates Wind Farm facility is the prominent option on the cheaper side.

What are your thoughts on the best facility property available in GTA V. We would love to hear them in the comments section below.

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