Final Fantasy 16: Top 10 Best Weapons

With over several weeks invested, here are my picks of best weapons in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 Best Weapons
Final Fantasy 16 Best Weapons

Before we get into the guide, it is worth mentioning that in Final Fantasy 16, you won’t be able to get all the best weapons just by exploration. The majority of Clive’s weapons in Final Fantasy 16 can only be made after players have obtained the required ingredients, some of which are linked to brutal mini-boss battles.

Key Takeaways

Here are my top picks for some of the best weapons in Final Fantasy 16.

  1. Brightburn:
    • A weapon emitting brilliant light.
    • Functions as a beacon of destruction, striking fear into opponents.
    • No further enhancement of stats is possible.
    • Base stats: 270 ATK and 270 STG.
  2. Ragnarok:
    • Mythical weapon tied to a significant prophecy.
    • Symbolizes both destruction and the hope of a fresh start.
    • Stats cannot be enhanced further.
    • Base stats: 325 ATK and 325 STG.
  3. Masamune:
    • Renowned weapon from islands off the extreme eastern coast.
    • Represents the unparalleled skill of warriors in isolation.
    • Stats cannot be enhanced further.
    • Base stats: 310 ATK and 310 STG.
  4. Gotterdammerung:
    • One of the most powerful weapons in Final Fantasy 16.
    • Represents the gods’ demise and the twilight of their influence.
    • Obtained by completing the Blacksmith’s Blues IV side quest.
    • Base stats: 375 ATK and 375 STG.
  5. Ultima Weapon:
    • It’s the most potent weapon in the entire game.
    • Symbolizes the conclusion of the player’s journey.
    • Craftable only after completing the whole game and starting a new game.
    • Base stats: 700 ATK and 700 STG.

Author’s Trust

From my extensive experience and testing in Final Fantasy 16, below are some of my best weapons. 

– Shahzar Khalique

You must approach the blacksmith in the game and press X to communicate with him to craft and improve your weaponry, or any gear, really for that matter.

Below are some names of these incredible weaponry players who will enjoy discovering.

  1. Rune Blade
  2. Defender
  3. Ice Brand
  4. Everdark
  5. Grindstone
  6. Brightburn
  7. Ragnarok
  8. Masamune
  9. Gotterdammerung
  10. Ultima Weapon

Before we get into details, remember that ‘ATK’ stands for the attack while ‘STG’ stands for stagger.

Rune Blade

Best Beginner Weapon in Final Fantasy 16

Rune Blade Icon
Rune Blade Icon
DescriptionAncient tribes in the Twins used runes, which were the forerunners of the Valisthean alphabet. Inscriptions on the blade of this sword are an example of what scholars consider to be poor writing, but religious cults hold that the sequence in which they are placed unlocks power. These runes bridge the gap between ancient writing and the sacred world, having mystic significance with untapped potential.
StatsRune Blade’s base stats are 275 ATK and 275 STG.
Rune Blade’s enhanced stats are 285 ATK and 285 STG for 1st upgrade and 295 ATK and 285 STG for 2nd upgrade.
How To FindYou can find Rune Blade at Charon's Toll at the start of the main quest of A Song of Hope.

  • Early Boost

  • Limited Enhancement


Best all-rounder weapon in Final Fantasy 16.

Defender Icon
Defender Icon
DescriptionBattle planners have emphasized the value of a strong defense against a potent offense throughout history. With a title like "Defender," this blade personifies the perfect union. It allows for powerful assaults while providing strong defense. Defender strikes the right mix between defensive strength and the capacity to launch devastating attacks. Additionally, it serves as evidence for the tactical knowledge of balancing security and offense on the battlefield since it represents equilibrium.
StatsDefender’s base stats are 320 ATK and 320 STG.
Defender’s enhanced stats are 330 ATK and 330 STG for 1st upgrade and 340 ATK and 340 STG for 2nd upgrade.
How To FindThe main quest for "Streets of Madness" leads to the discovery of this blade. This sword can be made using 790 Wyrites, Fallen Iron, Behemoth Shackle, and a Clutchmine.

  • Balanced Offense/Defense

  • Quest Dependency

Ice Brand

Best Progression Weapon in Final Fantasy 16.

Icebrand icon
Icebrand icon
DescriptionThe Final Fantasy series frequently features the weapon Icebrand. This sword is a part of the ice equipment set and is commonly used to provide ice-elemental physical damage. In addition, with each attack, it may also have a chance to automatically perform the spell Blizzard, giving the wielder an additional tool for the ice-based offense. Although the Icebrand's appearance and effects may vary significantly between Final Fantasy game iterations, its frosty design and the prospect of ice-based magical powers remain the same.
StatsIce Brand’s base stats are 300 ATK and 300 STG.
Ice brands can not be enhanced further.
How To FindIce Brand can be crafted at the beginning of the ‘Across the Narrow' main quest in The Black Hammer by 200 Magicked Ash, 6 Meteorites, one ice shard, and Brightburn sword.

  • Automatic Blizzard Spell

  • Limited Stats


Best Legendary Weapon


Everdark icon
Everdark icon
DescriptionA legendary weapon that will surely quench your craving for evil. When you have this at your disposal, enemies won't be able to see you approaching, in addition to being an excellent option for someone seeking to exude power.
Everdark’s base stats are 315 ATK and 315 STG.
Everdark’s base stats can not be further enhanced.
How To FindThe main quest for "Brotherhood" makes this sword available. You'll need 400 Sharp Fangs, an Icebrand, a Dark Shard, and 8 Meteorites to make this weapon.

