Baldurs Gate 3: Best Feats For Rogue

The best feats for your rogue class character in Baldurs Gate 3.

Best Rogue Feat Baldurs Gate 3
Best Rogue Feat Baldurs Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, choosing the right feat for your rogue character that goes best with your build and playstyle can be a tricky task due to the different benefits they provide, but if you are a Rogue player looking for the best feat for your desired build, then you’re in the right place. We will cover the Best Feats for Rogue in Baldurs Gate 3 and show you how to achieve excellent results and full rogue potential using these feats in the game and unleash the rogue wrath upon your enemies.

Key Takeaways

  • You can obtain feats at levels 4, 8, 10, and 12 of the game.
  • The best feats for Rogue include Ability Improvement, Mobile, Lucky, Sharpshooter/Dual Wielder, Skilled, and Dungeon Delver.
  • Always choose Sharpshooter if you’re playing a ranged build and Dual Wielder if you prefer a melee build.

Feats and Ability Improvements are optional at certain levels, specifically levels 4, 8, 10, and 12. But if you choose Feats instead of any Ability Improvements, you will be able to obtain four feats throughout the game. Rogues are well known for their stealthy play style and for assassinating enemies while moving like wind. Here is an overview of the best feats you can pursue for the rogue class throughout the game. 

Rogues have assassin’s blood in their veins, and we suggest especially going for the assassin’s subclass with rogue if you want to deal insane levels of damage and sneak in instant kills. Going with the assassin subclass will massively affect how you go forward with the game and show you the actual capabilities of the rogue class.

Rogue subclass
Assassin subclass

Ability Improvement

ability improvement
Ability points table

Rogues have Dexterity as their primary scaling ability attribute and enhance most of the character’s skills; thus, leveling up Dexterity is extremely necessary for a good outcome of the game as rogue because it increases your damage output and overall character capability by:

  • Increasing your Attack rolls.
  • Increasing your Damage rolls.
  • Increasing your Armor class.
  • Increasing your Dexterity saving throws.
  • Improving skill checks in which you have proficiency like Stealth, Acrobatics, and Sleight of hand.


Mobile feat
Feat Features

As an assassin, the Rogue character utilizes a stealthy and mobility-oriented playstyle; there are no Best Feats for Rogue in Baldurs Gate 3 other than the Mobile feat to help with your mobility. Without any doubt, it’s one of the Best Feats for Rogue in Baldurs Gate 3; it provides the following benefits for your character

  • Increased movement speed will allow you to surprise your enemies.
  • Rugged terrain no longer slows you down after you perform a dash, which massively impacts your fight performance.
  • When moving after performing an attack, you can avoid opportunity attacks from enemies; this overpowers the Mobile feat.


lucky feat
Feat Features

An assassin’s real weapon is his luck. This is another magnificent and must-have feat for your Rogue character, as it provides multiple benefits by providing you with three luck points that empower you with these exceptional characteristics:

  • Gain advantage on attack rolls
  • Gain advantage on ability checks
  • Gain advantage on saving throws
  • Reroll enemy attacks


Rogue feats skills
Skills Table

Skilled is another instrumental feat that allows the player to gain proficiency in three skills of their choice; as a Rogue character, you can increase your range of skills of your choice, whether it’s your dexterity or intelligence. This feat will enable you to overcome any potential weaknesses in your build. Its benefit includes 

  • Gain Proficiency in any three skills of your choice

Sharpshooter/Dual Wielder

sharpshooter feat
Feat Features

The Sharpshooter feat option depends upon your choice of playstyle. Sharpshooter is the way to go if you prefer to be a ranged player. When it comes to this exceptional feat, it is essential for all ranged builds, as it provides the following benefits for you.

  • Your ranged attacks do not receive penalties from high-ground rules; this means that attacking from low-ground will not reduce your damage.
  • When attacking with a ranged weapon in which you have proficiency, you will get an additional bonus of +10 damage to your attacks, however, at the cost of reducing your attack rolls by -5. (This can be toggled)
dual wielder feat
Feat’s features

Dual Wielder is the feat you would always want for a melee build, as it provides you with the following benefits.

  • Allows you to dual-wield non-light weapons
  • Adds a +1 to the Armor class while dual-wielding

An important point to keep in mind is that while choosing the wielding option, it is best for you if you multiclass your Rogue character with the Fighter class; at level 4, you can add a level to the fighting class as it would provide you with a fighting style for which you would choose Two-Weapon fighting.

This will allow you to add your damage modifier to your off-hand weapon when attacking with it. Since Dexterity is the main attribute contributing to your Rogue character’s damage output, your attacks will deal significantly more damage, making your enemies suffer to death.

Dungeon Delver

dungeon delver feat
Dungeon Delver

This is, again, an optimal choice for a Rogue character as their role in the party is usually that of a perception specialist. This feat complements their role by giving them an advantage of Perception checks, thus enabling them to detect traps and avoid and resist them more accurately, enhancing their assassin’s attributes. It provides the following benefits. 

  • Gain an advantage on perception checks while detecting hidden objects and traps.
  • Gain an advantage on saving throws made to avoid or resist traps. 

This guide lists the Best Feats for Rogue in Baldurs Gate 3. We selected the feats that would benefit your Rogue class character by improving their inherent proficiencies and assassin skills. We hope that you were able to get a satisfactory opinion after reading this. Don’t forget to have fun in the challenging world of Baldur’s Gate 3 with your rogue character and dominate your foes with your powers.

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