  • Stealth Advantage

  • Limited Enhancements


Best High Damage Weapon.

Grindstone Icon
Grindstone Icon
DescriptionA powerful fighter can use it to smash opponents into dust with each blow. The Grindstone is a fearsome weapon known for its unyielding power. Legends describe the mighty warrior who wields it and its irresistible force. The Grindstone serves as a warning to enemies that they cannot stand against its crushing might. It becomes a powerful and feared weapon in the hands of a trained warrior.
StatsGrindstone’s base stats are 225 ATK and 225 STG.
Grindstone’s stats can not be enhanced further. 
How to FindAfter defeating Hugo Kupka, obtain Earth Shard to craft this weapon.

You need one Levinbolt, Earth Shard, and 3 Meteorites to craft this.

  • Balanced Offense/Defense

  • Quest and Crafting


High Damage Dealing Weapon.

Brightburn Icon
Brightburn Icon
DescriptionThe Brightburn is a weapon that emits a brilliant light. It becomes a beacon of destruction and strikes dread into its opponents' hearts in a skilled warrior's hands. Although it doesn't emit any smoke or heat, its glow reveals its strong ability. It creates flames that, when used against foes, pierce through skin and bone, turning them into ashes, thus making it a perfect weapon for players who prefer living on the deadly fiery side!
StatsBrightburn’s base stats are 270 ATK and 270 STG.
Similarly, Brightburn’s stats can not be enhanced further. 
How to FindAfter obtaining a Light Shard after taking down Bahamut, craft in The Black Hammer.

You need 1 Light Shard, 4 Meteorites, and Grindstone to craft this weapon.

  • Brilliant Aesthetic Light

  • Can’t Be Enhanced


Best looking-weapon in Final Fantasy 16.

Ragnarok Icon
Ragnarok Icon
DescriptionThis mythical weapon called Ragnarok is linked to a famous and prominent prophecy.  Ragnarok's weapon represents this extraordinary legend, which additionally signifies the ability to unleash destruction and hope for a fresh start. Ragnarok, the final conflict, is thought to end the Age of Dominants as powerful Eikons collide and set the world ablaze. This catastrophic occurrence cleanses the world of evil, enabling a new beginning and rebirth.
Ragnarok’s base stats are 325 ATK and 325 STG.
Ragnarok’s stats can not be enhanced further. 
How To FindIn Final Fantasy 16, you must finish all four Blacksmith Blues side missions to obtain this weapon.

  • Great Late-Game Weapon

  • Quest Completion


Best Ultimate Weapon.

Masamune Icon
Masamune Icon
DescriptionThis renowned weapon, the Masamune, is from islands off the extreme eastern coast. The warriors there choose isolation on their deserted archipelago, constantly engaging in combat to defend their territory and hone their sword abilities. The Masamune personifies their unparalleled skill with a blade.
StatsMasamune’s base stats are 310 ATK and 310 STG.
Masamune’s stats can not be enhanced further.
How To FindYou can find this weapon in a chest on The Shadow Coast, east of Rikmal's Roost.

  • Easy to Acquire

  • No Upgrades


Best Craftable Weapon.

Gotterdammerung Icon
Gotterdammerung Icon
DescriptionThis formidable weapon called Gotterdammerung was created to symbolize the gods' demise. This sword represents their ultimate demise, just as Ragnarok symbolizes their conflict. The phrase "twilight of the gods" is a metaphor for the point at which their influence ends. The spirit of this tragic occurrence is captured in Gotterdammerung, which serves as a reminder of the gods' unavoidable destruction. This weapon's user taps into the power and meaning of their pursuing demise.
StatsGotterdammerung’s base stats are 375 ATK and 375 STG.
Gotterdammerung’s stats can not be enhanced further.
How to FindBy completing the Blacksmith's Blues IV side quest and obtaining the Gotterdammerung Design Draft, you can get the Gotterdammerung.

The main quest, "Across the Narrow," is next when this quest first becomes available.

  • Most Potent

  • No Upgrades

Ultima Weapon

Best Endgame Weapon.

Ultima Weapon Icon
Ultima Weapon Icon
DescriptionThe Ultima Weapon, with its unrivaled strength and abilities, is the most potent in the entire game. Accordingly, it stands for the conclusion of the player's trip and celebrates them for finishing the whole game in addition to that. Also, players get great benefits and skills when they possess the Ultima Weapon, establishing their supremacy and maintaining their success in combat. As its name implies, it is the ultimate weapon and represents the absolute peak of might.
StatsUltima Weapon’s base stats are 700 ATK and 700 STG.
Ultima Weapon’s stats can not be enhanced further.
How to FindThis weapon is only craftable after completing the entire game and starting a new game.

  • Unrivaled Strength

  • Requires game completion

What Is The Best?

I would consider Ultima Weapon the best in Final Fantasy 16. 

After completing the campaign for the first time, we do not doubt that the Ultima Weapons is the best in Final Fantasy 16. This weapon has the highest base stats of any weapon in the game. However, we had to complete the campaign once to obtain this weapon. As a result, you will have a powerful weapon to get through the bosses quickly when starting a new game.

There are other weapons that we would consider to be great. Still, no other weapon even comes close to the base stats of the Ultima Weapon. 

Hopefully, this guide has helped you journey through the fantastic game Final Fantasy 16. Here are some more Final Fantasy guides and our tips to help you.

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